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This was published on Jun 29, 2009


Gunarts Jun 29 2009

In the morning I write my to-do tasks on a peace of paper. Bigger tasks split to smaller tasks as detailed as possible. Done with task-stroke it trough. Thats very simple and not cool, but it works.

David Bunten Jun 29 2009

I’m an old fashioned guy when it comes to productivity and have a written to do list. Can’t ignore or delay the task when I have it written down in front of me! I have them all prioritesed and won’t move to the next task till the previous one is complete. Maybe I need to move into the 21st Century!

Victor Abadio Jun 29 2009

I manage my business and schedule by putting notes in about every single mobiles and internet apps i use (remember Dory from Finding Nemo? Yeah, my momory is worse than hers.) and i control money the old fashion way: putting down on paper. So, i really need Daylite!

Hirvesh Jun 29 2009

Whoa..nice giveaway here! Count me in!

Just in time for my new business :)

Derek Watson Jun 29 2009

When we switched from having only two Macs to be almost Mac only, one of the reasons was Daylite.

We use it for managing projects and our customer database for marketing and sales. One of our directors is using Daylite Touch already.

Managing email can take so much valuable time so Daylite Mail integration making logging messages and linking them to projects simple and efficient.

Jorge Jun 29 2009

We manage our business using Google Calendar and Google Docs, and it has some limitations of course. A professional application would be more suitable and highly welcome.

Mario Garza Jun 29 2009

I follow GTD in order to manage my schedule. It really changed my life when I began using it.

The only thing I would like to recommend in order to be more productive is to write everything down. We’re humans, we forget things. If it’s written down you won’t forget it and you won’t have to worry about it.

The best hardware/software combination I have found is using my MacBook and iPod Touch both with the GTD-based program “Things”. It is very simple and well designed.

Mario Garza

Ken Drouillard Jun 29 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
– just barely, through several applications (Entourage, things, iCal, mobileme) but it all lacks an integrated end result.

What tips do you have for being more productive?
– integration, bring as much information together as possible to connect the various resources required to GTD.
– keep it in front of you, distractions are all too easy to come by.

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
– the iphone combined with a source iMac or xServe is just about as perfect as it gets.

Tyler Norris Jun 29 2009

Try to keep track of your time – albeit hard to do, its very helpful. It will help you stay more productive in your day-to-day, and it will help you better estimate timeframes for future projects.

Philip Jun 29 2009

I utiizr the following apps: Rememethemilk, freshbooks, batchbook, google apps

matt gantner Jun 29 2009

What tips do you have for being more productive?
I use a “get it done” method with iphone / desktop ‘Things’ software to capture to-do and notes. More importantly though is learning to evaluate what work can be done in a given time frame and location. Instead of robotically moving through a list I find I can be more productive if I adapt to the environment and consider the best thing to do rather than the next thing. Might seems obvious to many but people get hung up on that point and fail to accomplish smaller goals leading to bigger failures. Additionally I feel a greater sense of accomplishment as I interpret this as positively overcoming obstacles as they arise.

Barry Jun 29 2009

For organizing I go everywhere from a white board to desktop/iphone apps– not integrated or sexy in many ways, but it does help (the key is to take what’s on the white board with you when you leave via Evernote or some other online system).

Productivity- Key is to minimize distractions. I have to turn off the IM/Twitter/Newsreader when I really need to get work done. Block your time- “I’m going to get xyz done in this block of time”.

Hardware that I use is primarily my Macbook pro (plus 19″ lcd when at a desk- more screen real estate really does help with productivity) and my iphone (1st gen). Software for productivity is primarily The Hit List for ‘to do management” combined with evernote to take that ‘on the go’ and also to manage notes from projects. For my billing and time tracking I use Billings.

sfmitch Jun 29 2009

I manage my schedule with iCal on the Mac and on the iPhone. Managing my business / clients / projects is mostly through Evernote, Billings and Address Book.

I’d like to move up the big leagues and try Daylite!

