Giveaway: 1,000 Points on SnackTools

SnackTools has teamed up with us here at Six Revisions to give five readers 1,000 points for SnackTools. A download costs 4 points, so that’s a lot of awesome stuff!

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment below answering the following question: If you won 1,000 SnackTools points, how would you use it?

The giveaway ends on January 14, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jan 6, 2010


Jarno W Jan 06 2010

Oh I would use those 1000 points for general good! Give my effort for world peace and maybe chill out a bit.. just in sake of global warming.

bbcversus Jan 06 2010

Thanks for the tip and for the coupon code!
Will check it out soon as I reach home.

Dave A Jan 06 2010

Thanks for the recommendation – remarkably powerful site and set of tools.
I would like to take advantage of the offer of 100 points coupon code – however, I cannot see where to enter it on the site?
Many thanks

system dioxide Jan 06 2010

I will design some banners and use it for my web.

I want :D

adone Jan 06 2010

I’m use it for create banners promo my site. I’m open this banners in my partners web sites. I’m testing create intro and flash headers.

Good luck for all.

I would use them to try and create educational stuff to enrich learning content!


Brandon Jan 06 2010

I run the marketing for three small businesses that is just starting to make an online push. 100 points would give me a serious shove.

Good luck to all

I would use them to build the banner for my website and some slideshows for the site also.

Rick Owens Jan 06 2010

That would allow me to give my clients something to sing about. Getting free means giving free.

David Jan 06 2010

I would use the credits to produce a series of portfolio galleries that I require to do for a few clients.

webbografico Jan 06 2010

I will use for my client which still ask for flash although I hate it…

Coupon codes Jan 06 2010

Banners for my site, and a lititle bit flash here and there…

Arthur Jan 06 2010

I will create galleries so amazing that they will make you want to go home and SLAP YO MAMA!

I would use the credits to create awesome ads, banners and whatever else for a new eco-friendly snowboard company I am working on starting! I’m extremely passionate about the environment and snowboarding, and I’m trying to do everything I can to make our company succeed (Niche Snowboards!)

Lloyd Jan 06 2010

If you won 1000 SnackTools points I would use it to create a nice flash card to thank all the customers their continued support.

Chris Jan 06 2010

If I won the 1000 points I would use it towards making a banner and photo gallery for one of my retail sites that are looking to really expand their marketing into things like myspace, and other websites that would allow them to post a banner. I would also use it for my portfolio!!

As a young graduate student, I would be using the snack tools to develop my portfolio website so I can look pretty awesome and some day, one day, have a real job.

I will use it to irk purists who try similar effects using JavaScript ;)

Kevin Jan 06 2010

What a great service. I will def give this a try since I don’t normally have the time to make flash stuff on my sites.

Chandan Jan 06 2010

Thank you for such a mega give away SIX REVISIONS.
I’ll be using those 1000 points for couple of my non-profit organizations’ website and creating a rich media profile for my personal website.
thanking you once again.

Tricia Jan 06 2010

“If you won 1000 SnackTools points, how would you use it?”

I would use the points to develop some slideshows for some of my personal websites as well as a two of my clients’ sites.

Diane Jan 06 2010

I would be able to enhance our non-profit school/church site with the capabilities offered here. It would be an ideal way to provide new features.

Sandra Jan 06 2010

I would use my SnackTools points to update and beautify the non-profit website,, I maintain for free.

jessica Jan 06 2010

if I had snack tools 1000 points I would use it to make more interactive websites.

Dr. Horowitz Jan 06 2010

I’ll use it in Chile next week and in my classes next semester!

I would use snack to get the push to create a nice slideshow of my wedding pics for my wife’s personal blog. Nothing beats a cute techy gift.

ryanb Jan 06 2010

I would use the points for general enhancement of design(s).

Nikky Jan 06 2010

I will use them to create photo gallery and portfolios specially for weddings, photographers, artists etc.

Eric Granata Jan 06 2010

I’d use the points to create some sweet ads for my father-in-law’s publishing project.

I’ve been waiting to get a flash-based portfolio up on my website, and SnackTools would be perfect for helping me keep the work in house.

I would use it to be awesome.

…and for those picky clients who want flash in a jiffy. I don’t have the spare time right now to relearn Flash/AS.

Jordan Walker Jan 06 2010

Points are always good.

maxgabba Jan 06 2010

I will use them for my frelance job

Jay Carlson Jan 06 2010

wow, I’d definitely use this for creating fun interactive stuff for my portfolio!

I’m just starting out freelancing and have not yet created my website because I haven’t figured out the best way to do my portfolio. This would be perfect! Please. :)

Jason Farrell Jan 06 2010

I would use the points to re-design my portfolio, and enhance some client sites I’m maintaining… Then I’d probably play around to get the feel of everything the service offers – and decide if I want to spread the word!

