Giveaway: All Modern Workspace Items

Six Revisions and All Modern, a retailer of home and office goods, is giving one reader close to $200 dollars worth of nice items designed by Blomus to beautify their workspace.

Here are the items that will be given away:

Patio Book Ends: This set of stainless steel book ends from Blomus make for a perfect modern storage solution.  The simple, yet elegant design works well for both home and office.

Patio Book Ends

Akto Pen Holder: Store your pens, pencils and other office supplies in style with this stainless steel pen holder from Blomus.

Akto Pen Holder


Akto Notepad Holder: You’ll never have to scramble to find a little piece of note paper again!  Keep your note paper easily accessible with this stainless steel notepad holder from Blomus.

Akto Notepad Holder


Akto Tape Dispenser: Avoid sticky situations by keeping a roll of tape at your fingertips.  This stainless steel tape dispenser is so much more stylish than those plastic ones.

Akto Tape Dispenser

Akto Magnetic Clip Holder: Never lose an important document again with the help of this magnetic paper clip holder from Blomus.

Akto Magnetic Clip Holder

Lumen Hurricane Lamp: Late night at the office?  Keep your desk illuminated with this modern desktop lamp from Blomus.

Lumen Hurricane Lamp

This giveaway is limited to the U.S. because of shipping limitations.

For a chance to win, all you need to do is leave a comment on one of the following topics:

The giveaway ends on June 29, 2009 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jun 22, 2009


Stephanie Griffin Jun 22 2009

What’s one missing feature in your workspace?

I need one central location on my desk for my office supplies. I’m ALWAYS losing my post-its, I have no sort of bin whatsoever for my paper clips so they are just floating around everywhere, pens everywhere, etc. It is kind of a pit of despair.

WEBBOgrafico Jun 22 2009

Nice Giveaway… unfortunately is limited to US and I live in Italy… but interesting giveaway, go on like this!

There’s a good selection of book on show there..
Reminds me of Ikea.

KevinBrown Jun 22 2009

Wow, this is nice!
My current workspace is a simple desk… :(
If I need something (ie. paperclip), I have to fish around in a drawer of supplies!

This would be great!

Khürt Williams Jun 22 2009

Wow! The All Modern web site is very cool.

I don’t have a photo of my current workspace as company policy forbid photography at the office. My desk is devoid of paper except for a few issues of Wired magazine and MacLife. I have a few “lucky” bamboo plants located in the corners of the desk which serve to hide the cables from the company issues ThinkPad dock (hooked up to a 21″ wide screen LCD) as well as provide some Feng Shui. On the right hand side of the desk (steelcase) I have a bamboo place where I keep my beverage prep tools. I mostly coffee (Bodum Chambord French Press) but I also like tead (Yves Glass Tea Infuser from Teavana).

When I am working I keep my desk clean except for a small notebook and the document I might be referring to at the moment. I find a lot of clutter distracting so I tend to keep my desk paper free with a few nutty items from ThinkGeek.

Sometimes I bring my MacBook to work and use the second input on the display but I wish I had another 20 inch display so that I did not have to switch back and forth.

Brandon Morse Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is a disaster. I just moved into my new place and apparently most of my organizational/storage units were destroyed or lost in the move. Luckily I still have my mini-fridge stocked with Red Bull and have a decent set of speakers to crank out the tunes while I work. I do miss having dual monitors for each computer, but until I’m able to get my workspace organized I don’t really have space to pull out the extra monitors. This biggest distraction is all this clutter. Picture

Jordan Moore Jun 22 2009

What are things that distract you when you’re working?

Google Reader, any time that number changes on a new tab I feel like I need to know what’s happened. In my workspace however it’s the view of the neighbour staring back at me from across the road.

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Jun 22 2009

Currently my workspace is an unorganized mess. There are books and pens laying everywhere. CDs/DVDs laying about with no case. Computer parts circa 1996 as far as the eye can see. And then there’s the soda cans I’ve tried many times to force myself to clean this junk up, but it always leads to something distracting me.

I absolutely love my MS 4000 Natural keyboard. I do a lot of writing, and it’s essential to have a comfortable keyboard when spending multiple hours in front of the screen. There’s always some Pepsi Max in the fridge, and the coffee maker seems to be set to “constant auto”.

The one thing missing from my workspace is focus. The amount of time and effort I put into attempting every few weeks to re-organize my workspace would be much better spent if I could do it once in a truly organized manner.

Twitter, email and Google Reader are my biggest distractions while I work. I don’t know why I can’t just shut these things off, and get to work. My brain always tries to make me do 3 things at once, and consequently I end up doing everything at 1/3 capacity.

Randy Jun 22 2009

Wow, I would post a picture of my desk if I weren’t ashamed of the mess.

It consists of glass desk, a 19″ HP widescreen monitor, a MacBook Pro sitting on a mStand. A logitech MX Revolution Mouse and an Apple bluetooth keyboard. My drinks sit on a 3.5″ floppy disk, I believe it was part of a windows 95 install.

