Giveaway: Markup-Service Credits

Up for grabs in this Six Revisions giveaway are $400 and $300 worth of services you can spend any way you want over at Markup-Service.

For a chance to win Markup-Service service credits, simply answer the following question in the comments: How would you use your Markup-Service credits if you won?

This giveaway ends on September 20, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Sep 13, 2011


Mario Awad Sep 13 2011

I have some designs that need magic of Markup-Service to come to life :)

Erwin Sep 13 2011

I would use the Markup-Service to compare it to the current PSD to HTML service I use regularly. There’s a project ready to be sliced and coded so I’m ready for it!

Ting Teo Sep 13 2011

Hi Six Revisions!

Thanks for the opportunity to win the PSD to XHTML conversion from Markup-Service. :) I’d love to try out Markup-Service for one of my current client projects. I’m especially interested in looking to see the quality of work and it will be great to form a long term outsourcing solution if it works out for us during this trial.


Looks like some good work. We’d could use it to get a jump start on our new business!

Matthew Sep 13 2011

I would use it to create the clan website that me and my mates have created so that we can still keep in contact since we’ve all moved away.

I would use these credits to give both my client and my company some breathing room on the budget for a smaller project that we normally couldn’t provide service on.

I have 3 psd files ready to be marked-up in html – it would save me the time of having to do it myself!

Laurel G Sep 13 2011

oh what a great service they provide for the non coding people like me! I’d use them to code a new design I’m working on for my blog!

Daniel Sep 13 2011

I would use Markup-Service as a trial run to see if it might be a viable option as the go to place for psd conversions.

Andrew Margolin Sep 13 2011

I would get the mark up service for some client work that I need done immediately and don’t have the time to code myself :)

I would love to transform several psd markups to the real life thing for clients!

Maverick Sep 13 2011

This is a tough question to answer coz in order to make full use of such a talented team I need to give them a really tough task… but at the same time am sure they will deliver it as expected and well within the deadline.

BJ Hansen Sep 13 2011

We are currently redesigning out network pages for the network. We’d love to be able to use these credits towards a complete package that we would send to Markup-Service. This would also give us a chance to try them out so that we can use them in the future as we continue to add new locations to “share the places we love”.

David Rydgren Sep 13 2011

I´d use it to markup my current project for a criminal/thriller website.

cool. would be great to have the chance to try this service!!

I would use the Markup-Service credits to get our design sliced up and coded with their XHTML markup options in a flexible layout with seo semantic coding and load speed optimization options. I would even take advantage of their free IE6(Yuck. Who uses that) compatibility option to accommodate all browsers.

Veronica Barrio Sep 13 2011

I would use it for my next client site :-)

Jayar Sep 13 2011

We are always doing PSD to WordPress conversions at work, so this would definitely come in handy.

I’d use the design to help get my business launched.

Patricio Bustos Sep 13 2011

I will use when i have a urgent requirement of a client =)

Bob Schuster Sep 13 2011

If I win the credits from Markup Service, I would put them toward a site that I am designing for my father who is a recently published author, looking to set up a personal and promotional site for his book that comes out next spring. I offered to do the site for him pro bono, so this would definitely help out.

Dylan Thomas Sep 13 2011

I would use the credits to make an email template for a children’s museum in San Francisco that we are working for. They are undergoing a total rebrand, and it’s one of the pieces that we are working on (website is the other).

Curtis Sep 13 2011

I would use my Markup-Service Credits for actual client work. I would love the opportunity to check out the service!

I would use it to chop up some designs and save me time :-)

Shari Sep 13 2011

I would apply the prize towards a Professional Package implemented as a WordPress theme.

Looks like an interesting service!

Katherine Krug Sep 13 2011

I have spent my life savings creating a technology that will help non-profits fundraise more efficiently, while providing donors a more fun and social online giving experience. I would use the credits to create HTML email templates to let non-profits know about my service. Thank you!

Benoit Dion Sep 13 2011

…I would use my credits to create my folio online…! :-)

nicksp Sep 13 2011

Oh, another chance to win that service :) Thanks Sixrevisions Team!

It will definitely help me with my next “big” project.

Vance Bell Sep 13 2011

Oh, I would certainly use the generous credit to code out a couple new designs I’ve been brewing, or maybe take a little break from the computer with the time saved! :)

I’d use it cause I suck as css

curdaneta Sep 13 2011

Will be perfect to setup a new project I’m developing !

Krcky Sep 13 2011

I would use it for redesign of electronic and alternative music portal and web tv called Party Clips. We are currently in redesign phase and we could really use some help. We already have the design. I can show it if that will help me win :)

Rick Tontz Sep 13 2011

Epic… I would use the service to develop a WP site for my Dad who is a professor. Thanks for another giveaway offer!!

Mike Averto Sep 13 2011

Thanks Six Revisions.

I’d use the free credits to save myself some time for an upcoming product launch I have been making PSDs for. It would be a nice change of pace to check out someone else’s code on one of my PSD -> XHTML projects.

Joshua Sep 13 2011

Would love to use this service for the 2012 update for the Journal Club’s website. We are looking to migrate to a WP site…but I like the idea of having total design freedom!!!

I would use the credits to get the crew from Mark up service to code a site I have due for the end of this month so then I have the time to go on a long and well deserved holiday!

