Giveaway: Custom Logo Design from Inkd

Inkd, an online marketplace for creative businesses, is giving away a standard custom logo design package (worth $299).

To win, simply leave a comment stating how you’ll benefit from Inkd’s custom logo design package.

This giveaway ends on August 18, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Aug 11, 2010


Justine Aug 11 2010

This would be awesome for me to win this competition, especially as we have just launched and our current logo designed by me really lacks the creative touch. Fingers crossed :)

xerronas Aug 11 2010

Hi, I need logos for inspiration to create logos for my own projects.

As a developer I find it very hard to come up with (some decent) something that will identify you, separate you from the rest; and a (custom made & good looking) logo is a great start. Many thanks !

Rhys Laval Aug 11 2010

It’ll be used for my new web 2.0 which is totally new and never thought of before using the latest api’s.

Joao Oliveira Aug 11 2010

This logo would give a boost to the company I work on. We have a poor logo and need a great one.

Nigel Sampson Aug 11 2010

I’m starting a company to build Windows Phone 7 applications, I’m a developer, I couldn’t design myself out of a wet paper bag. I need all the help I can with creating a brand identity.

Matthew Guay Aug 11 2010

I’d love to have a custom logo design for my site so I’ll quit seeing my current free logo used on other sites and products ;) Plus, unique branding should help increase my site’s recognition, and it’d be fun to try out Inkd’s service.

Phil H. Aug 11 2010

I’m about to relaunch my website – a new logo would be perfect! :)

I have been transitioning from a computer services based business to a mechanical engineering & design based business. A new logo would be a big help in defining the aesthetic of the new company.

Donnie Aug 11 2010

A new Sevenpixels logo would help me brand my company even more. While I like the current logo I think there is much more than can be done. Something that is catchy and memorable. I’ve been wanting to get some nice shirts made with the logo and I think a new one would be perfect. New logo = relaunch with new site, business cards, shirts, and other office items.

ThinkSoJoE Aug 11 2010

My band thinksobrain would benefit from Inkd’s custom logo package because they would design us a distinctive logo to help separate us from the pack of bands locally, and give us a unique look for promoters and labels to notice nationally.

Stijn Janssen Aug 11 2010

Because the logo’s found on Inkd are way better then anything that I will ever be able to do myself!

Thumbs up!

Satanella DJ Aug 11 2010

At last I would stand apart from the rest of the local DJs and artists with a great looking logo that would identify me.

Khürt Willaims Aug 11 2010

I want a logo for professional IT services business. Something that brings together the two important elements of coffee and technology.

Hannes Aug 11 2010

would love a logo redesign for a Project I’m involved with [ , translation of german wiki entry -> ] – since the basic idea is kinda nice but at the moment it does look somewhat stiff :)

Hector Jimenez Aug 11 2010

i want the looogooooooo!:D:D

I would use this logo to jump start a partnership for an idea I have.

I’ve just started my own company for web development and a custom professional logo would really help in building up my brand!

Liviu Stoica Aug 11 2010

The logo will be used for the new version of the site palned to be realesed on 12th october. thank you

i need a new logo, so this would be perfect for me!

naspinski Aug 11 2010

Me and a colleague are coming up with a new product that already has customers waiting… but we don’t know what to call it or have a logo – this would be fantastic!

Jezfx Aug 11 2010

Young Web Design Developer in the UK, looking to go freelance after Uni. would love to win a logo package to get me started, in the industry, thanks guys. love your work.

Tomas Drimal Aug 11 2010

Woow, great. In next three-five weeks i will start my own company and i still dont have a good, professional logo, identity :) I will be very very happy to win this prize.

Sebastian Aug 11 2010

we are a young software company from germany. a new and improved logo would really help us to improve our appearance (especially on print).

Cool idea! I would really need a new logo for my free OpenSource RSS reader rsslounge (

Hope I will win ;)
Best regards

Chris Aug 11 2010

I am starting a website for my wife’s marketing/copywriting work. She is looking to get into freelance writing. I want to be able to create a site for her that matches her writing ability.

Sven Meier Aug 11 2010

I know of a free and open software project which would benefit from a new Logo – please include me in this giveaway.

spinx Aug 11 2010

Just starting a new b2b service, custom logo would ne awesome!

i’ve been looking for someone to help me find a logo that best defines my business as a freelancer. I feel that this will up my productivity and gain more customers!

Mike Weiss Aug 11 2010

I am setting up a shared workspace in my area and could use the savings of logo design and put it toward making the space even cooler.

Paul R Aug 11 2010

Just signed the papers for a new LLC, last week. Been putting in time developing business plan. Having the logo designed would certainly take some tasks off my plate!

valentin guenichon Aug 11 2010

be more sync with our market
get a modern and durable design
have different perception and interpretation of our business

Geek in Heels Aug 11 2010

I’d love to win this giveaway — I’ve been working on a logo for my blog for what seems like ages but I still haven’t gotten one that seems to fit perfectly.

Liam Hammett Aug 11 2010

Well obviously, I’d benefit from it by having a professionally designed logo. But in longer words…

I’m a designer myself but can’t design for myself, an issue most designers have at one point… So if I win this contest I’ll benefit by not having to go through the strain of making myself 100% happy with my own designed logo.

azram19 Aug 11 2010

If I get one I’ll be happy (it’s a lot) because I won’t have to make awkward attempts to design one and I won’t have to turn down amateurish logo made by friend any more.

Robert Hoppe Aug 11 2010

I need a logo for my business since 6 Months. If i get a logo, i could print finally my business cards, launch my Homepage and create templates for email and bill.

So if you’re selecting me, you’re making my wish ready to start my business.


alem_r Aug 11 2010

men i work 3 months on my logo and i dont getit. so you see how benefit me a logo design package from Inkd’s :)

Chris Conklin Aug 11 2010

I’m a woodworker that has just started his own online business selling original woodworking plans. I need a logo for my new business. Short of cash I’ve been trying to use some of the “free” logo makers around on the web, but the results are not professional looking. Having a professionally created logo would sure help to kick off this new business. Thanks for the consideration.

Sharif Ewees Aug 11 2010

Wow, great contest! I could definitely make use of a logo… I have several side projects in the work, all of which could benefit from a sharp logo.

