Giveaway: Coupons, printers of custom t-shirts, is offering up a coupon worth $200 to one winner.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on how you’d use your coupon if you win.

This coupon is only valid for orders with a U.S. shipping address. This giveaway ends on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Sep 29, 2010


Cosmin Sep 29 2010

Very nice giveaway

This is the ideal way to brand my startup. Would be very nice to win once.

Sean Crater Sep 29 2010

Id probably use the $200 to publish double rainbow t-shirts for me and all my friends.

Steven Gerson Sep 29 2010

I would use it to buy lots of my American friends presents. :)

Khürt Williams Sep 29 2010

I love family portratis where everyone is wearing the same thing — matching shirts and pants. That is how I would use the coupon.

David Kolenda Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to order some great promo shirts for my friend’s novel, “Blunder Woman”. She’s had a really tough year, and doesn’t have a lot of money for PR materials. And the fact that I’m starting to date her and this would be an amazing kick ass gift wouldn’t hurt, either!

Jeff Kes Sep 29 2010

I would have some shirts made up for our 4H Lego Robotics club for the kids or my companies logo and hand out shits for advertisements.


Grant Sep 29 2010

I would use this money to get some shirts for my graphic design company to give to clients to get our names out.

Steve Robillard Sep 29 2010

I would use this to print some custom designs for my company to give away at trade shows, and to add some designs to

Elias Sep 29 2010

I would love to win this coupon because I want a nicely designed “Simplicty makes perfection” T-shirt so bad.

Dejan Sep 29 2010

I’ll use the coupon to buy the shirts and advertise my company.

Brittany Linger Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to create awesome shirts with my site logo on it to get more people to see it and hopefully visit my website more often and become my future employer. I need more branding!

Andrew Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to make “CSS ninja” T-shirts

Giuseppe Sep 29 2010

It’s cool! If I win, I will create my personal shirt with sito logo… what better way to get publicity?

I’d create some really nice t-shirts for our softball team.

jamie Sep 29 2010

i would use these to boost my brand’s awareness as well as potential giveaways on my site

Jose Casanova Sep 29 2010

Thank you for this opportunity. I would use this at the moment of getting the t-shirts to promote my new website as soon as it’s ready, so I can promote it.
Excellent Eneews..!
Jose Casanova

Andrew Sep 29 2010

I would use it to buy t-shirts.

MethodicJon Sep 29 2010

I’d make some custom great shirts for casual wear around the house.

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Sep 29 2010

Wow, this seems like a pretty cool service. I’ll have to check it out.

I would use my coupon to print up my vast array of “t-shirt ideas” that I keep in Evernote. It’s been hard to figure out how to get them printed and sold while still making a profit. And selling the ideas to Think Geek would make sense, but I am a little too attached to some of the ideas.

GiveMeCoffee Sep 29 2010

If I won the coupon I would use it to get t-shirts for a high school football team I help out.

Ingrid Hansen Sep 29 2010

I would love to have this coupon to get t-shirts for my church’s Christmas play.

would use the money to get t-shirts for my startup and do some marketing!

demogar Sep 29 2010

This is a really cool giveaway. I have some nice ideas and I would love to make them real ;]

I’m sure someone will post about using it for charity or something ;) But honestly I would probably design a few cheesy t-shirts and make them a reality.

mtrang Sep 29 2010

If I win, I’d use the $200 to buy some marketing materials for my start-up.

Matt M. Sep 29 2010

We have this friend named Ricky. He is the guy in the group who everyone loves. We love him because he is fun, cool, and says some of the most stupid things ever. We even have a twitter account for the stuff he says. We’d probably make shirts in tribute to him.

Sverrir Asmundsson Sep 29 2010

Since I live in Iceland I can not use the coupon for myself. I would use it to surprise my friend who runs a small music store in Hudson NY. He is a hat collector so I would probably make hats and t-shirts with the store logo for him.

Nick Radford Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to buy tshirts for my schools chapter of ACM.

Our church provides a way for people in the community to get a good amount of food for fairly cheap through Angel Food Ministries. We’ve been thinking about getting t-shirts for our workers for awhile now but haven’t had the money available to do so. That would be where this would go if I won.

Veronica Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to help promote a client who is trying to expand her business.