A billion papers everywhere…

Kyle Pasciutti Jun 22 2009

Describe your current workspace:

I have a nice little workspace in my basement. I use the space for everything from Graphic Design, to Prop & Costume Building. Being that I work in Theatre, I never know what I’ll be up to next. The big problem with the space is that there are no windows, and the closest I can get to sunlight is out the door and on the other side of a wall. Because of this, I have experimented in different methods of “Mood Lighting”. From simple candle light, to color changing rope lighting, I find that I need some sort of light other than the harsh compact-florescent wave coming from overhead. I have a nice surround sound system, a futon, drafting table, wide desk (very important… thin desks don’t work for me), and quite a bit of storage space. I also keep a pair of congas in the corner for when my brain just really needs a moment to reset. I’m fine with a certain amount of what I call “organized clutter” (that is, a cluttered group of materials in one space which all belong to the same project), but I find the singularly out of place items to be much more of a distraction. For instance, right now when I’m trying to get some E-Mail & web work done, but I have my midi keyboard (which I was using for some sound design) sitting to my left staring me in the face… lol
Overall, 8.5/10
Could be bigger & above ground, but I would also loose a lot of the freedoms of this particular office.

Braden Douglass Jun 22 2009

My Workspace:

I currently moved from Jackson Wyoming to Lakeland Florida and due to the circumstances I am living with my inlaws…yeah. My current workspace looks like a living room table, can not wait to move!

Jason Jun 22 2009

“What are things that distract you when you’re working?”

My wife and her incessant pleading for attention.

Twice Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is a desk with nothing but a screen, a keyboard, a mousepad, a sketchbook and a pencil. Those are the things I really need when I am working.

The one missing feature is something I can draw inspiration from. Maybe a little screen that shows Flickr photos would be nice.

Next to my workspace is a side table, with sketches, invoices, printed documents, letters, a cup of coffee (cold) and more undefined clutter. :)

Julie Jun 22 2009

I started a new job about a month and half ago. I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected to personalize my workspace. It has no character. That’s the one thing it is missing…character. That and a margarita machine…why not add that to the giveaway? :-)

As far as what I need around me? Organization. I am a Virgo and we thrive on organization. Binders, folders, schedules. That’s me. Now as far as what distracts me – I get distracted my reading articles online. Relevant to my job, yes. But they also prevent me from focusing on the 12 open tasks I have running at the same time. Revamp my desk! Get me back on track! Pick me, please!

Jon Maloto Jun 22 2009

One (of many) missing features? The ability to just stare at my wall and draw inspiration from many sources! Wish I could do that right now, but alas I’d need to find the time… or perhaps the free Blomus stuff? ;)

Paul Espinosa Jun 22 2009

My workspace is a old style desk with no matching desk products. A plastic pen cup, a different style of post it note dispenser, and that is it. Have to search the inside of my desk for everything else.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Jan-Ulrich Mckenzie Jun 22 2009

Love these, really awesome stuff. My desk is quite frankly dull and boring.These items would definitly spice up my days, and get my creative juices flowing! I still havent had a chance to pick up a nice pen bin, so all my pens and pencils are laying around, its a real pain. New to this office space stuff (used to work out of my appartment) I guess I d love to have a nice and modern desk to impress my collegues.

jonathan Jun 22 2009

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?

For some reason, I always need to have a cup of coffee, my ipod touch connected to speakers and my phone right next to me while I’m working. Even though it might be easier to use iTunes on the mac while working, it just makes sense to keep the music out of the workspace. Likewise, when I need to take a break I’ll check my phone for the time instead of the screen – it almost gives me a reprieve from looking at the monitor!

Anyway, these items are absolutely beautiful, they’d look amazing on my brand new (pretty much empty) black ikea desk and I really hope I win!

AndrewE Jun 22 2009

I would love the book ends. Oh how they are needed…
Great giveaway!

David Siegfried Jun 22 2009

I am a new employee at American Medical Systems in Minneapolis working on web design and my current workspace needs some help. I started working the same day as another marketing professional. Her cube has a look that helps express her earthy personality. I began thinking about my work area after seeing hers. I currently have blank desk space, blank cube walls and I have been unsure how to express the clean digital work environment I keep on my computer to those who can’t get in and see my file system and icons.

I have been looking at office-related accessories, but as a recent college grad and a newly wed with some big bills to pay, my clean file organization has to speak for itself.

Needless to say, the stainless look is a clean yet funtional look that could give me my desk-space mojo back.


barbarabaker Jun 22 2009

What’s one missing feature in your workspace?

The one thing missing from my workspace is definitely SPACE!!! It’s pretty much desasterous. We share a workspace with hubby, myself and three kids (from 1st-11th grade). We could sure use a nicer area to work in…

Dustin Hubbart Jun 22 2009

My workspace is very simple and clean.
I am constantly needing tape and post it notes.
My tape dispenser is a roll of tape.
Having to dig it off the roll every time is very distracting.

As you can tell I have nothing like this. So please, hook me up!

lonnie Jun 22 2009

My workspace is a collaboration of black and silver, with lots of books, magazines and paperwork messing everything up. My desk is lacking in organization, but would be greatly enhanced with the items in this contest! Thanks.

Natasha Johnson Jun 22 2009

The top of me desk is nice and neat. But that is only because I keep everything hidden in my drawers. Bad part is that I cant find anything when I’m looking for it. So my biggest distraction would be my drawers clutter. Try looking for a pen in it. You can call it a day. Makes me use my notes feature on the Mac. Never can find my note pad and pen at the same time. And paper clips is a joke. I got about six new packs in these drawers somewhere. Just got to hunt them down.

