Giveaway: PSD2HTML Services

We have teamed up with PSD2HTML to give out awesome prizes to two Six Revisions readers.

The first prize is $400 worth of services and three free pages of design to mobile template conversion. The second prize is $300 worth of services and three free pages of design to mobile template conversion.

For a chance to win, simply answer this question in the comments: If you won, how would you use the PSD2HTML conversion service?

This giveaway ends on December 23, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Dec 16, 2011


Laura Dec 16 2011

How would I use PSD2HTML to my advantage?

Well I would probably use the services to save time on a project.

There are times where I’ve found I’ve taken on to much, and so unfortunately sometimes deadlines are missed.

I believe if I used PSD2HTML services, I could save a lot of time, and use that time to work on other projects.

Phil Stringfellow Dec 16 2011

Great giveaway! I’d use the conversion to code up another theme that I would use to raise money for charity like my previous theme, Boulevard

giantJELLYFISH Dec 16 2011

PSD2HTML will get my design exactly to HTML! Something I can do but would take me about 5x as long!

WPThemeInfo Dec 16 2011

This can help me get my portfolio.

Mario Awad Dec 16 2011

Great one. I’d use it to code one of the upcoming web projects we’re responsible for.

janice Dec 16 2011

I would use PSD2HTML on one personal project which i’ve been working on for quite a few months. It requires some tweaks to existing markup and could do with a decent looking mobile version.
Some professional assistance would help this project move a little quicker:-)

Thanks for the giveaway.

David Rydgren Dec 16 2011

Awsome! I would use it to markup my new website about thrillers/detective novelles movies and more.

Tamas Dec 16 2011

To upgrade my personal project.

Ryan K. Dec 16 2011

If I won, I would utilize the PSD2HTML service to increase efficiency with my small freelance design business. Since I am only working by myself– I have to do everything. I spend a great deal of time on the actual design process, then I am faced with implementing the design into a functional website.

I’ve never used a service such as PSD2HTML, but if I got to experience the service firsthand, I think it would really help me save massive amounts of time and would be something I’d continue to use to help expand my business.

the wicked noodle Dec 16 2011

There are so many ways I could use their services I can’t even count them all! I’d LOVE to have a really cool newsletter designed; I’ve been struggling with that and have almost given up. Helping me do a fun redesign for my site would also be amazing!

I’d use it to have my 3 templates my designer just made turned into html! Something that my clients have been waiting for

Oh my. If I happened to win, this would go straight towards a web idea that I’d love to try out. I’m so bad at PSD to HTML and this would be a great opportunity to observe the pros at work!

Awesome giveaway!

I would use them to save myself time, when designing sites I always start in photoshop then code after. this will have me time since my volume of work as increased.

I am about to build a new site and using a service like this would greatly speed up the time to going live.

jamie g Dec 16 2011

I would use it to FINALLY build my company’s website!
I’ts been a little over 2 years since I opened my doors and I have not yet had the time to devote to getting the website done… I’ve got to get this business to the next level and I can’t do that without a website.

Adrian Dec 16 2011

I would use the service for my portfolio website, i have a nice idee but i’m more in the design field and not too much coding, but definetly i will use the service for my own personal portfolio page. A designer should always have a custom made webpage that defines that specific designer. Thank you and good luck to everybody.

Gail Dela Cruz - Villanueva Dec 16 2011

If I win, I’d definitely use the PSD2HTML conversion service for one of my personal projects: a community-driven website that would help fellow pet owners find pet-friendly places in our country. Because of my busy schedule, I’ve only been able to work on this site every weekends (I’m usually too tired after work during weekdays). A service like this will definitely help in launching the site sooner.

Ivan Zidarov Dec 16 2011

I just want to see how great they are in their work. I try to apply there but to no avail. If they are that good, I will give them my new design of my online store to code it.

Francis Dec 16 2011

Wow I really need this service now =P

I am strating to design website and this will help me convert my design that I have created in PSD to HTML. This will save me time to create the html pages

I will use with all the abilities that I have to continue to
be the best

Veron Dec 16 2011

Awesome prizes! I’d make full use of the service to code WordPress themes and HTML, so that I can focus on what I do best – design.

Andrew Neufeld Dec 16 2011

I’d use it to build a mobile version of my site, and our NPO site to enable people to find us and contact us easier to receive services that they need at a reasonable price. Our aim to provide counselling services to people who can’t afford it but one of our main problems is getting the information out that we exist.

