Giveaway: WPZOOM WordPress Themes

Our friends at WPZOOM are back with a second giveaway after the success of their last giveaway. We’ve teamed up with them to hook up 10 lucky Six Revisions readers with a premium WordPress theme of their choice from WPZOOM’s wide selection of themes.

For a chance to win, simply answer this question in the comments: Which WPZOOM theme would you like to win?

This giveaway ends on  September 6, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Aug 30, 2011


Goran P Aug 30 2011

I would like to win BonPress theme :)

Ashmita Aug 30 2011

Great collection of themes. Difficult to pick one but still I would love to win onplay WordPress theme.

Juan Moreno Aug 30 2011

I would like to win your Prime theme

Vicky Aug 30 2011

Ooh, I am rather in love with Vimes :)

Ron Sly Aug 30 2011

I would really like to win the Vimes theme!

Nicola Pressi Aug 30 2011

I’d like to win the onPlay! …I need a good magazine theme

Friiitz Aug 30 2011

I really like VIMES! I’d like to win this one :)

TommyBlue Aug 30 2011

onPlay theme is great!

Sanni Aug 30 2011

onPlay – simply awesome


Michael Trang Aug 30 2011

Prime & EduPress – The layout seems most suitable for customization for a wide range of clients.

I’m really liking clean and simple lately, so I’d pick Vimes. Really like that one.

Hetal Aug 30 2011


Sulaeman Aug 30 2011

OMG, the Prime theme from WPZOOM is really awesome, i want it now!

Diana Aug 30 2011

I really like onplay

Maraj Aug 30 2011

I would really love to win the EduPress and/or Vimes theme!

Justin Aug 30 2011

I could really use the EduPress theme for an upcoming project I’m working on. Thanks for another great giveaway!

Love to win Vimes

Peiman Aug 30 2011

Zenko that’s the beautiful and simple yet powerful, I think.
I like to win it. :)

Nick Carter Aug 30 2011

I would like to win Vimes but they are all fantastic themes, looking through their website now!

Ariel Aug 30 2011

I love Vimes. I would revamp my site and use that instead. Thanks for the great giveaway.

I’m really liking graphix and polaris. I bought my first premium theme a couple weeks ago. Won’t go back. So much easier.

Vimes fingers crossed

I’ve been wanting the VIMES theme for a short while now, just can’t afford it.. I hope I win!

Paul Was Aug 30 2011

Nice themes. I especially like BonPress.

I want Prime, thank you.

Joigie Aug 30 2011

Impulse or Professional

Yi Wei Liao Aug 30 2011

I like the Vimes themes the most because it will be good to set as the portfolio website.

Vimes looks nice and clean. Would work great for my portfolio I think.

Robert Hoppe Aug 30 2011

edupress ;)

Catalina Aug 30 2011

I like Prime because it’s versatile and could be used for products and services. It’s a theme I could use without too much customization.

Darren Hood Aug 30 2011

I’d like to win Vimes. It’s clean, crisp, simple, and would serve as a great portfolio and blog theme.

Wesley W Aug 30 2011

I’d take that onPlay theme in a heartbeat! It looks perfect for an online live music blog/magazine I’m developing.

I’d love the onPlay theme, smooth and shiny

I would definitely use Prime ( to help launch my new product.

The design is crisp and would work perfectly.

vimes please!

Thomas Aug 30 2011

I would like to win “Vimes” :)

Dimitar Tsonev Aug 30 2011

“Telegraph” is my choice. However, if we should select only from the ones that are listed on this post, I’ll love to have “EduPress”.

Rahul Joshi Aug 30 2011

I really like the Vimes theme from WPZoom

Edison Leon Aug 30 2011

I’d prime theme, I think it just look so well done

Henry Silva Aug 30 2011

I’d like to win the Prime theme.

aijay Aug 30 2011

i love to have Polaris theme.thanks.

Raoul Aug 30 2011

I love Prime!

Gershom Charig Aug 30 2011

Vimes. Absolutely gorgeous

Carla Findley Aug 30 2011

(i love a clean and simple web layout!)