Jonathan M Jun 29 2009

As a small service company, we use a combination of online apps and Apple software. iWork is much better than we thought it would be, we’ve stopped using Word as its just so overblown.

GoogleMail (apps for your domain) for IMAP email and calendaring. Any documents we want to share get uploaded and converted with GoogleDocs, but we wouldn’t dream of using GoogleDocs as a standalone document creator, just for sharing. I don’t want to edit documents in my browser.

The problem with online apps, is that I’d prefer to have the apps on my laptop (faster, works without internet), and then have some kind of synch service online.

For CRM we’ve tried Highrise, but its overpriced for our usage. Daylite is a lot more powerful, runs much faster, and data is kept inhouse.

Me and my business partner use drop box to help keep files organized. Its extremely easy to use, and free. You just drag and drop files into your dropbox folder. But something like this would be nice to organize the business side of things.

Oriol Torrent Jun 29 2009

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
Simple: just forget trying to “work” without apple.

reuben Jun 29 2009

In the morning I create a daily list on a piece of paper, marking an asterisk next to critical items that I must do today. Then throughout the day, I tick them off one by one and then the next day, I review the list and see what is still outstanding and create a new list, items which were outstanding are given higher priority.

I use outlook for meeting appointments, and print my calendar off on a daily basis. And use this to know which meeting room I need to be in…

I do have an iphone and will use notes to record anything I need to remember during the day. Our company has a rule that no notebooks in meeting unless your presenting, which means I use notes a lot to to jog my memory.

Alfredo F. Casasola II Jun 29 2009

* How do you manage your business and schedule?

I manage it by using free resources that are available to me. I am a big proponent of cloud computing before it was given that label. I use Google and all it’s services very heavily and more than most people.

* What tips do you have for being more productive?

Being productive involves being organized and managing your time in an effective manner. By doing so you can have a productive day and do things efficiently.

* What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?

Hardware and software are tools of the trade. Just like a carpenter has it’s hammer to be able to perform specific tasks for his job, so does a person that uses computers and software. You need to analyze the type of work you will be performing, which will allow you to select which hardware/software platform is good for you. Personally, I have been raised and have worked in a Windows world, but after being introduced to OS X in the early 2000’s it was the environment for me. The Macbook and the iPhone are two hardware platforms that I work with and make my day to day work better and funner.

* What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?

Lenny Terenzi Jun 29 2009

Trying out several methods right now… Using GoPlan and also using Things Mac and iPhone. Would love to have one integrated solution

Jake Rocheleau Jun 29 2009

For being more productive, I always have a pad of sticky notes or paper with me. Whenever I know I have something to do that’s very urgent but no time, I write it down and stick it to my desk. I am always at the computer working, so when I leave to get lunch and come back… I get right on my most important tasks of the day :)

Azumafuji Jun 29 2009

I, unfortunately, do not manage my business really well. I just hope it all works out in the end. Lately this hasn’t been the case so I’m trying to get more disciplined about it. I’ve tried OmniFocus, The Hit List, pen and paper, notes (Apple Mail) and various other mechanisms, but nothing has stuck so far. Maybe this will.

Amanda Shertzer Jun 29 2009

I currently run my business with a written to-do list in a notebook, and on my old very simple cell phone. My company has an application for iPhone which will make working much easier so I’d love to have one. I had never heard of Daylite – someone forwarded this to me – but it sounds like just the thing!

Chris Pugh Jun 29 2009

I’m in the process of starting my own business and this would be most useful.

Donnie Page Jun 29 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
– Using iCal, Things, Mac Mail and Mobileme. Things does not integrate well with the other apps, but does provide iPhone flexibility. Mobileme gives us that online resource everyone needs.

What tips do you have for being more productive?
– Start your day with a list of goals for the day. Don’t overload yourself, keep it simple. Goals for the week also help.

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
– We use a mix of MacBook Pros, Mac Pro’s, some PC’s for client software captures. For software we use almost the entire Adobe Suite of products, Mac Mail, iCal, Things, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Transmit, and of course Adium to keep in touch with our more saavy clients.

