Giveaway: Training Classes

In this giveaway, five readers will get 6-month of access to’s Joomla training and support.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment answering the following questions: What site would you like to build using Joomla? How would video classes at help you achieve this goal?

This giveaway ends on January 26, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jan 19, 2011


Sugan Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a technical blog with Joomla. Since Joomla is kind of a tool, I believe that video tutorial will be much helpfull than reading books are tutorials…

komiska Jan 19 2011

i’d like to build a website for an artist community based in croatia, but with members from all over the world;
they will need a gallery, shop, newsletter,and a booking site, where they can sign up for yearly workshops held in croatia.
the videos would be useful as it’s hands on approach, and this would be my dive into joomla. i’ve tried learning on my own before, but iam a visual type , so i need to actually see, how things are done.
would be great!!

Zafar Jan 19 2011

i’d like to improve my joomla knowledge to build my future projects

Maciek Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a photographers business directory

Daniel Codrea Jan 19 2011

This is a great opportunity. I would very much like to win! :)

Praveen Jan 19 2011

I plan to develop a Web based Portal for the Community school that I work at . Joomla provides an excellent solution for a Content Management solution and as a portal that would allow the local community to access info/contact the community school.

Daniel Codrea Jan 19 2011

I would like to build an online shop. The courses would allow me to master Joomla’s ins and outs.

Agustín Jan 19 2011

1)any kind of sites, maybe I wouldn’t now use it for an intranet or as adocument managment platform.
2)videos would be a good beginning to get inmerse in this CMS

Holly Jan 19 2011

I do a lot of non-profit work so this would likely be used for a charitable site. I’ve found video training to be a great way to learn new software.

dumazz Jan 19 2011

I am a fan of portals and e-zines. I believe in the word and good contents. It is essence of the Internet for me and he carried such projects out I will still be based on Joomla. The course can be of help to me in the knowledge acquisition about templates. I must also see to it .. for preparing of the version a website for mobile phones. For me a knowledge in the scope is much-needed seo for joomla.

kimberly Jan 19 2011

We recently contracted a development team to redesign our government agency website, and we’ve chosen Joomla for the CMS. These classes would help me immensely as I will be responsible for managing this project, deploying and administering the new Joomla website, and developing new content. Thanks for the opportunity!

Vivek Parmar Jan 19 2011

I would like to build my own site, whatever i learn i will publish it on my blog (my personal experience) as getting lots of comment to include joomla section on my blog. This will help me to get started with easily

Kasia Jan 19 2011

I’d like to build photographer’s portfolio and e-commerce website.

Katherine Jan 19 2011

I much prefer video learning so this would be a great resource. Great giveaway!

shiyon Jan 19 2011

First of all thank you for this outstanding giveaway.
Currently I am able to do free simple type of joomla themes. By winning these training classes, I can upgrade my joomla skills for building premium type themes of any type.

Chris B Jan 19 2011

I’ve been tasked with looking into the appropriate CMS to use to construct a website for a local Hockey school. The owner has a loose knowledge of HTML but would like to cut time by using a CMS. Joomla would be ideal for this b/c the client would like to have a bilingual site (English/French), with copy content, media content and live updating scores. I feel these videos would be the best option to learn the more advanced features of Joomla so that I can advise the client on how to best utilize his new site and I could provide the most dynamic and user friendly site that he’s ever had! Videos are a plus because of the option to view at your own pace and review some items that you may not have fully comprehended on the first viewing.

alice Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a site for a integrative cancer care and prevention group.

Beth Spencer Jan 19 2011

I’d like to use Joomla at work (with other applications) to manage and lay out a plethora of different projects, such as, HVAC, retail, and entertainment sites. Many of which already exist.

Jon Neubauer Jan 19 2011

I have two websites I’d like to start building, hopefully with Joomla!. The first is a patient resource and communication website for parents of kids with “orphan” brain tumors. The second is a site for a cruise we are organizing to raise money for research for kids with cancer. My younger brother had a brain tumor, so obviously research and communication is important to me :)
Video training and access to help from experts would be a valuable tool to get these websites set up properly in a way that they can be used for years to come!

Husien Adel Jan 19 2011

great giveaway, wish to win :D

I’d like to build sites in joomla like : e-commerce, news sites, jobs sites, portfolios ..etc
i think video classes in ostrainiing after watching some samples of it with the help of experts there , will make me a professional ;)

I’m looking to reinvent an old comics site as an artists collective. I’m pretty much a one trick pony with only wordpress under my belt. I would love to go down another rabbit hole and be able to offer my clients more than just the one CMS as an option.