Melanie Nelson Aug 11 2010

I would LOVE to win a professional logo makeover! My blog’s logo is OK, but it’s older and done by a (non-designer) friend. This fall I’m upgrading my blog and the services I offer and working harder to make my business stronger. A new logo would go a long way in helping me show my commitment outwardly.

Alexandre B Aug 11 2010

A custom logo will let my fresh-skies website to improve it’s identity. It currently hasn’t a custom logo. A logo will let to easily spread the world to make my skies shots more famous. You can use them the way you want, they’re under CC licence.
Best Regards

Simon Aug 11 2010

My god! I could really use this! We have a bunch of different sites that we’re using – like Twitter, Facebook, a branded YouTube channel, and our website itself – and we could really use a logo for some consistency throughout them all! We’ve been trying to design one ourselves but logo designing is not easy. Not at all. So pick me pick me pick me!

I am trying to start a small business and have experimented with making a logo / complete corporate ID myself but without any result so far. I could definitly use some help from the ”pro’s”, if that is what I may call the Inkd designers!

Jan Kazemier Aug 11 2010

I think having a good logo is the perfect way of starting a business, just like I want to do. This is a great opportunity for me :)


We are a young webdesign agency in being two students from Germany:) We need this because you need much time to create a logo and we have no experience in this part of design.

Andre Prudente Aug 11 2010

This logo would enhance and boost my company identity!

It’ll be central to my branding efforts.

Matt Smart Aug 11 2010

What a fantastic website! brilliant idea.. if only I come up with it first ;)
would love to see a logo redesign, thanks m

Kory Gorsky Aug 11 2010

I’ve been so busy, I’ve literally been working with a my company name in Myriad Pro as my logo. Lame, I know. Hit me up with a custom logo package.

Jason Aug 11 2010

I’ll benefit me because i need create a impact in my users. The Inkd Design is cool.

Ido Perlmuter Aug 11 2010

I’ll benefit by having a kick-ass logo.

Been looking for a new logo for a while. Would be nice to win this.

Alexandre Giesbrecht Aug 11 2010

Beside the logo itself, which, by seeing the examples from the website, are really cool, I can see how the process is done. I don’t work with logo creation (and don’t plan on), but the process itself can be applied to other creation services I provide.

Adam Wilson Aug 11 2010

I’ve spent so much time on the development of this site, that I can’t see the wood through the tree’s anymore. I really could do with some help on the branding of this site, and feel a “reset” with the logo would greatly help.

I’m looking to invest in some marketing collateral soon, including business cards etc, so this would be perfect.


Sheena Aug 11 2010

Great giveaway Jacob (and Inkd).

I’d love someone to help design my own logo….i’m my own worst client so this would be fantastic!!!

Thanks for the opportunity :)

As a designer I’m my worst customer. I never satisfied with the desing I do for myself. A little help from Inkd could be great :)

Mathias Aug 11 2010

I´d use the the custom logo package to work on my personal brand. I think it´s very important to get a view from outside to develop new ideas and get a new perspective :-)


Alex Crooks Aug 11 2010

I would benefit by having a great logo…

Jesse Kaminski Aug 11 2010

I have been unable to brand myself for about 10 months now and as a teenager, money is hard to allocate to logo design. This would be amazing for me because it would also help me settle on a design.

Cosmin Negoita Aug 11 2010

I would use the custom logo to brand my future portfolio which will be my little business.

Dwayne Paisley-Marshall Aug 11 2010

I would first and foremost show the logo to everyone I know both creative and non creative to all the logo to give them inspiration, to do anything they want. I would also use the logo on my personal websites and on blogs; the logo would become an extension of my website so when people see they will think of “Super Dwayne”

Kevin Brown Aug 11 2010

I would benefit most because I’m a developer! I can’t draw to save my life! :)

Jonatan Fróes Aug 11 2010

I really need a logo to my agency (…

AndyW Aug 11 2010

I’m in the early stages of building a new web app. I’m bootstrapping and have minimal funds to spend, if I win this I won’t have to create my own logo and my business will look much more professional resulting in me becoming a millionaire by Christmas (in my dreams!)

I have a logo and i kinda like it but I could defenitely use somebody to take it over the edge …

James D. Aug 11 2010

I am a Photographer and Graphic Designer who always has the hardest time coming up with branding for myself. I am in the beginning stages of going from an amateur photographer to a professional one, and winning this contest will help propel my business and my marketing presence.

I’m starting to work as a freelance designer for nonprofits, and I need to revamp the look of my site, including the identity. I’d love help from seasoned professionals!

kilinkis Aug 11 2010

im starting a project with a friend of mine, but we are both coders so oue web app lack of proper designs, i think that a design package from Inkd can really ignite our little project. we’d really love to have some professional look

Luke M Aug 11 2010

When I started my company, I just had to start, and the logo was the first thing I whipped together. I am not completely satisfied with it but it was a good start. Now that I have had a chance to get most of the business running smoothly, a new logo would be a great help in upgrading the identity. I’ve always been interested in how other people might view my ideas in a creative sense.

Marjan Venema Aug 11 2010

BJM Software is the company I run in the free time I have left after taking care of my day job. It has suffered through neglect and I am currently revamping the site and working on a new version of the software BJM produces and sells.

Currently BJM does not have a logo and it desperately needs one. For the website’s favicon I was able to smack something together myself, but it won’t do as a logo.

The process of repositioning and revitalizing BJM Software would benefit greatly from a professionally designed logo that conveys the values I strive for in my software: quality, professionalism, responsiveness, ease-of-use.

I have no hope of creating such a logo myself. And having one professionally designed is currently too much of a financial challenge as all my money goes towards (upgrading) the tools I need to produce the software. Winning the custom logo design package would therefore be an incredible piece of good fortune.

Robert Timm Aug 11 2010

I develop phone apps, and my company Roboconn Mobile Solutions, LLC could really use a less generic logo to stick in my apps. Problem is, I’m too busy developing the games to even think about making a better logo. Please help!

Best Regards,

Robert Timm
CEO & Lead Developer, Roboconn

I’m about to launch a small business and I would love some logo help!

John Fisher Aug 11 2010

I’m starting a freelance web design business and would love a professional logo to help me brand my business.

I need Inkd’s expertise to portray my business as being more than a hobby – as a serious enterprise who can help people. I know that quite a bit of thought would go into designing my logo, which is important and lends credibility to my brand. These logos don’t look slapped together.