Young Sep 29 2010

awesome giveaway!
i would use it to manifest one of my many T-shirt ideas (i’ve been compiling them for years now in the hopes of someday being able to afford to start a t-shirt site) into reality. Obviously I wouldn’t want to give away any of these awesome t-shirt ideas here. but trust me, they’re all gems. i already have vector files drawn for all of them, and if i win, since it’s from SR, i’ll probably pick one of the more web design related ones.

John G Sep 29 2010

Never heard of these guys but now I can’t wait to get home and play around with the site. I’d definitely use this to make up some “Free giveaway” gear for my site. Thanks for the write up!

Kevin Sep 29 2010

I might use this to design new shirts for my soccer team or maybe I’ll be selfish and design myself some shirts!

George Sep 29 2010

I will make a shirt that says “If a man speaks in the forest and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?” The rest of the coupon I’ll buy shirts to donate to the local shelter.

Steve G Sep 29 2010

I would use my $200. coupon to make some great t-shirts for some of the less fortunate kids in my area. There are a lot of HS and middle school students that I see every day that don’t have a lot of $$ to buy new, hip t-shirts like all the kids are wearing these days. I would make some cool designs and hand them out to the Principals of each school to give to those in need. (Ok, maybe I would keep one for myself) -Steve

Tom | NewEvolution Sep 29 2010

I would make some kick@$$ t-shirts for NewEvolution!

I would use this coupon to buy t-shirts for shameless self promotion

Benjamin Charity Sep 29 2010

I have a new site launching for art students to promote artist interactivity and I’d love to use these shirts to gift the first users!

Cool offer.

If I won the coupon, I’d use it to create creatively edgy shirts for our church that would otherwise have to wait on the demand.


Dario Sep 29 2010

sweet t-shirts

I’d use it to create some designs i’ve deemed impossible to find on the internet

Mike Mai Sep 29 2010

if i win, i will use the money to order some embroidered Chinese Gangster t-shirts.

Michael Sinclair Sep 29 2010

I’d design some fun shirts as gifts!

Meg Keiffer Sep 29 2010

I’d probably design some tshirts for the xc team im coaching right now.

Shannon Noack Sep 29 2010

What a great giveaway, count me in! I have actually been looking into embroidered shirts for my own company, to give as a thank you to clients, and to wear when I go to networking events or tradeshows. They are quite pricy if you want to use your own logo instead of just text. So, that’s what I would use the coupon for, to create a few shirts with my logo embroidered on them. The shirts would be put to great use!

Jonathan Sep 29 2010

This is awesome I’ve been wanting to put my brand on t-shirts and give them away in contests. This would add to my offline marketing plan.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Nate S. Sep 29 2010

I could use some new T-Shirts

Tom L Sep 29 2010

We’d put together shirts advertising our current “making space to share” campaign with the church and get them handed out in the community.

I’d love to win this coupon so I could buy new jerseys (t-shirts) for my softball team.

Tony B Sep 29 2010

I will use it to have shirts made for a local kickball team

Kelly Sep 29 2010

I’ve been wanting to do some promo shirts for my theatre group!

Andy Feliciotti Sep 29 2010

I would make T-shirts with offensive sayings or sarcastic remarks and make people wear them in public and take pictures of them wearing the shirt with my DSLR

See: C**t-Destroyer

Michael Gaigg Sep 29 2010

I want to make shirts with pictures of our 5 months old son and give them as a present to all our family members. They would love it (and it would make my wife an me really happy too :)

I would make tshirts to promote my brand for all of the people that have helped me promote and create content for it!

Kevin Sep 29 2010

I would use it to make shirts to advertise my website

Roberto Sep 29 2010

I would order some t-shirts for my offroad bike group.

Billy Sep 29 2010

I would absolutely love to get some of my designs on a t-shirt, I’d appreciate this man.

Zack Esgar Sep 29 2010

I would use these to help our organization get the word out about different teams within our organization!

Tomas Sep 29 2010

I’d use it to create my own t-shirt.

I’ll spend whole coupon for t-shirts with some crazy faces :)

SusieBee Sep 29 2010

I’d use it towards custom shirts for our golf get away group.

Larry Sep 29 2010

I’d use it for T-Shirts for our juggling group.

LaurieJ Sep 29 2010

I’d use it to create t-shirts for the live action role-playing group that I belong to.