Jovia Web Studio - Ryan Battles Jun 22 2009

I am distracted by anything on my desk that doesn’t belong there. I like to have a container for everything, and if it not immediately useful, for it to be cleared from my desk. One way that I make this happen is to clear my desk at the end of each day, and prepare it for the morning. Throughout the day, whenever I switch projects, I try to file away items from previous projects. The only way this works is if a filing system is easy to use and access. I leave an open file bin on top of a table nearby.

Troy Peterson Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is very simple… I have a monitor, a keyboard, digital tablet and mouse. Nothing much else is there.
What I need to have around me is really something to drink and something to distract me… like music or TV playing in the background.
One thing that’s currently missing from my space is a lamp. I really need some type of mellow lighting. The overhead lighting I’m using now is way too harsh.
The biggest thing that distracts me while I’m working?… I would have to say my kids :) They tend to get into fights at the WORST possible times.

Chris Lewis Jun 22 2009

I can use all the organizational help that I can…my desk is a constant battle between finding things and being organized, and this would definitely assist with this!

trees, that’s what we need in my workspace. It’s cramped with servers and computers we don’t have any space for trees.

John G. Jun 22 2009

I have a small desk and on it I have a can of pencils, a Macbook Pro, small speakers and a WD HD. I am surrounded by books and I wade through containers full of unorganized paperwork. Recently I just set up my Cintique 12WX and it rests by my small desk.

I am missing WORK SPACE!!

Anything related to design distracts me from my work.

BJMRamage Jun 22 2009

Let’s see, work is limited to my an area less than my arms length on either side. I have minimal space and no space for papers (they just pile up). I have limited wall space but am making room for (soon-to-be) baby photos.

Home workspace: Desk for iMac and side small bookshelf for printer and paper swatch books. My home space needs a bulletin board/dry erase board/magnetic board to post things on and some of my photos hung (they are framed but the wire broke before getting a nail/hook into the wall.

Things that are distracting …TV and Cats, really just one of the cats.

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to win the desk give-away items.

benn mendelsohn Jun 22 2009

Things i need around me when i work:

dual screen mac pro
intuos 4
paper, pencils, pens
action figures

cbuck Jun 22 2009

Beautiful designs.

Kerensky Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is pretty disorganized, and not helped by the old-school 19″ CRT I’m still using that takes up a lot of desk space. Everything from Blomus looks awesome though!

cbuck Jun 22 2009

My workspace is simple American Corporate post-modern bland. Actually, it is quite nice, I have some plants, bobble-heads and a Buddha. Dual monitors with one extended for my laptop and the other to access our KVM network.

I keep a few USB keys, a couple of camera’s and, of course, my iPhone handy when I work. Earbuds are my friends as I work in a loud office, which is my biggest distraction. Picture.

anthoula Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is my kitchen countertop. I set up my laptop, mouse, notepads, harddrive everyday and then put it away at night in a backpack.

I need to have things like my hard drive, water, pen, and iPhone to work.

I need a desk! and maybe an actual room to set the desk up in.

Distractions include TweetDeck and clutter.

Ben K. Jun 22 2009

I actually keep a pretty uncluttered workspace, but the office is old and they refuse to discard items that have reached their useful life (example: my tape dispenser is held together by the very tape it dispenses).

I prefer to keep my workspace clean – just pen and/or pencil, a notepad for sketches and notes, and a sticky pad for notes that go up on the wall to visualize planning.

My workspace is, simply put, missing modern touches. Don’t get me wrong, vintage can be a great look, but unintentional vintage lacks true appeal.

The most distracting thing at work is the next idea. Getting ahead of myself is something I always have to keep in check.

giordany Jun 22 2009

I have three desks. One really old one, and two new ones which are mainly used for my friends when they come over to work on a large project together.I have a dual monitor, which i use for editing films. One of the desks I have is L-shapes, so I used one side for my calendar and to keep track of stuff. I also use it for projects.

I need to constantly have pens around me because I keep losing them. And post it notes are always a must because i have to always keep reminding myself to do certain things or to check up on things later.

I’m missing a top of the line computer.

Things that distract me are books.

Kim Adams Jun 22 2009

My Current Workspace:
Well what else can I say besides—Gray! The fuzzy cubicle walls have different tones of gray woven in while the walls are cold interlocking cinder blocks painted gray. My desk has a faux tan wood grain with you guessed it….gray accents. Currently most of the desk is covered in busy little projects and the widow is consumed with meticulously groomed plants of every flavor. Ultimately each desk accessory is mismatched—mostly due to acquiring them from surrounding desks (shhh…don’t tell). It may not be pretty, but I can call it my gray home away from home.

I’m usually distracted from working on boring projects by working on projects that are more fun.

Jared Huffman Jun 22 2009

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?

File organizer to keep all of my current projects organized for easy access and reference. Also speakers or headphones I need music most of the time I’m working.