Jeff Heiserman Dec 16 2011

I’m planning the launch of a new web design business that offers steeply discounted web design services to churches and other NPO’s. The focus is not on me making money, but on helping these NPO’s get their message out. If I won, I would be able to focus on the UI and design of my new WordPress theme, and not have to worry about coding it out. By freeing up my time in this manner, I will also be able to focus on helping said churches and NPO’s.

Adam Smith Dec 16 2011

Well, my little design agency uses this sort of service all the time. When the timing is too tight for us to program in-house and meet the deadline, we will send it off to a programmer. We also are somewhat new to mobile programming, so we’d love to see how PSD2HTML converts our photoshop designs into a responsive mobile website. Thanks! -Adam

I would use it the same way I currently use it and love it, but for Free!

Scott Fields Dec 16 2011

If you won, how would you use the PSD2HTML conversion service?

Well, I’m one of those old school guys that has been a print designer for a very long time. I’ve dabbled in web design/web work, but I’m not very proficient at it.

I’ve been in business for myself for 7 years and have been successful up until this economy hit.

I’ve desperately need a website (I’ve got a page holder up at the moment), and I’ve got a load of ideas for it, but just don’t have the know how.

So, long story short, I would use PSD2HTML to build my first official website and hopefully start using these guys for future projects.


Peter Dec 16 2011

redesign my website :)

Joseph Dec 16 2011

I would hand them a crafted PSD in order to get the HTML + CSS code to generate revenue from it :)

I would use it in webdesign projects. As a newcomer in the industry, I’m interested in every new possibility to save time, sweat and tears. And you know, how hard it is trying to convenience your skills for customers. This seems to be kind of solution for making things a bit easier. Thank you for that!!

Benoit Dion Dec 16 2011

…I would use it in a real production of a website to see if I can use there services on a regular base…

Veronica Dec 16 2011

I would use it to convert a PSD from a client and get my site coded faster :-)

Victor Dec 16 2011

If you won, how would you use the PSD2HTML conversion service?

I would use the coding on my own designed donation website called “The quest to lighten Africa” which is a donation service for the cause aiding Africans with electricity.

This is a mix of a volunteer job & a Creative Task for my application at Hyper Island. The objective of the Creative Task is just to create the design. But it would be nice to present it with a real website. I’ve already contacted many donation organisations and they’re interested in taking over the website after i’ve shown it to the school in February.

Scelza Dec 16 2011

I would use it for a few client sites I’m working on. It sure would reduce design time, and although I enjoy that process, I know P2H does amazing work very, very quickly.

Joigie Dec 16 2011

Sweet! I would use this service to expedite the conversion process of a project I am currently drafting in PS. Mobile device compatibility is a definite bonus.

I would use it for my portfolio website.

Amaiko Dec 16 2011

I have PSD file for eStore theme and I need it in WordPress. It’s complex so I think P2H is the best for the job and would be better if that was free :)

Daniel Dec 17 2011

If I were to win, I would use this for my next project and see if it was a viable option for future clients.

globus Dec 17 2011

how would i use the PSD2HTML conversion service?

I would use the service for one of my website clients project to convert PSD2HTML pages.

Wow! Great Contest, if I win! definitely I would like to use for my project.

Elvis Mariano Dec 17 2011

Wow… I always miss this kind of givaways :(

I would use PSD2HTML to some Pro Bono works. Last year I was working a lot on that helping some friends and some startups, but now I son0t have the time. So I would save time with that.

Enaik Dec 17 2011

Use the service to code some designs that I have, that have not been coded yet. Save the code brain and use it on some other project.

Jayant Agarwalla Dec 17 2011

If I won I would use PSD2HTML services for a complete overhaul of my website, It’s a pretty simple website and our new design is based on new design standards. PSD2HTML would make the process of transition so much smoother and easier as I don’t have access to talented developers on Freelance websites!

web design mansfield Dec 17 2011

Great! PSD2HTML will definitely help us in saving a lot of time.

Belal Dec 17 2011

well i have tons of designs but there is one design that i would like to get it done professionaly! so i hope that i win :)

David Dec 17 2011

Ok – I’m ready to save some time! Pick me! Pick me! ;-)

Imran Dec 17 2011

I have just purchased a new domain of my name, I need a website designed for it. If I win I will use this amazing offer to get a beautiful website created for my personal domain.

Jason Dec 17 2011

I used this service in the past and was amazed by the speed and quality of the service! As a freelancer it’s neccessary to react quick and be versatile, and so this service offers a priceless tool for me to fulfill the client’s needs!