This is great! I would use the 1000 points on client websites and my own personal business sites.

Jason Jan 06 2010

I’d definitely use the photo slideshow option on a photographer’s website that I’m building!

id do a bit of flashing

dankyu Jan 06 2010

to make the even better sites!

Ivan Mišić Jan 06 2010

THX, I’ll try to design some banner’s for my site

Ahmed Hassan Jan 06 2010

I would use them to publish banner for one of my big clients; and if the client likes them, I will buy a monthly subscription in BannerSnack.

Tektoniq Jan 06 2010

Very cool! Would be fun to try.

i’d use the 1000 points for my wedding website! now i just have to get engaged (next month).

Eniak Jan 06 2010

Use it for development of my portfolio and future work. Looks awesome!

Angela Jan 06 2010

They are the best my products are on display their as an example, I recommend them to all, its the perfect way to display all types of graphics.


hideipuser Jan 06 2010

I would use these 1000 points to get my upcoming portfolio enriched. Thanks for this nice giveaway.

Lauren Wolff Design Jan 07 2010

Thanks for this heads up! I would use this great app to make my life a lot easier and make my clients happy with the results! Can’t wait to get going!

MrGiang Jan 07 2010

Oh my God! If you receive 1000 points I have a lot of work to do. Thank you.

John Newlon Jan 07 2010

This looks like an awesome Flash tool for beginners!

edgar villalobos Jan 07 2010

Hello from Mexico, 1000 that would be nice for mi webpage is very simple i need branding

Sudip Jan 07 2010

I will use it to spice up my office website, which is about to get a overhaul.

David Jan 07 2010

I’d use it to create banners and websites.

criest Jan 07 2010

Wow !!! its so useful…plz add me into this competition. ^^

thanks !

Alex Flueras Jan 07 2010

I would love to be able to integrate more Flash banners into my websites as I am not really a Flash expert :)

shashank Jan 07 2010

i will use it on my website to create cool banners

Don’t have the money and I could really use this for my upcoming website. Thanks. :-)

James Jan 07 2010

If I had 1000 snack tools: I’d make an eye-bleeding series of Flashing banners that go swoosh.

… Just kidding. I have no idea what I’d do with them, other than not make eyes bleed.

SnackTools sure looks slick though, quite an achievement technically and very pretty interface to boot!

i would use them to make some apps for my clients

Andi Griesser Jan 07 2010

banners for some charity projects in our city

Joseph rozwood Jan 07 2010

I would love to win 100o points. I can use this to create banners to help out my business.

ChrisW Jan 07 2010

I would use the 1000 SnackTools points to help build a beautiful, revolutionary new website

yumpstyler Jan 07 2010

I would

=> make banners for my website
=> create diashows for my website.

I’m not a Flash-Pro so Bannertools is perfect for me.

tebee Jan 07 2010

I would use the points for the good of the world, peace, happiness, nourishment, and maybe for a banner on a website or two… ;)

Taufik Jan 07 2010

Well, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give it to poor people out there. Oh yeah, never mind.

1000 points are freaking me out already. LOL

croblanc Jan 07 2010

its going to be very useful, I want to create a blog

I would use it for creating flash banners for a website I am making.
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize.

i would use the 1000 points to help me out of doing banner and slideshow ..

I would use the points to catch fish and eat for a lifetime.

Jamie Lovelace Jan 08 2010

What an easy way to make flash banners!
I’d use 1000 points to make lots n lots of banners, maybe the odd photo slideshow!
great tool!

Recently a client asked me to do an image sideshow, he showed an example and asked to do something similar. All the tutorials available to produce something like that used Action-script 3. Ultimately I had to drop the project as I didn’t have the know-how to modify Action-script 3. If I get the 1000 points may be I will be able to do such works online.

mischa Jan 08 2010

I will integrate them with my websites so I can make amazing stuff with less effort. :D

I’d use this to create slideshows and banners for my clients – I’m not good with flash so this would be a great solution!

Glendelm Design Jan 08 2010

Very nice. It’s something i’ve been meaning to give a go :P.

Thai Lam Jan 09 2010

exactly what I need when almost clients in my country always ask for something flashy on their website and it could be a flash banner on the top or something like that. How painful I am. It could be great if I have that 1000 points to full fill my works :(

do some presentations and show off to my friends

I will use the 1000 points to create advertisements to advertise my own website.

Anjum nawab Jan 10 2010

i will use those points to create flash Image Galleries :)

i would use all of the credits and purchase more.

NicoP Jan 13 2010

As the web designer for a Boy Scout Troop, about 100 people would be greatly benefited by me earning 1000 points!!! I love working in flash!

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