Jonathan Aug 11 2010

What an awesome contest. I would love to see what they could come up with for my website and if I win I would revamp the site / business cards.

Jigar Aug 11 2010

Yes, I want to win…


meister Aug 11 2010

I am beginnig noew buisness – interactive agency – so a good logo should be professional one:) please give me a chance! thx :)

Brian Aug 11 2010

As a student who’s struggling to pay for college, getting Inkd’s logo package would be a huge help. I’m a web designer and have been creating web pages for some time now, in order to pay off some student loans that I have. I’ve been thinking of launching a small web design firm, and I don’t know where to start. Getting a logo design package would help in that process, and it could help me launch the company and help pay off student loans. Thanks

I work at a small software company were everybody has to pitch in a lot of different types of work in various areas. To win a custom logo design package from Ink’d will get at least one job done by someone other than ourselves in an area were we’re not the experts that we wish we were.

Would love a custom logo

Over the years as our site has grown, we want a new logo to reflect our brand identity. We are impressed with the Inkd portfolio and think they would do a great job getting us a new logo.

Tyler Aug 11 2010

A custom logo creates what so many crave: brand recognition. It is what simply sets you apart from your cohorts in the industry. Without it, you are nothing more than a tag-line. With it, you have a visual space all your own. A custom logo from Inkd would go a long way to anchoring a website, creating physical business cards and paperwork/stationary. Branding is the foundation for marketing your product or service.

This would be perfect for me. I’m colorblind and a complete mess when it comes to color in design. I’m in need of a proper logo for a website I’m redesigning, a custom logo would be heaven!

A. Dude Aug 11 2010

This septembre I’m launching (in Brussels, Belgium) a one-man business with the aim of helping the elderly get on-line. Aside from that “core” activity, I’ll be trying to do a little computer maintenance and repair, and sell wordpress installation with my themes.

For all this I have designed a website (not yet online) and I’m really struggling to get a logo that looks really good. So this contest comes pretty handy!

Hope you like my idea, I, for one, think it’s real sad our elders are cut off from the interwebs.

thanks for the site, it’s helped me much in my site designs ;-)


Undress with Photoshop Aug 11 2010

We are for some time looking for a good logo to promote our site. With the help of Inkd sure we would be able to find the best one.

Eric C Aug 11 2010

I work at an old school manufacturing company that is in desperate need of updated branding. I’m a coder and can only do so much on the budget I have – a free updated logo for one division is just what I need to break the logjam and get approval for re-branding all the others!

Tarilonte Aug 11 2010

I’m starting this new site

It’s a online Quiz game that will give prizes to the best players. I’m still designing the site and i don’t have a logo yet, so will be great if a won a great logo from Inkd!


Steve Aug 11 2010

A professionally designed logo would be great! I would love to have something that conveyed that I am a photographer! I live on the gulf coast and primarily shoot on the beach and have been greatly effected by the oil spill. A new logo might help me bring in some more business!

Looking to re-brand my website right now, this couldn’t come at a better time

Kevin Aug 11 2010

I could definitely use a professional logo for my site. I’ve tried coming up with logos myself but have never been happy. Logo design is definitely best done by the professionals!

dumass Aug 11 2010

Great news. I need profesional and fresh logo for my blog.

Tarcísio Gruppi Aug 11 2010


I’m a brazilian developer and a logo will help me with my freelances.

Sorry for the english… i don’t speak english very well.

Adam S Aug 11 2010

I’d LOVE a custom logo for my website. I have a personal blog that is relatively low traffic, but I’ve been running it for over 10 years. I’d really like to give it an “identity”, since what I’ve got is… well, it was made with in probably 2001. Thanks for considering me!

This would be so awesome I’m not even sure which project of mine I would want done. I seriously lack in photoshop & design stuff and this would really aid me.

knico Aug 11 2010

This would be perfect for the portfolio site that I’m building.

indigo Aug 11 2010

I’m planning an online shop for my handcraft goodies, so logo is something I really need :)

Richard Link Aug 11 2010

I could really use a logo for my farm I am starting. We wish to provide top quality food to our customers. We are also entering into the wool production market for hand spinners, which will be mostly reached by the internet, so a strong logo will be of great use.

Gergely Ratting Aug 11 2010

I was always wondering what can be made from 67developer, i don’t have much ideas about logos. I would be happy to use the help of experts. Thanks

I have so many projects that need a good logo. Hmmm. Which one to get done first?

flyingcoffeecup Aug 11 2010

I’ll benefit from a custom Ink’d indirectly. It will really benefit my clients though. Looking too long at my current logo might cause permanent eye damage.

AdamV Aug 11 2010

My small company would benefit from Inkd’s custom logo design package greatly. I am a videographer and motiongrapher, not a designer. Inkd’s design skills can boost any companies’ branding and I would like that company to be mine.

Thank you for the chance,

Jim Cook Aug 11 2010

I can build all sorts of web sites from the ground up, design the UI, the works, but I’m not great at designing identity. This would help me tremendously!

Ariel Aug 11 2010

I would love the chance to work with Inkd and create a logo. I have been wanting to start this new business idea for a while and this can be the kick start I need.

Dmitry Chebakov Aug 11 2010

Сustom logo design package will help me to better reflect the concept of a website for our visitors.

Jacob Aug 11 2010

I would benefit from a logo from Inkd because I’m a fledgling designer/developer without a budget or the skill set to design my own logo (as you can see if you look at my current ‘logo’).

I think my blog can benefit from this.. count me in! :)

Andre Aug 11 2010

Hey Six Revisions and Inkd,

First and foremost, thanks and cheers to the both of you for bringing us this lovely contest!

Secondly, here is my rant as to why I would love to win this contest. I have tried multiple other logo services with no avail and the identity for my venture is weak at best. Looking at the quality and pure brilliance of the logos on Inks gives me inspiration that they would be able to create a logo that captures and exhibits what I am trying to convey. Also, as just a starting venture there is a very small budget and to purchase a logo from a company that looks perfect often costs to much. But, the importance of a logo is to great to ignore and should be prioritized.

TL/DR (to long, didn’t read): To win this logo revamp would be a dream come true as I do not have the funds to purchase such an amazing team of designers.

Thanks & regards,

Pablo López Aug 11 2010

It can be great for our new project!

We need a logo for a Fashion Show that will be launch in the next months and it’ll have a special section dedicated to what the people say in twitter and other social networks.