Jason Lydon Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is a generic IKEA desk, with dual DELL monitors. There is a phone with no wires(thankfully) at 8 o’clock, followed by a inherited Wacom that I don’t use nearly enough, an unopened box of Hubs peanuts, some scrap paper, my employee handbook (still unsigned), a notebook with some pens, my glasses and some unused lunch napkins on it, the 3 types of hand sanitizer, my left monitor with 3 mustard packets and some pepper under it, then my empty Corp logo’d coffee mug below the split of the monitors, the Wacom pen under my right monitor, and the a metal water bottle to finish it off at 2 o’clock.
The things I need to have around me, are my headphones and a water bottle, and room for me to kick off my shoes. And something to doodle and jot ideas on.
One thing missing, horribly missing, is a view out a window, of any kind, my view is into the kitchen.
The internets is the most dominant thing that distracts me at work. As I type, I have a IM message popping up in my gmail tab! But it also breaks my day up and inspires me as well!

Charlie Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is a dining room like table that is more wide and long. My wife and I have split half the table’s workspace length-wise, so we work on the same table facing each other.

My wife and I both need our computers always, along with a notebook and a pen. We have a jar of miscellaneous things like USB keychains, chapstick, postit tabs, etc..

The one missing feature in my workspace is probably consistency in look and lack of character. I have random books used as my monitor stand and stain of the wood table is rather hideous. Everything is thrown together haphazardly. Mostly it’s because of laziness and also because we haven’t gone searching too much for items that fit together that would express our personalities.

I hate the lack of table space and I’m always clearing stuff from the table onto shelves or some other place. I like less clutter although I don’t always maintain the idea. One hard thing item to clear away is where to place my DJ style headphones or even the iPhone headphones, without it just laying there on the table. I wish I could place it out of the way to clear table space but easily accessible.

Rohan Jun 22 2009

Three 22″ monitors, one MacBookPro, 4 Dell machines of various sizes and configurations, a phone, a steno-pad and a Superman costume – that’s what I have at my desk. It’s not as well laid out as I prefer but until I can find the time, I have to make do with this.

David Rojas Jun 22 2009

I’ve found that it’s really important to me to keep my desk as clean as posible. No papers or stuff around, just my computer.
Nice giveaway, it’s a shame it’s limited to US :-(

Luis Rodriguez Jun 22 2009

I work in a cubicle. Actually, I call it my domain for self-esteem purposes. I currently use a 24″ Widescreen Monitor and a slim line Lenovo desktop. I also use a 15″ Unibody MacBook Pro. I like to have a notepad, pen, and tape handy when working. I do a lot of paper mock-ups, so the post-its and tape are pretty key.
I had to pick something that my workspace is missing I would say that there needs to be a way to hide keyboard and leave the desk space in front of my monitor open. Kind of like the key board trays of old. I can’t -and really do want to- screw anything into my desk so that doesn’t leave me many options.

When I work I am distracted by email and RSS notifications. I wish there was a way to -via USB or Bluetooth- view on a small utilitarian screen information widgets. Like the chumby only more simply. With easy GUI to customize the info and the way the screen looks.

Dibyendu Sarkar Jun 22 2009

* Describe your current workspace:

– Well my current workspace comprises of a decent sturdy table that I got from Pier Imports. On top of it sits my Dell XPS and a Wacom tablet. A penholder with a double sided photo frame and a 100 color pencil stand. That’s as far as being organized with the workspace goes. Then comes the total disarray of paperclips, sticky tapes, post-its of different dimensions, stapler and pins, a notepad or two, some printer paper on the lower shelf. Well, I still manage to get my job done! :)

* What things do you need to have around when you’re working?

– A small drawing book & color pencils for quick draft sketches, and a small notepad and pencil/pen for non-ppt/word/gtd moments.

* What’s one missing feature in your workspace?

– A neat supplies organizer so that I can find stuff quicker! :)

* What are things that distract you when you’re working?

– Nothing when I really get going and everything when I’m dry on ideas! :)

Matthew Simo Jun 22 2009

OoOoo… Shiney!

My current work space is laughable but functional. I work from home and my work area is a hodgepodge collection of things I’ve collected from the past 6-7 years, some even dating back to the college days!

Nothing matches, and it’s quite funny.

The book ends and notepad holder are especially nice. Kudos!~
-Matthew Simo

Kenneth Jun 22 2009

The one thing I find myself constantly needing (and having, thankfully) when I work is a notebook and pen. Even though I work on a computer all day (web developer), there’s something about the tactile art of writing down notes, even just RGB or hex values, that makes the work better.

John Barbagallo Jun 22 2009

My desktop sucks. The coolest thing on it at any given time is my new iPhone!

Martin Jun 22 2009

One missing feature in my workspace is room. My desk is in the corner of my kid’s playroom, and since the room is small, my desk is small. Very little room (width-wise) for my keyboard to fit in front of the monitor. Also, very little room for my chair to move without hitting some toys.

Richard Lemon Jun 22 2009

What are things that distract you when you’re working?

– Giveaways and twitter… nuff said

Adrian Jun 22 2009

Something that i need to have around my workspace is a printer.

Mike Skon Jun 22 2009

My current workspace could use some organizing, papers and misc. items everywhere.

Shawn Jun 22 2009

I recently finished my new office, but other than the desk it is lacking furnishings, widgets and all the other cool things an office needs. So now the office is pretty sterile and bland. These would be a great addition to the place where I live most of the time.

mintyfresh Jun 22 2009

I’ve been freelancing for a year and a half but only JUST got myself a desk and chair to work at. See it here:

As you can see, there is pretty much nothing on the desk, and I can barely afford to buy the supplies I need! Darn economy has slowed my workflow. I need a tape dispenser! A place for my post-its!

