Giveaway: Licenses to PageLines Framework

This giveaway’s a big one: We’re giving out 10 Developer licenses to the PageLines Framework 2.2, a drag-and-drop platform for creating WordPress-powered websites easier.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would you benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license?

This giveaway ends on July 3, 2012 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jun 26, 2012


Colleen C Jun 26 2012

I’d use it for the site I am designing for a friend of mine!

Lenny Terenzi Jun 26 2012

Having been a one-man shop for many years it would be great to bring as much of the development side of things I can back in house. This would allow me to offer more value to my clients and grow my client-base. Thanks!

alma09 Jun 26 2012

This thing would change the way I build websites forever. It’s phenomenal and of course revolutionary. It’s simply great, too.

Ron Sly Jun 26 2012

This tool would help me create better sites quicker for organizations that don’t have the money to spend on a long development process.

Chandra Jun 26 2012

I’ve already interested on pagelines for long time, if I win this giveaway I will based my next project on it. Some of the great websites based on this framework and I would like to try it myself.

learn more, fingers crossed

Bryan Jun 26 2012

I’ve heard some great things about the PageLines product and workflow. Having access to a developer’s licence would allow me to quickly and easily revamp my own small business website as well as get my clients started on their own web presence.

Fabiana Jun 26 2012

I make my living with my websites only and with Pagelines Framework, I think I could give a big step on making layouts and creating other sites do make more money. My life would get much easier, so I think I deserve a Pagelines Framework license. =D

Tom Jepson Jun 26 2012

A Pagelines Framework license would, without a doubt, give me the right tools and a further push in the right direction towards becoming a full-time freelance web designer. It would allow me to work faster and smarter, and be able to commit to more work that could be completed in shorter timescales as more and more of my clients and colleagues are requesting custom WordPress environments for their sites.

In short; I’d really appreciate it!

Kergo Jun 26 2012

If it’s anything close to their free version on directory (which is, duh!) it will make for an excellent and yet easy to use theme framework and needless to say will make my life much much more easier.

raffaella Jun 26 2012

I am learning to create websites and I would love to include the creation of websites using the WP platform. Winning this licence would be an extremely welcomed opportunity! :)

Barış Ünver Jun 26 2012

I’m a Turkish web designer and WordPress developer. The market is kind of tight here in Turkey, so I can’t offer custom-made WP themes for my clients because the customers don’t want to pay more than, say, a thousand dollars to a website. So I offer “customized WP themes” with a lower price and find and edit a free or premium WP theme for the client. Not cool.

With Pagelines Framework, I believe that I can offer my clients a better “customized WP theme” service since I will be able to create new designs with this drag & drop interface. And since I will not be dealing with the hard work which “custom-made WP themes” need, I wouldn’t charge the clients more.

So, that’s how I would benefit from Pagelines Framework.

Brandon Moeller Jun 26 2012

A PageLines Framework Developer License would allow me to offer this interesting service to my clients in a way that empowers them to not need to pick up the phone and call me the next time they want to reposition something on their site!

Just about to start building a few sites and this license would significantly reduce the time I need to dedicate to this!

MontoGeek Jun 26 2012

I will be benefit form the Pagelines Framework Developer License in the way to develo better wordpress projects, for commercial and personal purpose.
Thanks for this oportunity :)

I’ve got so many indecisive clients that prototyping with a framework like this would be fantastic. I’d love to win a copy, it would make my life so much easier!

Donna Fontenot Jun 26 2012

I would benefit from a PageLines Framework developer license because it would enable me to generate client themes more easily and in less time. That would enable me to drop the price that I charge small businesses, which would be useful to them, and would likely enable me to get more clients as well.

Jerzyk Jun 26 2012

I would like to see how they have overcome some wordpress pitfalls :)

Nick Ioannou Jun 26 2012

A PageLines Framework Developer license would free us from our locked down bespoke PHP CMS system and let us redesign our website.

As a game designer who is trying to break into web design, I would definitely benefit from a license. I have been looking into it for a couple of weeks now and have really liked the platform.

Karl Fitzgerald Jun 26 2012

I would you benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license by using it to enhance web development projects for my clients. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Santiago Persico Jun 26 2012

I would use it to develop the website of the bussines i am working for.

The developer License would allow me to do that in a better, and more complete way.
It would help me to give a better experience to the users!

David Jun 26 2012

A much faster and easier way to develop my ideas!

I manage 40 websites in my organization, and we are slowly converting each one to WordPress. This would help me out immensely!

Nathan Hinish Jun 26 2012

As a part-time freelance web dev/designer it would be useful for me to have all the boilerplate functionality that PageLines offers. This would quicken my design/development cycle for clients.

patricio Jun 26 2012

I am a junior develorper and it will very good for my and my posibles clients.

Robin Burks Jun 26 2012

I just discovered PageLines and have been using the free version on a personal site. I was really surprised at how many features that even the free version has, but would love to try out the full version. It could be a great tool to recommend to my clients, not to mention cut my WordPress development time down significantly!

Pick me! Pick me!

Andrea Grassi Jun 26 2012

What a great opportunity you are giving us!
So… Talking about business :) how would I use the pagelines framework?

I will surely create at least 4 sites with it, and then I will try to make a squeeze page extension to permit the creation of Wonderful websites that converts reaaaally well :)

Chuck Gartland Jun 26 2012

“How would you benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license?”

How wouldn’t I? Bootstrap, LESS, and a store just for starters.

Yoosuf Jun 26 2012

Making maximum use of the theme for client projects and will make better potential customers for pagelines

If I won the license, I would create great looking customizable websites for my clients in much less time than with any other framework. Happy clients bring more business.

Robert Sandström Jun 26 2012

The speed of making sites to my customers would increase many times over! and… it would be a nice feature for my customers also.

Juan Orlando Caro Jun 26 2012

The benefits of me winning the pagelines developer license is the way i’ll work on making CMS homepages to my klients. It will take less time to make the wordpress site, and esier to make it look better with all the features from pagelines.

Nathan Jun 26 2012

Being a designer with little knowledge of php, PageLines Framework would benefit me by not having to rely on back end developers or modifying existing WordPress themes. PageLines Framework streamlines the workflow of building a site from the ground up, while assisting those who are more comfortable developing through a visual process rather than wrestling with programming.

G. T. Jun 26 2012

Well developed frameworks can make my job as a developer much easier. Having a developer license would give me an additional feature-set I could offer to customers.

Lise Holliker Dykes Jun 26 2012

How would I benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license? Simple. My one-woman shop would have another reason to continue embracing WordPress as development platform. This looks like an awesome, time-saving resource, and my clients (who pay for my time) would benefit, too. Win-win!

Randall Packer Jun 26 2012

I hope to win a developer’s license because I would would use it for the creation of a new learning management system I am developing for major art schools around the world. This learning management system is intended to reinvent the way art is taught, in which students studying the media arts work and interact in a collaborative software environment, or what I call: the open source studio. This project re-imagines art education as a shared experience, rather than the old-fashioned idea of the solitary artist working within the confines of the studio. Pagelines is essential to the concept, as a foundation to the open source environment of WordPress.

allison Jun 26 2012

I would benefit because once I learn how to use it, I can start using it on my clients sites.

Mike B. Jun 26 2012

Probably should’ve read the details… I would benefit from this because I have a lot of sites currently that I need to build out and I love the ease with which you can use the pagelines framework

Royal Jun 26 2012

I would benefit by finding a platform that fits both me and my clients in accelerating the timeline to completion while providing the ability to retool the site on the fly.