I’m looking to building a netork of sites for a small local political party. Joomla and CiviCRM look like a winning combination.

I like to build a Sport blog. That video tutorial will be helpfull. Thank´s

Hiasl Jan 19 2011

I just got Joomla and have no idea how it works but got the redesign of a homepage due. So I´d be very usefull for me :-)

Jacob Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a new website with Joomla for one of my clients. With the training videos I can teach my client how to work with Joomla without the hassel of ongoing email and phone conversations. I hope I win this!!


pakaworld Jan 19 2011

I am so excited about this tut because i just started using Joomla and i have been looking for a Video tut to teach me how to go about it.

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Jan 19 2011

Nice giveaway. This is great opportunity.
If this chance to win goes to me, I would like to build an online shop.
I’m still beginner in joomla and i would love to improve it.
This course will help me a lot.
Hope for the best.

Looking forward to it…

Guy C Jan 19 2011

Building a website for an art gallery / museum will need a gallery, shop, newsletter, membership signup and more. Currently building in 1.5.22 a how-to migrate from 1.5.x sites to 1.6 would be great too.

I’m just getting into Drupal for designing and building affordable websites to help local businesses.

Phil Smit Jan 19 2011

We are a group of Zimbabweans living in the UK who have set up a charity called Our objective is to raise money for pensioners living in Zimbabwe who have lost everything with the complete collapse of the Zimbabwean currency. We had a successful year last year and would like to step up our game this year with a more professional looking website.

We believe Joomla will be able to provide us with a professional and feature rich website and to do that we need to learn how to customise it to suit our needs.

Having access to video training for Joomla will dramatically speed up our implementation of a new and fresh website for 2011 and help to continue raising money for the forgotten pensioners in dire need of our help.

Many thanks!

Guzinya Jan 19 2011

I’m just getting into Joomla to help support local businesses in my area by providing cheap but effective websites. I could build these better and sooner with the help of these videos, without having to jack prices up to pay for training.

Troy Corbin Jr Jan 19 2011

If I were to win this giveaway, I would use my newfound expertise to build a new website for the Volunteer Center of Morgan County (, a local non-profit who helps organize volunteers across the region. I currently help them maintain their existing website free of charge, but with a solid CMS like Joomla! powering their site, we can make it a more versatile and essential part of their organizing and fundraising activities.

Shawn Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a site that helps children dealing with pediatric cancer for a non-profit company called Jules of Life. OSTraining would help me in that goal by letting me learn this system. Thank you for offering this!

I want to build the best website in joomla 1.6 my online magazine ;) Joomla is just thing for it :)

Robin Martin Jan 19 2011

I work for a local government authority in the United Kingdom and we’ve recently been quoted in the region of £20,000 to £40,000 to upgrade our existing commercial cms.

We would like to switch to an open source solution with Joomla being number 1 on our list.

Six months free video (and potentially beyond!) training on would be invaluable in supporting our case to adopt Joomla as our cms by helping to train our small web team.

Michael Trang Jan 19 2011

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out whether or not to try and tackle a personal project for a “deal a day” type site for the past year.

Being comfortable with the editing of content on CMS’s, I struggle with the idea of having to spend the money to hire someone to build this custom CMS site for me.

These classes would hopefully help me bypass everything and aid me in building the site on my own. In addition to that, I could add another CMS platform to my resume!

Robert Williams Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a ezine site.

Amy Patillo Jan 19 2011

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

I do a lot of work and nation wide professional development for underachieving public school systems. I provide professional development to teachers and administrators for school improvement practices to increase student achievement. I am new to Joomla and would like to have the ability develop Free Joomla! sites for the school districts Joomla! gives these districts the opportunity to integrate affordable technology into their teaching and learning with students.
Many of the districts I work with are not able to afford the professional development for their teachers and do not have the funding to have websites. With the contributions of some great Joomla! Community members I was able to get one site up and going for a school district. They were so overjoyed and appreciative that I’d like to gain the skills to be able to make that contribution for others.

I have learned that it’s really hard to learn web design when your from education and have no experience at all. Video training allows me to see what’s happening and gives me the opportunity to watch it over and over until I understand. Video training provides the demonstration and repetition that I very much need.

Amanda Jan 19 2011

Definitely would love to know more about Joomla. Great giveaway.