What tips do you have for being more productive?
1. If you’re using public transportation, use your mobile browser to read your e-mail and respond to messages. Read your feeds on your mobile phone. You’ll spare a lot of precious time.
2. When you get to work, close Seesmic or whatever Twitter desktop client you use, ignore, and get to work. Take a ten minutes break each hour and check your Twitter account if you’re addicted to it. Otherwise, go outside for some fresh air.
3. When you get back at the office, minimize all windows and concentrate on what you have to finish first. Open the application and start working on it.
4. Always start your work with the easy tasks. Do the easy tasks in the morning, when you’re not tired. It will take to finished them half the time than working on them in the afternoon.
5. Don’t eat in the afternoon. It will make you sleepy. Take the lunch at 11.30 or 12.00, them take a 10 minutes break for fresh air and get back to work. Get a Coke in the office or some energy drink.
6. Don’t drink coffee after 13.00 hours. You’ll get tired in max. one hour and you’ll feel like you haven’t sleep one hour in the last couple of nights.
7. Take snacks in the afternoon, then take a 10 minutes break for fresh air. Eat fruits. they give you energy.
8. If you’re addicted to Twitter or social networks like Facebook, browse them once in two or three hours, but no longer than 10 minutes. They will distract you.
10. Set deadlines to each task, especially if they are time consuming. If you have to finish a project by 16.00 hours, set your deadline at 15.00 hours. Eventually, you’ll finish your work by 16.30.

Luc Lapierre Jun 29 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
– Web apps / iCal / Google docs

What tips do you have for being more productive?
– Cut the TV
– Not rely on a schedule

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
– MacBook Pro
– Adobe suite
– Coda
– iTunes ( to cut noise distraction )

Matt Hauth Jun 29 2009

Currently I am using an mixture of products to manage my business. Quickbooks for finance, Calendar for Scheduling and ActiveCollab for Project Managment.

But hopefully these tools can help!

Andrew Ramos Jun 29 2009

The hardware/software combo I currently use to be productive is a Mac + Things and iCal. Things does a great job of letting me quickly input my tasks and organize them as needed, but I also need the time based support of a calendar.

dizzl Jun 29 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
Team – synced calendars and email
personally – additionally post-its and handwritten lists.

What tips do you have for being more productive?
break down your projects in small achievable tasks.
document as much as possible (time, project etc)

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
of course a computer, allways pen and paper at hand, a mobile calendar (p.e. iPhone)

An internet connection with Google Docs (and Calendar) really helps!

Luke Canvin Jun 29 2009

In terms of productivity software I use GMail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Billings 3 (from Marketcircle as well) for time tracking and invoicing. Pretty basic setup but it works well!

Ryan Glover Jun 29 2009

Make a to-do-list for tomorrow. At the end of every day, make a list for the next day. Plan on what you want to work on or achieve. It allows you to be prepared with the proper materials, develop basic ideas, and set completion goals.

Fadia Jun 29 2009

I still write lists every 2 days to help me prioritize my to-dos. Everything is included on one page- jobs, tasks, reminders, etc.
As for software, I use Apple Mail and iCal for appointment reminders and with MobileMe syncing – this works great with my iPhone. I also use Chronograph to tack where my time goes. As for looking at the numbers, well, I use iWork’s Numbers!
Being able to prioritize is probably the most important thing for keeping up and sticking to a schedule.

I’m a young guy who operates with old school to-do lists on paper and post it notes. I’ve also devised an electronic “backup” system using Gmail filters and Google Calendar that allows me to access my schedule anywhere.

Whether you map out your day on paper or in your head, making the best use of the time you have is paramount – but try not to overburden yourself and always give yourself time to step away.

Ultimately, any system that can run a suite of Adobe products, OpenOffice, and Firefox pretty much takes care of my stationary needs. Smart phones are great, but I find I can get by with a regular cellphone, a pen and a Moleskine notebook when I’m on the move.

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Jun 29 2009

All of my business and scheduling is done through Google Apps. The integration with Docs, Calendar and GMail make it possible for me to easily track what I need to do, even with mobile versions for my “dumb” phone.

