Giveaway: Site24x7 Subscriptions

In the spirit of Christmas, Site24x7, an online website and server monitoring service, has decided to give away three  accounts loaded up with $200 in credits. What’s great about their service is that you can configure it to your needs: For example, you can monitor up to eight websites at 15-minute poll intervals or five websites at 10-minutes poll interval for a year, and so on.

For a chance to win, leave a comment answering the following question: Why would Site24x7’s website monitoring service be valuable to you?

This giveaway ends on December 21, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Dec 15, 2010


Stephen Oliver Dec 15 2010

Site24×7’s service would be valuable to me because i’ve tried to roll my own site monitor setup using custom Google AppEngine code ….. that didn’t work as well as I had hoped :)

Site24×7 looks like a nice service.

when people ask how I know our website is always up I can
#1 show them on the spot through my mobile – or theirs
#2 why would they NOT want the same piece of mind? They would 90% ask which service I use :)
hey, if its been working for my site, ovbiously the product works well – which speaks for itself to my friends.

Justin Dec 15 2010

A service like this is invaluable for keeping track of service uptime, and knowing that something is awry before the customer does, saving them a phone call.

Kevin Dec 15 2010

My websites bring in a side income for me, so knowing if they go will help me minimize the loss of that income.

Metin Dec 15 2010

What a wonderful giveaway.
Hopefully I’m among the winners as I do have to monitor 8 websites of mine 24/7.

Wish good luck to all participants.

Mondo Dec 15 2010

Downtime is Money, pick me

discowill Dec 15 2010

So I know when Amazon servers go down.

Chris Dec 15 2010

This would be an great addition to my existing arsenal of webmaster iPhone apps…

Dave Harrison Dec 15 2010

Site24/7 monitoring service would be valuable to me because, I only want to offer my clients the best possible all round service and I think this could help me deliver that

adechriz Dec 15 2010

very interesting giveaway, but i don’t need it yet..:)

Micah Dec 15 2010

I could use this for my client sites!

EzLyfe Dec 15 2010

Cause im almost finished with my design. It would be a great tool to monitor my site. So i can learn what the hell im doing wrong/right?

Cosmin Dec 15 2010

i would love a 24×7 monitoring service for my site, since that is my income source. If site goes down, my income in down.

Usman Dec 15 2010

Site24×7’s services is reliable for me, because it will tell me if my hosting provider can meet my demands or not, that really interesting to know for me.

If my site goes down my company would lose mucho moola.

Prajwal Rao Dec 15 2010

It would be wonderful to monitor the 3 different servers we manage on behalf of our clients. A couple of our clients have online services, and Site24x7’s online app monitoring would be perfect for our needs.

Michael Y Dec 15 2010

I have been using monitoring services for a while now. I would love to give these guys a shot.

Justin Dec 15 2010

I have trialled Site24×7 and know how useful and reliable it is. I have been considering moving all my site monitoring over to Site24×7, winning this giveaway would make it a no- brainer.

It’s reliability, monitoring options and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for all developers and those that manage websites for themselves or clients.

Steve Robillard Dec 15 2010

This would be valuable to me in proactively responding to outages. This is especially true as we have moved into the cloud and doubled the number of applications we are now managing.

What everyone else said

Paula Dec 15 2010

It will be very valuable for me: I’ve just migrated my sites to a new hosting service, and I would really like to be able to track my new response time. My old hosting started having very long response times, so I decided to switch. Using 24×7 to keep track of my new VPS performance and uptime would be awesome :)

Roderick Frizzelle Dec 15 2010

I have just created a software company, and I need a servcie like this to monitor my app…

David Bushell Dec 15 2010

Site24x7 monitoring service sounds great! I offer hosting to my clients, and downtime/interruptions is always a concern. Each time a site/server goes offline for short periods, the phone calls start flooding in… “Is the server down?”… “I can’t access my emails”… etc.

Having a service like Site24x7 would give me advance notification of connection/server problems BEFORE the clients start calling in. Those advance minutes is just enough time to check on the problem. Is it an HTTP problem? POP3/email? Maybe the whole problem is the client’s ISP… ;) This service basically offers a ‘heads up’ on connectivity and tracking of problems. At least, being one step ahead of the clients, gives me enough time to check on the problem and have an answer for them when/if they call.

Lauren Dec 15 2010

I have over 40 sites to monitor so this would help me keep track of things much easier!

Chris Dec 15 2010

Besides keeping track of the Wikileaks site, I wouldn’t mind keeping tabs on a site at each host that my clients’ sites are on.

I like the response time charting. That’s sexy to show a client the difference between “El Cheap-o Deluxe” hosts and solid proven ones. Or, on the flipside, it could uncover the best “El Cheap-o” out there…

Rajasekar T Dec 15 2010

include me. and six revision good service for designers

I would love to have this service available for my sites.

I need more charts and graphs! (Plus most of the other commenters’ reasons, too.)

Eniak Dec 15 2010

Get a head’s up on client site before they even know their is a issue!

Jonathan Domanus Dec 15 2010

I would love to use 24 X 7 for monitoring because I need it! I currently use Ping and am not too happy with it. It’s a great service, but not really what I need. I build websites for small to medium size businesses that are striving for the better good. Everything we do is conscious, sustainable and eco-friendly. I think using 24X7 would be a great way for me to monitor my sites and provide my clients with the best possible service.