Javier Lopez Jan 19 2011

That’s great, good to know that there are Joomla teachers willing to help small businesses like mine. I’m mostly a self-taught person but I would like to take these classes to learn faster, improve my Joomla template-design skills and promote some courses to my clients and students.

Never tried to develop joomla scripts and templates, but would really like to, at the moment i only know how awesome the wp cms is, but from many hearings, joomla is also kick-ass. That’s why i’d like to build a wordpress-like beautiful but at the same time usable online portfolio, as i would do with wordpress.

Joigie Jan 19 2011

To learn how to use Joomla as a CMS for a training site.

William Jan 19 2011

I don’t have a specific website in mind to build with Joomla, though I do have several websites I want to build. I’m thinking about using Joomla for an idea I’ve had for a few years called Dead Guitarist Society (which is also an idea I have for a unique cover/tribute band), which will profile guitarists and bassists who have died: their careers, bands, music and equipment.

Lindsey Bortner Jan 19 2011

I would create a Joomla website template that can easily be modified so I can offer small companies and individuals a website at a low cost that they can easily maintain. The video classes at would help me reach my goal because I would be able to learn the best ways to set up a Joomla site so that non-tech-savvy clients can modify every section of their site without becoming overwhelmed.

I’m starting my own business to design/develop small to medium size websites. I have 10 years experience working in a corporate setting working with enterprise CMS and project management of intranet sites. I was downsized after 10 years, then let go from another small company in financial trouble where I worked as a Web Designer. I believe if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to accomplish your goals. I believe that my web business needs to offer the clients a CMS and I believe that Joomla is the best CMS available right now.

Lewis Sellers Jan 19 2011

Finally, a good resource for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal integration. I’d love to get to grips with the WordPress and Joomla system and learn how to integrate our static designs into them better. We generally use CMS systems such as MODx and Expression Engine but a lot of people prefer the WordPress and Joomla systems!

This looks fantastic and I’d definately make top use of this giveaway!

David B Jan 19 2011

I would use them to rebuild the site(s) for the non profit that I work for.

Video classes would help because it would give you the ‘visual’ mentoring that you get from classroom training with the benefit of being able re-review items when you get stuck. I think of it as almost ‘auditing’ the class again.

Vangelis Serafis Jan 19 2011

I would like to learn how to make complex sites and portals using Joomla!

Michael Clesceri Jan 19 2011

I would love to be better at working with Joomla. Thanks for this offer

Andrew Jan 19 2011

I would start using Joomla on my website as practice. Then, I would focus on building a website from scratch for the artist/thinker collective that has begun to form – and I’ve been invited to participate in.

Video classes from would help give me the understanding of what was possible, preferred and probable… in a website focused on buying and selling of time and art pieces. It would also give me the ability to move past just static HTML – which just isn’t cutting it anymore.

I would like to build a site for weddings, more specifically for invitations registry etc. The video classes would be great training/learning tool for me, since I’m really a more visual type of leaner. I envy those who can read a book and know the material in and out :)

Nancy Jan 19 2011

I’d like to just start a personal blog. I think OS Training will be most helpful for future work and clients.

S.M.Karthick Jan 19 2011

I am in the learning curve of Joomla. This video tutorials would help me to understand the core concepts very well.

Zach L. Jan 19 2011

I would love to start using Joomla on many projects, including sites for some local music groups I am associated with. I enjoy learning from videos, and the ostraining videos appear to be of exceptional quality.

I am really looking forward to the training on the new Joomla 1.6. It appears to be a version intuitive version. Just what I am looking for in terms of client usage.

I’d like to build my portfolio site that is as robust as my design work. Leaving the “work” up to a theme isn’t reflective of how I want my portfolio to be presented.

Jacob Allred Jan 19 2011

I’d like to build a site that gives away public domain patterns and textures.

I build almost all of my sites on WordPress, tweaking it to work as a CMS. I know that’s not all that uncommon, but I also know that Joomla was designed as a CMS. So, I would use the course to get acquainted with the Joomla way of doing things so I might be able to better serve my clients.

Thorne Bertrand Jan 19 2011

I want to build a site for our small therapy business. I want it to be attractive, easy to navigate and easy for me to add weekly or monthly articles. The site is primarily for parents of kids with disabilities. OSTraining would give me the tools to put a professional site together more easily than if I was floundering on my own figuring things out. I have been looking at OSTraining for a while and seen some sample videos; I am very impressed with what I see.

