Giveaway: Next Day Flyers Credits

Next Day Flyers, an online printing company that delivers printed materials with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, has teamed up with Six Revisions to give three lucky readers $50 in credit.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment answering the following question: If you won $50 in credit from Next Day Flyers, how would you use it?

You must be 18 years old or older in order to qualify for a chance to win. This giveaway ends on July 14, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jul 7, 2010


I would print cards saying “You are amazing. Pass This On.”, as many as possible. Then, I would give these cards to special people or leave single ons in special places.

Tommy Jul 07 2010

I’d use it to make garbage.

Would finally make some much needed brochures and business cards.

Sean - SmallPayroll Jul 07 2010

I really need to do some offline advertising for my web site, this would help a great deal.

MicheleB Jul 07 2010

I’ve been meaning to get some posters printed for a while. This would finally get me moving on it.

Ariel Jul 07 2010

I would make some retro postcards to send to my friends and family

Egzon Jul 07 2010

I would print different greeting cards saying “Love Knows No Distance” and send them to the girl i’m in Long Distance Relationship!

I would either use it for my new branding/business or use it in a client package.

They have the same concept as 48hourprint, but for less money. I may have to try them anyway.

Karen Jul 07 2010

Self promotion.

Friends at a local bar are putting together a fundraiser for the families of fishermen and others affected by the oil spill in the gulf. I really don’t think people outside of Louisiana understand how devastating this colossal cluster**** is to people/animals/ecosystems down here. I’m going to donate my design services for the announcements/flyers. To be able to have them printed for free could help put more funds in the hands of those who need it.

Jane Hamilton Jul 07 2010

I would print bookmarks. I love using them for a unique and useful business card.

Rhonda Brown Jul 07 2010

I would use the credit to promote my small business.

GymDJ Jul 07 2010

I would use the credit to make flyers or business cards to help promote my site offline. Probably flyers though.

Sun Pietro Jul 07 2010

I would print some extraordinary business cards for me.

Alaska Jul 07 2010

use it for my next print client

Jordan Jul 07 2010

I’d finally get the business cards I’ve been putting off printing for the past 3 months, as well as some brochures.

Megan Jul 07 2010

I would order new business cards if I won a $50 credit from next day flyers.

I would use this credit to create promotional materials for my upcoming new web development business. I live in an area overrun with “graphic designers” who call themselves “web developers” but there aren’t any actual PROGRAMMERS around here! So this is a chance to make my mark!

Help me make my dream a reality!

Cisco Jul 07 2010

I have been building a niche site for artist and would love to print materials to promote the site at local art shows and schools. Many upcoming artist don’t have the resources to have their work made available on line and this would be a great way to get this site running in my home town of El Paso Texas

i’d get some new business cards!

A-Ron Jul 07 2010

I manage a group of distributors for a product that lowers vehicle emissions. I would use the $50 credit as an award for one of them. They could then print and distribute them as a sales tool.

Nate S. Jul 07 2010

I would use the $50 credit for some new business cards

Joe Jaramillo Jul 07 2010

I’d get new business cards to replace the ones I bought in 2003.

Kreshnik Jul 07 2010

I would get some door hangers for my shop :)

Ilona Andrews Jul 07 2010

I’d print bookmarks promoting our next book release :)

Gergely Ratting Jul 07 2010

I would print business cards. On each card, i write a unique id, which could be used to login to a special site, where you can see the places where the card was or will be.

Kevin Jul 07 2010

I am a musician on a budget, so this would help with promotion for an important show coming up in the next few months.

Veronica Jul 07 2010

I would use it for some postcards or brochures.

Sherrie Jul 07 2010

I’m sure we would use it for company promotional materials – we’ve had a lot of good work done through NDF.

It would be very usefull to promote the webdesign company that I and 2 other students have started. With good offline promotion we sure will have enough clients to have a great start after school.

Darlene Motley Jul 07 2010

I’d hook up one of my clients with a nice freebie so I can make a client happy and try out a new vendor!!

jason Jul 07 2010

I would print out some of the different design era posters that I have designed but have not been able to print out because that costs money… money I don’t have to spend…

Sebastian Jul 07 2010

i’d get some new business cards!

Rhett Jul 07 2010

self promotion, hands down; I’m starting a certificate program in a field I actually enjoy (creative writing) and need to get my name on the map.

Steve Robillard Jul 07 2010

I work with university disability offices, they proctor thousands of exams for their students. I would print some testing in progress hang tags for the testing room doors.

Jennifer R Jul 07 2010

I think it’s just a marketing strategy than a giveaway :(

Brendan Jul 07 2010

Promotional pruposes

Nicholas Gagne Jul 07 2010

I would create some business cards.

I would be using it for my Business Cards…

Simone D'Amico Jul 08 2010

I would use the credit to print business cards to promote my site.

Karthikeyan Jul 08 2010

I would use the credit for printing promotional materials such as flyers and brochures for my personal artistical blog. Thanks!

mastersson Jul 08 2010

Some stand-out flyers for my mom’s property business to put on shop windows, that what I would do with the credit!

webbografico Jul 08 2010

I will use to renovate my crappy and old business cards

Mario Awad Jul 08 2010

Business cards of course :D

Riccardo Jul 08 2010

I would use it to print my newspaper

Rommel Miraflores Jul 08 2010

$50 is a good start for shipping costs. I have lots of printing to do for clients, so it wouldn’t go to just one job, but spread throughout my orders.

My band would use them as download cards or show flyers.

We already use NextDayFlyers. I work for a non-profit granting wishes to terminally ill adults. We would use the flyers to help promote our next fundraiser in September..!

Eve @ Designing WIth Eve Jul 08 2010

I would use it to get some promotional materials printed for a local site I am about to launch. Our area is lacking in online presence so I am hoping to cure that!

Kelsey Jul 08 2010

I would use it to help out the recent site I’m working on for a non-profit company helping out yound adults with disabilities since they are rather new and would like to spread the word =)

Sulaeman Jul 09 2010

I would print cards saying “People always forget how fast you did a job, but they will remember how well you did it” and put a cartoon characters there for $50 credit from Next Day Flyers, then give them to everyone i meet, but also keep several for mine and my family ^_^

younes Jul 09 2010

i will bay a pc whith it (becose i dont have one)


Carlos Jul 09 2010

I would print some business cards to help me start my own business. I’m a Web & Graphic Design student.

Metin Jul 09 2010

If I win, I’ll print out my firm’s business cards so that finally I can properly promote my firm.

Robert Jul 09 2010

I would use it to promote my sister’s new website business :)

Since I have not been getting any recent web projects lately, I have been broke and winning this will finally get my already designed business card printed.

knico Jul 11 2010

Business cards!!

I would use it to print posters advertising our next big event around town.

Joel Kidd Jul 12 2010

If I won the $50 credit, I would use it to buy some business cards.

Kevin B Jul 12 2010

I would make some kind of social media card to give interesting people I meet for business purpose!

Michela Cappelli Jul 13 2010

Great Stuff! Count me in!

kutoku Jul 14 2010

I would use the credit to promote my business.

MAJ3STIC Jul 14 2010

I’d use this to finally print some business cards.

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