Giveaway: P2H Service

This one’s going to be a treat for you web designers out there: P2H, the first PSD to HTML conversion service provider, has decided to provide up to three pages of their Hi-End Package markup, valued at $450.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment stating how this service can help you and your desire for your project to be featured on a Six Revisions article.

This giveaway ends on October 13, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Oct 6, 2010


WPThemeInfo Oct 06 2010

It would be very nice to have HTML5 coding service as this is the future of the web. and every one has to begin with it at some point of time.

Manuel Dhont Oct 06 2010

This would be great for me, because I’m a starting freelance webdesigner and this would be a great opportunity to learn more about converting PSD > HTML for my services. There are some nice features included, were I can learn alot from for my futher projects.
And maybe when I win I can advertise my portfolio/website on SixRevisions, wich would be a great start for me.

Mario Awad Oct 06 2010

This service is just on time as I’m gonna soon need to convert a PSD design to DotNetNuke layout format. If P2H handles the PSD to HTML conversion, that’s 95% of the work done. Featuring my project on Six Revisions, yes please :D Good luck to all.

Paul Sanduleac Oct 06 2010

This will help me learn conversion from psd->html even better. I have a designed psd and I already started the conversion, but I’m stuck at some of the details. Thanks.

Thomas Offinga Oct 06 2010

I think this service would help me convert some of the harder designs I produce, of which I’m currently unsure how they would translate to HTML. Also, I love learning from other people’s HTML and structural solutions.

PetrS Oct 06 2010

I have never used such service so it would be definitely nice to give it a try.

Anthony Oct 06 2010

I am an up and coming web / graphic design with a little dev in me. This would help me learn web design and try new services that may help to speed up my work flow. :)

MethodicJon Oct 06 2010

It would be great to have a design taken from PSD to clean compliant html for me, instead of me having to do it myself. Time is money. This would save me some time.

Shane C Oct 06 2010

I have seen services like this before but have never had the motivation because of time to follow up. A PSD to XHTML service would be extremely beneficial to me as I am a designer and marking up a layout can often take away from the time I can dedicate to the visuals of a web site. I would love to feature my design for a personal portfolio on Six Revisions.

kilinkis Oct 06 2010

id like to try this service. i have a few projects started that can be used with this giveaway

idagency Oct 06 2010


That’s a great news, I love P2H and have a webdesign to slice… Would be very nice to win !

Giuseppe Oct 06 2010

It would be nice to try it to reduce cost of work but with same quality.

jonathan Oct 06 2010

We are bootstrapping a little project and we need help on the integration part. I would love to have our project feature on SixRevisions so we can have great feedback about it!

Mike Malphurs Oct 06 2010

This service is both a fantastic and valuable resource because it provides me with more time to do the two things I do best:
– Design, design, design
– Focusing on my clients and earning more of them!

Pranjal Oct 06 2010

With the help of this tool, i can implement new ideas quickly without worrying about the time and hassles involved in re-coding the XHTML page. Also, that means i have more time to work on the design, rather than the implementation. This would increase my productivity by a great deal.

Rommel Borras Oct 06 2010

I’m trying to get my art out to the public for everyone to see. Hopefully to add some inspiration to fellow artists.

Jeff M. Oct 06 2010

This is an interesting prize; I typically markup my own sites but this could come in handy if I am in a time crunch. It may also help me to be less hesitant do a favor for a friend. Seems like a pretty awesome prize!

Matteo Oct 06 2010

I’d really like to draw an “extreme” design and see how it can be well coded. ciao!

Assaf Oct 06 2010

cool! I always wondered what kind of page is created by those conversions :)

Eric C Oct 06 2010

I have several projects that need xhtml/css markup services plus integration of a cms. I’ve gone from blank canvas to xhtml/css to theme to live WP/Drupal/Joomla site myself but no longer have the time and am constantly looking for reliable providers to assist. I’d love to run this service through its paces and see how many iterations it takes to get a standards compliant, cross browser compatible, accessible and fast loading markup built out :)

Kristy Ewing Oct 06 2010

Since the winner will be randomly selected I imagine no amount of pleading (please, please, pretty please), or begging (oh kind sir, please have mercy on a wee designer) will make a difference. Will it?

