Giveaway: SnackTools Web App Suite VIP Memberships

To celebrate the launch of their newest web app, NotifySnack, SnackTools is giving away three 1-year VIP memberships that will allow the winners to use NotifySnack as well as other web tools in the SnackTools suite of web apps.

How to Win

For a chance to win a SnackTools VIP membership for one year, answer this question in the comments: How would NotifySnack be useful to you?

Giveaway Details

This giveaway ends on March 12, 2013 after which the comments section on this post will be closed and you will no longer be able to leave a comment. Please leave a valid email address when filling out the comment form so that we can contact you if you’ve won. The winners will be randomly selected. The winners will be announced on a separate post.

This was published on Mar 5, 2013


With NotifySnack I`ll have an effective means of cross promoting services thereby likely improving conversion rates in addition to improving average spend. Awesome.

Giorgos K. Mar 05 2013

I love its widgets.

Donna Mar 05 2013

Sounds like an awesome giveaway. Sign me up!

Michael Mar 05 2013

It would help me to promote certain parts of my website and thus getting more attention and more white traffic.

Steven Mar 05 2013

I would use NotifySnacks on one of my Drupal websites. I’m about to create a responsive theme for it, so these notifications would totally tie into that too!

Colleen C Mar 05 2013

I am working on a social media course. This would be a great way to promote it on my site.

Chris Curtis Mar 05 2013

I am a web designer, and I think this would be a very useful tool to add to my site. I would love to offer this suite of tools to my clients and visitors to my site.

Joanne D Mar 05 2013

I’d use it to alert my users when there are new features to my food tracking web app.

vadarsagar Mar 06 2013

If i win 1 membership of notifysnack for creating a widget for attaracting more n more visitors to my website and to my blogspot.

For making them feel that best graphical widgets and easy to watch the traffic on the my site.

Thanks to you for giving a chance.
Please count me for one membership of notify snack.

Please….please…count me in

Muhammad Tahir Mar 06 2013

I just love those widgets & will love to use them in my portfolio site.

Mayur Mar 06 2013

Again an awesome giveaway !
Just discovered NotifySnack and I’ve found that BannerSnack, PollSnack and SnackWebsites are awesome tools for me to become more productive in my web design works…

Jit Dutta Mar 06 2013

NotifySnack cross promoting service, improve conversasion style, improve site spendind time. A nice one…

David Mar 06 2013

I am launching a website and this would be perfect!

Nishant gupta Mar 06 2013

i did this with a plugin on my websites but banners of notifysnack look a lot more awesome than my existing ones.
would love to design and implement them on my blogs and static websites. :)

Micha Ray Mar 06 2013

Great tool! There are so many things I could make using this tool.

Sudip Mar 06 2013

A nice tool by which I would like to create a notification bar that will contain my Facebook and Twitter fan page details (If possible) so that I can grow up my fans of facebook fan page and followers for twitter account.

Tarun Mar 07 2013

I want to increase my website traffic and email subscribers….this giveaway seems perfect for this job.

Berumen Mar 07 2013

I am creating my brand on Internet. It would be great to promote my site.

Nice widgets, I would use it for web application.

Prayag Verma Mar 08 2013

This tool would come handy in realying important information to my readers by grabbing their attention

John Shaw Mar 08 2013

I would implement these features into my sites which would improve the look, the conversion rate, bounce rates etc. Best of look!

Roberto Mar 08 2013

NotifySnack — very, very nice notifier widgets. Would love to use these on new website that I’m developing. Thank you Six Revisions for this post and opportunity to win a one-year subscription.

I had never heard of snacktools before now but they seem pretty cool. I could use several of their widgets in different ways for my personal site as well as other places. Not to mention that they give me ideas on things to try and make on my own.

Ambrocita Mar 08 2013

The folks at NotifySnacks are definitely the “widgets of Oz”. Amazing and attractive notifiers. Would love win one of the memberships.

brijesh Mar 09 2013

I use snacktools in my classroom to share information with my students and their parents. I encourage students to publish their writings, share their learnings through podcasts or photostreams, and find information by using snacktools.

ChrisC Mar 11 2013

NotifySnack would be a great for our new website: we have a wide product range and there is always something new to promote.

MartyN Mar 12 2013

OMG im so new to this and have been working on my own website for two years…yes two years! NotifySnack would be such a great tool for many of the things I have been trying to do. Imagine going onto a website and there being a message for your customer that would make them feel special that day. It takes just one kind gesture to create a wonderful day for a person. NotifySnack seems a great way to do that via the Internet. Soo so cool!

yemella Mar 12 2013

I often volonteer with non profit that want to have mobile app and responsive sites, because they are non profit they have very little eans to buy or hire Graphic designer. So this would help me deliver quality projects for no or low costs.

Brennen Mar 12 2013

This gift would be great to begin on my website in combination with the creative cloud. Thanks for the opportunity!

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