Randy Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a video and photo sharing site for my domain The site would allow people to upload videos and images of themselves doing stupid things that prove they are an idiot.

Mihla Jan 19 2011

I’m planning a resource site for creative professionals.

Richard Smaizys Jan 19 2011

I would like to have Joomla as alternative to WordPress for my clients and these tutorials would help me to remember how to work with Joomla and it’s capabilities.

kathi Jan 19 2011

I maintain a couple of very basic club/organization sites. While the information is kept very current, the presentation is stuck in the last century and also not efficient to update. Learning Joomla would help me to finally bring the sites into the current century, and the video classes from would make the process easier and quicker. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

Young Jan 19 2011

I would put Joomla to use on my future projects whenever appropriate. Not really knowing what Joomla is capable of, it’s hard to say exactly what type of website I would create using it, don’t you think Jacob? What kind of things can it do that WordPress can’t do? What type of sites are running it, and why? Is it better than Drupal(which I hated)? I’d like to give this online training course a try and see if it answers any of my questions.

BTW, the video under “An Introduction to the Joomla Template Course” embeds the same video as the one before it.

Himanshu Chanda Jan 19 2011

I have already learnt hacking WP for my blog. The process was slow and tedious. Would like to develop templates across various CMSs for which Joomla knowledge is required. I believe Video lessons will expedite that to a very great extent

Patrick Jan 19 2011

An idea repository site, I have held on to a domain for a few years now. The concept is there and the hope for it to. Used Joomla very briefly. Utilizing the videos would allow me come back to the CMS build and strengthen skills. Not to mention videos most awesome rewind functionality for when the ears hear it but the brain just doesn’t get it.

Kelsey Jan 19 2011

I would help design the new website for a Girl Guide camp upcoming this summer. They are using WordPress and unfortunately, I have no experience in it.

Looking to learn Joomla to build an informative site and forum for transgender/transsexual persons in Arkansas

Anthony Jan 19 2011

I would like to build an eCommerce site using Joomla. The on-line classes will help me better under stand the CMS system to make my sites the best ever!:-)

Seagul Jan 19 2011

I would like to build a site for a creative community project where various artists get some space to show their art. I would need many templates for one site and so the would help a lot!

Also the SEO and Mobile Web videos are great for this project!

araiza Jan 19 2011

I would like to learn how to better use wordpress

Joshua Jan 19 2011

I’ve been planning for the deployment of a website for a local Christian community group of which I was a part during my university years. Learning Joomla provides me with an excellent opportunity to allow said group to generate and share content amongst themselves and other regional groups–something which they currently lack. I’m aiming to contribute to meeting this need in a very meaningful way. The way these guys helped with my Christian walk was unimaginable, and I’d like them to have a public face which can help others as well!

Jessica Jan 19 2011

I want to build a directory site for local businesses.

I would like to redesign our school district website from static to collaborative publishing by staff, teachers, students and community. The online classes on creating templates would immediately help in our design & development.

alejandro Jan 19 2011

High quality lessons!

Wesley Jan 19 2011

I’d like to build a resource for stay-at-home dads like myself (on Joomla). My knowledge of Joomla is somewhat rudimentary, and I know these video classes and tutorials would be just the resource I’d need to get this project off the ground (especially considering the limited amount of time I have during the day taking care of, playing with, and teaching my kids).

April Jan 19 2011

I would like to use Joomla to help develop sites for my clients where they can post their own items and make changes for some sections while having other sections / areas protected. Using a database structure is perfect for the type of website I use. Although I have played with Joomla some in the past, it has been a little bit more difficult for me to grasp than what I remember Html and css was. An introductory course may be just the thing I need to get me started again.

To learn more about Joomla and build a resource site.

Vetres Jan 19 2011

I want to make a site that will have resources for about everything that you need in life. Useful stuff for all active people.
You need to know the bars from a region? all information will be there.
I know that will be very hard to achieve this but with joomla and all the plugins and modules its perfect for this job.

Pushpinder Bagga Jan 19 2011

Internet is growing as a major source of income for many users across the world. It sure can be the medicine to unemployment to at-least 30% of the affected people (the ones who know computers and are logically sound).

Example – Recently, I met Balraj – a BCA (Bachelor in Computers Administration) and is working as a Salesman at a Shoe Store earning INR3500(USD80) /month. I was shocked to learn that he was unaware of what he could do. May be on the internet or practically.