Shawn Aug 30 2011

I want to win the Prime theme!

Jon L Aug 30 2011

Which WPZOOM theme would you like to win? onPlay

Nick Plekhanov Aug 30 2011

Ah, these is great giveaway, Jacob!

Huge thanks on that.

What would i like to win? Hmm… DEFINITELY it’s going to be … VIMES

Hope i will win.

Ivan Zidarov Aug 30 2011

I’ll go with the onPlay!

Micah Aug 30 2011

Prime looks like a good theme.

Cliff Aug 30 2011

Prime. ;O)

Andrew Aug 30 2011

I would like to win Vimes theme

I’d like to win EduPress!

Tyler Aug 30 2011


Paul J Aug 30 2011

WPZOOM’s theme Vimes is the one I’d love to win.

Which WPZOOM theme would you like to win?
– I’d love to get my hands on the Magnet WPZOOM Theme! It’s a great clean theme that I think would really help out my upstart blogs look in a lot of ways! I could sure use a great starting point like the Magnet theme I’m not much of a designer but I can figure my way around code and having something like this to build from would be super helpful!

Looking forward to the winner announcement !!

Stfan Aug 30 2011

Hi, nice giveaway. I would like to win the Graphix theme.


anthony r Aug 30 2011

i’d absolutely love to win edupress. i have a private k-5 school’s website on the todo list and this would make my life livable once more!

I choose Telegraph

Mitch Pruitt Aug 30 2011

I would love to win the Vimes theme! It’s just so clean without sacrificing personality.

Mihla Aug 30 2011

Hard to choose, but I’d pick either Edupress or Hotelia. Great giveaway!


Veronica Aug 30 2011

I love the vimes theme!! :-)

Grady Aug 30 2011

I want VIMES.

Ruben Aug 30 2011

Vimes! It’s clean, simple and leaves room for negative space and big photos!

Andrew Margolin Aug 30 2011

I would use Vimes for a clean and easy framework for me to implement into client work.

Abdelhadi Touil Aug 30 2011

Thank you for this great giveaway! I like WPZOOM so much, and I’d like to win CadabraPress theme.
Thanks again and good luck!

Erwin Aug 30 2011

Love VIMES! So nice and clean….

Shawn Nicholson Aug 30 2011

I would love to win the Prime theme, and the Vime is my backup. Both are dynamic enough to use on a regular basis. Hope I win 1!! <3 Six Revisions!

Schalk Neethling Aug 30 2011

Which WPZOOM theme would you like to win? Vimes

I want to win the EduPress theme :-)

Markus Schober Aug 30 2011

Hey Hoh!
I would like to win the Prime Theme!

THX guys!!!

Andrea Aug 30 2011

I would love to have SportPress!!

Kathleen Krucoff Aug 30 2011

I’d love to win Vimes. Really like its clean look. Thanks!

ERPalmer Aug 30 2011

Hi! I will like to win the EDUPRESS WPZOOM Theme, very powerfull, simple to use and fully customizable. Good luck to all!

Amandi Aug 30 2011

Just one: onPlay… :)

Teodoru Adrian Bogdan Aug 30 2011

Vimes looks pretty great for a personal portfolio site and would definitely want to win it :D


I like to win “Photoblog” theme… And thanks for the opportunity.

lncognito Aug 30 2011


Nathan Chapman Aug 30 2011

I’d like to win Vimes. And it took me a couple of tries to write that, because I kept on writing “Vimeo”.

Joakim Aug 30 2011

I want Vimes!!!

Hope C. Aug 30 2011

I’d like to win the Vimes theme. very neat and clean.

April Aug 30 2011

I went to the wpzoom site and really liked the look of the vimes theme. I think it’d be perfect for updating my portfolio.

Agile Scout Aug 30 2011

oh im’ there! prime looks good for products!

marianney Aug 30 2011

I have been looking at SportPress for a while now and will buy it soon unless i win it! ;) Otherwise, i really like the modern vibe of Vimes.