Christian Jun 26 2012

To put it simply, it would speed up workflow and productivity. Looks very easy and intuitive to work with.

Christian Jun 26 2012

To put it simply, it would speed up my workflow and productivity when working with WP. To be able to style element so easily…. Amazing!!!

Åsa Moberg Jun 26 2012

This will help me show small business it’s easy to build an run a website in wordpress

iPhone-Mania Jun 26 2012

I would like a benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license.

Ross Molina Jun 26 2012

PageLines is a good platform for designers both old and new. It makes the creation of a wordpress site all the way easier since even as a coder, time will always be a premium. the benefit there is definitely the amount of time saved in coming up with a design. dream, create, execute.

Jospo Jun 26 2012

I recently started website design business and I am sure the Framework would help me to create websites easier and quicker than now.

Erwin Jun 26 2012

How would I benefit? How about pushing out 15 sites a day (hehe…).

Ehtacl Jun 26 2012

Believe. act. right. now.
Cool PageLines framework for web development / web design on WordPress.

Cheryl Jun 26 2012

A license to the PageLines Framework would create a great opportunity to enable me to enhance my clients’ websites even more. I recently began using PageLines for a site still in development and it is a fabulous theme. To have access to the full license would be fantastic. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Jorge Jun 26 2012

I used the platform pro frame work, developed also by the pagelines people. I works great. Used it on several designs. I will like to ry and use the new framework for my personal site. Also for the development of client sites.

André Jun 26 2012

Since I’m a Webdeveloper the reason why I need this cute piece oft software is obvious.

I would benefit from the developer license because my current framework would be upgraded to accomodate multisites, which I use for my primary site,, and also for my jewelry and technical websites. I really like pagelines and would also like to extend my website development skills.

daniel Jun 26 2012

If given the opportunity to use Pagelines Framework for free I would use it on my blog, which is mentioned in the contact form above, and possibly influence others to implement the platform on their sites.

Georgina Taylor Jun 26 2012

How would you benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license?

I can finally stop WISYWIGGING myself out with the inferior website building softwares out there. Pagelines seems perfect for us visual types with no development background. :)

It will definitely will help me take my website development to the next level. thanks!

Erabbit Jun 26 2012

Spero di vincere questo frame word che mi pare un fra strumento !

Editor’s note: This comment is in Italian and, according to Google Translate, means:

I hope to win this frame seems to me a word that one instrument!

It would be 10x times easier for me to create an online education site, where I’m going to teach people about eating and training.

Valentin Jun 26 2012

I would develop wordpress websites faster and easier.

Eniak Jun 26 2012

I would use the PageLines Framework Developer license to quickly produce quality sites that are also responsive and look good on all devices.

Carlos R. Vizcarrondo Jun 26 2012

I would benefit greatly with a PageLines Framework Developer License because I have minimal experience building and designing websites. Although I have built websites in the past for two churches ( and pro-bono, now that I have been assigned the task to build more church websites for my religious organization(with a limited budget and personnel) I find the PageLines Framework so convenient because of the cost-effectiveness, the unlimited customizations available, the easiness to learn (that way after building the websites, each church can maintain them and update them with minimal supervision) and last but not least, because it provides the cornerstone to a professional looking website.
Thanks a lot to Six Revisions for providing this AWESOME opportunity, and good luck to all the participants!

Hope Corizzo Jun 26 2012

As a wordpress customizer for small businesses in my community, I’d love to move my clients to a more forward thinking and dynamic theme. It will make them look better, and show that I put my clients first.

Joanne D Jun 26 2012

I’d use it to update my new blog.

Tony Crosse Jun 26 2012

I am a artist/designer and have an eagerness to do web layouts for my art projects that I want to put online. PageLines would really help me accomplish this in a way that I find enjoyably efficient and compensate for my lack of coding skills!

Paul O'Rear Jun 26 2012

I have spent several months consolidating old entries from previous blogs into a new “hub” for all of my stuff going forward. It looks like the PageLines framework would give me LOTS of flexibility in further developing my site to look exactly like I want it to look and even incorporate added functionality. I especially like the Layout Control and the Special Pages Handling! Thanks for the opportunity to own this great framework if my name is drawn!

Gregory Jun 26 2012

This developer liscence will help catapult my capabilities to attain more clients since it will take LESS time to create functional sites. The concept seems mind blowing and I am excited about it.

Dave Amato Jun 26 2012

I would benefit greatly from a PageLines license. I have been researching the free license and feel it would be an exact match for what my current website is missing. is a website I created for my friends and I to post new music, bands, album reviews and radio playlists… all currently a W.I.P. So, pleeeassee consider me when the time comes to choose a winner!

Teejay Jun 26 2012

wonderful!!! Im about to redesign my website-would be awesome to do it with pagelines support :*

Most of my webdesign job is in WordPress- This sounds great hopefully can use it my next project

Denny Dzulkarnaen Jun 26 2012

I would greatly benefit from this as it really is going to shorten the time I build websites. And I will have more time with my kids.

sanjay Jun 26 2012

This is really great!

Using PageLines will speed up my development time, and a quick turn around for clients. It will be a big plus on my work routine and will help me to expand my knowledge about this framework.

Hope I win!

Ashmita Patel Jun 26 2012

It’s a perfect tool to build any kind of website. That too with easiest drag and drop modules.

Noel Nuguid Jun 26 2012

a developer license from one of the most awesome wordpresss frameworks (Pageline Of course) will allow me to focus more on the designing rather than coding great websites and having pagelines web framework greatly reduces the development time meaning i get to accomodate more clients and more business for me! yay!

Stirling Jun 26 2012

PageLines looks fantastic! I would benefit from the PageLines Framework because it would let me build all sorts of high quality websites quickly and easily.

A developer’s license would help me help others. I work with quite a few nonprofits to create and update their websites. I just started working with the PageLines framework earlier this month. I love the Special Page handling, and I would like to use the Integrations that only come with the Developer’s License. I’m really only just getting to know the framework, but I am sure I could give several organizations much-needed upgrades with PageLines.

I am an activist working toward holding Wall St Banks accountable for what they did to this country and so many innocent families financially devastated and homeless due to foreclosures. The foreclosure pipeline has no end in sight as Freddie/Fannie hold 80% of American homes. I am not paid for the work the I do, however at this time this is all I do nearly 24/7, helping others. You will note no advertising on the site, just information to teach and support others in their fight to save their home.

If I were a recipient of a Developer’s License, I could easily assist other financially strapped individuals in getting their story out through an online voice. I have an unlimited hosting account, Pagelines could help us catapult our presence with an easy to use framework that I can start off a family with. The Developer’s License could easily be the difference in saving one family’s home. Thank you for your consideration.

Chris Jun 26 2012

Finally update our site’s wp theme from scratch.

Oscar S. Jun 26 2012

The PageLine’s Framework would definitely increase my workflow in a WordPress environment. Since I became a full-time freelancer, I’ve been busy trying to keep clients happy as well as trying to obtain new ones. With the flexibility of the Framework, I can provide more custom and quality solutions to a wider array of people.

Sathishkumar Jun 26 2012

I am very happy to comment here. I am using Pagelines for past one year and i love it. It having lot of options, webmaster friendly, it contains lot of professional themes and all. I hope i ll win in this contest


Sigit Prasetyo Jun 26 2012

I ‘ve built websites (mostly for friends/non-profits) using various other tools …. But that’s because I haven’t unleashed the true power of Pagelines. Hey, I’ve seen pages built using Pagelines, but using the free edition that would require some css/php knowledge to achieve that. Thus, a developer license is a must if ones want to create as many good websites as possible for the benefits of public.