Using Joomla, I wish to create a portal where users like Balraj can earn income starting part-time and then can slowly move to being full time. They can start working from an internet cafe and be paid per/hour basis right-away so they could take out the cost of using the internet at the cafe too.

video Tutorials freely available to download in local languages could make them understand about the system in-depth.

This could either be though Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Form Filling, Reviewing, Testing, Content Writing, Consulting, Paid Answering, Marketing or even Typing… more tasks could be added.

They could simply log-on – learn – select the task of interest – start working – get paid and continue doing so.

This could really move the money through accounts across the world and bring stability to the lives of god knows how many unemployed students, house-wives, retired personnel etc.

After I am done researching more and making a complete legitimate plan for this, I intend to take the help of people like Balraj to start making this dream come true. By trying it, exploring it, reviewing it and testing it to tune it to every computer literate’s capability level.

OSTraining could help me understand the capabilities, flexibility and extension of Joomla from scratch to IN-DEPTH so that I can actually make this on a platform extensible to millions of users with the latest in technology tricks making life simpler and livable for a community of people that really need help.

Ana C. Jan 19 2011

My answer would be a site for a book that one of my favourite persons in the world wrote. I would very much want to learn how to build a Joomla! template and also the new features J! 1.6 brings. Learning with video tutorials is so much easier for me, so this Joomla Online Training Classes at giveaway is definitely a great opportunity.

Jeffrey Jan 19 2011

Our public radio station’s website is in the process of a huge overhaul – we’ve got a multi-site Joomla environment with some of the sister sites built, but we’re moving all our content to Joomla, and the more of us (beyond our developer) who know more the better!

What site would you like to build using Joomla?

Any site that I believe will exceed 100 pages. Joomla is great for larger sites and I really love 1.6.

How would video classes at help you achieve this goal?

Learn how to template properly for Joomla and also hopefully learn some tips and tricks.

Jay Chopra Jan 19 2011

Thanks for the giveaway. I would like to build a portfolio site with Joomla theme and improve my knowledge with training classes.

James Williamson Jan 19 2011

I want to further develope my website and build on my knowledge of Content Management Systems.

Adim Subedi Jan 19 2011

Great giveaway. Thanks to sixrevisions.

This would definitely help me build a news website for the community I am working with. I have been trying hard for Joomla theme design but all i am getting is a cramped page.

I believe the video classes will help me enhance my skills and teach me the the idea to get the professional joomla coding and building.

Mathan Vibranarayanan Jan 20 2011

Hello There,

Firstly would like to thank you all for making such a wonderful Giveaway, am working for an NGO, Save to be Saved, an initiative of TN Chamber of Commerce and Industries. If i win it would be a great milestone for us to start with exposing our service to the world by building a website for our organization.

My best wishes for all the participants, to the future endeavor of SixRevisions and OSTraining

Good Day
Mathan Vibranarayanan

suresh Jan 20 2011

well i work for government organization..with knowledge of joomla i could improve our existing site and built new sites for our various sister organizations..

omvaishnav Jan 20 2011

I would like to build a site for blog and e-commerce. Video classes will simple to learn.

I would use joomla as a alternative for wordpress.I am just starting a new project in joomla and this price has arrive just in time:)

Ibrahim Jan 20 2011

looking to learn joomla to create a critical thinking blog

mustafa Jan 20 2011

as beginner in CMS website designing will help a lot this training… would love to win this GIVEAWAY..

Anuj Rajput Jan 20 2011

First of all I would implement all these three CMS’s to my projects after I get trained by, after the through understanding of all the technologies which are required, I’d LOVE to educate all these technologies and how stuff works to my fellow college mates and other educational groups. I’ll be organizing seminars in different colleges to educate people on this context.

designstraw Jan 20 2011

Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. it is really a great help to every designer to get perfection in his/her work…….

Rajaneesh Jan 20 2011

I like the security part of Joomla

Valentin Jan 20 2011

I would like to build a travel oriented website with lots of multimedia content and Joomla would be perfect. These video classes would help me get a better understanding of Joomla.

Tuomas Leppänen Jan 20 2011

I have have been struggling into Joomla for few weeks now as new CMS instead of wordpress to build social site for mothers that are keen on babies. But I really need some education with Joomla. Also I’m unemployed currently and some offices turned me down because I didn’t know Joomla…

I need to learn some basics and advanced functions to build succesfull sites and these tutorials and lessons would solve my problems.