I will use these services for my clients!

sheena Dec 17 2011

Nice offer jacob and great timing, as I’d love to use their services to outsource the development of a local charity fundraising website project I’m currently working on (for Cystic Fibrosis). PSD2HTML coding skills are solid so I know they’ll do a great job on it!

Thanks and count me in :)

AUDIOMIND Dec 17 2011

Perhaps winning would spur me to redesign my entire website in photoshop and thus make wordpress the primary engine running my entire website, not just the blog. So winning would bring inspiration. ;)

Woot! Great give-a-way. I’d use the conversion services to help with workloads and important deadlines!

InSight Dec 17 2011

I’ve never used a psd/html conversion service — always done my own coding — but I’d like to try them out on a reworking of my own web site before trusting them to help on a client job.

Jay Chopra Dec 17 2011

What an idea for give away. I could this service. Thanks for considering me.

Really need some help in styling our mobile app. Thanks.

I’d have them build me a beautiful wordpress blog. If it went well, it could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership!

Goran P Dec 18 2011

If I won I would use it to work on my web projects. Thanx :)

designerd Dec 18 2011

Wow this would be a great way to start my project

Kamal Dec 18 2011

This was great!!!
I will use this for slicing my new website and edm :)

We are a startup on a shoestring, and this service will fill a huge gap for us and answer a grave need for both our site and mobile apps.

thanks in advance!

William Dec 18 2011

Our 501c3 humanitarian nonprofit organization would complete our site’s overhaul.

We’ve drafted statements, outlined, card sorted, paper prototyped and tested. We have an interesting vision for the site we need for our donors, events, staff and members. We would really appreciate this award very much. Thank you!

I would use it to get some work off my hands and to have a proper holidays for once.

Dan B Dec 18 2011

PSD2HTML would be a great service for doing a refresh of a site I now manage that has gone two years since the code was last systematically updated. It’s time to move from XHTML to HTML5 and from CSS 2.1 to CSS 3. I’ll supply screenshots and graphics and voila — 48 hours later a fresh code base to build upon and tweak as needed. Clean code, best practices, and quick turnaround… good stuff.

Weblusive Dec 18 2011

In case if I become the lucky winner of this awesome competiotion, I’d definitely use the conversion service for my latest theme to be released soon on one of the more popular marketplaces.

I would use this service to save time on image slicing but it would also be useful to see the source code and understand how to optimise for mobile devices.

Scott Dec 18 2011

I’d use it to finally get my personal webpage up and running leaving me more time for the ukulele. :-)

Melanie Richards Dec 19 2011

I’ve known about PSD2HTML for the longest time and been meaning to use them. I have sub-contractors coding client projects, but would love to try their service and see how it compares. I have many personal projects coming up in the future which are startups and their service could be perfect for these.

soulmenj Dec 19 2011

if ever i won on this contest. i will use their service in some of my projects :)

Dominik Dec 19 2011

I would like to present my “boss” :)
I’m working besides my study of media informatics for the website philomelos (see my link), a music collaborating platform (and more) yet in alpha state… and yes, we are a bit behind our milestoneplan. But Because I love the idea of the project, i’d like to “spend” it to my boss and i’d like psd2html to create a nice frontend for our webpage/webapp :)

ps: Excuse my bad english, I’m from germany

Best Regards,

I’d use it to help me for my deadline. I’ve 10 project running and i can’t manage to finish them all.. I do need to win :)

lazaac Dec 19 2011

If I won this contest, I will use this opportunities to enhance my site navigation and restructured the current one..

Was w. Dec 19 2011

On my web projects.

Matt Halic Dec 19 2011

I would let them code my new portfolio! They just do an amazing job..

Uncleserb Dec 19 2011

Would be great to finally get my portfolio online !

Fernando Vilasboas Dec 19 2011

I’ll give life to some nices projects that are stuck in my head… I’ll for sure!

David Guijarro Dec 19 2011

Nice giveaway! If i won, I’d use the prize to get me some help with a project I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now!

Mustafa Kipergil Dec 19 2011

If I won, i will us this awesome offer for my own internet startup project. We have limited budget and we will be very glad if we win this giveaway. The project is summurized as a crowdfunding project like kickstarter, but a little vertical one :D Thanks.

Patricio Dec 19 2011

PSD2HTML will get my design exactly to HTML! Something I can do but would take me about 5x as long!