Maninder Pal Singh Aug 30 2011

I would like to win the “onPlay” premium theme.

Bruce Aug 30 2011

onPlay would be my choice.

Michael Aug 30 2011

onPlay theme would help me out with my portfolio for sure!
I want it…

David Meikle Aug 30 2011

I’m loving the minimal feel to Vimes so out of the selection I guess I’d like to win that! :)

vimes is nice and simple.

Would love the Vimes them. It’s quite beautiful.

Justin Aug 30 2011

onPlay for sure. Would form the framework for my next personal project which is to showcase my portfolio.

Great selection of themes!


Keith Aug 30 2011

Would like to use Vimes.

I have a client that would be very interested in using EduPress, a great way to start selling to educational institutions…. Love your work and your marketing :-)


Vimes themes is great ! Simple and clean

Another vimes entry

Sanja C. Aug 30 2011

Vimes! so simple

Simon Aug 30 2011


Vimes… I’m in love.

Rebecca Aug 30 2011

Vimes please!

Venus Aug 30 2011

I would like to win onPlay!

L0nely^C0wboy Aug 30 2011

Thanks SR, if lucky i would like to win the EduPress theme :)

Marko Aug 30 2011


Would have to say that Prime is the best one.

Cyril Aug 30 2011

onPlay! very cool!

Matt Zimmermann Aug 30 2011

I would love to win the Vimes theme.

Very impressed with Vimes.

Hard to choose, their themes are excellent.. but, I would love to win Prime.

Chris Aug 30 2011

Awesome themes would love to win Telegraph.

Kader Aug 30 2011

Vimes very nice

Paul B-M Aug 30 2011

Vimes is my choice.

ArleyM Aug 30 2011

OoOOoooh. OnPlay.

Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave Aug 30 2011

All of them are wonderful–but Bizpress or Vimes would be wonderful for my business!

Josh Long Aug 30 2011

I’d like to win Vimes

Kartika Angkawijaya Aug 30 2011

The blue Prime or the sleek onPlay :)

Prime would be awesome for my business!

Andrew Aug 30 2011

A little Vimes on the side would be nice.

aitf311 Aug 30 2011

EduPress would be great!

Monie Aug 30 2011

I would kill just to get my hand on this theme: PRIME

Most of the features that I am looking for is in the theme:
– Featured Slider
– Multiple Layouts
– Custom Background Support
– SEO Options Section
– Custom Widgets & Features
– Custom Logo Input

and my very personal favorite,
– Automatic Image Resizing

Would love to win Vimes :D

John McDuffie Aug 30 2011

onPlay looks cool – consider this my comment – all future comments claiming to be this comment are imposters

Federico Aug 30 2011

I like to win “onplay” theme

Steph Aug 30 2011

The prime one will fit my need :)

EJ Frias Aug 30 2011

Would really love to have Vimes :) nice and simple

Alexandre Giesbrecht Aug 30 2011


Lucas del Río Aug 30 2011

I would like to win PRIME. I’m learning WordPress and I will need to create professional themes in the future, so it would be a great resource for me to learn from =)

MaxMonic Aug 30 2011

I love the Prime theme. Seems to suit one of my mobile phone blog.

I’d like to win bonPress.. lol

Karki Pramesh Aug 30 2011

prime seems to be best and edupress looks great for educational website

Dan R Aug 30 2011

Vimes would be AMAZING!

Rashmita Aug 30 2011

I like to win prime because it is perfect for any business website and also useful for any product or showcase or professional portfolio website. So i much like it

Dhaval Pathak Aug 31 2011

It’s all awesome and nice theme.
but i love onPlay theme & i win this.

Michel Aug 31 2011

Vimes is timeless light… pumpt up with a niche typo… cool

karan Aug 31 2011

i like to win ” Videozoom ” i love it, its perfect for my new project.

thanks for the giveaway.

Witoyo Aug 31 2011

I would like to win the Vimes theme.

egiova Aug 31 2011

Hard to pick one without thinking you’re missing something in the other side… Vime is very beautiful anyway, so I’ll be dreaming til the end that I have possibilities…:)

Vimes. because it’s awesome.