Karen Ang Jun 26 2012

A Pagelines developer license will make my blog easier to redesign.

Taylor McCaslin Jun 26 2012

I’m a student at UT Austin, paying for college with freelance digital design. If it’s digital, I do it. Web development is definitely my favorite, and WordPress is my tool of choice (when appropriate), though I do love a good implementation of Twitter Bootstrap. A pageLines license would take a large amount of grunt work off of my work list and let me focus more on front-end designs… and school.

Eduardo Jun 26 2012

Pagelines is awesome!

Dan T Jun 26 2012

A developer license would definitely help me grow my business by expanding the services I can offer my clients.

Eduardo Jun 26 2012

A Developer license would help me to bring more beautiful *Pages* to my clients with LESS *Lines* of code. I am thrilled with this release!

Mark Thorpe Jun 26 2012

I would use a PageLines Developer license to help clients rise above the standard aesthetics of their competition. Offering them a chance to step away from staid, boring and repeatedly hammered templates with something new, exciting, crisp, professional and above all aesthetically pleasing to any eye.

Maskell Jun 26 2012

Pagelines looks easier to use than Thesis!

Florin Jun 26 2012

Wining this license will help me take my web development skills to the next level. Doing more projects in less time sounds amazing.

Ivan Zidarov Jun 27 2012

It’s always nice to learn something new. I will expand my knowledge to another level and hope to create new and nice wordpress code and design pattern

Amazing Sey Jun 27 2012

This developer license will get the chance to learn more about what others like PageLines are doing and the extensibility of WordPress.

Hope to win.

Wow – great giveaway! I’d love to use this for some new web projects and learn about the framework. Thanks!

Bobby Jun 27 2012

Wowsers, this giveaway makes me happy! I’d love to use this framework on a non-profit project coming up soon!

Johan Janse van Rensburg Jun 27 2012

I love Twitter Bootstrap and I love WordPress! What can be more awesome than a drag-and-drop platform for creating fully integrated Twitter Bootstrap WordPress-powered websites easier, better and quicker?! I’m in-love with the idea of developing with the PageLines framework! PageLines will cut my developing time in half, because twitter bootstrap just works while creating beautiful websites and WordPress is my no 1 CMS choice!

Wednesday Jun 27 2012

It would give me a good reason to redesign my website on a fresh platform!

Justin Bravo Jun 27 2012

I’d love to convert all my sites to Pagelines!

Mananpreet Singh Jun 27 2012

I already using pageline themes, These are actually awesome , easy to manage and specially framework, you can build your website in minimal amount of time. I am developer working as a freelancer so this developer edition helps me to create various websites of various types.


raffar Jun 27 2012

i never used a wp framework, but the demo is very interesting.
all my recents projects are wp based so why not a great framework?

Craig Paterson Jun 27 2012

I have been researching different frameworks recently and Pagelines looks like one of the more feature laden, cutting edge options. The fact that Twitter Bootstrap is built in is a massive bonus which would help me develop standards compliant, responsive websites for clients.

Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone who has entered.

Chris Jun 27 2012

Oh great! I hope i will win.

karansinh Jun 27 2012

Would love to have a Solid Framework for my Word press website.

Kinda Jun 27 2012

I would use it to ease my website creating process!

6clicks Jun 27 2012

I would benefit with à pageline license … for my 4 personal website …. the I have never engouht time to do ilke I will.

Barry Madden Jun 27 2012

Pagelines would give my clients the opportunity to create engaging & visually appealing e-commerce stores with the latest features such as flexible layouts & mobile optimisation. Stores that are easy to manage, update & redesign, all with just a click & drag of a mouse.

Truly excited to explore the potential of this promising platform.

Thanks @SixRevisions

From the UK =D

Caroline Jun 27 2012

A powerful framework tool like PageLines would give me an enormous competitive advantage to produce first class customized wordpress sites in a fraction of the time needed up til now! Also, I don’t think the framework is well known here in Germany (yet), so that would again translate to nice little headstart. Vorsprung durch Technik, as they say here :-) Great to hear about this tool, will follow its evolution one way or another. cheers, Caroline

Dalex Jun 27 2012

This will really helps me to create WordPress templates. I’m a designer, not good with coding and stuff and this tool will help me create the templates that looks and feels in the way I want with no barriers :)

Zeinab Jun 27 2012

I would love to win the developer license. I love Pagelines Framework and have used it to create a few websites already. Winning this license would help me a lot in finally getting in to web development on a freelance basis and to really start doing what I have been dreaming about for a long time. It will definitely give me the kick start that I really need.

Derrick Dedmon Jun 27 2012

I design WordPress websites and I would best benefit from your offer by adding it to my workflow allowing me to work with a stable and intuitive system for customizing WordPress.

I would use it to develop website for two of my current customers: fashion shop and charity organization. Then I would use it on regular basis to produce great websites.

Maulik Bengali Jun 27 2012

I love Bootstrap. I love WordPress. So, this framework will help me create more non-profit websites for NGOs using WordPress in short time..

Vicky Jun 27 2012

My site needs a good kick up the rear; this could be the tool to do just that! :)

Rogier Jun 27 2012

I recently fell in love with Bootstrap, after years of love for WordPress. Pagelines combines these two in a great way. That’s why I would love to use it for developing sites in the future, both for clients and myself. A developer license would be great for that!

Matthijs Jun 27 2012

I would definitely make a kickass site for my photography. And do the same for my friends :)

Chrisq Jun 27 2012

It allow me to quick and better develop WordPress websites for my clients

Marc Lemezma Jun 27 2012

If you love cute puppies with big brown eyes then the best thing you could do is award me a licence for page lines.

A Developer’s license to Pagelines!!?? Woohoo, that would just mean me having a killer license to stay on top of my competition, kill down my dev time and…. there are so many reasons Pagelines would be just great for me!

Rishi Luchun Jun 27 2012

Wow how come I never heard of this, looks really good, this would help create great functioning sites quickly and easily!

Daniel Jun 27 2012

We love the drag & drop feature and we would use the framework to design WordPress Arcade Themes with amazing features. :)

I’d love to win this licence. I’ve been looking at Pagelines for quite some time now and I think the addition of the LESS framework has taken it to another level.

This would streamline my workflow and would allow the clients I have who don’t have a big budget to have a much more bespoke and sexy site.

Dhaval Jun 27 2012

If I win this license, powerfully used to my next WordPress projects and grow up to next level with PageLines Framework.

Krunal Bharatiya Jun 27 2012

This developer liscence will help me in my future blog or wp site wich i want to create….

Richard B Jun 27 2012

In addition to client websites I also create community and causes based websites however these can often take time to build and customise.

Having a PageLines developer license would enable me to be able to produce more community and causes sites in the time I have available – a real WIN WIN situation!

It will definitely will help me take my site development to the next level. Thank you.

Dipak Jun 27 2012

I want to start a new magazine style website for latest news and event display, so i want to use this drag & drop WordPress theme framework over their

Alessandro Rossetto Jun 27 2012

Great Framework !! It sound fantastic! I would like to use in a Photography blog that I’m going to build for my friend.. It would be very helpful in my work ;-) !!

Makarand Jun 27 2012

Because it is the Best and easiest Tool I have ever came across to design a template and has great flexibility feature.
I wish I would get this one for my design portfolio.
Thanks for the offer.

