Giveaway: Stockfresh Photo Credits

We’re giving away five accounts on Stockfresh that are pre-loaded with 100 credits.

For a chance to win, answer the following question in the comments: Which resource would you most likely download first if you won? Link to it in your response.

This giveaway ends on February 23, 2011 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Feb 16, 2011


Kewee Feb 16 2011

Good. I will try out

Hermanet Lay Feb 16 2011

since im going to release a product for musicians i need a banner and logo for my product, my choice is

Charlotte Feb 16 2011

Great idea for a competition. I’d probably download something like: because I think my blog needs some magic sparkle to spruce it up.

It would be great to have some real images for my blog.

Love the blog by the way :-) Keep up the good work Jacob!

Kamil Feb 16 2011

I would use this photo ( on the page that advertises the products of my client. Nice model :)

WPThemeInfo Feb 16 2011

I would prefer vector image section if I won this as it suits to my requirement.

Roseli A. Bakar Feb 16 2011

Awesome photos from Stockfresh!

I will download this one first –

Thinking of doing a blog post with this.

dumazz Feb 16 2011

I am pleased with the fact that new companies selling photographs and graphicses are launched. I like competitions because I learn about new companies, products and services.

The Party is in my native language:) if I won it I would pick many photographs up in stylistics fashion, theatre, because recently very much photographs of this type are intriguing me.

I need photographs for artistic projects and to articles to my web page.

David Martin Feb 16 2011

Can’t wait ’til next Christmas…

rollsappletree Feb 16 2011 to use it in my last project!

Martin Feb 16 2011

For my technical incoming new project this image will suite perfectly #704429

Colleen C Feb 16 2011

I would down load this image first: It is perfect for a site I am building for an at office wellness program.

Been looking for something as nice as this one for ages:

Chris Huff Feb 16 2011

Sure would be awesome to win this. I’ve been using free stock photography for my blogs for awhile now, and it seems like I’ve nearly exhausted the highest quality photos.

Depending on my blog post that day, I’d probably start with something like this:

Abdul Wahid Feb 16 2011

Sarina Feb 16 2011

I would download this one
great for photomanipulation and web work.

Rob P Feb 16 2011

working on a new site about nutrition – pics like this would work great for me.

Barry W. Feb 16 2011

Doing some work for my Cub Scout Pack and this would be handy:

Both for the website and some print elements that I need to put together.

Lee B Feb 16 2011

As i am currently developing a dating website, i would use some of the images for featured articles as well as banners on the site.

This one:
It’s really useful and professional

Daniel O Feb 16 2011

I would go for some wallpaper-backgrounds like:

Emma Davis Feb 16 2011

Love this one and have it in mind for a current project I am working on.

Peter Feb 16 2011

This would be nice to offer my girlfriend :)

Matthew Campbell Feb 16 2011

I would use this image first—tourist as it would fit perfectly in an upcoming presentation I will be giving.

Chris Feb 16 2011

We’ve struggled to get consent for using images of children for our community group website, so would be ideal

Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi Feb 16 2011

I develop for a green products company, and they always need colorful images for their ads. This one looks perfect:

Mike Bezeau Feb 16 2011

Stockfresh looks like a great site! this is my choice pic

Looks like a great site! here’s my pick,

Graham Feb 16 2011

I think this image is simply beautiful –

jejazz Feb 16 2011

i would download this image first, becouse i need it for my new “energy” web template

Brian Krogsgard Feb 16 2011

Nice giveaway, Jacob. I haven’t seen Stockfresh before. I like a lot of the pictures, but this one of Sale Elements is great:

Chris Feb 16 2011

Been looking for an image like this for a while –
Would be great to have at my disposal

Daryl L Feb 16 2011

I have been looking for some good photos of kids playing soccer. This one is perfect. It shows 2 boys holding a soccer ball. Great photo.

Robin Feb 16 2011

I would download this photo for use on my website:

Dustin P. Feb 16 2011

LHDonline Feb 16 2011

I’m always looking for fresh pics of diverse kids for my education client. This one’s great, and would be a great first choice:

Ester Liquori Feb 16 2011

I need the
It will be useful for a project that I’m following about a document repository software
Thank you!