My biggest tip for being more productive is to sequester yourself from the outside world. As many have pointed out, living in an instant online society has many drawbacks and keeps you from getting into “the zone”.

While I would love to have a smart phone or some other whizbang technological crutch for staying productive, generally speaking all I need is a computer capable of viewing the web. All of my stuff is out there on the web, and as such, I can do some work from just about anywhere.

Célia Leocádio Jun 29 2009

# What tips do you have for being more productive?

A very clean, organized and inspiring workspace, and shutting down all web interference, as twitters and social webs.

Define worktasks for that particual day. I use paper and pen, as simple as that.

Jose Adan Jun 29 2009

Talking about scheduling business i use mi iPhone synced with GCalendar and GContacts to stay in touch with c.lients and people who collaborate with me in Web Developments Projects.

Thanks in advance.

Jash Sayani Jun 29 2009

Key to Productivity: Time Management. I log time for everything I do. It really helps…

By the way, count me in for the giveaway!

SpinX Jun 29 2009

I use Basecamp for my to-do lists, deadlines, …

Kenneth Jun 29 2009

I use The Hit List to manage my todos and notes. I also use notebooks for notes, of course (something about writing makes it better) and Google Calendar for appointments (when I can remember). So nothing special, I guess, but I try to keep it to a small number of clients/projects at a time so it doesn’t get overwhelming.

Sam De Decker Jun 29 2009


A good thing to manage your business is to use the best apps for it, i’m using HARVEST for time tracking and making billings, also iCal to manage my agenda and it’s very easy to sync to your iPhone/iPod or cellphone.

A good tip to manage your business is to be organised and be neat..

I hope this will help you a litle more..

Roggie Jun 29 2009

Tools combination:

iCal (iPhone + Macbook)
Stikie (iPhone)
Post it

Bryan Jun 29 2009

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?

We are fairly “old fashioned” – pen and paper time sheets for us; however, we all have iphones so maybe that IS the answer! :-)

KevinBrown Jun 29 2009

I keep a to-do list with “The Hit List”. It makes prioritizing tasks easy.

I also jot down ideas on a legal pad.

Pandora Jun 29 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
— Use StreberPM and Google Calendar to manage schedule and business.

Valentina Jun 29 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
I use a free mac app called Taskmate and occasionally I write on paper (or my hands!) my todos.

What tips do you have for being more productive?
Don’t write down too many todos, be realistic. Write little tasks: eliminate a them time by time can be very satisfying!

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
Something that can manage different projects and areas of my life (for example my private life and my working one); something that can track time and keep in order projects related documents and files.

Sorry for my poor english!
Valentina from Italy

brian Jun 29 2009

My key to staying more productive is to keep organized. One wall in my home office is just a dry erase board, and I manage project information like technical guides, deadlines, contacts and so on. By having everything laid out in front of me I am able to quickly asses my current status and plan my work day. Organization leads to planning and the planning leads to greater productivity.

vincent Jun 29 2009

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?

A Mac is essential to me. Along with software that is able to keep track of tasks, calendars and schedules.

How do you manage your business and schedule?
Schedule is mostly done through outlook as I spend so much time in email anyway it just makes sense, tasks can be sent between staff etc. appointments logged and followup scheduled. Also all of our client contacts are in there making things easy as I don’t have to swap programs etc.

What tips do you have for being more productive?
Complete one task ever morning on your ToDo list before opening your emails. Also make a set time to responde to emails and stick to it!

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
Realistically I am still looking for that all in one software that can manage all aspects of my business. I hate the fact that I have to have 3-4 different programs in order to run my business. Sales, CRM, tax, emails, outstanding accounts, follow-ups, pending work, etc. etc. the list goes on and on! These small programs like ‘billings’, ‘highrise’, ‘campfire’ etc. are great in their own right but I don’t want to run a million programs just to keep my business running! They are all promoted to save you time, but in reality we now spend more time switching programs. I for one would love….and I do mean love to find a program that does it all!