My desk consists of a stack of papers, a plastic pencil holder with pens, tacks, staples, and paperclips. Very dangerous if you are looking for a paperclip in there :) I guess I could really use some organization with a touch of class.

Vasili Jun 22 2009

My desk is really messy. It gets really frustrating when I have my iPod and cell phone charging, my head phones because I was listening to something, and the keyboard on the small desk. It’s just a mess! :P

J. Dutton Jun 22 2009

My sister moved out recently, so I’ve appropriated her old room for a makeshift office. It’s just a plastic table with the fold-out legs, office chair, a printer, and my laptop.


I need a computer. I’m in high school to start up a webpage design company with a friend, but it’s kind of hard when you’re trying to meet a deadline and your little brother is playing the sims on your computer.


Michael Arnaldo Jun 22 2009

College Student, and full time web designer paying my own way through school. I have a jerry rigged setup that gets me by.

Michael Arnaldo Jun 22 2009

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?
* A better lighting source
What’s one missing feature in your workspace?
*a good chair. I have major back pains.
What are things that distract you when you’re working?
*Outside noise. I have been looking for a good pair of noise cancelation headphones. Price always gets me.

Ryan Glover Jun 22 2009

My current workspace is decent, though, I do not have a low light source. I have a large fluorescent light that hangs over my desk and makes late night working difficult.

I could also use a bit of organization help and style boost.

My current workspace is a folding table that is too high off the ground. My chair’s height adjustment broke about two months ago and I have had to add a blanket and foam pad because my chair was converted to a low-rider. The best part is that I have developed carpal tunnel due to an improper work station. Okay enough complaining about myself now.

Very nice giveaways by the way!

So… I have a bit of a monitor fetish. Currently I have quad monitor on my desktop PC and dual monitor on my laptop.

What I need is are few 24inch Dell monitors. And some serious cable management!

JUST started a new job today! Designing for a luxury spa/skincare company… office is a big giant warehouse (lacking anything that resembles a comfy/cool place to work besides a nice chair). I currently sit at a cardboard/fold-up table meant for heavy-duty barbeque-ing! The only thing that looks remotely nice is a brand new glossy laptop… otherwise, it’s a bore.

I like ample light where I work so that I can look at print outs. I also love desk organizers; nothing makes me feel more comfortable than having all of my supplies except for paper all in one spot (provided no one walks off with it). I’m a post-it fan.

It’d be nice to have a workspace with speakers and a boss that’ll let me use them.

I get distracted if I smell food or hear sounds that are abnormal to the environment (like visitors, pets, etc.).

I try to keep the workplace very simple – two monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers, a glass of something to drink, and a notepad/binder. On occasion I’ll have a laptop sitting on there two. If I’m not using something, I usually throw it somewhere else, but there’s no good place to put it.

I need to have something to write on always. Taking notes on the computer is not an option – must be tactile. I seem to be missing space from my desktop, but that could be from a non-effective layout in which to put various entities that begin to clutter the desktop.

The thing that distracts me the most is definitely other people – be it via IM or in person. Find a way to get rid of those during the crucial hours and you’ve got me sold! If not the people, then boring surroundings. No inspiration.

steven Jun 22 2009

I work for my mama daytime,and my office is very so normal !
But i work for myself at night, so i have a office in my home, i just need a supper computer desk,which can fullfill my time changeable strange position !

Melek Jun 22 2009

Describe your current workspace (link to a photo if you want).
my current space is the spare bedroom in my condo. an l-shaped desk, shelves over one side. dual monitors for my mac and a pc laptop for testing.

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?
a phone closeby. easily accessible file folders and paper clips. chap stick. hair clips. calculator. coaster for my drink.

What’s one missing feature in your workspace?
good lighting!! my current lamp burned out and i can’t find a replacement bulb. the under shelf lighting isn’t sufficient.

What are things that distract you when you’re working?
Ringing telephone…the dog needing to go out…the glare from my window.

Shawn Jun 23 2009

I get really distracted by chatting with friends on iChat.

Nice for the desk, pretty simlpe and beautiful collection

Heather S Jun 23 2009

My current work space is a small desk with a desktop and printer on it. If functions okay but it’s such a small space for all of my “stuff”. My “stuff” is mostly what distracts me since it just seems to pile up. I need to have pictures of m friends + family around me to work efficiently. The one missing feature would be organization and space.

I recently reconfigured my workspace…perhaps salvaged is a better word, from a room of boxes that had been virtually untouched since my wife and I moved into our new house this past November. A fresh coat of light blue paint, some wall mounted shelves, some piecemeal, but matching, Craigslist-found office furniture, and some self-printed public domain Works Progress era posters in inexpensive frames on the wall revitalized the home office at an incredibly cheap price. I abandoned the old desktop PC in favor of a clean desk and space for a laptop, and finally got the drafting table I’ve always wanted. In just a month, this has gone from being a junk room to my favorite room in the house.

When I’m working, the important thing to have around is scrap paper or notepads of different sizes, working ink pens, and sharpened pencils. My desk is filled with doodles and lists, and occasionally, I sort through them to find the gems and to clear the rest of the clutter.