Alexey Jun 27 2012

With PageLines Framework Developer licenses I will be able to create a multi-language sites about travel and vacations at Lake Baikal in Siberia. For this, I will use the Multisite Support

Karan Jun 27 2012

i think the best thing about PageLines framework is that, it helps a lot in branding our business and without any big efforts.

thanks for the giveaway.

Martin Jun 27 2012

With the PageLines Framework i would give my clients a better work!

Benoit Dion Jun 27 2012

…Plain and simple…Speed, efficiency and reliability…!

Robert Jun 27 2012

We are constantly converting static sites to the wordpress platform and this framework would be an awesome addition to our toolbase. Probably be the only framework we’d need to customize and tailormake sites.

Keith Jun 27 2012

The PageLines would allow me to make a great WordPress website with a lot less headaches.

David Jun 27 2012

Need to stay cutting edge – this would give me an edge ;-)

PageLines Framework would give me more efficient and powerfull in build WordPress Theme

CSSPress Jun 27 2012

I’d use to my new project. its awesome!

LiewZY Jun 27 2012

I would benefits from Pagelines Framework Developer Licenses because I can build quality business websites that are responsive in no time.

Jim Davis Jun 27 2012

I have used the Thesis framework for a number of years and have become frustrated by the lack of built-in HTML 5 features and native support for responsive design. Looks like PageLines could remedy all of that.

Subhro Sengupta Jun 27 2012

I would like to start by telling my Pagelines Story first :) –

I have been using Platform Demo (A Pagelines Theme) to develop a site that helps people share Academic Projects, Papers etc. It took me 2 months to test around 200+ themes but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

With Pagelines I was amazed with three things – The 1.Ability to give a Professional look to the setup
2.Brilliant Customization Capabilities
3. Ability to work with other Plugins – A small tip for other readers – Try Pagelines with Buddypress – its simply delicious :)

The license therefore will help us develop more and more websites that help people connect :)

Miloš Leković Jun 27 2012

I would benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license by developing several great design ideas I’ve got in my head, but can’t develop them because I don’t know php. Later, I can sell them and make money. Thank you. :)

vikram Jun 27 2012

Am using This For promote Ur frame Work in My WP Service Website…

nithin Jun 27 2012

i love pagelines drag and drop framework a lot

It would really speed up my “just an idea” to done! timeline. The new changes look awesome!

Bruce Chapman Jun 27 2012

Still trying at 74 years, Not sure I will make developer but learning is reat. hanks for the offer.

Having a license for the PageLines Framework would really help me improve my workflow and gain more clients.

wolny strzelec Jun 27 2012

I need to expand my website. PageLines I need, because the framework is flexible and has many options. It is also important that the templates are tailored for mobile devices.

I’d love to use Pagelines for a cool client site project I have coming up in a month.

Bharat Jun 27 2012

I’m great fan of pagelines framework and hope to win it. I’ll be very happy if win a developer license and also I’m promoting “PageLines” on my blog.

Fiefscent Jun 27 2012

If I won I would use the framework to create some great customizable websites.

A PageLines developer’s license would allow me to not only produce more content more efficiently, but it would help me to help more people with their WP sites as well because it seems that once someone knows you have created your own site using WP you are the resident expert. I want to help as many people as possible, but time and knowledge constraints presently limit my ability to do so. PageLines would allow me to do more.

Stacy Jun 27 2012

As a freelance developer, I like having a variety of tools available. Some of my clients can afford a fully customized site, and some can’t, so being able to develop using the PageLines framework would allow me to offer more to my budget-conscious clients.

Francois Jun 27 2012

Wow nice giveaway.
I would love to rebuild my website using the multisite feature and manage it at the same place. It’s responsive, using the twitter bootstrap, how can we not benefit from that ? The developer license would help me remake it easily.

Matt Zimmermann Jun 27 2012

As someone who is fairly new to WordPress, this would be an extremely beneficial tool to get off to a running start. It would open up great new avenues that I can offer my clients.

Craig McKechnie Jun 27 2012

The Developer License from PageLines is something I’ve wanted for an extremely long time! I’m on the verge of opening my own freelance web design business and currently have those plans on hold due to costs. Therefore, this would truly benefit me as a developer/design as well as a person because it would allow me to begin my business in a sense. A WordPress Framework is not the “make or break” moment but getting your hands on a Framework as nice as PageLines can only be good for one’s career!

While I seriously doubt my one comment will stand out among the thousands you are sure to receive, I truly hope my name is called. It would just be an amazing thing for me and a great change of pace in terms of my luck! LOL

Thank you and good luck to everyone!!

Katie Murray Jun 27 2012

As graphic designer, my coding skills aren’t the best. It’s that right brain vs. left brain mentality – and I’m honest enough to admit my shortcomings. However, I’ve been diligently searching for tricks and tools to make this process more streamlined for me as I continue to grow as a web development professional. Your product provides an ease of use that makes learning how to develop seemingly advanced websites in an easy-to-use and understand format.

As I transition from being more than just a graphic designer to learning the in’s and out’s of the web, I think your tool would really rock my world. So, I’d love to take my awesome to the next level with it if you would be so inclined :)

Cheers ~ K

Eric Skram Jun 27 2012

I’ve found that creating usable back ends for non-technical clients is tricky without putting in unceccissary work. For instance, there is no designation between floated divs, or sections with different styling. This makes it easier for the client to break all of my hard work!

PageLines would allow me to produce a more elegant result with less work!

David Hill Jun 27 2012

I’d obviously benefit because PageLines seems like an exceptionally great tool that certainly has me ensorcelled, but I think it’s more a case of how the galaxy would benefit when I work its magic and start creating some kick ass websites for everyone to enjoy with it.

Chris Jun 27 2012

I would benefit from PageLines license so I can continue to teach new wordpress users/developers the beauty and power of the platform and the frameworks. We develop websites mainly for non-profits and try and teach the users to be self sufficient in maintaining their sites without having to pay outside developers to do so. This would be a great tool to increase productivity and effectiveness! Thanks for the opportunity!

Jennifer Jun 27 2012

“How would you benefit from a PageLines Framework Developer license?”

I would benefit by using it to update my personal site & Blog.

this would help me in most of my projects that uses wordpress as a backend. I hope to win on this contest. :)

João Faraco Jun 27 2012

Pagelines seems like the base recipe for an already great looking and functional site, for any kind of client, and with a lot of possibilities of improvement and personalization. I would definitely use it for every future client project, since it would get half the job done for me, and give the client an excellent way to administer his content on his own, and with more flexibility.

Benjamin Arnedo Jun 27 2012

I´ve got a special team of trained monkeys that have spent the last 3 years in complete isolation from the world learning and reading how to develop wordpress websites from scratch. Imagine how could their lives be if I´ve had that framework in my hands. You guys can really make a difference in the lives of the five monkeys i´m going to train next. With that kind of developing power in my hands I could let them free…so they can get back to their natural habitat…no more supermarket bananas, trees everywhere…that kind of things chimps love. I would be able to do all the work by myself, something I´ve only dreamed about my whole profesional career…and with the time I could win doing things faster with Pagelines…I can finally get back to my side project…inventing the two-headed matches…that would provide me with enough money to buy a space travel ticket from Virgin Galactic for me and “Yolo”, my star developer monkey (See, I´ve promised him that since he´s the one in charge of the shortcodes that made my life so much easier). Well…that about sums it up. You want to make the world better (who doesn´t want two-headed matches) and some monkeys happy…you should give me that licence! Thanks!