Richard Moss Jan 20 2011

I would like to build a family photograph gallery site without having to mess around trying to write a site. As I haven’t used any open source CMS before, I would hope that would aid me in this.

Brendan C. Jan 20 2011

I would build sites that are easily manageable for the clients with the help of Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress, depending on their needs.

1.Personal and sites for clients!
2.Im just starting with Joomla so It would help a lot!

gerald Jan 20 2011

i’ve always wanted to learn joomla in depth and build a good portfolio website to showcase my work.this would be a good opportunity.

Anderson Jan 20 2011

Eu gostaria de construir um portal com assuntos variados com o Joomla. As aulas online irão me ajudar a ter o conhecimento necessário para realizar tal tarefa.

Colleen Cole Jan 20 2011

I’d like to learn Joomla so I can use it to help build a site for my clients.

Sérgio Lourenço Jan 20 2011

I would like too build a website for a 4×4 club .

Integrating videos of some of the cars, tracks, personal videos would be an awesome addition.

myselfanand Jan 20 2011

Apart from the above there are several other advantages of using joomla designing. Using this latest application adds fun to the working thanks alot!!!

Nicholas Eden Jan 20 2011

I’d like to build our next revision of with a full CMS system. Currently the entire site is hand coded.

We are doing a full redesign in the coming months, this would make life a lot easier for myself as I have no prior Joomla experience, or any MVC model.

I want to create a new CMS website for my local Parish Council using Joomla, ideally 1.6, as the current website is static and difficult for the staff to maintain.

I have started to learn Joomla from books but using a video resource would be much quicker, especially with the advantage that there are knowledgable staff available to answer queries.

Megan Jan 20 2011

What site would you like to build using Joomla? How would video classes at help you achieve this goal?

I would like to apply Joomla to the company sites I build, especially the fitness center’s or explore the possibilities of an ecommerce site for our gift shop. I think these video tutorials would be helpful in showing me how to use Joomla. I’m a design by trade, not a developer and I learn visually and from lecture better than I do from a book.

I am currently planning to build a professional tech blog, wordpress , joomla and drupal were the options given by my friends. They recomended wordpress and joomla. Its so difficult to choose one without knowing it. May be could be of much help to go thru videos to learn joomla. I tried for which i have to pay for video, so option ruled out. Will be glad to use videos and learn. Nice giveaway!!.

Zack Esgar Jan 20 2011

I would use it to publish a summer camp website to help promote it. It would be a great way to teach our staff how to use the new website.

Travis Jan 20 2011

I’d like to build a more robust website for my father. He’s a mouth painter (paralyzed from the neck down). I’d like to include things like a blog, online store, and some other functionality where his instructors and colleagues can comment and give him feedback on his work.

Juarez P. A. Filho Jan 20 2011

Nice! That’s the opportunity to learn about Joomla. Yay!

Amish Jan 20 2011

I would build a site for my friend who is a watercolor painter.
I have played with Joomla, but some of the environment still confuses me; what I’ve seen of the sample videos makes it obvious that there is a great deal to learn and the video delivery system has always been a productive learning method for me.
Thank you.

james singleton Jan 20 2011

os training seem like a great idea for helping fellow designers out thanks I’m glad this opportunity is available

MethodicJon Jan 20 2011

I’d like to built a family public “dashboard”, pull in data from servers behind the firewall, calendars, tivo now playing list, to do list.

I think it’s sometimes good to have structured learning and training when learning a new topic. I’m new to Joomla.

Jarek Jan 20 2011

I would love one of the giveaways!

The Smiling Lion Jan 20 2011

I’m a designer, not a programmer. But there is a necessity to build a complete site on cms from time to time. I’m not sure that joomla is the best cms of all. So I hope this training will show me all of joomla’s feachers, so I could change my opinion.

Katrina Jan 20 2011

This is an AWESOME giveaway!

Keith Lewis Jan 20 2011

I recently was elected to the board of directors of a non profit green building group, Retro Green Living. They asked if I could take over the management of their website, have had the chance to look it over and see that it was created with joomla. While I’m proficient in html and also use Office Live’s website builder, having a better grasp of Joomla through your training would help me advance their ideas through a better conceived website.