I’ve got two things that I really need for my workspace. First, is a laptop stand and USB keyboard. If I work for two long, my lower back starts aching. The other thing I need is a rug — to keep the chair from rolling. Old houses tend to shift before they settle, and if I pick up my feet, I find myself rolling quickly into the wall opposite my desk.

I’m distracted by clutter. And occasionally hunger. And once in awhile, a moth will sneak in and start ramming itself into the ceiling around the light fixture, which drives me insane.

Thanks for the contest!

Amos Vryhof Jun 23 2009

I have a simple desk, no drawers, one two-drawer filing cabinet off to the right. On top of the desk is a hutch. My PC is on the floor The monitor is Central, directly behind the “Storage Compartment Keyboard” which is about as close to dishwasher safe as electronics can be. Along the left of the hutch is some cubbies containing folders with important information in them, and spare office supplies. Along the top of the hutch are three areas, one with a pile of long-term job folders containing everything pertaining to those customers that I work on. On top of those folders is my inbox… which is usually empty. To the right of it is my scanner and left speaker. I often have to scan hardcopy photos for customer websites. The next shelf contains all of my hour statements for each week, photo mailers and spare pieces of cardboard for sending photos back to customers. On the main surface of the desk, aside from the monitor, keyboard and mouse is a telephone which provides the most distraction, especially when I am concentrating on a difficult piece of code. To the right of that is a stack of “In Progress” work and miscellaneous notes to myself. Within this stack is also a number of office supplies. Pens, paper holders, staplers, post-its, and notepads I have picked up at trade shows throughout the years. To my right is a pile of completed work and scrap paper (often the back of completed work), and my packet of cheatsheets for various web technologies. The piles are unruly, the mess is astounding, but the work comes before the semi-monthly clean-up/organization. Finally, for personal effect, there is a Simpson’s Desk Calendar, small talking Statue of C. Montgomery Burns, and a Coca-Cola fluted Glass. Aside from the main desk, there is the wall containing various Simpson’s posters, and a Simpson’s wall calendar. That’s it…. the mess that is my desk and the phone that is my bane in a nutshell.

John G Jun 23 2009

What are things that distract you when you’re working?

Well, up until a few weeks ago my google reader was my main distraction! I’d get distracted by one article or another, and next thing I know I have four new subscriptions, dozens of bookmarks, and hundreds of tabs. :P
If I was actively working, then research on a project would pull me into the same trap.

This is still a bit of a problem, but I’ve curtailed it a bit by entirely separating what I do on my desktop and my netbook, which sits off to the side of my desk. The netbook has web pages, reader, and research on it, while I avoid opening a browser on the desktop. This gives me a very mental distinction between fooling around on the small netbook on the side, and working on the desktop in front of me.

Jason Jun 23 2009

I need my music and my headphones.

Minky Jun 23 2009

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?

1. Music (I seriously think I could work forever without sleep with a good playlist)

2. Cleared desk space (absolutely can not work if my area is cluttered)

3. Sketchbook and pencil (what can I say, I’m still old school)

Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

Lenny Terenzi Jun 23 2009

My workspace is also a guest room so anything I can do to help separate the two would be great!

Steve Durman Jun 23 2009

What’s one missing feature in your workspace?

PEOPLE! I work in a home office that is really pretty badass. As an added bonus I have my wife and 10-month-old son just down the hall that I can go see when I need some AFK time. But I miss collaborating, bouncing ideas, goofing off, peeking over shoulders, and just general inspiration of having lots of other creatives around when I’m working.

If you guys could give away some Art Directors instead of pen holders, I’d be all over it. However I really need this snazzy stuff you’re giving away, too. So I’m stoked to win!

Ben Hesse Jun 23 2009

I need an optimal amount of visual clutter.

Shanberg Jun 23 2009

My neighbor could really use some help with his desk.
Entering for him.

Brian Swichkow Jun 23 2009

I offer a range of social media and text message marketing services, from consulting to full-service. My business depends on orginization and creative thinking. Thats why I keep my desk the way I do :-)

Kealoha Jun 23 2009

What’s one missing feature in your workspace?
Organization. My papers and books are scattered across my desk and my pens currently reside in a used jar. Constantly distracted by the clutter and trying to find anything is damn near impossible. I also could use better lighting.

Roberto Jun 23 2009

My current workspace consist of a desk and my chair. No fancy stuff. Oh yes, a tall floor lamp, and that’s it. New things would come in pretty handy.

My workspace is very bland. Unfortunately I’m a cube monkey, so not able to really spice up the area like I want to. There is a lot of off white colors and somedays it really depresses me. I brought some posters to give a little color, but it only helped a little bit. Oh, and did I mention there are no windows in my area so I can’t look outside while I work. I desperately need some spice in my workspace to give some extra motivation when working on my designs. Help!