I would use it to make promo shirts for my boyfriend who’s a comic

Brendan C, Sep 29 2010

I’d find good use for this coupon.

Rommel Sep 29 2010

I’ve never won anything on this site and its ALWAYS cool stuff. But I keep coming back anyways.

K. Mike Sep 29 2010

I will send tee for friends in America :) thanks for sending one,BlueCotton !(if i win)

Matt L. Sep 29 2010

I would use it for shameless self promotion.

Jeff M. Sep 29 2010

My Sister is organizing a charitable fund-raising event at her school; I would use the coupon to get shirts to help her effort.

EasilyOdd Sep 29 2010

I’d use it for t-shirts.

Nicole-Lynn Sep 29 2010

Great giveaway! I’d like to get some T-shirts made for my bridal party… my bridesmaids, jr. bridesmaids, and moms! I think it’d be so fun, personalized and everyone would look great! :)

Robert Jaudon Sep 29 2010

That would be awesome because I work for a startup and we need to get the word out. Another reason is I would love to promote my photography.

Rob Jaudon

I would LOVE to be able to make some t’s for my project, The Teacher List. I’d use them as giveaways at speaking engagements or hold an online contest for my readers. Very cool idea, thanks…

Jackie White Sep 29 2010

I would have a big print of my face on each shirt and give them to my family for Xmas!

Andrew Kovatch Sep 29 2010

I would use it to help promote a program I started called “Cranes for Kids.”

“Cranes for Kids” is an experiment intended to deliver wishes to children. In Ancient Japanese folklore anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes in their lifetime will be granted one wish from a crane; a long life or recovery from illness.

These cranes have been folded by children from various Grand Rapids area YMCA summer programs, caring individuals in the community, and yours truly. The goal is to collectively fold 100,000 paper cranes and donate them to the children at the new Helen Devos Children’s Hospital opening in 2011.

Bobby mac Sep 29 2010

I’d make my wife an iPhone shirt to replace the droid shirt she wears cuz she thought it was cute. Trator!

Then I’d make my brother shirts for kids at his magic shows that would have my logo on it and a statement in the back that said “bluecotton shirts rock!” since I figure free advertising is perfect coming from kids- little stinkers are the most effective…

Then I’d make one more set the same way for the hotty girls of the upcoming biz & site Except I’d do jersey style sponsor style for the girls shirts.

I know I’m kissing *** but might as well give props for free shirts!

Slow Motion Fate Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to promote my band Slow Motion Fate. We’re on a tight budget and this coupon would be very beneficial.

I would use this coupon to propose to my girlfriend…..

Coincidentally, the computer science club I just started at college needs a sweet t-shirt design and I was going to go with BlueCotton just because the have the best prices anyway. If I won the coupon, that would be a pretty awesome perk of joining the new club on campus. Thanks Six Revisions and for this contest!

Monica Sep 29 2010

I’d use it for our upcoming family reunion. Because we’re on a extra-tight budget, we couldn’t afford T-shirts. But it would be such a great way to commemorate the day, and remember it for years to come. For the 6 original siblings who spawned all of us kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, they would REALLY love it and would wear it with pride!

Angel Sep 29 2010

I’d use to print my own funny designs to share the fun.

nick van boven Sep 29 2010

I want to make shirts

Tyler Sep 29 2010

Like alot of the people on here, I would use them to promote my designing and developing. I have been looking into getting shirts recently too!

Lee Gustin Sep 29 2010

I would use the 200$ to print new shirts for my company :)

Massimiliano Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to buy cool t-shirts.

I would use it to create promo shirts to be put in goody bags for new businesses at Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Theron Luhn Sep 29 2010

Me and a group of people have been wanting to order T-shirts. I’d definitely put the money towards that.

And, if there’s any left over, I might order a few cool Ts for myself. :D

karen Sep 29 2010

I would make t-shirts for our New Year’s Day Polar Bear Dip in The Ocean – and offer the shirts to encourage people to sponsor us for this charitable event. Our all ladies team even has an 80 year old – and she is a super babe – WHO HAS GONE IN THE OCEAN IN A HOTTIE BATHING SUIT ON NEW YEARS DAY FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS!!! Watch out Betty White.
Okay. I hope we win!

KevinC Sep 29 2010

I’d use the coupon to advertise my business.