Chad Bartels Jun 27 2012

I would love to have this. I’ve been trying to build my business and it’s been slower going than I’d like because my development costs are taking a good chunk of profits. Having this would decrease that cost and put more in my pocket, which I’d love.

Hriday Das Jun 27 2012

As an entry level Web Developer,the Pagelines License would definitely help me to integrate my design skills with the latest technology of WordPress and would help me to make stunning websites for my potential clients.Hriday.

I would be able to create themes like a boss!

Daniel Swan Jun 27 2012

Right now I’m revamping a website for an art club on my campus by using wordpress, I’m planning to make my own layout and design but it’s obviously a daunting task. I know HTML and CSS but PHP is still new to me. I think PageLines would be an easier solution to put the site together but also make it easy on the students who take care of the site when they are Tech Directors as well!

Sumon @ Lets Learn Coding Jun 27 2012

I’m a WordPress Consultant and used to make my sites using WordPress. A developer license of PageLines Framework will help me to build my sites using this great theme.

I would use the developers license to help client jump into an awesome WordPress framework! Also I love researching and using new frameworks on this awesome platform! Thanks for the contest.

bumbu Jun 27 2012

Will use to empower my non-profit organization web site for easy and fast pages editing.

Daniel Aldea Jun 27 2012

I’m a WordPress Fan, and i always try to learn and to do things better. I think i can develop fastly and smooth with PageLines Framework!

Crazyhunk Jun 27 2012

It would really help me cut down the time I spend on designing & developing themes, Quick turn around time for clients, CLients Happy, Me Happy… :)

Valentín Benavente Jun 27 2012

The more I can design with pagelines interface, the less I would need to deal with the code itself, that requires a huge amount of time. That means I’ll work quicker… and, hopefully, a lot more!

Jason Saba Jun 27 2012

I would benefit greatly from the Pagelines Framework. I am a one man show, and often times find the development process frustrates clients because it can sometimes take way too long when building a custom site. Additionally when training clients, they are often times frustrated with having to learn a little bit of HTML & CSS in order to make changes to their site by themselves. I believe Pagelines would drastically decrease that frustration by allowing the clients to make some of , (what would normally be complex changes), those changes themselves. Not to mention it would save them money by not having to call me in to make those changes. Which in the long run, make for a happier client, in turn , making me a happier developer. Please consider me when choosing the candidates for the framework. Thank you and keep up the great work!!!

Dr. Peril Jun 27 2012

I’ve been looking at this for a while, but I’m leery of buying without playing with it… I’d love to get a copy! :D

Stefanie A. Newton Jun 27 2012

Winning the license would allow me to experiment more with WordPress and learn more about frameworks. It would be a great opportunity!

Dr. Peril Jun 27 2012

hey guys, I’ve looked at PageLines a few times, but always wanted to play with it before I but it, I’d love to get a copy! Thanks!

Edgar Neo Jun 27 2012

I own the ‘old’ platfrom but don’t have the money to put it in use…
This license would help me a lot to setup my business :-D

Thanx for the opportunity

Miles Fuentes Jun 27 2012

I would without a doubt benefit greatly from pagelines license. For one, I will be able to being my web design and development to new heights. Imwould be able to present my clients new and onnovative ideas. And most of all, i can possibly bring the new stuff with the new generation.

Harold Abrams Jun 27 2012

I’m always looking for ways to push my creative spirit; especially when it comes to my on-line magazine. This upgrade would be would be a welcome opportunity.

Pagelines would make my job easier and make me more competitive in the market. It would save me a great amount of time so i can use the time on customer satisfaction and finding new client. It would be more cost effective for my client.

I will use it on teaching my students the Pageline framework and they would be potetial customer for Pagelines in the future.

Frank H Jun 27 2012

I need it because I don’t even know what it is, and I *should* know, shouldn’t I? And how will I ever know, if I don’t win one??

Howie Jun 27 2012

I would benefit from the PageLines Framework Developer’s license because I can create awesome responsive websites!

Leonard Burdulea Jun 27 2012

I will try to promote my donation and promotion website to help other users… having things that they do not permit to obtain by themselves… thanks in advance…..

Wendy Walsh Jun 27 2012

As long-time web developers, we have been looking for a simple, yet felxible content management system to help our clients get a profession web presence at a reasonable cost.

Living in a developing country, we are continually challeneged to bring our clients professional looking websites at a low cost.

We have experimented with many systems over the years, including CMSMS, Savvy, Joomla, and WordPress. The WordPress platform seems to offer our best chance at balancing our needs and those of our clients, so we would embrace a system like Page Lines to help us accomplish our goals!

We have heard good things about Page Lines and have been considering using it, but a free developer licence would commit us for sure!

Mihla Jun 27 2012

I’ve been playing around with PageLines for awhile and have been impressed. Having a developer’s license would make my web design life so much easier.

Junior Atoms Jun 27 2012

My sites would look professional.

Scotty Jun 27 2012

I have used WordPress for many of my friends, and I would greatly benefit from this because of how using the framework would simplify the hardest task in WordPress. Not only would it benefit myself but I would be active telling all my friends and in turn they would pay for a license. I would also help share the word and try to build a support group for the PageLine community. I dont know just some random thoughts. Can I please get a licensee now :) Thanks


Dennsi Jun 27 2012

The Pagelines Framework would help me save time and give me more flexibility with design and creativity.

Eric T Jun 27 2012

I’ve designed several websites during the past 5 years and during that time I’ve been anti-template and anti word-press until a few weeks ago when I came across PageLines and used it to put together a simple blog for my family to use. PageLines is intuitive for a designer, friendly for users, dynamic in application opportunities, and attractive to the eye. I would use PageLines as a primary tool in my design tool kit.

I hope I win.

I would benefit by creating some awesome themes for myself and some of my clients! PageLines is awesome!!

shawn Jun 27 2012

I have no idea how to build websites and pagelines looks like it makes it very easy to do. I’d love to have an opportunity to use pagelines on my next projects.

Stephen Trapanese Jun 27 2012

Would love to use this site for a website I am building for a non-profit company this summer / fall.

Greg Cole Jun 27 2012

I would benefit from a PageLines Developer License by being able to offer the best WordPress drag-and-drop framework and WordPress-based ecommerce plug-in (JigoShop) to my clients in a tightly integrated package. This powerful set of tools with the Twitter Bootstrap features would make creating killer web sites much easier and faster, allowing me to focus on helping my clients tell their stories and reach their audiences more effectively.

Angelo Giannatos Jun 28 2012

I would benefit by using it as a rapid site prototype tool replacing wireframes and static photoshop designs. This would give me the advantage to base discussions with clients on a real interactive site, easily modifiable even during a toxic meeting.

Imran Jun 28 2012

I will use this to design my client websites…

Peggy Jun 28 2012

The license would help to create more safer and faster pages.

Kopiarki Jun 28 2012

I’d use it to create my personal blog.

Kris Barth Jun 28 2012

I wou use the licenses to get me through the 250 hrs of internship I am doing for my digital design degree. I am developing 3 different web site for clients, one interactive map, one library project and a site for a local commercial warehouse owner.

Mecton Jun 28 2012

Winning something once in my life would feel like a real achievement. I never knew my father. My mother died a few years ago and my brother is in jail. My girlfriend beats me up every day. She gave me 4 kids that are constantly listening Justin Bieber, Usher, Pitbull and Celine Dion… and I’ve been unlucky enough to be born French.