Steve Jun 29 2009

We are all over the place when it comes to the schedule…We use to manage projects, meetings and calls, as well as, what the business development team is doing…In regards to daily activities we try to have it all in there but I am still addicted to my moleskine notebooks and have one for me and one for each client…

As far as a tip goes I say delegate or know when you have way to much on your plate…I find that if my to-do list is realistic I end up getting more done in the day than if I try to squeeze in a ton of items…

A software package that is easy to use by all levels of user, as well as, something that is very easy and takes very little time to update would be great…there are days it seems like all we do is update schedules…

What tips do I have for being more productive – I use Google gadgets to help with productivity. The Work Timer is really helpful for tracing daily work time and I use the Count Down timer set to go off every 55 minutes giving my computer hands a quick stretch to help manage my carpal tunnel.

Jessica Jun 29 2009

The best way to stay productive (for me) is to plan my work. I’m not a big fan of rigid schedules, but writing down what I need to do in what time sections of the day makes sure I stay focused and have time left over to spend on other things. Otherwise as a small business owner I work myself round the clock–and into the ground. I use simple calendar tools, google calendar at the moment because it syncs with my blackberry.

jordi blanch Jun 30 2009

i use things. is the best for my iphone

Unfortunately, our business also uses Windows and Linux machines, so I see that this sort of software would be virtually useless. Plus, my sticky-notes have been doing me fine for at least five years. Maybe I’m just an old fashioned modernist.

I manage my business using Google Calendar and synchronize it with my nokia e71.

Ziggy Jun 30 2009

• How do you manage your business and schedule?
– ToDo’s and schedules are magaged with iCal.
– For notes, clips, snippets, links and attachments I use a mixture of TextEdit, OmniOutliner and HitList although I’m not satisfied with that “solution”. I wish I could manage all kinds of informations in one app. Set up a project > schedule the tasks and to do’s > attach links and files to it (like in DEVON or Journler) and that’s it.
• What tips do you have for being more productive?
– Sleep enough. :-)
– Drink enough.
– Don’t eat junk-food.
– Move every now and then.
– Communicate!
– Because I’m a creative worker my kind of productivity in work is a bit like a “self-sorting” chaos. Sometimes there are different projects at the same time. There are only (!) the folders (aliases of the folders) on my desktop I am working with. So I can see which jobs are relevant today and I can jump from one project to another without rummaging. It would be better to have a solution to handle those folders in an app – together with other lists (schedules, to do etc.)
• What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
– Just my Mac and me. I tried to use a PALM every now and then but I can’t become accustomed to this kind of project management. Maybe its only because of the tiny screen. I.m.h.o handhelds are just a better cinema for mice. In former days I used an EPOC. Good handheld with good features (and a keyboard) but not developed any further…

Charlie Nielsen Jun 30 2009

Well, I guess that I’m a bit more ‘digital’ than most others .. Starting the day with a summary from the Inbox, writing a list of todo’s into Lotus Notes and assigning tasks to employees.
Efficiency can always be better, but we have a good pace and feel that faster speeds and efficiency can be too much. But a better overview can always be needed.
Fortunately the Lotus Notes – sync’s with my iPhone .. ;-)

Zeki Dikmen Jun 30 2009

– I’m using an opensource GTD app for my daily schedules.
– I’m following smaller to bigger tasks basis for being more productive
– I’m using toodledo for both my laptop and iphone.

Isaak Kwok Jun 30 2009

At the moment, all the tasks are in my head. And sometimes, it’s written down – on paper, in my Mac or on my iPhone. Will have to think of a better way to coordinate all the tasks on hand.

Jason Ament Jun 30 2009

I use:
Billings 3
Monthly Budget Ledger (It’s a book you buy at your local office supply store, not a computer program) I like a hard copy of my stuff.

Jason Ament Jun 30 2009

What tips do you have for being more productive?
I know that this might not be a great answer, but I read books… a lot of books! I think it keeps me fresh and helps me to think like other people at times.
I DO NOT have Cable TV. TV is the biggest production killer.