I’m a sole developer trying to make it in a region where there are NO resources or network of support. Launching yet another startup in sillicon valley? big deal! Try getting something off the ground in south Texas then come talk to me (really, I want to talk to you)!

This is a one-man show, and I can use all the help I can get to get my startup off the ground! A unique logo and identity will go a long way to helping someone with basically ZERO design skills and NO money!

thanks for the opportunity!

Sam J Aug 11 2010

Developing/launching a new travel site with a nod to the slow movement – bigger stays, smaller places. Tips and advice, accommodations, local guides, with social aspects to come. Right now my logo is just text… gulp, help!

Nate S. Aug 11 2010

This would be great for my new freelance business.

Doug Fowler Aug 11 2010

I am starting up a new clothing line and would love a logo design to use. I would love to see what an ill designer can come up with for the name Skulls & Crowns. A classy horror designers dream name for certain. Thank you for your time in advance I hope I get to see some killer designs.

Gordon More Aug 11 2010

My company will benefit from a professional logo because we are set to revolutionize an industry that has been run by stodgy, old-school, analog methods. A crisp new identity by Inkd’s design team will help establish our visual credibility.


Dan Cameron Aug 11 2010

How I’ll be benefited: I haven’t had a logo for some time and I’ve missed one for all my estimates, contracts and for advertising ( not that I’ve done a lot of that ). It would be great to improve my business’ identity online with a quality service vs. paying someone to make a logo I really dislike ( I’ve done that numerous times already ).


Tarilonte Aug 11 2010

Where is my comment?

Inkd’s custom logo design package would be a great help my current project as Im one a budget and cant affort a professionaly designed logo

Jeffrey Lowy Aug 11 2010

Weeee need a logo!!!! 1st BTW ;)

Josh Couper Aug 11 2010

I would dramatically benefit. I’m a 22 and a photographer trying to do it all on my own. I’ve been reading 6 revisions for a year now trying to pick up the aesthetics and knowledge back end coding of web design. I cant describe how much I would benefit from a professional logo, everyone knows it todays creative market it’s all about branding yourself, I have somes simple logo I made with san serif font in Photoshop right now, it’s pretty pathetic, it’s the best I can do right now with the resources I have though. This logo would obviously go on everything I do, website, business card, prints, facebook page, and so on…. Literally everything I touch that logo will go on. The hopes of this would be to brand myself over time, which is what i’ve been trying to do for sometime, however, it’s extremely difficult without a strong logo.

I’m blogging more than 4 years and never found an cool idea for realising a fresh logo for my blog. I hope to become more identity with an logo that brand my blog.

Daniel Kaiser Aug 11 2010

I would use the new logo for our new blog about tattoos.
As long as I Tattoo, i know how to draw, but unfortunately, still not good in converting it to digital, so we are having problems to do our logo.
So with it we could go to conventions, promote our brand way better.

Jeff Kes Aug 11 2010

This would help me improve my current logo since I am not a graphic designer.

Abby Orlando Aug 11 2010

Such a cool giveaway… I love the ink’d sit simply for the visual inspiration!

Shawn Walker Aug 11 2010

I am a photographer moving to NYC this September! It will help so much to have branding involved with my photography business that I’m developing. It would give me a better chance at succeeding in such a competitive environment that I’ve never faced before . Branding with a logo by Inkd will give that professional and impressionable advantage.

Liminal Web Design Cornwall Aug 11 2010

I’ll offer it free to a new client who can’t really afford to get a professional looking logo designed.

Shari Aug 11 2010

I would love to have a logo to capture my brand. And provide further inspiration for me.

Mathieu Aug 11 2010

It will help me start as a new and serious personal trainer! A logo by Inkd will give me a professionnal look and will help me make a name in the industry. Thx!

I would use it in my startup

Pablo Lara H Aug 11 2010

To design a logo for yourself is really difficult. This it would be a great help.

Sun Pietro Aug 11 2010

I need a logo made by the professionals.

Levi VZ Aug 11 2010

I’m a student working on a game project, with a fellow student. We hope to launch it as a startup after we finish university, but we’d need a logo. The other student and I have been trying to create some logos for it, but none seem recognizable. If we’d have a logo ready, it would really be a positive boost for us!

Leonardo Aug 11 2010

I need a logo for my web development freelance company. It must be a logo that is as ground breaking and impacting as my designs and must look professional, like my respect for web standards. I’m sure inkd is capable of making a logo that rocks as much as my work does.

Christopher Aug 11 2010

People love our site and our business concept. Everyone tells us we need a logo and identity that fits our services. I agree with the feedback however, we just don’t have the resources right now to hire a designer. It would be amazing to win this giveaway and have our site completed.

Kevin Aug 11 2010

A new logo would help my website stand out and be a big improvement since I made the logo I have now and I have no experience in the designing logos department

Paul O'Reilly Aug 11 2010

I’m launching a business doing application and web development, and a professional logo would be so much better then a placeholding hack! As the main logo for the company, it’ll also get a lot of exposure…

Steve Fowler Aug 11 2010

A logo would be a great enhancement to my business. I have always spent funds on trying to drum up business but a logo would greatly make my business world class. Thanks for the offer.

Kevin B Aug 11 2010

Im currently working on a web app and I would definitly need a logo for this!


Roy Morejon Aug 11 2010

I am working on a new project and am in desperate need for a new logo.

Im preparing an new project, and it would be great to have a professional made logo

I am starting a couple of new businesses and would love someone else to create the logos.

Harrison Brown Aug 11 2010

Great giveaway! Thanks SixRevisions

I hope that I will win , as my current logo sucks :(

Bryan Aug 11 2010

How would I benefit? My blog is getting to the point where a professional logo is noticeably absent. Without it I’m missing the opportunity for impressionable branding.

If I won I would use this to brand my girlfriends website and promotional materials. She is going to school for acupuncture and is almost done. I created a website for her and would love a professional logo to slap on the top of her site.

Derek Aug 11 2010

Would love to offer a free logo to a worthy client

MicheleB Aug 11 2010

My company and one I am working with both are in dire need of a new logo.

Peter T-B Aug 11 2010

I’d love to win a professional logo! I’m working on a new web application (aren’t we all) and don’t have any artistic talent. At all.