Olivier Jan 20 2011

I’ve created a charity web site based on Joomla and using a Joomla template created by shape5. Unfortunately, I’ve had great difficulty customizing the template as I don’t understand how Joomla is structured to work. Access to the OS trainings would help me make sense of Joomla and mobilize my charity web site. I would also very much like to discover more about Drupal and be able to determine when it would be preferable to use Drupal over Joomla or vice versa. I’d also like to know how to build mCommerce web sites using either Drupal or Joomla, if it’s possible!

nicksp Jan 20 2011

I plan to develop a Web based Portal for the local town that I live at. Joomla provides an excellent solution for a Content Management solution and as a portal that would allow the local community to access latest news and advertisements of the torn.

Jo Wong Jan 20 2011

cool! I am learning how to manage my work’s website with Joomla. This would help out a lot.

Jose Adan Ortiz Jan 20 2011

I need to create a new e-commerce solution site for a cake factory my mom owns, so im thinking to use Drupal and im just need this Drupal training to enhance my poorly Drupal knowledge.

Azim Norazmi Jan 21 2011

I want this, i want to learn joomla

I would love to propose a new site to my wife’s school but do not have the knowledge of a powerful CMS like Joomla. Learning via videos would be very helpful because having my one year old son with me all day makes it hard to sit and read during the day or at night. Learning from a video would be much more productive for my tired eyes. Being able to land a nice elementary school site would help financially. Thanks for the opportunity!

I would like to further my knowledge of Joomla! and use it to improve the J! powered sites that I maintain for my employer.

renan Jan 21 2011

I would like to add blogging to my website(stil working on it) where I provide art services.

renan Jan 21 2011

I would like to give blogging functionality to my arts website which is still under construction. Joomla would be great!

Hogni Jan 22 2011

I would like to build a site about racing pigeons, the article base will become very big over time, i believe Joomla would be a good option and as i know very little about using Joomla, video classes would be great to learn all about using it.

dementia Jan 22 2011

I use Joomla for my family business’ website but I have no training for it and just use a ready-made theme. I would like to make a custom theme for our website and I’m sure OSTraining will be able to teach me how.

raghu Jan 22 2011

i want to build an android blog and web based multi player game sites

i want to learn joomla to upgrade my web design/development skills.

Mizan Jan 22 2011

I’d like to learn Joomla so that I can use it to design a dynamic website.I am pretty sure OSTraining will be Great place for learning CMS like Joomla.

I would like to build a smooth and functional eCommerce site with Joomla and I believe with this training I can get a lot of cool pointers in the right direction!

James Jan 22 2011

I would actually like to convert my workplace over to Joomla (…or Drupal or WordPress…), instead of the closed proprietary thing they’ve been using for years.

AJ King Jan 22 2011

As so many others have commented, I have a charity website in mind for using Joomla: (an annual 13-km swim on the Severn River in Ontario, Canada, to raise money for research into a cure for breast cancer). Currently built using all static pages (though the nav menus are server-side includes), it is a 10-year-old website that is increasingly hard to maintain and to update. An open-source CMS solution like Joomla would be ideal — and the training offered by OSTraining would be invaluable to learn and to use Joomla properly. Thanks!

Sudan Prajapati Jan 22 2011

I want t use joomla for the complete commercial site so this can prove for all custom inbuilt site that Open source are the future for the web world

Karen Jan 23 2011

I would use this knowledge to create websites that are both dynamic and efficient.

Ravi Agarwal Jan 23 2011

Attention. The training will help me to develop the website of my business which I have planned to expand in terms of exports and operations.It will give employment to 10 more people(designers,managers,It professionals) as I will also start the freelancing work for the people.
So a benefit to me,10 more people, clients and to the designers community as a whole.

irfanullahhosain Jan 23 2011

i want to learn joomla so that i can improve my web developement as i heard in joomla no coding is required

ahkeno Jan 23 2011

I’m working with Joomla last 2 years .Built my own blog with Joomla and try to translate Joomla with our local Myanmar Language!!Hopeful I’ll improve my knowledge with this…

Miriam Jan 23 2011

I would love to win this competition as I really want to improve my joomla knowlege so I can build up my web design business

iulianv Jan 23 2011

I want to learn Joomla to build:
1st. – my site for my business in DTP and graphic design
– the site for my wife freelance courses, of parenting and personal development
2nd. – remake the site for the firm where I work in this moment
– build future sites for my freelance projects or non-profit project for some foundations that I collaborate with
thank you

Pothi Kalimuthu Jan 24 2011

I’d build a school website in Joomla! What better way to learn Joomla than through video classes!!

Adriano Jan 24 2011

I am looking at Joomla to build a Mom and Pop coffee roasters web site. With future eCommerce plans. I have played around with Joomla a little, but some online training will really help me get a better foundation with the tool.