Michal Aug 31 2011

I like the Prime one, that would be my choice.

Krunal Bharatiya Aug 31 2011

I Want To Win Vimes WordPress Theme For My Portfolio

adam.p Aug 31 2011

Easy one: Vimes. Definitely.

karan Aug 31 2011

I would like to WIN – Prime or EduPress or Vimes.

All are very good and useful.

Luanigio Aug 31 2011

I’d like to win Prime!!!

Mikael Aug 31 2011

Vimes would be perfect!

Grandfather Aug 31 2011

Still not sure but seems like a good choice for my needs.

Lokesh Aug 31 2011


Lemmon Aug 31 2011

Wow. Do I have to choose just one theme? I am really impressed with few of them.

I love Artistica, Videozoom and Cadabrapress.

That is as little as I could choose, I just can’t pick one theme only ;)

Johan Aug 31 2011

I would love to win the Vimes themes, brilliant!

Sunit Aug 31 2011

I would like to win the Prime theme!

I would like to win Prime theme

Maikel Aug 31 2011

Definitely the videozoom! For an independent film-makers collective show-case I’m going to build!

Blazo Aug 31 2011

Fantastic themes collection! Hope to win this giveaway!

I’m so in love with Prime Theme from WPZOOM for my website.Thanks for the giveaway.


WPMineworks Aug 31 2011

Vimes or onPlay, these two standout for their layout and look. Would love to win any of these though.

Aditya Aug 31 2011


What an amazing theme! A masterpiece for sure!

Vicky G Aug 31 2011

Prime is cool.

Crazyhunk Aug 31 2011

Really like the ‘Vimes’ theme…
Thank you for the opportunity

Zevox Aug 31 2011

Great themes as ever !!! I’d like to win the Yamidoo theme :-)

Vicky Blease Aug 31 2011

EduPress Please! :)

SmartRedFox Aug 31 2011

Prime would be perfect for a new development I’m working on…

SportPress will be my choosing.

I’d like to win “Professional” for my dj page.

Schmiddy Aug 31 2011

Definitly the Vimes theme

David Aug 31 2011

EduPress please!
Another good competition, thank you! (and WPZoom!)

Peter Aug 31 2011

I would love Vimes :)

Grobbo Aug 31 2011

Vimes would be great :)

Angel Aug 31 2011

Will be great to win Vimes theme :)

Szabolcs Szakacs Aug 31 2011

Nice giveaway! I’d love to get the Yamidoo Pro WP theme which I think suits my needs the best.

Lucas Aug 31 2011

Woah ! I’m in !
Well… I’d like to win Vimes, because… it’s so Cool !

Jordix Aug 31 2011

Great collection of themes! Definitely, I love Vimes.

James Watts Aug 31 2011

A lot of love for vimes here! I prefer Magazinum however!

I’d like to win VIMES

I had been in contact with the templates from WPZoom. They are wonderful. I’m a fan of magazine style templates. I have no doubt. WP Theme OnPlay choose. Just a great magazine style.

junglejane Aug 31 2011

The VIMES theme is supersexy! Like, want! :-)

Harris Aug 31 2011

Prime and Business Bite are two of my favorite themes. Whichever I may win, I would be happy that I would replace my blog theme in instant.

Good luck to everyone. Great giveaway.

Massimiliano Marcon Aug 31 2011

I’m in for Vimes.

Erikson Aug 31 2011

I’d like to win onPlay theme. Thanks! :)

Willy ROZAN Aug 31 2011

OnPlay is the one i prefer.

onPlay would work for us, but they all are good!

Cool themes. I’d like Vimes.

Maxim Aug 31 2011

I’d like to win PhotoBlog

Lola Heavey Aug 31 2011

Love onPlay, beautiful.

george Aug 31 2011

i would like to win onplay theme, it so attractive.

Joel Emberson Aug 31 2011

Love the onPlay theme! :-)

Mark Anthony Cianfani Aug 31 2011

Bonpress! Ooooo so shiny!