Pranav Shirodkar Jun 23 2009

Awesome giveaway.. But is only limited to the US. :( I live way over in the East.. Keep on giving the give-aways! hehe.. Awesome work.. Thanks

Lenny Jun 23 2009

My workspace is consistently a mess. I am using a box for a monitor stand. I usually have at least one coffee cup, one food plate, a stack of papers that need some attention, random golf balls, pack of gum (sometimes empty), allergy medicine, a pen or pencil that I always have to move stuff to find, some random candy (currently sweet tarts), and random notepad and postits, and scattered business cards. Since I work from home, it doesn’t bother too many people but I could definitely used some help in the decor area :)

Media Contour Jun 23 2009

I enjoy a very minimalistic workspace. Organization and cleanliness are key in my workspace, so a desk, a phone, a computer, and a file cabinet, and a bed for my dog are all I have. Check out the Media Contour office here:

Rick T. Jun 23 2009

Everything distracts me… Music through my Bose headphones is what grounds me. As many others, workspace organization is always and issue, we are after all on the creative side of the spectrum. Good luck to all!

I feel like I have too much underutilized space. some desktop shelving would be really useful, and perhaps an inbox for current projects

Elizabeth H. Jun 23 2009

For sure the fact that I cannot find ANYTHING on my desk distracts me when I am working. I keep having to find the pencil I just put down,the paper I just wrote on…it becomes a serious issue sometimes.

I use music to center me so that when I get too flustered it isn’t so bad I can’t just work through the stress. I hate losing my headphones though lol

My workspace is quite minimalist with most of my stuff concealed inside the desk drawers. I need a Mac, a monitor and a keyboard when I’m working. Ooh, and a Logitech MX Revolution mouse… and a cup of coffee sure helps.

One missing feature of my workspace is proper cable management. I keep putting off a proper taming of the snake pit.

Music distracts me when I’m working. Music also inspires me when I’m working.

Damn…no love for us “foreigners”. Give me the prize and I’d be more than happy to pay shipping down under. =)

ChrisW Jun 24 2009

What’s one missing feature in your workspace?

Book ends would be a great improvement in my space. Those in the giveaway would be very handy.

Will Ayers Jun 24 2009

Before I start, I got to say you have designed your article layouts to be very easy to read. Thanks!

The things I need to have around while I am working would consist of some table lights, a pen holder (I currently use my coffee cup after done drinking it). Mostly holders to keep my desk organized. I seem to get very distracted by trying to keep everything on my desk organized.

I have a spartan workspace, lacking visual continuity. I like it though. It gets a lot of light.

I have a medium amount of space, so I don’t complain, but I sure do dream about a luxuriously large and open writing surface.

Distractions: Personal web tangents (clicking on connected streams of web links, leading me to places like here!)

Chris Jun 24 2009

I have a decent amount of space, but it feels cramped.
Desktop + printer + speakers + keyboard + mouse/pad. Oh, soda and random papers.Disorganization! I’m typically distracted by the random stuff lying around, which is why this would be absolutely great.

Victoria Rego Jun 24 2009

I just purchased my first condo! so, my office is literally just a desk for my computer stuff, a little file cabi, and a chair. Help! the only decorative piece on the desk is a lara croft figure and my world of warcraft mouse pad lol

i had high hopes for this office :(

Nicole Jun 24 2009

My current desk is a DISASTER.

First of all, it is a very old wooden desk that miraculously holds so many heavy objects:

– The top holds old Boston speakers, my external hard drive, a scanner, a tall wireless router, my SAT books and assorted figurines.
– There are two cub boards in my desk that contain assorted markers, pens, pencils and things I absolutely don’t need. The other one contains printer paper, a year book, game guides and random pieces of papers that were needed once. It is piled above an old PS2 headset and a gaming headset that doesn’t work.
– The desk part contains assorted lotions and perfumes, a green stapler, bottles of water, assorted pills, a pencil sharpener, an extremely old printer that SUCKS and a Gameboy Advanced PS or whatever.
– Lastly it supports my Gateway modem. Gateways suck by the way.

As you can read, it is an absolute mess. Email me and I will send you a picture of it ;P

joflizn Jun 25 2009

As a web developer, my workspace is minimalist: a desk, a chair, some books and cds.
The things that need to be around are a notepad and a pen. Hand-writing ideas are always better and help me to get focused.
Thins that are missing? well…a good lighting and additional space.
Distractions: the dogs…I have a few so it’s hard to handle sometimes :).

sfusion Jun 25 2009

My current workspace is very IKEA, not too messy, plenty of coffee cup rings. My favourite feature is the two cathode tubes I fitted behind my monitor to light up the wall behind. I can’t get on with work without my Razor mouse, a normal mouse just wont do! I wish I had a little wacom tablet, perhaps one day I’ll find the spare cash [lol] for one. My main distraction in my room is friends sending me links over chat to irrelevancies… they do help break up the day though!

Mike H Jun 25 2009

What does my workspace need most? Since I’ve been working at keeping it neat and free from the piles of clutter, most of the stuff is crammed into too little drawer space. Something to keep things organized, yet accessible, on the desk would be great.

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?

Wether its my workspace in the office or at home, some things are a must and seem to surface up as necessities wether i realize it or not.
Need to have my work area clean and organize to function, several great pens, highlighters are a must!, diff colored post-its, stapler, paper clips, a pad of paper next to me to write things downs, ideas, sketches, a to-do list. I’ve found keeping a to-do list helps gauge my workload and make sure to cover what needs to be done. i filing contraption of some sort for folders and papers and reference. I would like to incorporate somewhere a bookshelf with books and materials for inspiration!!! Admittedly my home office could use more work, it’s a bit cramped and i dont have pen/paperclip holders.. its all in a drawer under my desk that im would really like to take out cause it gets in the way.. but for now … work, work, work.