So if I don’t win the logo I’ll probably end up having a toddler make one for me…

Joost de Valk Aug 11 2010

I develop open source WordPress plugins, and I’m in the process of giving my bigger WordPress plugins a better identity, I’d love to use the custom logo for one of my plugins :)

Dylan Schott Aug 11 2010

I stink at graphics design. I created my own logo using HP’s online Logo Maker, but it’s only “okay” and not great. Inkd would finally give me a logo I could be happy about building a brand identity with.

Sonali Agrawal Aug 11 2010

I’d love to win this as I still don’t have a logo. Would be good for moving ahead.

Pontus Ekman Aug 11 2010

I’m currently working on a new website for a client, unfortunately their current “logo” is really bad and is cramping the overall aestethics. They NEED a new, real, logo!

Take care!

demogar Aug 11 2010

Nice giveaway. I was planning on a redesign for a logo but I’m not a good designer.

Missy Aug 11 2010

Because the one I tried to do myself is, eh, at best, and it is hanging me up creatively!

Milan Aug 11 2010

Strange thing is, I’m a graphic designer myself, and I’ve been struggling to make a logo for my self but I just can’t do it – either I don’t have time (I work full time + freelancing )or I’m too critical to myself and can’t even start developing the idea I already have in my mind. I know how it should look like, I have the concept ready.. I just don’t know how to execute it the right way. This would help, since the only thing missing on my website is a recognizable logo.

I’m a reference librarian at a medical college library. We hired a graphic designer to create a logo for our library but what they came up with was very traditional and run-of-the-mill. We sorely need a logo that depicts the library as a cool and modern yet resource-rich institution. Libraries have had branding and image problems for years. This custom logo package from Inkd will help us dispel that image and promote the library to our community of users which includes medical students, doctors, and allied health professionals. Wouldn’t you want your doctor to be searching evidence-based literature when they are treating or diagnosing you?

Byron Castillo H Aug 11 2010

I’m starting a personal web design business and would love a professional logo to help me brand my business.

always good to hear a new approach

maybe you can help.

thanks !

Tschai Aug 11 2010

Well…I’m re-vamping my (exclusive Soccer forum) logo and I’ve got the idea en the concept already.

But making it professional…well, that’s anotherthing…it seems!

David Aug 11 2010

looks like everybody wants a logo for the same reason.

i’m looking for a logo that is clever and stylish for “advid consulting” for my personal use. i switched the a and d in my name, David, to come up with advid but can’t think of good way to some how incorporate this into a logo. i also like the word “avid” in it. i don’t have the money to put out a bid for my logo in other site either.

Francois Aug 11 2010

I clearly need a logo for my website. The one I have now doesn’t feel right. I’m not a designer so I could use their service for sure. Thanks.

Jason D Aug 11 2010

While winning a fresh new logo from Inkd may not give me the same exposure as Rush Limbaugh’s wedding photos….or be as cool as my waistcoat weevils….or help pay for my wedding (did I mention I just got engaged and fundage is tight?)….It WILL give my new enterprise the professionalism it deserves….the handsomeness that would make puppies jealous…and give me the momentum to kick the rest of my design needs into high-gear. Thank you for your consideration.

Michel Aug 11 2010

Starting own business, havent got the resource to get a good logo designer or do it myself.

Rowdy Aug 11 2010

Always seems harder for creatives to design their own logo.

When you design for someone else you can focus on perception of the person/company their message, their services, and wrap it up into their brand. You can look at the person + their customers and the connection between them . . . then Bam, you’ve got the flavor, the color, the . . . design! It all comes together. Sometimes it’s almost magic how it jumps to the page or screen from your head. The catch 22 with that ability is that when it comes to designing for yourself it is hard to start defining who, what, you are and do, or how your clients connect to you. You are usually too deeply immersed in what you do for your customers/clients to jump out of it and represent or repackage yourself into a new brand or logo. It really makes a difference to have someone show you the solution from a different point of view through fresh eyes! – Brian Rowdy aka

Przemek Hybel Aug 11 2010

My wife started a cupcake business and she could really use a nice logo.

Alisa Aug 11 2010

I would love the chance to win a custom logo, as I’m going to start my own web design company, and even though I love creating for other people, I’m pretty much horrible at being decisive when designing a logo for myself! So this would definitely take some of the stress out of designing my own website. Plus, they’re awesome!

Luciano Aug 11 2010

I really need a logo :P
Thank you

designbyarm Aug 11 2010

hope me win in this contest.

Jeff Payne Aug 11 2010

If the work is very good. I would use their services for my customers going forward. Thanks.

Kat T. Aug 11 2010

Having a professional logo would make the business really stand out!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Mike N. Aug 11 2010

This would be a terrific gift for me as I have been struggling to find a design/designer/logo/brand for my photography business for a number of years and have (nearly) given up. I’d love the chance to collaborate with someone who IS a designer and not just someone with a passing interest in my money and a copy of photoshop.

I believe in good design and would love to benefit from real talent and insights in the field.

I would really appreciate a professionally designed logo for a project that I have coming up, as this would offer me a great insight into the design process.

linuxman Aug 11 2010

My blog needs a logo that distinguishes me from others.

To me it is not easy to make the creative development of a professional logo. I can not miss the opportunity.

Jenni Aug 11 2010

I would love to have Inkd design a custom logo for my start-up biz – how amazing!

Angie Aug 11 2010

How would I benefit from a Inkd’s custom logo design package? I am part of a start up company. Money is not quite enough. And, image/presentation is everything. Our company will focus on Bamboo products.

alvin Aug 11 2010

I don’t want just a logo, I need to make a mark. I don’t want to just exist, I need to initiate change.

If Inkd can deliver the kind of identity I require, then I would have benefited the most as such a priceless piece of artwork could very well serve its purpose and assist in fulfilling goals and meeting definite ends.

A new logo to get an old domain going. The timeless hook of a great logo would be a cornerstone to build up my web business.

Juan Ortega Aug 11 2010

Aww! That’s nice! Just what I need. I’m working on my blog and I’d really love to receive a professional free logo. I’ve thought of some designs but I could not implement it because I have no skills needed.. Please, help!

Matt Pritchett Aug 11 2010

We would love a fresh logo design for our church plant!

Sebastian Aug 11 2010

Woowwww a new professional logo would be perfect for me!

Jason Aug 11 2010

wow. i’ve been needing a new design for my logo and these are great and would be such an improvement.

