Giveaway: Pixmac Credits

Pixmac, a microstock photo site, is giving away 20 credits to five randomly selected winners.

This giveaway is like a scavenger hunt. This is what you have to do: Head over to Pixmac’s site, look for a photo you think represents design and/or development, head back to this page and provide a link to your photo, a description of why you think the photo represents design and/or development and then also share your experiences using the Pixmac site.

The giveaway ends on November 10, 2009 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Nov 3, 2009


Tyler Nov 03 2009

Wow!! I just found my new “go to” site for stock photos!!

The photo I chose is: The way this relates to design is that I’m actually looking for a photo exactly like this to play with for my portfolio!!

The site was really easy to navigate, and there are TONS of excellent photos on there!! Very impressed!! Will definitely go there for my stock photo needs!!

Great contest too! :)

Sebastian Nov 03 2009

i like this pic:

This image represent work group that is necesary in development and design.

Pixmac is a good site has a lot of photos of differents things

I like this pic:

I like the juxtaposition of color on one side of the image with gray scale on the other.

Michael L. Nov 03 2009

I like this one because it represents the fuel that us web designers and developers function on: coffee. You can find it on a lot of portfolios; the “signature” coffee cup illustration on the desk.

The Picmac site was easy to use; the search- quick and responsive. I like their pricing system as well.

Craig Wann Nov 03 2009

I have spend a lot of time on Kuler, so this one rings true for me.

Miguel Olivares Nov 03 2009

I like this pic, because represent all the things that we do when we design.

The site is very good, easy to navigate and easy to find.

Sharon Nov 03 2009

I want the picture:

It is for a menu design work of one client. I cannot find suitable image in iStock, but I saw more choices here. And also the price is cheaper as well. Great!

And the reason why I chose this photo is:
1st, consistent with the dish
2nd, the colour is good
3rd, it is real and vivid.

Hope I can have the credits:)

Metin Ucar Nov 03 2009

Hello there,
Here is my picture:

I chose this because I’m looking for high quality blackbird pictures to design a vector illustration out of it for my personal logo.
Regarding my experience on the website, well it is easy to navigate and has a powerful search. Yet, it’s missing a “Browse” function. Because, not everybody knows exactly what they’re looking for. So, such a function would be very useful for them.


Steve Robillard Nov 03 2009

I chose this picture

I think it reminds us that good design is not a one size fits all proposition. It needs to be thought of in context – What are you trying to communicate and to whom.

I have really enjoyed pixmac I have done several searches that returned new images (not found on other stock photo sites).

Nicole Foster Nov 03 2009

For some reason this makes me think of design because I think of modern design. This makes me think about how we emphasize color psychology, color theory, and color therapy. All three that I am trying to study. It makes me think about how far we’ve come from old, brick designs.

Sat Chen Nov 03 2009

The image I chose was

I like it because it shows the world as advancing in technology.

Pixmac is an easy to navigate site and love the photos. Really impressive!

Brandon Lowe Nov 03 2009

Here is the photo…

why does it show development… well, it is the girded iron frame and backbone that holds together beauty that the final visitor will see. Rarely is the foundation (code) seen, but just as in life, beauty is one thing… but we all want a solid foundation under our artwork, homes, financial portfolios… foundation is key.

As far as the site… I have not ever used it… Perhaps that will all change after I win. That is, if… I win. Blessings.


Zach S Nov 04 2009

I like this one:

Pretty good site, I’ll definitely have to bookmark it for future projects.

twe4ked Nov 04 2009

I chose:

Colour is a huge part of design and this image shows that well.

The PixMac website was a pleasure to navigate, I loved the slide up favourites box.


Vitezslav Valka Nov 04 2009

Thank you Jacob fro this! I hope Pixmac will satisfy everybody. If not, tell us. We’re here to create a site that works for you.

Phillip Nov 04 2009

I like this:
It would be a nice pic, that could go nice on a web design portfolio; “Bring the world closer”.

It’s my fist time using pixmac website and they seem to have a comprehensive database of pictures, nice.

Kimcool Nov 04 2009

I like this pic:

I love the lady and the sofa with the color.because the color is so cool.

adone Nov 04 2009

I love, and this picture:

Hot devil pretty woman, nice shot and my favorite color red.

Pixmac: easy search, big database, nice prize, mutli launguage, best value 300dpi for print.

jerboa Nov 04 2009

I choose this one

because I switched to mac this week !

Cassandra King Nov 04 2009

Design and Development happen together, teamwork makes an idea fly.

Stephanie Nov 04 2009

I picked this picture to represent web development:
I chose this one because web development is kind of like a digital wormhole that you can get sucked into. :)
This was my first visit to pixmac and I was impressed. I will be visiting this site to find more pictures for my projects!

I chose this image:

Because it represents the process of combining multiple disciplines to create something aesthetically pleasing. You have the original architect, builder, and materials designers all put work into creating something that is now unified and beautiful.

I think the site is great. My one wish is that the “similar pictures” thumbnails were a bit larger. They’re too small for me to really see what’s going on in the image, so I have to hover over them to see the big thumbnail. However that takes a second to load so I end up spending a long time mousing over every image.

Every artist and designer had to start somewhere, and more often than not, our love of creative expression first blossomed when we had a crayon in our hand.

This was my first visit to Pixmac. It was a little slow to load, the thumbnail popups are too easy to trigger, and certain pages are a bit crowded – but overall it seems to be a good site.

67developer Nov 04 2009

I think developing is just like puzzle. We have the whole picture in our heads, and have to put the pieces together.

I just found this site, and like it. It’s fast, and clean.

Ayman Aboulnasr Nov 05 2009

I think designs come from those special moments when you suddenly have this sound that clicks on your mind every time you have a new idea. A light bulb that suddenly lights is a perfect way to represent just that.

hotmac Nov 05 2009

Design and construction means to put an idea across with little effort and maximal efficiency.

Every artist and designer had to start somewhere, and more often than not, our love of creative expression first blossomed when we had a crayon in our hand.

This was my first visit to Pixmac. It was a little slow to load, the thumbnail popups are too easy to trigger, and certain pages are a bit crowded – but overall it seems to be a good site.

My pick:

I picked this as a starting point of a design – a potential texture or background to be used as part of a design to enhance the background or another element of a site.

I’ve used Pixmac in the past for a travel tour website that I did for a client of mine who needed specific photos from the town he was giving tours about located in Mexico. Easy to use, good selection of photos and reasonable price.

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