I feel that a PageLines License would help me to get out of this daily nightmare and finally break this chain of events.

I have a paypal account if you’d wish to help me a bit more.

I’ve no doubts that you will listen to my plea and find the power in your heart to help a fellow web developer with more ideas than money.
A vot’ bon coeur, as we say in French.

Benjamin Lim Jun 28 2012

In the past, I used to try the Pagelines Trial. No doubt, a Pagelines license is really the thing I need. I love the drag and drop style for the templates and they are really useful. Also, the graphics are far better than other themes I have viewed. Please let me have a chance to win it! Thnks.

Cathie Heart of CathieGraphy Jun 28 2012

A developer license would be a GREAT boost for me in getting my single person design company branched out even further .. offering myself and MY CLIENTS a great website / blog & shop functionality when combined with Jigoshop! YES PLEASE!

Probably would use it for my personal site.

Geoffrey Jun 28 2012

I am starting my project of freelance web developper/designer. Such framework would provide the ease of use to create a fully featured website to show my work and services.

Ralph Davis Jun 28 2012

A PageLines Framework developer license would give me a crucial advantage in competing for design gigs. I could provide all my clients with sites that would stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Alejandro Carrillo Jun 28 2012

Would be great to win it to increase my websegin toolbox, more tools are always great to create more

Having never used PageLines previously on a production site, the new feature may just tempt me to give it whirl.
However, I have to say that the move that theme development is going is making it harder for designers to make a living.
As a designer, you really have to be able to offer a service that makes your clients value having you on board.
The Framework however gives designers the ability to have one very well equiped starting point on which to build highly functional and atractive sites.
Keep up the good work guys.

Valerie Bock Jun 28 2012

A PageLines license would give me the tools I need to develop professional websites, quickly and easily. Right now, my partner and I spend hours and hours on some of the simplest details, while building websites, and developing my own aged website into something attractive has been a neglected afterthought. We are a small business, and many of our clients can’t afford to pay for the time involved in good website development, but this could enable us to offer them fantastic websites at less cost. Here’s hoping we get a license! Thanks for the awesome contest!

I do WordPress, with PageLines Framework, I believe – I can do more better.

Adam Kuglin Jun 28 2012

I’m a one-man design/develop shop, and I’ve used Pagelines for a couple of years now. It lets me lower the cost of access to really awesome web design for my client-base, largely composed of small non-profit arts and social justice organizations. A free developer license would let me lower that cost even more.

Angelo Giannatos Jun 28 2012

Having tested the free license and liked it, I would use it to rapidly prototype sites bypassing -whenever possible- mockups and static images. This would allow me to communicate better and faster with clients.

I will be converting my site into WordPress in August and PageLine would greatly help me design an original look for it. I would also love to make free WordPress templates for indie video game developers.

On a side note, I’m glad to find out about PageLine. I’m always looking for some cool site to add to my Ultimate Indie Game Developers Resource List.

Lynda Jun 28 2012

I would benefit from this since I work on a number of family websites and have each family group have their own wordpress blog that feeds into one main site so having a way to combine them would be great. I have downloaded it on one of our sites and have been playing with it and love how simple it is! I can even explain to my mom how to use it.

Greg Thilmont Jun 28 2012

I could expand my business offerings.

Pamela Rodriguez Jun 28 2012

I’ve been an owner/operator of an online design and marketing agency for over 10 years. Lately, with the economy, it’s been harder to afford outsourcing development. I’m the sole employee and wear many hats, but I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed. Lately, I’ve been making a LOT of WordPress sites. I generally make custom themes and/or child themes for my clients. Every time I make one, I try to find the most efficient premium theme or framework, but feel like I’m re-inventing the wheel every time. A developer license to a highly functional and flexible framework would help me get more than 5 hours of sleep every night :)

Ömer Faruk AK Jun 28 2012

I’m a student and i give word to my girlfriend to make a unique design website, but i don’t know much css, javascript or other languages. So if you give this licence to me, i will be very happy. :)

Cheryl Jun 28 2012

Very interesting concept and the application appears to be very well-developed. Without a doubt, a license would be a tremendous help to a freelancer like me.

Ed Brown Jun 28 2012

I am a visual creative and PageLines would enable me to use my designs in a quick and un geeky fashion. You have done all the hard work and I do the funky designs for the world to see – and i will tell them that PageLines made it happen :) x

I have a big web site project coming soon and I’d like to try anything new!

Dee Williams Jun 28 2012

I would love the ease of building a custom wordpress site, since my wordpress skills are severely lacking!

Shaun Hoffmann Jun 28 2012

For two years now I have been professionally using the PageLines Framework to build web sites for clients both locally and abroad. I have been doing this alone with often little help in running the business and no help with the production. While Pagelines has made my production easier, my business side has suffered i.e.., client customer service, organization building, time blogging and teaching, and so on. Short, as the one-man-shop detail goes it has not worked for me. So, my reason for having 10 licenses would not necessarily be for my self but so that I may give the licenses to 10 local designers in Dallas that would join me in building the most productive, creative, life changing online marketing agency in the world-all done with the PageLines 2.2 Framework-because I am a nut and everything I do involve PageLines. Once I have the 10 relationships with other key visionary developers in Dallas, I am convinced the whole of my business would become a real organization. At one time, I believed my business would be awesome called!

Sneha Dobariya Jun 28 2012

As a freelancer, This is the best and very handy tool to built websites.

One of the best drag and drop framework help anyone to create website in few minutes.

Juan Mendoza Jun 28 2012

It seems to me PageLines looks fantastic! I would benefit from the PageLines Framework because it would let me build all sorts of high quality websites quickly and easily. And can have more time for fun!

I love to try this framework, and probably would use it to create my first site.

Mohsen Ghiasi Jun 29 2012

This is the answer: Is there an easier way to build a website?!

bngMONSTER Jun 29 2012

I will save a lot of money for a genius tool for building websites. Saved money will be spend in some of the great extensions.

Pagelines is also an amazing tool to develop new presentation ideas in front and with your client in a few clicks you can create sample sites and content and make life demonstrations, amazing!

Dario Bertoli Jun 29 2012

With Pagelines I’ll start create stunning websites, and I’ll step into a New job. Oh, I said i’m a plumber now…?

We build Facebook Fanpages for clients at this moment we use 3rdParty Apps. And for specific fanpages (Contest / sweeptakes) we we still do it in the furture. but for the normal pages we switch to pagelines.
With the layout editor , responsive design and so on it is rather easy to build these pages. The prices keep the same but we can reduce the costs. And so have the same or more profit without chanhing our prices.

At this moment we run a test with the light version and another framework. But is 4-0 for Pagelines.

Joshua Sean Jun 29 2012

Wont you light my candle…?
Trying to survive as a freelance web developer thru the night til the morning light to support my new spontaneous, and unstructured schedule to try & keep the day hours open for an audition that may become available at a moments notice more often than not (inspiring recording artist) a tool such as this license in my arsenal could really be the spark to brighten my path & chase the shawdows of constant deadlines back into the night and would maybe free up a few hours for myself to finally get a jump start on my own start-up projects that seem to gather a new layer of dust each passing eveining.

Anyway when its all said and done, aside of all the dramatizations it comes down to this. If I were one of the lucky choosen for this PageLine License it would really make a great differnce in the productivity I could achieve in a nights work, not to mention it couldnt possibly get more use time it shall in my possesion…BTW with Obama Care on the horizon this freelance/starving artisits needs to start saving up for the possibility of health scare fines to come while I continue to build web a presense for the local pet boutique’s of nyc, or the crazy extreme coupon ladys site 2 floors below me…lol…where’s Pdiddy when you need to “Make the Band”..?