Nick Plekhanov Oct 06 2010

It would be great to have a design taken from PSD to clean compliant html for me, instead of me having to do it myself. Time is money. This will help me also learn conversion from psd->html even better.

Hope to win!

Wayne Jones Jnr Oct 06 2010

I was just awarded an Entrepreneur Award for graduating university students in Jamaica. I excelled because of an excellent written business plan with sound ideas. The start up is a Web Development/ Web Presence company.

At the company, I am in charge of designing websites. This software would definitely help my start up to get off the ground by assisting me with converting my projects from PSD which I’m more familiar with, to HTML.


marko Oct 06 2010

i deserve this :)

Ansel Santosa Oct 06 2010

I’ve seen this service before but have been too skeptical to try it out. I’d love to be proven wrong.

Robert Hoppe Oct 06 2010

I’m running at the moment too many project. So it could save my life!

Jennifer R Oct 06 2010

I think it could help me to develop more website for my students

Stephen Chiu Oct 06 2010

I have never used a service like this before. I think it is too expensive to just try it out but a free giveaway like this is perfect

twice Oct 06 2010

We’re looking for a partner who could do this for us. Earlier experiences weren’t all that great, so we would like to try again.

Tomas Oct 06 2010

I’m preparing for new design project and this service would help me a lot!

Nate S. Oct 06 2010

This would be perfect for me. I don’t have the time or knowledge to do the conversion on my own.

Blaine Oct 06 2010

I’m in the process of redesigning my website. I’ve used other conversion service providers in the past with positive experiences. This would be an excellent opportunity to see how P2H compares.

Dan M. Oct 06 2010

Would love to try this service. Have a couple projects in waiting to be converted …

Rahul Arora Oct 06 2010

Nice concept and great gift!

Would love this as it would reduce the amount of time from project thought to actual launch.

Would be a great kick start for my project to create a new life working for myself.

I would really be into using this, they have a great site and service.

Steve Robillard Oct 06 2010

We are launching a new consultancy, and I am the tech guy this would be a big help in two ways. First I could work on writing blog posts etc. rather than coding the design, and second the article would help publicizing our site and services.

embro Oct 06 2010

Have made good experiences with services like this. Maybee I’ll give it a go.

Craig McCaskill Oct 06 2010

I’d love to win this, the hours it would save me coding would be like a mini holiday!
The exposure would be nice, also. :)

Gouri Shankar Oct 06 2010

I like the service. Due to sixrevisions, I may have chance to use their service. :)

This will be fantastic. I always wanted to try professional company to do hard work for me. Also, my NGO need a new website. I will make PSD and this will be fantastic win if somebody shorten my development time… You can expect good review from me :)

Best regards from Serbia :)

Thanos Oct 06 2010

Wireframe Plus is a new Wireframe to PSD service. We convert Wireframes to Designs. We also slice our designs too, but our special thing is design and to avoid overload and keep our minds clear, we’re looking for trusted partners to outsource our PSD’s. We definitely would love to be featured on Six Revisions and also get a chance to try P2H slicing services!


This is just what I have been looking for. Oh, how I want to win this one :)

Would love to launch my redesigned portfolio with P2H…

Roderick Frizzelle Oct 06 2010

I am creating a company that does web development for small minority businesses in my area… I am beginning to work with my graphic designer to create an amazing website for my firm…. A gift such as this would really help in getting my product to market and give me the much needed time to continue building apps for small businesses (RoR my weapon of choice)… Thanks for the opportunity guys!!!!

Kenson Martz Oct 06 2010

This service could help turn my psd cs5 files into compatible websites, for my clients, i am new to web design, so for me it would be slow at first, but the more use of this the better designer i can be, i would still look at the code generated, but this would make my clients happier, because the websites will be done faster. I believe this will help me with my slowly extending web design.

This would be a great way to demo this service! Looking forward to trying it out if I’m the lucky fella.

Robby Oct 06 2010

It would be nice if I won this giveaway, and that would be my first giveaway of mylife :)

Erik Rogers Oct 06 2010

Hey there!