I’m really into conveying the message of the website within the first split seconds you’re on any page. I normally achieve this by using lifestyle shots in the slideshow or header of the site, and the shots tend to be landscape oriented as well. This is a great example of the shots I regularly use:

Josh Frankel Feb 16 2011

I would download abstract or vector stock art. My pick for abstract:

Didn’t have time to puruse the whole sight, but with my business, I would definately be downloading something from the vector stock images.

Shannon Feb 16 2011

What a great giveaway, count me in! I am always on the lookout for great family images to use for client website designs. They work well for a lot of my clients so I am always doing searches and I store images like this a lot. I would purchase something like this:

Dan T Feb 16 2011

I love this cloud scene:

Would look great as a featured image on a WordPress site. and many many others for a language site i have planned!

GiveMeCoffee Feb 16 2011

Great website. Easy to navigate.

Philip Feb 16 2011

My first download will be:

soulmenj Feb 16 2011

Stephanie Feb 16 2011

I would use this photo among others: for my music education site

Micha Kroes Feb 16 2011

Beautiful pictures, I would like to have this one:

Anthony Feb 16 2011

these would look great on the app i am working on

Schalk Neethling Feb 16 2011

I would definitely download – Love the lines and movement in this photo.

Garry Feb 16 2011

I could make use of this selection here:

mogmismo Feb 16 2011 – always wanted to outlive my enemies

Mondo Feb 16 2011

My girls would love this on their wall with their names on it

theimagemaker Feb 16 2011

Great site! I would definitely like to use it for my projects!

Benny G. Feb 16 2011
Thank you sixrevisions :)

Ariel Feb 16 2011

thanks for the giveaway. totally awesome. I really like this vintage image.

Nancy Chen Feb 16 2011

I would download this image if I win:

Susan G Feb 16 2011

I will downloading this as i run a social media blog and this suits my requirements very well.

Tony C. Feb 16 2011

I need images of students, particularly “independent” students…like this:

Carri Craver Feb 16 2011

Raoul Feb 16 2011

I would download first
I can use it in so many projects!

Michele B Feb 16 2011
Thinking I’d use it for a new t-shirt design

Nick Plekhanov Feb 16 2011

Great idea for a competition. I’d probably download something like:

Adam (DinnerPlanner) Feb 16 2011

I would use for one of the sites I’m working on.

Rakesh Kumar Feb 16 2011

Quite different rule to enter but effective. Here is my favorite link –

I would love this one:

Pick me! Pick me!

Harrison Brown Feb 16 2011

Would download mostly vectors. has some useful elements for use in my designs.
Cheers for the giveaway!

Karl F Feb 16 2011

I would no doubt start with something fresh and abstract and colorful to spruce up a new version of my own company’s web site and then move on to resources for my clients.
Thanks for the giveaways!

Susanne Feb 16 2011
I like to have some nice landscape pictures handy because even though it seems like the easiest of pictures, I can never find exactly what I am looking for and somehow, those are always needed

Mary Quade Feb 16 2011

I would download first so that I could let our clients know we could celebrate with a new stock library to choose from.
First impressions look very good.

David Cobblestone Feb 16 2011

I’d surely get on the huge size; I’ll print it as big as I can and I’ll hang it on the wall right in front of my computer. I desperately need it these days!

Probably because I like elephants.

Ah, not quite sure yet. I would look for some business and some marketing images but I would download anything that is suitable for any of my current projects. :)

Shari Feb 16 2011

So many to choose from, but I would probably go with this:

Dwayne Feb 16 2011

I would probably download this image first: and the reason is simple: because I have 100 free credits, I can download a silly image like that. It might come in handy for writing a blog post in the future or maybe a party poster.

Barry Feb 16 2011

I would pick #710337 Key to Business by VIPDesignUSA because i’m doing a business article on doing good business practices and this is perfect

Therese Feb 16 2011

I would create an animation and use this for my contact page for my up and coming site!

Juarez P. A. Filho Feb 16 2011

I have no idea what file I’ll get but it’s a great giveway. Cheers.

noriko Feb 16 2011

I will download gay images for my current project.

tippi Feb 17 2011

I would need this one for one of my projects

Iresh Feb 17 2011

I will download this photo and design nice a banner to promote Maldives hotels on our website.

Michael Tuck Feb 17 2011

I’d use em all, but I’d focus on the ones that illustrate various concepts of “giving,” because I do so many sites for non-profits and charities:

Crazyhunk Feb 17 2011

this one is awesome… would definitely get this one ..