Kolyan Dec 19 2011

As a freelance web designer, this would help a lot :)

Fabricio Dec 19 2011

I am very close to graduating on Graphic Design here on Argentina, so win this service will help me to save time with my first clients here, thanks!

Justin DiMucci Dec 19 2011

If I won I would use the service to shave some costs off some of my client’s projects with a lower budget but still want a custom site.

I’d probably get a lot of shit done tbh. XD

Cheryl Dec 19 2011

As a freelancer, PSD2HTML would be a great help, not only in saving time but also lessening headaches!

Jennifer Dec 19 2011

“If you won, how would you use the PSD2HTML conversion service?”

I would use it to help save time and complete projects faster for my clients.

Jennifer Dec 19 2011

I would use it to help save time and money for my clients.


Jennifer Perrin Dec 19 2011

I would use it to save time and help my clients save money!


Chandra Dec 19 2011

Uh… get a new site done?

George Dec 19 2011

I would use them to finally slice & turn to html one (or more) of my PSDs who wait to be sliced for months!

coderbay Dec 20 2011

I would use PSD2HTML services for the conversion of PSD for my new website.

GrowlDesignMedia Dec 20 2011

awesome! if i can win, i would like to use it as my next portfolio. thanks for the info!

prajith Dec 20 2011

oh great giveaway….If I won this giveaway, I will use this design to enhance my site navigation.plz count me ….plzzz

prajith Dec 20 2011

oh very cool and great giveaway thanks for sharing this giveaway …. If i win this giveaway, I will use this design to enhance my site navigation.plz count me ….plzzz

Less time P2H coding, more time dreaming and designing!

Scott Dec 20 2011

This would help me to catch up on my work by saving me time in coding a few websites :)

Bruce Floyd Dec 20 2011

I would use them to convert a design for a domestic violence center website that I’m designing, saving lots of time. They wont save money since I’m donating my services. :)

Kelsey Dec 20 2011

I would use it to convert a bunch of PSD’s I have in the works to enhance my portfolio.

If I won I would start a new website to promote my friend’s art!

Doris Dec 20 2011

My husband can definitely use it for upgrade our website. Thanks

Deviprasad Dec 21 2011

It will help my personal website to go live. And some of my freelance projects.

Thanks Sixrevisons and Psd2Html for this awesome giveaway.

Linda Dec 21 2011

I would use the service on a range of projects I am currently working on, would be beneficial to me.

ipad blog Dec 21 2011

i need this psd 2 html for my one of the project.

Ahmad Dec 21 2011

If i win i will use the conversion service to transform my present design into HTML..Thank you

Muhammad Tahir Dec 22 2011

I would use PSD to HTML conversion service to code a single page PSD layout for me.

lawrence77 Dec 22 2011

If I won, they are lucky to code my blog theme ;)
I swear they will learn a lot from that :P

Daniel Dec 22 2011

I would create a site for my sister with her paintings, as a Christmas present.

I will use this service to get my design coded so that i can use it on my upcoming blog.

I’m a novice in web development and can take the help of this to get few of my designs coded by pros.

Sai Chaitu Dec 23 2011

I can use this to not to worry about coding and concentrate on designing my work.

alexandros Dec 23 2011

I will use PSD2HTML to get a great restaurant site up!

hemant Dec 23 2011

If you won, how would you use the PSD2HTML conversion service?

i would like to use this service to get html done for my studio website and make it responsive too.

you look awesome today :)

Nathan Dec 23 2011

I’d use this service so I could get my business website upgraded to a properly coded site with a bomb diggity design.

Sumon @ WPCypher Dec 23 2011

Hope to win… I’ll use their service to build a new design for my site.

Colin Pritchard Dec 23 2011

I’d use PSD2HTML to code a sweet site design for a client!

I would use the service to have my dream WordPress design coded. Design is my strength, and I can spend more time on it. Having PSD2HTML code my design would not only be amazingly done by professionals, but it would save me time that I could be spending with friends and family!

Thank you for this wonderful chance at winning!

vinikey Dec 23 2011

My wife is an excellent web designer, but I can’t help her develop them. And here you come in! I’ll use your service to realize my wife’s projects!

inPhocus Media Dec 23 2011

This is a great giveaway and does quality work in a timely manner. We would definitely use this to speed up the design process. We would create the PSD and allow them to code it.

Alexandre Dec 23 2011

I used PSD2HTML before, is a good service.

Jesse Dec 23 2011

I’d like to be able to offer a mobile version of my website, but don’t know how to do it efficiently.

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