P2H’s service could help me by getting one of my personal projects out of the “concept shed” and onto the internets.
I’ve been so busy developing my latest Client’s site, and my personal web design portfolio, that I haven’t had time to devote to developing my own sites!

..and of course, the feature would bring a nice amount of traffic to the project that you convert and, hopefully, my personal portfolio (the portfolio will definitely need some back links!)


Austin Oct 06 2010

Cool. Would be both great to use and a great way to learn.

John Sanabria Oct 06 2010

This is a really helpful service for designers who don’t have the time or knowledge to code their designs and they get a top-notch product. I’m definitely recommending this!

Nur Robby Oct 06 2010

An awesome prize! If I won this one, it would be the first giveaway for me. Crossing finger

Lauryn Oct 06 2010

This is a great service! I am a graphic designer that codes a little for websites – but not well. I would love to be able to team up with a company I could send my psd designs to, to have them develop a web template for me. This would be a perfect opportunity to “test out” and see how their services are :)

This service would help me because im trying to learn Ruby on Rails and I dont have time to code mockups for work :)

Oscar Brown Oct 07 2010

I would love to use this service for my personal website. I spend hours converting my PSDs to HTML for my clients which is a huge reason why I haven’t had time to get my personal website up and running!

Sergei Tatarinov Oct 07 2010

I have a complex design that needs to be coded and turned into a WP theme, which I am still not very good at. I’ve been waiting for almost 4 months already, but still can’t find spare $500 to order such service. Winning in this giveaway would help me start my project.


I just work on a new design that I have to finish until December. It would be just great to get this professional support in order to get something very great and, last but of course not least, very clean! That would be an amazing assett. Hope so much to get that.

Orlando Web Design Oct 07 2010

I never use this service. But,Now by reading this post i think should try this service for my future projects.

Johnboy Oct 07 2010

This would help me as I have to do a lot of this work in my job as a developer, so I could hand-off my work to them for an afternoon and go to the pub.

Megan Oct 07 2010

This service could help me greatly, being a designer its difficult to continue to develop your own sites, services like this are extremely helpful in order to keep the design the focus.

Alloysius Oct 07 2010

I really need this to meet deadlines @ work

Peter Cuce Oct 07 2010

Over the last three years I’ve been working on a web guide to NYC cafe culture (, but it got delayed several times. First my designer quit. After a while I found someone new. The new person took me in a whole new direction that I loved, but after designing my splash page, she quit. I kind of gave up for a while, but then almost a year later she said she could work on it again. We’ve been going mostly full steam ahead since then, but there have been many delays. During that time I’ve had a couple of different jobs but got laid off from the most recent one over six months ago. Now I’m freelancing and looking for work. And most excitingly, we’ve made the final cut on the design for the cafe web guide. I was planning to use P2H, because I was so happy with their work for a project on my last job. I’d love to have a 3-page credit for the 10 or so pages I plan to submit to them in the near future.

Zangi Miti Oct 07 2010

This is what I need!!! I run a small firm…which means that I am the designer, accountant, sales dept., admin…I do it all. While the Adobe design tools are great, they do not take time into consideration. I have been planning to purchase P2H for some time now but I have not been able to fit it in the budget. Because it takes me longer to finish projects, I have to take on fewer clients. P2H will give me the ability to complete projects quickly without compromising the quality or integrity of the work. It just might be what takes my firm from being a “just making it” business to being successful! P2H just may be the messiah sent to save thousands of web designers like myself!!

Aaron Oct 07 2010

This service is awesome! This would help me in my work with a student organization on campus, by getting new site designs up quicker! As we are looking at Joomla to streamline our site content this would drastically shorten the development time.

Alison Rowan - Avian Function Oct 07 2010

This would give me the opportunity to finally get my portfolio site up and running! The design has been awaiting coding for far too long. :) I’d love to share my experience with Six Revisions–I’m very much interested in seeing how the experience would be, myself, regardless of the winner. Good luck to everyone!

Roope Palomäki Oct 08 2010

This kind of a service could easily drop the amount of work I have to do to cope with all the projects I’m buried into right now!

This will totally “upgrade” me.