Michalis Levitikos Jun 29 2012

i would like to give it a try! then i can tell you.. but i guess that both clients and developers benefits from premium code ;-)
Have a nice day everybody!

Jason Jun 29 2012

How would I not benefit from it?! :)

mehrad Jun 29 2012

Designed for companies Youtab. It would be a great opportunity :-D

Daryush Jun 29 2012

I’d like to get it, b/c I love wordpress and anything related to it…

Mahdi Ghiasi Jun 29 2012

I like to create some new wordpress themes and modifying existing theme of my blog!

I’d benefit by supplying my customers with awesome and very flexible WordPress Websites.

Elena Jun 29 2012

I have been trying other frameworks with major headaches. Would love to try Pagelines, hoping for a faster way to build WordPress websites.
Thank you!

Lucas Dechow Jun 29 2012

I would be able to create and manage my clients wordpress faster.
It brings new thoughts on the table in regards to workflow because it allows for fast efficient prototyping as well as production.
No need for a connecting link between the two processes. This is definietly the workflow i would love.

Keith Jun 29 2012

This would be a great platform to develop with WordPress.

Mezon Aroos Jun 29 2012

I have lots of ideas about the figure of my website, but not knowing how to write codes restricted me to design my favorite figures…I am eager to have it…

Mathan Jun 29 2012

I would be happy and use it for my personal website.

Agustin Jun 29 2012

PageLines Framework would give me more efficient and powerfull web designs.

Matthew Jun 29 2012

I would probably build a multisite installation and develop some video tutorials for how to use the system and provide that as a platform option for my clients.

I’d love to have another tool in my bag o’ tricks. As a developer for small businesses, artists, and non-profits, the less I need to pay for development tools, the better quality of websites I can provide for my clients.

ysm design Jun 29 2012

I want for make me to big & great man with Pagelines Frameworkkkkkkkkk.

Philippe Sauzier Jun 29 2012

Great framework to develop new ideas

Joelji Jun 29 2012

Im using the beginner approach to design develop the wordpress sites. Would like to take a next step by trying these kindof frameworks. Hope this would be a good start. Starting the trial of the demo. All the best guys

Hasmukh Jun 29 2012

It will make my life easier to build websites for my clients and less worrying about coding! :)

Joigie Jun 29 2012

Fast turn-around + Awesome Design = Happy Customer

khashayar Jun 29 2012

I would make new themes for any body who asks for free , also i would make free themes on the net!:D

Mari Jo Gib Jun 29 2012

I just signed up for the thirty day demo and this looks like a REAL time saver. I love developing sites on WordPress but stumbled upon your framework while surfing and I think it might just be the combination I have been looking for. Drag and Drop?? OH MY – show me the LOVE :)

Troy Tucker Jun 29 2012

As a design/development student, this would really help me in pushing out a bunch of quality work.

After reviewing the development videos, am interested in using the framework to re-launch our site as well as use the framework for client sites.

Thank you,

Rafael Ferro Jun 30 2012

Its a great tool, very usefeul tool for rapid develoment. I cross my fingers… I life in Cuba and its very hard form me paid for any service, many reasons… :(

WPMineworks Jun 30 2012

Yearning for an easier way to build good functional wp websites, I believe Pagelines has great features and can make it work for me.

I would love the ease of building a custom wordpress site, since my wordpress skills are severely lacking!

Hossein Rad Jun 30 2012

I have a big web site project coming soon and I’d like to try anything new!

Michael Jun 30 2012

Really nice Giveaway. I already use the free version of pagelines and i love it. Makes wordpress Blogs so much better. Especially when using mobile devices.

ehsan Jun 30 2012

it’s very good for a designer like me i hope to win

nasser Jun 30 2012

This is the largest and easiest way to develop
& And I want to create a great new site

and PageLines can do to help

TriedIt Jun 30 2012

I have a new site that I’m currently working on, but I just need the right tools to pull it all together.

Andy Keil Jun 30 2012

I’ve been building all my websites with static HTML or paying an outside developer to take care of any WordPress stuff. It would be a HUGE help to start cutting that cost and PageLines seems like it’s relatively easy to pick up and start using.


JF Garsula Jun 30 2012

I have a team of graphic web designers and most of my clients like PageLines framework because its easy for them to take control of their WordPress website. So I’m planning to offer PageLines to most of my clients if I have a developer’s license.

Adrienne gordon Jun 30 2012

would make setting up new websites a lot easier

Fadia Badrawi Jun 30 2012

Have been wanting to try it for some time but haven’t had the time within the given trial period! So I’ve been afraid to buy it in case I won’t know how to use it. Getting a license for free would be great!!

Roger Jun 30 2012

I was a former Joomla member and since I know that such powerful and beautiful wordpress framework exsists, I will never go back! :-)

I am quite sure that across all my websites I will use the pagelines framework.

mark hawkins Jun 30 2012

I use it, I sell it, I love it, I want to sell it more, love it more and expand it more.

cyrus Jun 30 2012

Very interesting. Live less-css and drag-n-drop in wp. Time for create something unseen, hilarous and creative.

Jay Chopra Jun 30 2012

This is an excellent giveaway. Excellent platform; we could use it.

Bixou Jun 30 2012

Thanks to this Framework, I could give a new ” face ” to my website :)

Thx a lot !

Durga Jun 30 2012

I currently working on developing a wordpress blog for an orphan-age school in Bangalore to get more visitors and attract more destitute from website visitors. This will be the right one to do it quickly

I hope this will help me win and benefit those who join the orphan-age and definitely not me !


Sangam Jun 30 2012

Recently learned to design wordpress themes, but the backend admin section is something I still didn’t learned completely yet.

Now as I know the theme development, I am planning to make some premium themes and freebies themes and with the addition of this awesome pageLines framework as my backend support, my themes might stand out from others in same niche.

Linda P Jul 01 2012

My sister and I have both lost our jobs. My sister exhausted her unemployment benefits. Her cable TV, landline and cell phone, and Internet service have been shut off. She is about to lose her electricity and is fighting eviction. I worry about her constantly. We have to make things happen for ourselves. We live on different coasts but we want to start a web design business so we don’t have to depend on anyone else to earn a living. (She gets Internet at Starbucks, trying to hide that she doesn’t buy anything.) We need a high-quality tool like PageLines to help us work efficiently.

Kat Skinner Jul 01 2012

Developing and designing websites for clients can be hard work. Pagelines can help greatly speed up the process, and more importantly make it a lot easier for my clients to manage their own sites!

Verious Smith III Jul 01 2012

The pagelines framework could provide the boost i need to take my clients sites to the next level.

Please pick me!

steff Jul 01 2012

if i were to win the PageLines Framework Developer license i would use it on the current project i am working these days:, which is going to be a fully responsive business portfolio theme for wordpress. i am currently using a free framework but i’m not very satisfied with the options i currently have…

namdar Jul 01 2012

I would benefit from the PageLines Framework Developer’s license because I can create awesome responsive websites!

Joell Lapitan Jul 01 2012

this would help me a lot on all my clients websites.. it would make my life as a developer much easier..

Gerry Jul 01 2012

With a Pagelines Framework developer licence I’d be able to streamline my design-to-delivery process and still make gorgeous WordPress websites!

I would like to try Pagelines, because it seems more flexible than other themes/frameworks on the market.