Jonno Sep 29 2010

I’m in Aus but wanted to say they are missing out by not having hi vis tshirts, polos and outerwear. Take where I work for example about 400 people, we are allowed to order 5 tops including polos, singlets (wife beaters), two hoodies and two jackets a year, all high vis. That’s a lot of money for just one business. Think of all the local council workers, factory and warehouse workers, truck drivers, etc that wear high vis clothing. Get on it!

Διαγωνισμοί Sep 29 2010

I would like to send many gifts to friends with this coupon :-)

SteffenS Sep 29 2010

I’d finally get some of the shirt designs I have lying around done and printed. Awesome!

Tom Dempsey Sep 29 2010

I have a new idea for a line of t-shirts and want to prototype the designs.

atrebla Sep 29 2010

I would use the coupon to make a couple of cool t-shirts for my yet-to-be-born niece/nephew (don’t know the sex yet) and then a few sweatshirts to donate to a couple of homeless kids that attend my daughter’s school.

jPomfret Sep 29 2010

There is no better way to promote my business than free t-shirts. Would really help with marketing :)

Jessica C. Sep 29 2010

I would use it to advertise a business I want to start, maybe even the employees could wear the shirts!

Rowdy Sep 29 2010

I would absolutely use it for shameless self promotion!

Shane Trimble Sep 29 2010

A few friends and I are starting a non-profit in Florida, and a chapter in Canada to bring ministry and donations of time, service, and computer equipment to the needy and also to the other Christian non-profits. We would use the cash for staff shirts and promo items, also given to folks that donate to the cause. Thanks, and if I don’t win, God bless the winner so that they might enjoy the prize!

Krystal Sep 30 2010

I would use the $200 to create shirts for the youth group at my church. They’re between 8 and 16 years old and perform often. However, and rather unfortunately, they are never exactly uniform— No matter how hard I try or how long I talk about it, they just can’t get it together. I know it’s not their fault, being that their parents buy their clothes, but I would love for them to look great during church and community events for a change.

James Rasmussen Sep 30 2010

This would really help me see some of the designs I have come to fruition, via putting them on t-shirts! It would totally help my design inspiration and motivation. This would be GREAT!

I would use it to make a shirt for my girlfriend!

I will certenly use it to promote my association…

Matteo Sep 30 2010

I’d use the coupon for the t-shirts of my band.
If you wanna listen to our first 2 songs, here is the link:

I would use it to help promote a friend of mine and his art.

Garrett D. Sep 30 2010

I absolutely love making wild t-shirt designs and would finally be able to get some of them printed!

Tomas Drimal Sep 30 2010

I want coooool T-Shirts

Craig Sep 30 2010

It would be nice to win the BlueCotton competition T shirts for some marketing, and some personal.

Dennis Sep 30 2010

I would love the opportunity to print some shirts with Bluecotton. My reasons are not as noble as some of those above, but to give my family members shirts with my company logo as a means of proof that I’m not just wasting my time making fancy pictures on the internet.

Tyler Sep 30 2010

I would use it to display some nerdy Design Slogan that I come up with to promote myself :)

Matthias Sep 30 2010

I’d use it to buy Christmas presents.
The first time in years that I’d be buying presents before December!

Michael Sep 30 2010

I would use it to design a shirt with my sites logo and give them away to all my friends for some free advertising :)

Chris Alvarez Sep 30 2010

A branded shirt would be a great gift to some clients of ours.

Mark W. Breneman Sep 30 2010

I had never heard of Bluecotton, now I have. I have added it to my Brain Space. I’ll probably use the $200 to make a few polo shirts for the office and a few t-shirts for everywhere else.

Alexis Abril Sep 30 2010

Great to use for just being creative with fabric.

millerL Sep 30 2010

Very nice offer,i hope i can win i’d use the coupon to advertise my personal webpage or something similar :).

Darlene Motley Sep 30 2010

Created a new logo and it would be wonderful to put it out there!

Alex W Sep 30 2010

Pretty neat giveaway. I would use this for matching shirts for my bridal party for my wedding! :)

Michael Ware Sep 30 2010

I would use it to make a conference t-shirts for the Vermont Marxist Conference coming Oct. 30.

Jigar Sep 30 2010

Nice giveaway!.