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
I have a 2008 Mac Book Pro and the Adobe Master Collection. I use Twitter and ada as my social network. That’s about it. My biggest peice of advice is to:

Live Simply.

Paul rostorp Jun 30 2009

I make a to-do list almost every morning, it really helps,


Esteban Maskin Jun 30 2009

In a perfect world, every email I receive asking for a speceific task, should have a button that allows to convert magically that mail into a new task. It also should set a timer that starts and stops each time I work on the file associated to that task. Finnaly, when i end the task, it will send all the needed info to make the invoice, and later send priodic states to the clients.
That’s how my workflow would set me free for focusing on design.

bianchef Jun 30 2009

I am considering a freelance business. Using my iMac and iPhone with Daylight 3 would be a good start.

Natasha Johnson Jun 30 2009

One tip that I have for being more productive. Is schedule some fun time in your calender. Might sound stupid but I find that when I dont do it I suffer a really bad burn out. I continue to work on projects till Im tired. My family say I should also schedule time to eat also. But I find making time for fun keeps me productive and going on to the next task.

William Barrera Jun 30 2009

Hello, I´m a fan of Marketcircle. I usually use gmail, iCal and some to-do programs to manage my projects. I also recommend the Berto Pena´s blog ( in Spanish), an expert on productivity. Thanks.

Active Collab to keep track of projects, deadlines and milestones. Good old fashion’ to do lists to keep my days on track. Other people buggin’ me to get things done helps too…

CMDesignstudio Jun 30 2009

I really cant manage my day because I dont have a way

Jon Hopkins Jun 30 2009

Currently we are just using email and to-do tasks that aren’t kept anywhere but on a white board. Moving to a more organized solution like this would put us leaps and bounds ahead of where we currently are.

Kevin Nichols Jun 30 2009

I have a gigantic white board 2 feet from my office chair. In the morning I prioritize my day with to-do tasks and then check them off as completed. If I make 50%, that’s a good day.

e11world Jun 30 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
I use my phone soo much for this. I have a terrible memory espeically with names. I’d love to be able to sync that info to a web program but my current phone can’t connect to net and needs Nokia software to be able to transfer calendar info to PC. (soon my iPhone 3G S would help I think)

What tips do you have for being more productive?
Don’t waste more than 2 hours a day on emails /rss feeds and things like that. Have a 5-10 minute break every 3-4 hours and try to look into a far distance to refresh your brain.

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
I write all hours/notes/pricing spent on a paper book to keep them all in the same place. I like to do this on PC but if I have no power, no help. Now it will take lots of time for me to convert 20 pages into a spreadsheet too. But both would be nice.

This is a nice giveaway. I hope I win since I’m getting my iPhone now and I hope my info helps others.

Eric Huber Jun 30 2009

I manage my business with a combination of task lists, Google Calendar, and Gmail contacts.

As for tips for productivity…DON’T CHECK EMAIL EVERY FIVE MINUTES! Also, block time where you don’t answer the phone or emails. Review tasks that can be grouped together (i.e. send files, email clients, write quote…send quote).

I believe I would benefit in a specific task management/time management program that then ties to an accounting program for billing.

Daylight sounds cool. I’m off to check out their software now!

The best tip I can give for being more productive is to ensure you have a manageable work/life balance. Some people can have more of one than the other but rest assured if you dont give yourself time to relax from your work you will most certainly burn out.

Make time for yourself to enjoy the things all around you and not get trapped with the mentality that things can wait, because they may not be around tomorrow.

Enjoy your life, and the productivity will come.

Pedro Assumpção Jun 30 2009

I use OmniFocus to manage my project and tasks. This cool software fits for me because its features linked to GTD.
With Gmail and labels I manage my contacts, calendar and “waiting for” messages and tasks.

Tom Cowen Jun 30 2009

Old school but I take a sketch book with me everywhere, allows me to keep track of those vital to do lists and I can can record those creative ideas on the go…… oh yeah and my iPhone to keep in touch with the world, clients, friends and family….. = productivity!!