Karl Fitzgerald Jul 02 2012

This indeed sounds revolutionary and time saving.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Chris Jul 02 2012

I could speed up at least my next project which is already on track.

Jan Kazemier Jul 02 2012

I will use it for my personal website

Schlichte Jul 02 2012

i will make the World and Web a better Place using PageLines Framework for all my WordPress Sites.

Alex Cozma Jul 02 2012

I will gift it to a friend who told me about this site.

Fitryan Wisnu Jul 02 2012

I will use it to build a lot of freebies of WordPress website.

Hmm…how would I benefit if I were to be one of the lucky winners? You said it all in your article.. Websites made easier, better and quicker. And not to mention I could benefit from saving $397!

Edward Jul 03 2012

I always want to have a flexible website which I can design and layout by myself for my life and my business.Finally I find Pagelines gives all I want.It really helps my work with a Pagelines Framework developer licence .

Dee H Jul 03 2012

PagesLines Framework for WordPress would really streamline my work–especially the prototyping phases. This would be a dream come true. And hello Responsive Web Design, and decent mobile experiences!!

koikana Jul 03 2012

I’d use this to update my cast’s website!

Ankur Gupta Jul 03 2012

This tool will help me to design client websites quickly.

dani marie Jul 03 2012

i have been wanting to build a site for a while but i am terrible at coding. now i can have a professional looking website that does not look like a 5 year old made it.

Ali Shayesteh Jul 03 2012

I’ll use it to create awesome websites for my customers who would like to have a really user friendly website!

Giang Jul 03 2012

Pagelines framework is a good WP framework, I’m using it in some of my private project (the free one!), it would be really really if I could get a PageLines Framework Developer license ;)

Kepler Jul 03 2012

I can work even more efficiently

Justine white Jul 03 2012

I might get the website I’ve always wanted

carol y l Jul 03 2012

My husband could use this for our business since he has nothing like it at all. We would like to make our own site.

Sonia Jul 03 2012

The Pageline Framework would allow us to push out a greater number of high quality pro bono sites for local community initiatives and local startups. Our current barrier is time, and this would help increase productivity.

Me ayudaria mucho lo he visto y es genial

Editor’s note: This comment, as translated by Google Translate, is in Afrikaans and says:

I would help a lot I’ve seen and it’s great

robyn rainwater Jul 03 2012

I am starting a freelance venture after losing my job. This would be a tremendous blessing! Thanks!

Peter Jul 03 2012

This would help me to get my publishing and design business off the ground!

Dekin Jul 03 2012

I am a pure illustrator and graphic designer who is always looking for the best and easiest ways to publish my work online and design freelance sites for potential clients. This is perfect for me. I would be able drop my pay-per-month portfolio site with this. Would be awesome!

PageLines framework is a great tool for setting up themes and functionality. Especially allows users to easily create custom websites in mere seconds without programming knowledge.

Nick D. Jul 03 2012

I build websites at my work, but with this, it could make things go a lot faster, easier, and more organized.

Ruben Guzman Jul 03 2012

Definitely the best framework out there! I have been providing support for local churchs and non profits and this will help alleviate the need to purchase a license (if i am lucky enough to win one) and to provide better & easier to develop/manage and update the sites..Thanks!

The benefit I would get would be being able to rapidly prototype sites for my clients! PageLines looks awesome!

Oliver Nielsen Jul 03 2012

I’m always on the lookout for *the best way* to build delicious, fast and effective WordPress websites. Pagelines 2.2 seems very promising, so I’d really like to try working with it, testing its capabilities to the max!


my website needs a serious overhaul and this would be the perfect tool for it!

It would greatly increase my productivity, allowing me to work on a few more projects simultaneously.

Jakub Dubec Jul 03 2012

We are nonprofit organisation KONEKUTO from Czech republic providing wordpress services to partnering nonprofit.

For example, here is neonatology portal with more than 5k visitors per month. And whta is the goal? We use pagelines for it. Mommies love it. And i as an admin? Haha, one of the best administration backends and truly flexible frontend.

With this license, we can make happy thousands of people who will enjoy new nonprofit websites!

Jonathan Jul 03 2012

I would provide a more affordable solution for my nonprofit and church web clients!

Tracy Shorrock Jul 03 2012


I have recently used Bootstrap for a client’s static website and am feeling confident enough to start using responsive web design in WordPress.

A Developer Licence for the PageLines Framework would be just the thing to get me up and running. Its drag&drop design capabilities, myriad shortcodes, hooks, filters, and actions are bound to speed things up whilst still allowing me to build fantastic websites for my clients.

I have four WP sites ready and waiting to be built; winning this competition would be a lovely example of synchronicity at work.

I also need to update our blog, and could well be tempted into using Pagelines ;)



Stuart Conover Jul 03 2012

I do a lot of freelance web development on the side and have been looking to add more in to finish pay off wedding bills. This would allow me to streamline the process and ideally lower development time to allow me to increase the amount of clients I’m taking on.

Kevin Jul 03 2012

This would help me do a redesign I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I don’t have the time!

Bodei Jul 03 2012

I am a single man shop; small town developer. I work primarily with HTML5/CSS3, and have been wanting to bridge into WordPress. However, the start-up tools to make it easier as I learn to code are expensive. This would be the answer!

Stephen Jul 03 2012

I run a small non-profit, registered 501(c)3 in the US and Sourh African non-profit, who takes in abandoned babies in South Africa. My wife and I are it but have a good board to guide us. However, we are solely responsible for all technical aspects which includes our website. I also design sites in return for donations of baby formula, baby clothing and of course cash if it is available. I have been looking at Pagelines but cannot justify the cost. A developer license would help us with our site and would generate extra income for our humanitarian work in Africa.

PageLines will definitely help me produce professional looking websites, quickly.

I would use it to create a few websites for my local organisation of a political party. The framework will save me a lot of time better spent creating content & design.

david Jul 03 2012

You had me at “Twitter Bootstrap Integration”

Jonas Jul 03 2012

I would chance the Template of my site and the sites i have to administrate

If I won a license for Pagelines Framework, it would allow me to finally get my site idea up and running. Right now it is just me coding at nights when I have free time. This license would elevate my design and flow to the next level, and would also allow me to branch out and start developing for others. I have had a passion for web ideas and development since i was 14, I am 22 now. I hope I win this license so I can finally get everything in gear and get my passion out there even more.

april Jul 03 2012

I am currently a college student and want to learn as much about web development and design as i possibly can

Shawn Jul 03 2012

This would make my freelance work so much more streamlined. Thanks!

Angela Cash Jul 03 2012

I would benefit by being able to “work smarter, not harder.”

Linda Rogers Brown Jul 03 2012

As a breast cancer survivor for one year, I can’t believe the trauma I had to go through to get where I am today. I lost 3 friends this year and my mother, although still alive, does not know me anymore as of four weeks ago due to all the prescriptions she was given and now has brain damage. I formed a non profit to help others that are not educated on their medical options, financial options, emotional options and spiritual options. I have several people that want to help me in this endeavor as resources of their own services. I am starting to understand this program more and more each day. I would benefit from the PageLines Framework Developer’s license to help others who, like me, can not work for others and need to work from home, build their websites, while really building a beautiful one of my own that will explain our offerings to Create a Better life for those who right now can’t see any hope in sight. Hopefully, I will encourage them to learn and become developers themselves and earn an income to support their needs throughout their treatments. Praise God I am cancer free and can help others who are less fortunate as well as their families. Please consider me. I will multiply my efforts and help bring others to your service.

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