DeMaven Aug 11 2010

Logo design is intrinsic to brand and identity it seems…however our company has been in business for 20 years and we have yet to come up with a logo (not that there has ever been a true concerted effort) that defines the essence of who we are and what we do. A major web roll out is forthcoming and so a professional grade logo “roll out” simultaneously would be fantastic!

I would benefit from winning this because after so many years of schooling and doing things because I had to, not because I was passionate about it, I decided to follow my heart and jump into photography full time. Having a mortgage and student loans the money for “branding” is limited. I created the logo I have myself and it looks amateur, to the point where I feel potential clients are not taking me seriously. I will to continue to follow my passion of photography and would like a logo that reflects my personality and the commitment I have to my clients.

I really need a new logo to go with my website redesign.

Our logo is tricky, and I’d love to see what ideas someone else could come up with.

Adrian Estrada Aug 11 2010

Well … I am a web developer… a great coder… but sadly not a good designer (hehehe)… I have in mind a nice personal project helping developers and designers, already have all the whole idea sketched and paid for the domain… just need an amazing logo to make the project look cool … and this could be the best chance for it… awesome design company … I wish a logo from them :P

Brian Aug 11 2010

Would be great to use this for my next project.

April Kerstetter Aug 11 2010

I’m about to launch a new website. The logos would be perfect.

James Aug 11 2010

A professional logo, made by professionals, would really help with the relaunch of my own site. I’ve tried to create one in the past, but my artistic skills have always been limited to stick figures–and poor stick figures at that.

student aid Aug 11 2010

Libraries have had branding and image problems for years. This custom logo package from Inkd will help us dispel that image and promote the library to our community of users which includes medical students, doctors, and allied health professionals.

Patrick N Aug 11 2010

Really need a logo for me and my friends iPhone App company. Right now its a 5 second photoshop image. Would love to have a professionally designed logo but cant afford it right now.

Steven Aug 11 2010

I helped started this website a 3 months ago and I have been trying to think of many logo concepts but I can’t seem to get it right. I ended up with just a very weak logo. All the logos I’ve seen on this site and others makes so much sense, but I can’t seem to pull it off myself. I think with a professionally designed logo it would help brand, make sense, and make the website feel more legit.

Jonathan Búcaro Aug 11 2010

The logo would give a professional look to my freelance business :D

Gregory Aug 11 2010

Winning this competition would help create a identity for my new graphic design company. My goal is to do this full time to take care of my wife and our on the way baby! :)

Michael Arnaldo Aug 11 2010

Having a logo make by Inkd would be amazing! Since im no logo designer having one created by Inkd would set my freelance business in the right direction with a professional look and feel! You guys rock!

Bob Downs Aug 11 2010

I’m just starting to put my business together and very much need a professional logo/brand.

My son has turned out to be a great artist (was even featured in a local gallery at a recent city art walk.) but when it comes to logos, he’s very much a neophyte. He has tried very hard and has come up with a fairly good representation of our design idea, but it’s very pixelated (he used Paint).

I’m thinking of naming the company “PinPoint Editing” because what I do is provide meticulous, detailed, precision (PinPoint) proofreading and editing.

adrian boioglu Aug 11 2010

I love my current logo(, but every once in a while i get somebody that says it’s time to change it. Maybe this is my chance to have something new.


Andy Miller Aug 11 2010

I desperately need a new logo! I concentrate most of my time on web development and design. And, in the process, I have failed to adequately design a marketable logo for my company. This new identity would help solidify a clean, individualized brand image necessary for effective marketing and consistency.

Love to win … current logo doesn’t fit the feel we are looking for

Derrick Dedmon Aug 11 2010

I would like to see my logo redone.

losted Aug 11 2010

Having a logo would help me having more impressive business cards.

Rodney Joyce Aug 11 2010

I am launching a separate website for PokerDIY Tourney Manager and will need a logo designed for the website/app.

You can see it in action here:

Aysar Aug 11 2010


This logo would help my project that i’m currently working on :D Would love to win it.

Thank you for the opportunity! this would offer me a great insight into the design process

Chris Hopf Aug 11 2010

I have a very strong hunch that the inkd team wants at least these two elements with this offer:

1. A CHALLENGE – The don’t want to put out some easy logo concept, they want to take a step in a direction that will stretch their creative design expertise.

2. A LEGACY – The may not say this too loudly, but they know the best case scenario is for the chosen candidate to be incredibly successful and be around a long time . . that every time someone asks, “wow, what a great logo . . who designed that?” . . . we can point to inkd as a key driver to the success of our brand from day one.

Thanks for your consideration . . . ProBooth is going to exceed expectations . . . just like inkd does everyday.


Chris Hopf

Justin Edelson Aug 12 2010

I would use the logo from Inkd for my school senior project, a high school web design competition.

I am not great at photoshop and a new logo is needed before we start promoting the competition. We will be redesigning a charity’s website for free as the topic of the competition. Take a look at the site:

Thanks, we would really appreciate a new logo.

Jeff M. Aug 12 2010

Our current logo is a logo that I created, as a programmer, it was the best I could do. I would love to have a professionally done logo.

EasilyOdd Aug 12 2010

I’m just not the artistic type and can’t seem to stop adding things to a logo. This would be great!

To make good branding logo is a main part in that. I hope I will get this opportunity from Inkd. Thanks for such a great contest…..

Ranabir Dasgupta Aug 12 2010

Yes that is what can be fun if Inked by ink. :)

Alessandra Aug 12 2010

A professional logo would help me to re-launch my website and services.
Thank you.

Phillip Makabe Aug 12 2010

I have been trying to create my company logo for a while now and I just can’t get it right. Maybe Inkd can help me out

Andrei Bexa Aug 12 2010

I’m a freelancer working as web programmer. A custom logo from Inkd could help me to look more professional

seeker Aug 12 2010

really great .

have been here for a long time.

a boy from china.

thanks for the

Yorgos Aug 12 2010

Im a trying to start my own freelance job with web design & photography.I can not imagine a better start from a pro logo
for my website and business cards!
Thanx in advance!!!

Tomas Aug 12 2010

I need a logo for my new upcoming project.

craig Aug 12 2010

I have decided to stop being merely reliably great and start being awesome. I’d like you guys to be a part of the transformation.

Sandra D Aug 12 2010

I’m just thinking about a new design for my logo. It’ld be awesome to have concepts from experts!