Peter Joseph Aug 31 2011

I would love the vimes theme, it’s simple and that’s what gives it the potential.

I would definitely choose the Cadabra Press…that’s exactly what I need and want.

Thanks for the chance to win!!! These themes are great!

Andrew Roberts Aug 31 2011

I would love to win the Vimes theme!

Cheryl Aug 31 2011

Some very clean themes. Thanks, WPZOOM! I like Bizpress, Newsley, and Magnific – but to answer the question, probably Newsley.

Annie Aug 31 2011

I would LOVE TO WIN….Vimes Theme!! It would be awesome for my freelancing business and it’s just awesome!!!!

Lonnie Aug 31 2011

I’ve got to go with BonPress – very nice.

Dave W Aug 31 2011

Definitely Prime.

Ady G Aug 31 2011

For me the Magazinum and Vimes show two different tactics on presenting information to the user… I love the “complexity” of the Magazinum e-mag look, yet the clean crisp looks of Vimes makes me want to explore…

So… I’d love to win Vimes!

Noermanto Aug 31 2011

I pick onPlay theme since it suit for my upcoming project.

Photoria – definitely for photos. Love it!

Zebin A.P. Aug 31 2011

onPlay for me , though Graphix is also good

Simon Aug 31 2011

I love the Vimes theme

Mihai Aug 31 2011

My choices would be Prime or Vimes

Feelkarma Aug 31 2011

I want the Vimes one ;) all of the wpzooom are great, my site uses the free Photoria which is awesome for the price

Jackie Aug 31 2011

I like all the themes, but would like to win the Vimes theme.

stefano Aug 31 2011

Magazinum can fit for a lot of purpose

I would love to win Polaris.

Thank you!

Brenno Costa Aug 31 2011

Wow! I want Vimes, the best one!

thaads Aug 31 2011

SportPress would be delightful, but I like or OnPlay also.

wites Aug 31 2011

the vimes theme is the one i want!

Aimee Bucher Aug 31 2011

I would like to win Photoland.

Piotr Nalepa Aug 31 2011

I’d like to win Daily Headlines

Richard from Purplest Aug 31 2011

i heart VIMES!

katana Aug 31 2011

oh my god ! wpzoom theme ?! i love onPlay theme . this is cool :) i love it

pichgooshti Aug 31 2011

I love the CadabraPress theme

Amaiko Aug 31 2011

I would love win Vimes :)

Definitely Vimes. It’s perfect for a photographer. Thanks for the chance to win it!

pouya Aug 31 2011

onPlay is awesome !

just onPlay !

@Meela312 Aug 31 2011

I would use the OnPlay theme. If I score this upcoming gig, I can pay for my trip to Brazil :)

Mohsen Ghiasi Aug 31 2011

Yes… Manifesto!

VIMES for the win!

wpdestek Aug 31 2011

onPlay theme is awesome.

Daniel Aug 31 2011

VideoZoom theme = Marvelous explosion of join :D

tyrone Aug 31 2011

I like the sensor and vimes themes. Anyone would be nice to win.

I want to win Vime :))

Jared Hallal Aug 31 2011

I would love some Vimes.

Jason Aug 31 2011

Magazinum would be my choice.

Metin Aug 31 2011

Vimes looks delicious =)

Mihai Aug 31 2011

I would like to win the onPlay Theme.


Vimes would be perfect for an upcoming project I have!

kapsh Aug 31 2011

onPlay seems to be cool

Chaitanya.GK Aug 31 2011

Nice..giveaway. I would love to win technologic theme.

Bankole Sep 01 2011

Prime it is, the theme is ready for primetime!

WPSPY Sep 01 2011

I bet on Vimes

shpyo Sep 01 2011

I’d like to win BonPress. Clean and minimalistic :).

Victor Andrei Sep 01 2011

i like prime

arvin Sep 01 2011


I would like to onPlay!!!

I’d like to win “Prime” :-)

I also would like VIMES theme. It’s really great design.

I’d like to win EduPress


nemone Sep 01 2011

I love Vimes

Saeid Sep 01 2011

I would like to win sportPress theme!