Adim Subedi Dec 15 2010


It was site24X7 that helped me to identify the hosting provider were a bunch of crooks. Hereafter i shifted my hosting. Had I known not about site24X7 they would have made my purse go thin.

Troy Peterson Dec 16 2010

The ability to monitor my client’s sites so I don’t have to be NOTIFIED by the client when their site is down. :)

Aaron Jackson Dec 16 2010

I could really use a service like this.

raybak Dec 16 2010

So I could show all the emails from 24X7 monitoring service to my host and prove them that I am not a fool who submits support tickets without any reason(my host never believes me) and they really need to improve the server uptime.

this looks cool

Having knowlegde about site being down before client calls you is very appropriate and useful. Good luck to everyone.

Jawad Dec 16 2010

It’ll replace and sitemeter on my website while giving more in-depth analysis.

Gabriele Dec 16 2010

Site24×7’s service would be valuable to me because I already heard this awesome service as one of the most complete and accurate

Tonny Dec 16 2010

This way i could monitor and optimize my clients sites

Psysoul Dec 16 2010

Site24×7’s monitoring service would be valuable to me because I have several customer websites using different hosting companies, and it would be really good to know 24/7 that they are up and running good.

Cees Oskam Dec 16 2010

I could use this for my sites!

Lewis Sellers Dec 16 2010

Our website is our main source of income and we run a very expensive PPC campaign. This system would be great to ensure that our site is online, responding quickly and should save us money if there are any problems as we are notified straight away!

As webdesigner you just need to know everything about your sites.

zeroSignal Dec 16 2010

Having just gotten my startup off the ground, something like site24x7 would certainly help me provide better service to my clients, and in turn, help my own business grow!

D2WebDesigns Dec 16 2010

Site 24×7 could easily be used as a feature offered to new clients in a tight competitive field. It would give a great edge to my small design firm to be able to let them know I get immediate notices of failures allowing me to quickly respond to get their site back online FAST.

Keeping your customers happy is a crucial part of any business. Knowing when a customers site experiences problems is essential especially if the site is the clients main income.

Being busy is fantastic, however you can easily run out of time to check your clients sites and all the little services that makes your company “stand out”.

All in all, having a solution in place like Site24x7 is crucial to saving time and saving your bacon!

Site24x7 would be an invaluable tool!

MethodicJon Dec 16 2010

Site24×7’s service would be valuable to me because I have had outages and my little blogging space was down for a few days. I didn’t know until I tried to post a new entry, which didn’t work. ;)

Kcmartz Dec 16 2010

I have had quite a few 500 errors in the last few weeks, so this would help track when it happens more. I would login every day on my android phone and check.

Sebastian Dec 16 2010

I have over 10 sites to monitor so this would help me keep track of things much easier!

pceasies Dec 16 2010

I currently use Pingdom free for my website and a custom script on my server I setup after I was having a lot of internet down time. It’s not exactly optimal and site 24×7 looks like it would work nicely.

Mustafa Ahmed Dec 16 2010

I teach e-commerce and web development at a Uni in Saudi Arabia. As you know one cannot maintain much on a teacher’s salary – hahaha – nah I am just kidding. I would like to win the subscription to share the info with my students. Keep up the great work.
Regs – Mustafa

RENAN Dec 16 2010

Tried others before but did not meet expectations. This one will!!

Luanigio Dec 17 2010

To have everything under control…

Hector Lee Dec 17 2010

I am maintaining several sites and also schooling at the same time. Its impossible for me to be checking those sites all the time. I’ve tried others but they keep giving me false alarms that I don’t trust them much anymore.

Handy! can use it for my vps!

Eelco Dec 17 2010

So i can monitor the downtime my host claims is not having

Kyle adamo Dec 17 2010

Just launching a brand new SaaS app this month. I’m terrified. I need this service.

David Smit Dec 17 2010

I am looking for a monitoring tool for TabTrick. Site24×7 would be perfect.

Mizan Dec 18 2010

because,i want to know when my website is down before my clients!

Jayar Dec 18 2010

The company I work for is hosting 200 websites. Clients call sometimes complaining that their site is down. With that many sites online, I cannot possibly monitor everything and catch it before the client does, therefore, it would be good to have this tool to notify us when something goes down.

Steve Webster Dec 19 2010

The Site24×7’s app would be perfect for monitoring my clients sites.

rollsappletree Dec 20 2010

Why would Site24×7’s website monitoring service be valuable to you?
Because uptime matter…

Could be interesting a comparison between different monitoring service like Pingdom, SiteUpTime, HostTracker and obviously Site24×7 ;)

I’m just completing my first client site as a career change forced by an accident. The client’s site is mission critical and 24/7 monitoring will be essential to retaining them and hopefully rebuilding my life as well as their business. Using Site24x7 is an obvious pathway to retaining my sanity.

Bryce Wisekal Dec 20 2010

Hello! I run several websites that profit me on a regular basis and I think it would be very beneficial to win this. I also run a small hosting company here in Canada and know for a fact this is something I could really use for that. I’ve considered their services in the past, but haven’t decided as of yet whether or not to go for it. This would be a great opportunity for me to give it a shot and see if it is actually something I could benefit from. Thanks for this awesome contest and goodluck to everyone!

Isaac Dec 21 2010

site24X7 is a critical service that I need for my site to ensure uptime – even when I am sleeping.

We have clients that are actively using our site for income and rely on its ability to perform 24/7.

I would love to put a stamp of approval on my site displaying the site24x7 logo.

I want to give users of my site piece of mind.

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