Elise Sep 13 2011

If I win the credits from Mark up Services I’d use them as a resource to further my understanding of coding designs and create fictional sites that I could then add to my portfolio.

Rodwin Lindong Sep 13 2011

I will use credit of mark up service to create awesome work that I need done immediately and don’t have the time to code myself :)

I would use the credits to jump start a website project I’ve been planning for 4 years, but have never had the time to skin.

Philip Levin Slesarev Sep 13 2011

I would use the credits to make a website to my amazing Grandma, she is Great gardener, that want to share her professional knowledge. and Mark up service will help me to fulfil my surprise for her -“Grandma knows – a blog for gardeners and friends”.

Hein Zaw Htet Sep 13 2011

Very simple! I want to get a own template for my WordPress site.

I’ll use it to mark up an old project, that didn’t finish yet

Roderick Frizzelle Sep 13 2011

I am currently learning to build an iOS app, while still building a rails app… I would use the credits to take my current rails design(psd’s) and convert them into html.. So i can finish that app up and build this game changer…

Ahmad Sep 14 2011

As we are a startup this giveaway will help us tremendously in coding,designing and cost.

tvardy Sep 14 2011

I would give them one of my jobs to have more time for my family ;->

globus Sep 14 2011

How would you use your Markup-Service credits if you won ?

Ans: PSD to CMS theme

pseudonym Sep 14 2011

I’d like to try Markup Service for my own website, and use it as a starting point for further refinement.

Robert Hoppe Sep 14 2011

I would use it for my current project :)

Sumon Seleem Sep 14 2011

I will use their service to redesign my website.

Luanigio Sep 14 2011

I would use it for restyling all my project

I’ve got some graphic ideas that “exceed my ability” to code… this service would be perfect.

Vicky Sep 14 2011

Currently developing my own site; this could really help my plight! :)

akbar Sep 14 2011

I’ll use it for my next project , but for me it’s more important to test my chance:-)

Trituradora Sep 14 2011

I would use it for my current project :)

Tamas Sep 14 2011

Would like to compare my code / solution, to how they will code my PSD and learn from differences.

Scott Bowers Sep 14 2011

I have some designs that are pretty damn hard to code. I would love to win this so I could finally bring my design to life on the web :)

Vitor Neves Sep 14 2011

Great offer. I could use it on some work i’m doing

I will use Markup Service for a K-12 school district.

Naresh Sep 14 2011

I will use this for my personal web page.

WPThemeInfo Sep 14 2011

I would sliced my own portfolio website for a great facelift purpose.

مركز تحميل الصور Sep 14 2011

ouch i miss this event :(
by the way, Congratulations for all winner

wpdestek Sep 15 2011

I would use it to create my portfolio online.

Ahoban Sep 15 2011

Looks like Markup-Service is great. I hope to win and use their service to design my site.

Peter Saddington Sep 15 2011

OMG! I suck at photoshop. I’m all over this.

Erick Ragas Sep 15 2011

I can design a Newsletter for my website :D

Tomas Sep 15 2011

I’d use this service to finally code my portfolio.

Juarez P. A. Filho Sep 15 2011

I’m a front-end and it’ll be a nice opportunity to submit a PSD of one client and learn more how the guys from MarkupService do that. ;)

Justin DiMucci Sep 15 2011

I would use it to skip the slicing and dicing stage of a lower budget project that would allow me to spend some extra time on the design aspect of it.

janet Sep 15 2011

I’m starting a business and just starting to design my website – I would LOVE this to help get my site up and running THANK YOU!!!!

Siddarth Jain Sep 15 2011

would like to use this awesome services to design a new portfolio…

Chintan jain Sep 15 2011

This would be cool for my new project which includes one variation of conversion from PSD to XHTML. hope to win :)

Sameer Gandhi Sep 15 2011

Nice giveaway…it would be handy for me in creating and re designing my website again..

Kristof Sep 16 2011

Great question. I think I’d use them to get one my screendesigns converted ;)

Wilhelm Sep 16 2011

How would I use your Markup-Service credits?
I’d totally get those hard-to-code projects off my back!
I mean.. I can do it, but time isn’t helping :D

Arielle Sep 17 2011

I will use the credits to have some freebie PSDs out there to be encoded and release as a freebie html coded theme.

maxlaro Sep 17 2011

I will use their skills first time I was full and hurry with a client!

Mark Wells Sep 17 2011

I’d love to get the PSD I’m working on converted. It’ll save me a ton of time in launching my creative services website.

I would use it to convert a PSD a design company made for me to start up my development business!

I would use it to convert a PSD for my site.

Also to get an idea of quality of service provided by HTML conversion services for future work.

I have a project right now (PSD to WordPress). So it would help me a lot and save my time.

Might get that personal site coded up finally!

Shamsu Bhaidani Sep 19 2011

We are currently building our new website and the PSD should be delivered this week. This is a great time to get our hands on this service. Thanks

I would use this to get a PSD to wordpress conversion done. Awesome giveaway SR. Thanks again.

Denis Sep 19 2011

Will use it for developing my wordpress theme.

Need this to get my WP theme designed by experts.

coal crusher Sep 19 2011

I would apply the prize towards as a WordPress theme.

Chaitu Sep 20 2011

I have a few PSD designs waiting to be convereted to for my company project. Very badly need this.

Maggy Sep 20 2011

I will get my WP theme coded using this service.

need this so can get experts to slice up my psd so y site can go live

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