Ross Curzon-Butler Jun 30 2009

I manage my business through online tools:

– Google Apps for calanders, email and shared documents
– ActiveCollab for communication with clients
– Twitter for tracking and pr
– WordPress for announcements
– RSS feeds to find out what’s happening within my field

That way I can do it from wherever and whenever.

Connie Walsh Jul 01 2009

I am going to talk about hubby, he is the mac business guy. Currently he manages his business exclusively with the mac and iphone 3g. Problem is his client list doubles every time there is an upgrade from apple. I think he has 4 copies of each of his clients…annoying. I think tools would help him…he needs help…don’t tell him I said that

Joel Acevedo Jul 01 2009

* How do you manage your business and schedule?

It’s hard to do when you have to take care of two kids with special conditions, but I usually wake up around 7am to take care of my freelance business. I head to my regular job around 8:30am. Come back home around 6:00pm. Spend quality time with my family for at least 2 hours a day. After they go to sleep (around 10) I spend 1 or 2 hours to finish whatever project that needs to be done before going to bed.

* What tips do you have for being more productive?

Get some sleep (7-8 hours a day). Cut distractions. Be realistic about your goals.

* What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?

A good mouse, comfortable chair, big monitor and lots of RAM (I open like 8 programs at same time when working).

Thanks for the opportunity!

Robert Jul 01 2009

Wow what an awesome deal… I’m working towards getting all my mobile capabilities available through my own site or via as few tools as possible to expediate all my to do’s, scheduling, and orders. Just if I could have my specials auto generated monthly now…

Steven Jul 01 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?

Old fashion posted notes, they are everywhere! My schedule is wrapped up in ICAL and Mobile ME for my iPhone.

Sara McAllister Jul 01 2009

My schedule management is all over the place. Google Apps is helpful for calendars and to-do lists since I can also access those on my iPod Touch without the syncing issues I have with everything else, and for “in your face” to-do lists I rely on Postit notes which end up all over the outside my 30″ monitor. It’s not sexy but it works. I’ve been trying to convince my boss to invest in Daylight… I haven’t succeeded yet but Daylight for free sure would help.

Andrew-M Jul 01 2009

Stick-it notes.
Lots of them, in all colours.

Dries Jul 02 2009

– I manage it with internal platform I build myself, but one disadvantage, no iphone connection (yet).
– Be more productive -> drink more coffee
– I need a reliable mac and one software package that has it all.

David Jul 02 2009

What tips do you have for being more productive? – In order to stay productive, in my opinion, you need to plan everything for the week with a sufficient amount of time between each task. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve planned too many tasks to be completed in one day to then fall behind. I always plan for at least one whole week and try to complete each task without stressing over what may happen if I fall behind.

Delon Jul 02 2009

Make a priority queue and try to stick to it. Once you start one job, try to finish it before starting another.

Always try to use the Project Triangle when doing any job – GOOD, FAST and CHEAP. The client can only pick 2 of the 3, where the 3rd is what they won’t get. Make sure they know this rule.

Travis Jul 02 2009

Hey Guys,

– Personal tasks/ Projects are kept in a moleskin (GTD)
– Shared project Docs are in excel.
– I’ve recently been creating cheat sheets of frequently used code. This helps me grab what i need without going through old project files. My designer and I have also started using Blueprint CSS framework and Thematic for wordpress.

Hakim Jul 02 2009

Over the course of the last year I’ve switched from using Stickies and iCal to manage and note everything to using a combination of apps to handle different tasks.
Things is my go-to app for project planning and scheduling. I use it in conjunction with Checklist Wrangler, which is excellent for checking off minutia during film shoots. Habits helps me develop and reinforce beneficial behaviors.

Rocket No. 9 Jul 02 2009

We use a variety of apps for our business: activeCollab, QuickBooks basic online, Dropbox, Highrise, Google Apps, etc etc… probably too many apps!

Integration is key for us. I think we could use some simplicity though!