Nils Rasmusson Jun 25 2009

One thing I love about my workspace is having some life in it – literally. I like to have a couple of low maintenance plants on my desk and I also have a gel ant farm. Makes a great conversation piece and requires very little maintenance as well. I love the look of the desk accessories shown here – especially the creative design of the tape dispenser. It would be cool to have some matching plant pots to go with the set.

Current workspace is a stack of job folders (all active) and racks of pending ones for invoicing. All I really need is a second shelf for my books and magazines and my desk would be neat and tidy.

All it needs is a few nice looking metal accessories to match the quad core silver mac with cinema display. ;-)

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Ranjith Jun 26 2009

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?

A workspace should be the place, where your productivity increases by folds. It’s like … home is where your heart is!
Being a UX Designer, the following are my must have’s

1. A pretty much organized bookmarked links catergorized well (delicious is giving me that awesome tag feature and it really rocks)
2. A super fast personal computer (id prefer a Apple iMac, with a 4GB RAM, eventhough i dont have one though…am planning to go for it)
3. A central repository where i could get any graphic resource (including icons, inspirational design, code library, fonts and those unique inspirational designs)all oraganized well in the file system. Organization is the key here !
4. A perfect set of speakers which would help me to overcome those scarce moments of inspiration dryout :)
5. Finally a clean table top ;) giving some room for that clean inspiration to come :P

Barry Jun 26 2009

The problem with my office is not what I need to have around, but what I DON’T need! The little odds and ends picked up cheap through the years just does not make for a very impressive work environment for someone who sits in his home office for a good chunk of the day! The bookends I use are, well, books on their side, tape dispenser being the 96cent plastic tape thingy from Walmart, a #1 Dad magnetic paper clip holder (ok, that’s from my son so it means a lot for the $1 he spent on it), and an $11 lamp form Office Max…

Decluttering and revamping would be a welcome addition to my (lackigng) productivity.

My workspace is a black wooden desk in the corner of my bedroom. Things I always need around when I am working include lots of light, a window, and a computer mouse (I hate working without one!). A extra monitor is missing from my workspace. It would make viewing changes to my sites as I make them, easier. I like to listen to music while I work, but it can become a distraction.

annalene Jun 28 2009

The biggest distraction while I’m working is the computer! It helps me to have the computer on a separate table from where I do most of my non-computer work, that way I’m not tempted to check up on it every 5 minutes… or at least not AS tempted…

Ian Storm Taylor Jun 28 2009

This is a really sweet giveaway! Perfect set of items for the junk that is always cluttering up everyone’s desk. (and that paper clip holder looks especially sexy…)

Describe your current workspace:

It depends… when we’re talking digital work, its my bed with a pillow propped as a back rest. When traditional, its a horribly organized, exacto ridden, desk.

What things do you need to have around when you’re working?

When working digitally, its pretty minimal. My laptop, mouse, and pen tablet suffice for most jobs… Sometimes a need a camera for reference shots. Traditional is another story altogether… Pretty much any tool you can imagine, although not paintbrushes because I avoid painting at all costs. Rulers, pens, pencils, exactos, erasers, sketchbook, notepad, calculator, glue gun, rubber cement (oh how it smells so good).

What’s one missing feature in your workspace?

The biggest lacking feature for my digital workspace is a good lap desk. I am still waiting for a firm to come out with a sleeky, sexy, yet functional desk to hold my beautiful laptop (mac of course…). Until I have to resort to burning my thighs. (Please someone read this and make a nice brushes metal lapdesk!!!)

What are things that distract you when you’re working?

Anything under the sun… I am such a procrastinator I usually clean my entire room before I start working. Any clutter and I get too claustrophobic. Not always the most time efficient, but I can’t help it…

I really hope these sexy metal objects don’t cost too much… seeing as there’s no way I’ll win this with such a late comment haha!

Oh man! I could use this revamp! Just moved into my new place and just started working from home full-time! I can definitely use some sexier surrounding to keep the ideas flowing and the creative juice bubbling!

Here’s my workspace:

What’s missing from my workplace? Everything. Just moved into a new office and have a desk and a Mac. I’m feeling a bit disorganized at the moment. Then again, things look pretty clean too so maybe cluttering the office with more stuff wouldn’t be a good idea.

Belle Jun 28 2009

Describe your current workspace (link to a photo if you want).

Working from home can be a challenger. I am a photographer and when it comes to editing, invoicing, printing, and all that comes with it, organization is a must. I like to think I am on the road to creating a working environment that is fun, visually inspiring, and clean.
I have art on my walls, toys on my desk, and, on occasion, a cat on my printer. Photos can be seen on this blog post:

casey Jun 28 2009

Our new office could use these fine items.

So I work for the government. So think steel desks and really uncomfortable chairs. One big issue is that there is someone nearby with a migraine that reacts to light. So we work with the lights off. This is ok, I guess, but I eat sunflower seeds all day long because I am always a nervous wreck. Since it’s dark (except for my monitors) the seeds end up everywhere and cause a huge mess. I will use the lamp and then gather all the other cool things around the lamp so I can see them. Not sending a picture – just visit your nearest cave to get the idea.

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