Matt L. Feb 17 2011

It would be very nice to have access to quality stock photos that I wouldn’t have to pay for :) The free stuff is not so great.

Shinto Mathew Feb 17 2011

I,m also joining this Giveaway competition. My first download would be

Farid Hadi Feb 17 2011

I’d probably go with something like
Would use it to complement a design I’m working on.

Paul B Feb 17 2011

Always looking for icons for websites so something like would be high on the list of downloads!

Hernan Silva Feb 17 2011

I’m creating a poker blog and would like to use this:

Thanks for the giveaway.

I would use this photo to create a special anniversary card for my husband, as we used these orchids throughout our wedding:

Great contest!

Vectorash Feb 17 2011

My blog would use this image in apost i’m thinking at:

I’ve been looking for something like this:

Arnie Feb 17 2011

I am a chocolate confectioner and can use the multiple chocolate related images such as:

On my website.

Steven Feb 17 2011

Everyone loves some beach shots.

Anthony Vidak Feb 17 2011

I would download this image:

This is exactly what I need for developing my friend’s website.

Brian Feb 17 2011

I would download this image as well as other landscaping images for a new client site I am working on.

Brendan C. Feb 17 2011

So many great choices! I’d get this one first:

Carlos Feb 18 2011

I was looking around just to see if Stockfresh’s archive is comprehensive enough for the variety of stock photos I might need in my projects, and boy was I not disappointed! And I even found a bunch of illustrations for a project I’m starting on — these Safari animals are just perfect for it:

Count me in! :)

I would love to win and use this photo for work I’m doing with a new dentist client! Great stuff.

Dejos De Brujo Feb 18 2011

I would prefer some image of weird flyin object if I won this as it suits to my requirement. For example: 3 engine zeppelin…

Biggi Fraley Feb 18 2011

I love those new 3D man images. I would choose this one because I can easily customize it to fit any topic.

If i win, im very happy, to download
for a new post in my fashionblog.

iulianv Feb 18 2011

omg, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what project will I be in after 23th, but for now I definitely need
and this

Nick E Feb 18 2011

I’d download this one first

windhamr Feb 18 2011

Need this photo for a project. Hopefully I will get it free.

Pushpinder Bagga Feb 19 2011

ariff Feb 19 2011

One of it is this among numerous others.. Yeah. I really need this account.

Betty Rudas Feb 19 2011

I love icons. If I win, I’d download this set of icons.

Vladislavs Judins Feb 19 2011

Love the emotion of this one I would do my best to place this in my new ad for casting agency

Canes Feb 19 2011

I would have to think about it. At the moment something like this.

SteffenS Feb 19 2011

They have some nice stock photos there … I might use this one for an ongoing project:

Brian Rowdy Feb 19 2011

Wow, love the site and will definitely use it and recommend it to others. I like this sewing buttons image from the new image page:

Giulio Feb 19 2011

Hello! I like very much this photo which makes me think of summer I’m looking forward. I’d like to download this photo and make it a poster on my office wall.

You have fantastic photos!!! I’m a huge fan of yours!

Greetings from Italy! :)

pceasies Feb 19 2011

I’ve been looking for some weather icons for a project and these looks pretty promising:

Judith R. Feb 20 2011

This image reminds me of good times:

Damir Feb 20 2011

I’d probably download something like:

Patricio Feb 21 2011

The bubbles for me are a litle bit dificult to draw, so i will like to have this image:

Crystal Glenn Feb 21 2011

I am starting up my private practice to creatives, and this photo gave me such a warm feeling inside of hope and inspiration. I hope that it would do the same for my clients.

I would use this fresh image as my stock photo.

Ian G Feb 22 2011


Our clients are all high end resorts/hotels/locations so we can’t skimp on photography… Your site looks like it has a great selection.

Right now I’m in need of wine tasting shots so I guess this would be a nice start:

Yuri Regent Feb 22 2011

I preferred this image

shane Feb 22 2011

I’d love to have access to images like this:

for a book cover photo manip!

Auriette Feb 23 2011

I have an idea for a t-shirt that could really use a nice railroad track illustration like this one:

Sarah L Feb 23 2011

I like the calendar:
Thanks for the contest.

Katherine Feb 23 2011

Oh what a wonderful collection of yarn images! It’s hard to pick just one but I’d start here

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