Giveaway: Omnistar Affiliate Software

Six Revisions has teamed up with the makers of Omnistar Affiliate Software.

For a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comments below: How would you use Omnistar Affiliate Software if you win?

This giveaway ends on June 27, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jun 21, 2011


Ashmita Jun 21 2011

I wish I win it to implement it in my own theme house.

Jens Lund Jun 21 2011

Whould make a ton of money!.. KISS!

Tomas Jun 21 2011

I’d use it in my upcoming project.

scott Jun 21 2011

would definitely try this, i’ve been looking at so many different campaign management programs lately

Jacob Jun 21 2011

I will use Omnistar to increase my revenue; having other users to promote my products and services.

Jason Jun 22 2011

I’m building a marketing portal for local businesses. We would set up the affiliate software on our server to manage/track inquiries for their products and services. If a sale is made from the inquiry, then we’d follow up and collect a percentage of the sale from them. So it’s kind of backwards in that we are the affiliate, but we are managing the affiliate program. I’ve looked into Omnistar in-depth and I think we can make it work.

Robert Hoppe Jun 22 2011

I wan’t to use omnistar for my xtcommerce shop Address-Base. We’re selling a lot of direct marketing stuff and need a better tool for our affiliates.

Mathan Vibranarayanan Jun 22 2011

Would be great if i won! Will use it for my clients projects

Steve Lownds Jun 24 2011

I run a series of successful price comparison websites in several different areas (video games, home furnishings).

I generally work with the large networks, but often I will approach a potential partner who would love to work with me, but doesn’t have the budget / know-how or time to with one of the established affiliate networks.

I found this site while I was researching technologies to allow me to work with these clients, and Omnistar looks ideal – I can launch it quickly, it has plenty of options, and from my point of view by leaving out the “middle man” it is better value for me and the merchants.

It will also be increasing the value of the CPA industry by introducing a new generation of merchant partners to affiliate marketing in a safe environment.

Mkhululi Jun 25 2011

Would nice if I won. Will make a world of good to my company…

Luis Garcia Diaz Jun 26 2011

I would french kiss the software :D

Derek Jensen Jun 27 2011

Create a system where our contributors each have an affiliate code that be used to promote their newsletter.

Chris Jun 27 2011

I’d use it to work out what affiliate management was (don’t know!) and see if I could make use of it!

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