I would like to win..Hurray…

trinaB. Sep 30 2010

It’s time for new beginnings…

Working on a new project and it only seems fitting to do it in style with BlueCotton!

…ready to conquer the world!

Ricky Sep 30 2010

I’d create some cool shirts promoting my website.

Andy g Sep 30 2010

I would probably create some uber geeky tshirts. One for the wife for sure. Kids probably get geek in training or similar.

Awesome service

Sam Bishop Sep 30 2010

I would use the coupon to make shirts showing off our latest web app!

Sarah Sep 30 2010

I would use it to make myself some stylish shirts that fit! (I’m 6 months prego!) =)

chris Sep 30 2010

I need to replace my T-shirts, I’ll use photos of myself.

jeannie Sep 30 2010

i’d design my own shirts to save money!!

Rolando Oct 01 2010

What’s up guys?

Some new shirts would do amazing things for my freelancing.

dipace Oct 01 2010

if i won $200 coupon, i’d create shirts for orphan children’s and submit to them.

Brian Oct 01 2010

I would use it to help promote my business…

I would use this to begin spreading the word about my art

I’d use the coupon to fund a t-shirt design contest/giveaway for my UX design team, since my entertainment budget was taken away.

I would totally make some sick Boba Fett t-shirts with my logo on them for shameless sell promotion.

Anthony Oct 02 2010

I would use it to get a few of my designs made in time for christmas gifts…its self promotion and a gift. win win

Simonas Oct 02 2010

I would get mysel and my friends T-shirts for 200$ :P

pceasies Oct 02 2010

I’d use the coupon to make some awesome shirts.

David Oct 02 2010

I’d use it to finally print some designs I’ve had laying around for awhile. Could really use this win!!

Guy Cook Oct 02 2010

Brand Building in the local market, give a tshirt to every member of the local chamber of commerce to start.

I’d use it to make some company shirts

Mary Jenkins Oct 03 2010

Heck if I know what I’d do with these shirts if I won them. Probably try to find a way to make some money off them. I love a good get rich quick scheme!

Crazyhunk Oct 03 2010

always wanted to get into the tshirt ilustrations thing… if i do win.. will get a chance to explore it as well… :)
Thank You

Wehaf Oct 04 2010

I’d make some cute tshirts for my nieces and nephews.

Michelle Oct 04 2010

I’d love to win this. I’d like to get some shirts for our student interns but as a public school, these days, it’s not in the budget.

Scott Schlee Oct 04 2010

If I was to win, I would use the coupon to print out shirts to give out to people upon our relaunch. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of BlueCotton, but I think I will be using them to print our shirts either way!

KostasNi Oct 04 2010

I’d use it to fight crime… I can’t say more! :)

Josh Allen Oct 04 2010

Great idea for a startup. If I won I’d use half of the money to buy tshirts with my logo on it, and half for shirts and other wear for the other company I work for.

Andrew Champ Oct 04 2010

Oooo-la-la…. Fingers crossed!

Kevin Bedard Oct 04 2010

I would use the coupon to make some t-shirt for the company I work with for our development team! :D, that woudl make some cool tshirt with the colors and logo!

Jordon Allen Oct 04 2010

Sounds like I could finally go school shopping!

Keeping my fingers crossed…I’d use this coupon for shirts promoting my graphic design web site.

Joelji Oct 05 2010

I would use it to design for our church. Tried out the design tool. Twas good. All the best.

Would use the shirts to promote a ministry we are trying to get off the ground.

It would be fun to use this offer to create some fun shirts for an extreme midwest hobby of Morel Mushroom Hunting. I’ve had lots of great ideas for shirts and this would be a great way to try them out to pass on to fellow Morel Hunters!

Gabe Casalett Oct 05 2010

Really awesome! I’d use it to promote my new design business using some kind of geeky symbolism.

If I won, I’d design shirts for my co-workers which detail tips on working with designers as an info-graphic. (I’m the only one in a company of around 40+ people).

Austin Oct 05 2010

I’d make some awesome, custom, non-branded designs for sure. Something funky and to do with stripes. And then wear them or gift them. Or rather than get just 6 shirts with different designs, I might go for 15 of one awesome design and then wear that one design for the rest of my life. I’d only have to do laundry twice a month.

Melita Oct 06 2010

Wow, I love T-shirts with funky designs… Plz choose me as winner ;-)

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