Luke Jones Aug 12 2010

A logo would be fantastic to give my upcoming venture with a friend a bit of a kickstart. We’re struggling with funding as it is and a logo is another thing that is always difficult to get perfect, but is something something that completely necessary and is the face of a company.

I’ll be completely honest. I cant design for crap.

Draganshadow Aug 12 2010

I am currently designing a logo for a new activity. I know what i want but i am more a developer guy than a designer. I need help and inspiration to make this logo both professional and artistic.

krike Aug 12 2010

as a web developer it’s hard for me to design the perfect logo. This is why a new logo design by experts whould be awesome :d

A new logo would be AMAZING for me.
I’m just re-branding and I truly need a new logo done by experts.

Coquelin Aug 12 2010

It would be so useful to my little company to win a real personalized logo. Inkd creates really astonishing logos.

Tyler Aug 12 2010

I am a startup freelancer and could really use a custom logo. I can do web design but when it comes down to the details of a logo, I am lacking hard. This would help a ton.

Hrvoje Aug 12 2010

I am 17 years old boy from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I like to design web pages. I’m working on a project with the news and not impossible to find inspiration on how to draw the icon. I signed up on the competition because I think INKD’s designers can draw a nice icon.

G George Aug 12 2010

I got a name and purpose. A logo would be nice way to start. Thanks!

Connor Aug 12 2010

Winning would allow me, rather FORCE me to begin venturing into my goal of 100% freelance work with a new logo for my company. Getting sick of my 9-5!

Logos from Inkd are great and would add the finishing touch to any project! I have a few in mind that need awesome logos!

Anthony Aug 12 2010

It would be great to have a logo by experts!

JJ Nold Aug 12 2010

A friend and I are trying to start a new Web business and we would greatly benefit from a professional logo!

Fredka Aug 12 2010

I just started my own freelance business (in web design and content management) and dream of a great logo for my website, which isn’t online yet…
I have a faint idea and would love to have professional help in creating it.

MethodicJon Aug 12 2010

A new logo would be great for this business idea I have.

Ray DeLaPena Aug 12 2010

I’d be able to update my homemade clipart logo from several years ago. :/

Tracey Aug 12 2010

My husband and a friend just started their own business. I am a designer, but I’m also a mom to a pre-schooler and so have had no time to work on a logo for them.

It would be awesome to have someone do the logo design for their new business and I can stick to the business of my most important client, my daughter. :D

Thank you!!

Juras Aug 12 2010

New logo would be very helpful, for my company style redesign, we could then redesign our website and all the paper work. Because now its like so 2008.

Russell Heimlich Aug 12 2010

My name is awesome and I need a graphic representation to convey how awesome it is for those that can’t read and generally soak up the awesomeness. Accessibility. Ya’Know?

hfflsports Aug 12 2010

As a designer I have an appreciation for what goes into designing a logo. The good ones are so simple and complete yet the process involved to arrive at the final product can be very complex. I need my own personal logo updated but just don’t have the time to spend on it. I would love to work with Inkd to create a new one. Thanks for this opportunity!

I would love a new logo for my wife’s voiceover business

Jacob Allred Aug 12 2010

It would give me a memorable logo I can use on promotional items like USB thumbdrives, stickets, and buttons.

b3tzi Aug 12 2010


I think the logo (and the design) is one of the most important issues for a website. That’s why it would be a great opportunity for me to add some professionalism to my website.


Matt S Aug 12 2010

I would love this package so that I can draw upon those amazing logos to come up with one on my own. Thanks!

Sanni Aug 12 2010

I’m a 18 year old software and webdeveloper.. My main problem is that I am not creative enough (and I haven’t enough skill) to make a logo for me, used for my Portfolio and Business Cards…

For my small business in Germany I need a professional logo. I´m a designer too, but all my scribbles ends up in the trash. I think creating logos isn´t my real talent. To present my other works in the web or printed, a really good logo would help.

Michael Swartz Aug 12 2010

What perfect timing. We are currently working on re-defining our brand. A new logo would help benefit our new customer base and new targeted core message. Thank you.

Thomas Aug 12 2010

Our company could use a refined new logo to showcase the type of business we are.

I’ll benefit because I am a programmer with no design skills and very little money hoping to start a new online business (that will succeed! :] ).

Wayne Eaker Aug 12 2010

Getting ready to relaunch my web development business and a professional logo would really help in building up my brand!

Would love to win this as I’m starting up my motion graphics company within the next few weeks, that and I love Inkd’s work was on their website the other day oogling their portfolio.

kelly Aug 12 2010

Nice! Our recently launched website definitely needs a logo. We have been trying to some up with a design for some time. We could definitely benefit from this because it will enable us to have a recognizable identity.

Tyler Collins Aug 12 2010

I would like to win the custom logo design because I would be to miserable to pay the $299 to have one professionally designed, ohh and not to mention, that my pregnant ex girlfriend left me so pay for a house that I cannot afford and that I’m on the verge of being kicked out onto the street… so the logo would would probably help me re brand my business so that I can get more clients so that I can pay the bills :D

Julian Hernandez Aug 12 2010

We are launching a group purchasing website in Mexico. Unlike every other clone out there, we’re developing everything from scratch and hopefully re-inventing the idea. The idea is the same, but we believe it can take on various forms. Following that logic, it would be outstanding to have a professional company develop a logo for us. We don’t want to be like every other clone. We want to be unique.

I would love to have a logo for my blog and photography.

I want to come up with a new website and business idea. So, this gift would be perfect.

A website of mine needs a redesign and a pro logo would be the best

Thank you

nauris Aug 13 2010

Im photographer and I need a logo for my web. I have created one by myself, but I know that PROs can do better.

P. Rohrbeck Aug 13 2010

I’d love a new logo for a customer of mine. I’m not really that creative so getting a logo here would be awesome. :-)

Danie Aug 13 2010

This package will help me to get a conceptual logo for my startup.

Philip Wallage Aug 13 2010

I’ll benefit from Inkd’s custom logo design package because designing logo’s isnt really my cup of tea. I’m a fancy webdesigner focussed on css and modx.
I’m working on and a new logo could help me find out more about my company and help me identify myself in a very competing market.

With kind regards from the Netherlands,

Philip Wallage

I would benefit because I can’t design for my own usage.

dkmaximo Aug 13 2010

I’m no good at illustrator but you ( Inkd) are great, please help me.