Daniel Sep 01 2011

VideoZoom theme = Marvelous explosion of joy :P (P.S.: pardon my error in the previous comment)

abdullah Sep 01 2011

I really like onplay

mahdi amani Sep 01 2011

Yamidoo Magazine !! :)


I want Yamidoo PRO Magazine this time :)

emadiog Sep 01 2011

Prime is very awesome

John Macaskill Sep 01 2011

I would like to win the Gallery portfolio theme. It would go with my new upcoming portfolio website. This theme looks amazing and I would be proud to have it as the theme of my website.

alireza Sep 01 2011

I love Newsley

The Graphix theme is pretty slick… yesplease.

Giovanni Sep 01 2011

I would like to win a Vimes theme. please I started a blog, please help me!!! thank you guys.

Shannon Sep 01 2011

The Simple and Clean VIMES.

hasan Sep 01 2011

All of them are wonderful–but CadabraPress is very useful.

tirzad Sep 01 2011

Evertis is a good themes

Henrik Sep 01 2011

Sorry for double posting but my email address got wrong.

I would love to win the Vimes theme :)

rahbor Sep 01 2011


Charles Rawls Sep 01 2011

I’d love to win the Telegraph theme!

I would like to win Prime. Beautiful Work.

I’d like to win the Vimes theme

Steve Sep 01 2011

I’d love to have Polaris for my dad’s photography site!

Andrej Sep 01 2011


MHM5000 Sep 01 2011

I’m going to win onPlay…

Denise Sep 01 2011

Prime and OnPlay are both really nice!

Branon Sep 01 2011

I like vines.

Branon Sep 01 2011

I like vimes

Luis garcia Sep 01 2011

On Play Please

Richard Fleming Sep 01 2011

I like Professional. :)

afiq aiman Sep 01 2011

EduPress look nice!

Rahman N Sep 02 2011

i really like Telegraph :-s :X

I love “Vimes”, because it’s so clean.

Mr Jooker Sep 02 2011

just CadabraPress Wow


mehdi oladi Sep 02 2011


roohan Sep 02 2011

i want sportpress

I’d like to play with onPlay :) Thnx, great theme . . .

Emad G Sep 02 2011

I would like to win Magnific.

Would love to have “onPlay:

hamid reza Sep 02 2011


Hesam Sep 02 2011

i want to win this theme yamidoo magezine

mkitmedia Sep 02 2011

I like EduPress Theme.

tippi Sep 02 2011

I would like to win Vimes theme

mahsa Sep 02 2011

i want onplay

moortak ghorbani Sep 02 2011

i would like prime theme

is there any chance ?:D

eshghi Sep 02 2011

i like Daily Headlines

saeed Sep 02 2011

I would like to win Edupress theme :)

I love the minimalism of vimes

I woul really love to get EduPress. Thanks!

Mahdi Sep 02 2011

Magnific is awesome.

Coast32 Sep 02 2011

Vimes Please :)
Its Interface is Good-looking and Easy to navigate.

Cyrus Sep 02 2011

Cadabra Press please!!!!

Alexander Chapman Sep 02 2011

I would like to win the EduPress Theme :)


Alex. Chapman

I’d like to win the Zenko Magazine Theme. Thanks and good luck all.

Hey i’d really like to win Vimes theme. Wonderful giveaway though.

karenjak Sep 03 2011

i just want to test my luck ;)

i like Vimes

Keshav Saini Sep 03 2011

I would like to have edupress theme as I am developing an Environmental Education website and it will be useful to have an education theme to support the niche of my website.

Mojtaba Taheri Sep 03 2011

I would like to win “Vimes”. That’s exactly what I need for my portfolio website.

vasiauvi Sep 03 2011

onPlay looks good.

I like Magnific

I’d like to win Vimes! It’s great ;)

Without any second thought I would like to win Technologic Theme.. it is the best..