Gotta have my iMac desktop and Mac Book Pro to keep things moving…

Kimmo Jul 02 2009

* How do you manage your business and schedule?

Weekly plan on a white board next to my desk.
Daily to-do on a sheet of paper written a day before.
Meetings and such on iCal Nokia phone.

* What tips do you have for being more productive?

KISS, GTD and avoid silly acronyms.

* What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?

Better brains. E-epa.

mantas Jul 02 2009

Best tip for productivity ever: JUST.DO.IT!!!

S Miranda Jul 03 2009

What tips do you have for being more productive?

Donate for research to find a cure for procastrination.

Montana Flynn Jul 03 2009

I manage my business through the wonderful Billings software for OSX and email. I have been intrigued by Daylite for a long time, as my mom is a Filemaker Pro developer.

Mariohn Jul 03 2009

1. Always set alarms and reminders on Iphone for deadlines and Task. Tp be more productive i try to work when there is no people around the lest people the lest distractions you will have.

We plan out all our projects (Milestones, tasks & resources) once we have the go ahead we schedule the tasks in to our calendars to manage our time. We’re still assessing a number of project managements solutions/software at the moment.
Daylight looks great so we’ll add that to the list.

O Waters Jul 04 2009

How do you manage your business and schedule?
– I heavily use the application ‘Things’ by CulturedCode together with iCal. This helps me keep on top of tasks in a GTD fashion whilst managing my day to day schedule.
– I use ‘Billings’ by MarketCircle to track time spent on projects, publish invoices and track payment.
– Recently moved my accounts over to which has made things a lot easier in terms of accounting.

What tips do you have for being more productive?
– Using a GTD app has greatly improved my productivity. Setting up for the following day the night before helps give you an active start to the morning.
– Set your email to check less frequently. Prioritise emails and then act up on those with high importance at a specific time every day.

What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
– I pretty much depend upon my MacBook Pro and iPhone for productivity. Without them I’d be lost with what to do!
– Things by CulturedCode keeps me on top of tasks.
– Billings by MarketCircle keeps my time tracking for jobs in order and manages invoicing.
– iCal for general event scheduling and reminders.

Randy Jul 04 2009

I’ve never been more productive then when I switched to the Mac. About two years ago I moved to the Mac and I became so much more productive. When you can start doing work and the OS works with you instead of fighting against you and getting in the way your production rate skyrockets.

Shawn Jul 04 2009

In order to be more productive, I use GTD apps as well as multiple lists of tasks to do. I also try to avoid distraction by only having 1 window visible at a time.

Shane Cooke Jul 05 2009

I usually require an iPhone, my 17″ MBP, and a notebook in order to stay productive. I’d like to utilize something Daylite to augment my procedures.

Paul Jaques Jul 06 2009

Always try to make use of ‘Things’ to keep track of what needs doing on projects.

Would be hopeless and completely lost without my Macbook Pro, iCal and Mail!

Patrick Sledz Jul 06 2009

* How do you manage your business and schedule?
Day specific events come on the calendar. The calendar is managed in Outlook (with Exchange) and is also pushed or sometimes pulled) on my Iphone calendar.
Time management is a fable. Time can’t be managed. You can only manage what you do in a given timeframe.

* What tips do you have for being more productive?
Empty your head and write everything you need to do (professionally and privately) down (paper or electronic) .
Create actions on each of these items you have written down
Organize it in projects (more then one action concerning to get the same outcome)
Review it on a regular basis

Be prepared on input that just blows away everything you planned for that day.
Keep track of things (tasks, actions) that you are waiting for on somebody else.
Keep your body and mind in shape! Exercise
Visualize wild success
Do things that give you a quick win, so you get started and will do that are not that pleasant or that don’t give you a quick win.
Something more abstract is to think about your job description. Sometime you lay your energy in the wrong bucket because of lack of knowledge or your job description.
Read “Gettings things done “.

* What kind of hardware/software do you need in order to be productive?
Pen and paper!
Outlook (with Exchange server)
Remember the milk
Evernote (as a capture tool)

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