Thank you!

emyil Jan 24 2011

i’d like to build the website for a friend’s small clothing store, instead of relying on facebook’s fan page for his marketing. then joomla, with a minimal amount of instruction, can empower my friend to easily manage his own site because it’s so easy.

i am an audio-visual learner, so video classes would be the best way to learn joomla!

wena vargas Jan 24 2011

I’d like to build an accessory/craft online shop. The training would really help me lot!

Francesco Jan 25 2011

I’d like to build a platform where indie italian musicians meet filmmakers in order to make low or no budget music videos. Joomla will be my partner in this adventure! Thank you!

Gordon Jan 25 2011

I’m keen on learning how to use Joomla and maybe combine it with a framework like Morph or Gantry for building new web applications.

Christoph Jan 25 2011

I would you like to build a site for skin care products using Joomla 1.5 or above. I´m stil using Joomla! 1.0.15 Stable and i´m just about to migrate the content data from the old version to 1.5. There have some design tweaks to be done, but when this is finished the video classes at would be perfect for helping me achieve this goal, especially making the Joomla Site mobile friendly (iPhone and iPad). Would be great to win that 6-month OStraining Joomla membership.

Alexander Filatov Jan 25 2011

I have a large web-tv project on my table which I do not really know how to tackle yet. Afaik Joomla is the best CMS for media-sites, therefore this training would be a great jump-start for the project.

Noeki Jan 25 2011

I’d like to start off by building my own website and portfolio, and then jump to bigger aims. Always been interested in CMS and I think OSTraining would be a very good centralized learning resource for the 3 most used ones CMS.

daniel Jan 25 2011

Since I’m starting my own freelance webdesign activity(i’m a 22 y/o, italian university student), id like to design my first blog about web design, maybe even translating in italian, the best articles found around the web(after asking for permission of course, and linking back to original article) for those who are not very fluent with English, but still would like to learn new usefull things.

p.s: i’m a fan of sixrevisions, i may contact you guys about the things said above, as soon as i finish learning how to make my blog.


Karthikeyan Jan 25 2011


I would like to learn Joomla thru this Video trainings. Because to develop a website for kids activities.


Maybe a good way to convince me of Joomla

Hance Jan 25 2011

Only 80 days remain in my final semester of a Web Development program, any additional foothold on the market would be great. Content Management Systems are great tools in the right hands, I feel that my hands are just that!

I am looking forward to embarking on a new (second) career choice, and unleashing all that I have been taught to the masses.

Any consideration would be welcomed, I thank you.

NemOry Jan 25 2011

I will build a very cool blog site powered by joomla with a great interface. .I like video trainings, I’m learning fast through videos than school. And I want foreign instructors. Yeah!

I would create product review sites using joomla,
OSTraining’s Joomla Training would help me to understand the platform and starting using it efficiently, this is much better then figuring out how the system work on my own.

I would like to build a human right watch group website focusing on current situations in Myanmar, which has one of the worst human rights violation records both online and offline. video classes could effectively provide knowledge and skills required to develop such website that can be used by users struggling to access from different platforms and devices under tightly controlled internet access.

I would like to build my own site but I don’t have the technical know-how to go about it. I already have some content (original articles on various stuff), they just need to be uploaded or published. Having access on the video classes at would enhance my knowledge on website development. In addition, I’m the visual type, so this means I can learn more by watching videos than by reading how-to manuals.

Carla Jan 25 2011

I would like to expand on my skills. Video tutorials would greatly help. Thanks!

Mat Landers Jan 25 2011

I am a long time subscriber to Six Revisions and would love to have the opportunity for free Joomla training. It would be great to have this insight as I try to expand my skills.

webmasterdubai Jan 25 2011

i want to learn wordpess big fan of wordpress want to learn how to develop plugin for wordpress

Will Pena Jan 25 2011

I would love to improve drupal my skills and knowledge.

scott Jan 25 2011

I am starting a second career in retirement – managing websites for nonprofits and service mom & pops. I manage a Joomla site ( and would love to learn more.

I have found videos a great way to learn at my own pace in my own home.

Patrick D Jan 25 2011

I am student currently and will be graduating soon. We have not had much time with Joomla but it is a program that is being used more and more. I would like to create a portfolio web site first.

Video classes at would help me achieve this because they are available anytime I am, 24 hrs a day. They are also easy to follow. Good Luck to all.

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