Neo Phyte Sep 03 2011

prime is nice

Simon Walker Sep 03 2011

Would love to win the Daily Headlines theme.
trying to rebrand our site and this is one of the nicest theme’s I’ve looked at.
Huge exposure for you team if we use your theme :)

I’d love to work with the Prime theme – looks pretty sweet!

Andre Sep 03 2011

I would like to win the Vimes theme :)

Jerry Lee Sep 03 2011

I like the edu-press theme, and have the perfect domain for it, it’s a domain to match up college students about to graduate and clients looking to save a little by hiring college students. It’s and I want to change it over to WP from Joomla.

Kevin Sep 03 2011

Yamidoo PRO Magazine

Zee Patel Sep 03 2011

EDUpress! I’m working on a project for the school I’m attending. Would definitely help, since I have no funding…

Elise Santana Sep 04 2011

I’d like to win the Prime theme to use for my portfolio.

Abdulaziz Sep 04 2011

I’d like to win Prime!

Abdulaziz Sep 04 2011


Filarono Sep 04 2011

Yamidoo Pro

Swami Trika Sep 04 2011

onPlay for us :)
Thanks for the offer…

ali wordpressi Sep 04 2011


Farid WN Sep 04 2011

Guess the onPlay theme will be a perfect match for my online magazine… :)

bibhaas Sep 04 2011

I simply love Prime theme. I wish i could get them all.

charu Sep 04 2011

it’s very difficult go get these beautiful themes on indian currency. giveaway will give chance to get them.

Love to win Vimes and Yamidoo PRO Magazine theme.

District Sep 04 2011

Prime FTW…

kingpin Sep 04 2011

I love Vimes Themes :)

I’m all for EduPress.

starz Sep 04 2011

Vimes is what I prefer, Thanks for the giveaway.

Prime Theme.

willdo Sep 04 2011


Savani Harsh Sep 05 2011

Their onplay theme is my favorite one. If I wins it, I will use it for my where I am using their videozoom theme.

compuciouss Sep 05 2011

prime is nice

Dipak Sep 05 2011

I like onplay WordPress theme

Johan Trrot Sep 05 2011

It’s awesome giveaway.
I win onPlay theme.

I am in love of Prime Theme!

Justin Sep 05 2011

I’d like to win Prime. Definitely could put it to good use.

WPHelp Sep 05 2011

They have excellent collection of themes + included the complete buy out from other theme house as well.

I like their ONPLAY theme much. Hope I win it.

tvardy Sep 05 2011

I like most of the themes. But I’d like to get Elegance, Business Bite, Prime, Impulse or Professional.


Prime for sure.

Anderson Costa Sep 05 2011

I want “Manifesto”! Perfect for my next project


sabin Sep 06 2011

prime is great

Scott Bowers Sep 06 2011

Vimes – hands down.

Peter B Sep 06 2011

I already use Photoria which is a great theme. I’d like to win the Photoland theme please. Thanks Peter.

Maggy Sep 06 2011

I like the Prime theme more than others. Would like to win this.

Melita Sep 06 2011

I would like to win the Photoria or Photoland theme to showcase my photography skills.

roohollah Sep 06 2011

I would like to win your Prime theme

Joelji Sep 06 2011

I like Photoria very much

I would like to win “ONPLAY” theme

Live Movie Sep 06 2011

Eagar to win ONPLAY WordPress theme

I’d like to win the “Photoland” Theme because it looks amazing and is perfect for a photographer.

Penny Sep 06 2011

I’d love to win the Sensor theme.

I want Prime theme, Thanks.

aazolia Sep 06 2011

edupress is good

erick Sep 06 2011

EduPress for some academic issues I would like to try.

Manoj Sep 06 2011

prime is lovely. I want that

Joe Jaramillo Sep 06 2011

i need vimes!

Felipe Vaz Sep 06 2011

I want the Vimes theme. P-p-p-please!

Ashish Sethi Sep 06 2011

i like vimes

I want Prime theme to be used on my business website.

Denis Sep 06 2011

Prime. Easily the best of all

Fazal Sep 06 2011

Both prime and vimes look beautiful.
But if i have to select one Prime is my choice.

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