Shane Oct 08 2010

This service will allow me to spend more time on the design work that I love to do and almost no time on the code work that I don’t love to do…

Anthony Fisher Oct 09 2010

I am looking for a company that I can send web projects too. My focus is primarily conceptual design and layout but to have a company like PSD2HTML would be an added value to the services I currently offer. I have a good amount of web projects every year that I would like to get completed in a quick and professional manner.

As a graphic/web designer for 14 years I’ve built my businesses by developing an effective personal brand. Although I don’t seek attention, to be featured on a Six Revisions post would be considered an honor.

WDBangladesh Oct 09 2010

I have a complex design that needs to be coded and turned into a WP theme, which I am still not very good at. I’ve been waiting for almost 4 months already, but still can’t find spare $500 to order such service. Winning in this giveaway would help me start my project.

saurav Oct 09 2010

This is just what i am looking to :)
I am starting a technology blog and have a PSD file which needs conversion into xhtml/css and this couldnt have come in a better time.Winning this would be great.
I havent featured much of my work on the internet(As i work client only) but would like to start it with Sixrevisions..

Swat Chap Oct 09 2010

Thanks for this giveaway! I hope I win. P2H looks good.

keithernet Oct 09 2010

I’ve never been a pure designer. I just can’t seem to gather all the skills to turn my concepts into real XHTML and CSS. It is really frustrating. A great company like this not only provides an incredible service, but it also gives me a master class in XHTML and CSS.

ev149 Oct 10 2010

I love designing things, but coding is a hassle. Having someone do it for me would make things much easier, and give me more time to focus on design without worrying about development.

Jahangir Oct 10 2010

I think I found this giveaway contest on a right time because I already have re-designed one of my site and because of no money (at the moment) I cannot get my site coded from PSD to wordpress. If I win this contest it would be awesome :)

Sean Crater Oct 11 2010

My assumption is this is close to the typical PSD to HTML service except from what ive heard they are much faster than the average. Id probably use this service to save me from taking time out of work to put my site together in HTML/CSS.

Kyle Houston Oct 11 2010

This would be nice, hope I win :)

I have a few designs that I just dont have time to code so this would be perfect for me right now, I’d love to share it and see it featured on a Six Revisions post !

Alberto Oct 11 2010

I’m 15 and I build my italian blog, I can convert all designs to HTML but I would like to win to see what PSD to HTML can do and to learn from they.

Aaron Oct 11 2010

Perhaps its just me, but from where I’m sitting it seems that whilst that this service can (and probably will) prove itself invaluable for hardcore designers who, after some brief deigning, say, packaging for a clients product and a company rebrand, are then asked whether they can also create a website in the same vein, then *yes* this service would be like an angel on their shoulders.

However — and it is a big however — if you make a living as web designer/developer but you don’t like getting your hands ‘dirty’ in a little bit of code then you’ve really got to think twice about calling yourself a web designer; its like saying “I’m a roofer, but I don’t like going up ladders”.

The two are, inexorably, intertwined and I believe that to be a web designer you should have some fundemental understanding of how websites are actually built. In doing so, you will not only a) become a better designer but b) consider how your designs will translate into functional and easy-to-use websites.

Again, I must stress that I am by no means trying to devalue the P2H service, but I am saying that for those who are looking to use it as an easy way to just do the designing, even if you ‘don’t have the time’, *make* the time and learn more about the flip-side of websites.

Always remember: design is the form, which is the slave of function; the best designs are undoubtedly functional.

I came to this post through that little known search engine called Google, which itself is by no means a feast for the eye nor a statement of the Power of Photoshop, however it does quite succinctly support my point: great graphic design and awesome visuals are an essential part of *all* websites; ease-of-use and great functionality beat visuals *any* day of the week.

Hannah Oct 12 2010

It would be awesome to win this prize, as I’ve just moved from Australia to the UK and need to publish and promote my graphic design portfolio online! fingers crossed :D

KostasNi Oct 12 2010

I wouldn’t mind trying them out since I’ve never used their services before.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Harvey Oct 13 2010

I’ve heard great things about them. No first hand experiences though. Would love to try them out & give it a shot with some freelance work. Thanks for the giveaway.

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