Joe Jaramillo Aug 13 2010

i don’t really have a logo, so i need to win one!

Hello, after year started design my new project, but only these day i relize that i’am bad in logo design. Maybe Inkd would help me ?

Anne H. Aug 13 2010

I would love to have a professional, custom logo both for a new website and for business cards / promotion material. Thank you for the opportunity!

My current logo for is 6+ years old, created using a free font and 3 complementary colours – and that’s about it. Through the years I’ve tinkered with various filters in Photoshop to improve it, but it needs a designer’s touch – something that me, as a Developer, lacks!

Preparing to launch my first start-up but can’t do that without a rock-solid logo!

Barry Aug 13 2010

I need a new logo! This would be awesome to have something professionally designed.

Mason Balistreri Aug 13 2010

I would love to have a logo for this free network/publishing platform for artists and writers, I’m attempting to built. It’s really hard to get any work done while going to school and working full time :/

I’d benefit from a custom logo by saving $299. I could then take the money I saved and donate it to feed some hungry orphaned children, help find a cure for breast cancer, plant some new trees to help with global warming or just blow it on lottery tickets and booze and hope for the best.

DaveHimslef Aug 13 2010

Like CBGBs and the Ramones. My logo will be a money maker long after the actual business is gone.

BroOf Aug 14 2010

I really need a logo because I just founded a little one-man company. I don’t have a huge budget and because of this I reallyreally need custom logo. Thank you for this great chance ;)

Mahina Aug 14 2010

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own company for years and it’s finally starting to take form. I’ve always wanted a name and an image connected to my somewhat special herritage; my mother is from Easter Island. The difficult part is creating something with a distinct polonesian vibe, while keeping it fresh and modern. I would love to get some help and a fresh ideas.

James Rasmussen Aug 14 2010

I’m currently starting a small design agency that could benefit in a great deal with a professionally designed logo. It would be a great convenience and help to have a really well crafted logo to launch this fledgling business of mine. Pick me! At random!

Dario Aug 14 2010

I’m starting to a pro graphic designer, also entered from a small time on Behance, so I’m just in the need of a personal logo to promote myself!
And it would also be the greatest occasion to see how some professional convey the idea on such a difficult field like the logo one is; following all the creative process in real time would be such a big occasion to learn!

Paul Washkowiak Aug 14 2010

I would love to have a creative logo for my blog, so I can stand out from my competition. I would also make it well known that my excellent logo came from Inkd.

Hmm… This could be an interesting contest. We could use a logo refresh, but haven’t had the time! Cheers and good luck everyone.

Patrick Sunderhaus Aug 14 2010

As of last week I have started a new job with a new company. The job has nothing to do with their website, but in my opinion the site could use an overhaul. As with anyone starting a new job that has the opportunity to be a wonderful place to work, I want to show that I will be a valuable member of the team. So I am going to redo the current website and present it to the business to show my intentions and other skills available. With a new logo design, along with an new website I believe I can make a very large impression and gain some great respect early in this position.

Obed B. Aug 14 2010

I’m currently working on my personal site which will double as a portfolio so I can start working on web design and eventually grow into a business. I’ve been practicing for a while ((X)HTML (and 5), CSS 2,2.1,3 PHP JavaScript) and now I’m concentrating on designing with WordPress so my customers get more control over their sites and depend less on a Webmaster to edit some text or other small edits.

I’m from Puerto Rico, an island which is a commonwealth of the United States, and we’re basically still Indians (or, more properly, Tainos) to the rest of the world (I’ve had friends from Las Vegas asking if we have McDonalds). I want to prove we are advancing in the modern age by building a web design company and building wonderful products for the local businesses and companies of the Island. I can see how people would relate the design of ‘X’ business website with how professional they are. And the more professional the business design is the more professional and authentic their image and brand look, I consider this a way for Puerto Rico to take small steps for a better reputation in the information era.

A professional logo by a legendary company such as Inkd would benefit me greatly in the sense that a logo from a company with such reputation would “shrug off” some of that reputation on my business. As my business grows, the shrugging of reputation goes both ways. It would be a fantastic opportunity.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the contest.

I’m am just starting to redesign one of my sites, and whilst I can do web development and design – it is my logos that have always been the weak spot in my armoury. A new logo from Inkd would let me get passed that problem with ease

Angus Fretwell Aug 14 2010

I need a logo for my upcoming web design company, because I suck at making logos!

seville Aug 15 2010

my company name is very hard to design for to get a great logo and it be challenging for them to create a great one

Jeroen Aug 15 2010

Because I’m busy with collecting inspiration for a design for my new site, so I think I will benefit from this package, my site will be awesome!

Luís Aug 15 2010

Hello, I’ve just finish planning and started developing a web application and I surely need a good logo for promoting it :)

Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone in the contest.

Milan Zivanovic Aug 15 2010

Great, my company logo really needs to be replaced with new shiny creative logo. TAKE ME!

Mugume Collins Aug 15 2010

Hey, I am a publisher of a tech magazine which is a couple of months old, i have had a hard time coming up with the right logo. Every design i get is lacking something… I am worried I might not actually get to pick one. I like your work, winning the package would be very awesome considering my budget has been tight, reason why i haven’t hired any professionals to design one for me :(

Dan Tervo Aug 15 2010

My logo definitely needs an update.

Carlos M. Aug 15 2010

Need it for my new website.
Thx for the contest.

Denis Aug 15 2010

Our company is a Young Enterprise company so we’re effectively still learning how to be a successful business. If we were to be given a logo design we could refresh our company for 2011 to hopefully get more business

Very Nice Contest. A professional logo would be very nice for my Site.


Good luck to all the Join!

Erik Scherz Andersen Aug 15 2010

I’m a poet, not a designer. But can a picture/ logo say more than thousand words? I’d like to see that – and then use it on :P

Andy Crofford Aug 15 2010

I have always wanted to have a professional logo. I could definitely use it on several of my websites.

Karthik Aug 15 2010

Me Me Me, I want my company made by some pro who are lot better than me :)

Alex H. Aug 15 2010

Hey I would really like a professional Logo for our new company!

Petinga Aug 15 2010

Hi, a good logo for my new website would be great :)

Victoria Aug 15 2010

I have recently opened a school for foreign languages. I need an eye-catching logo, something to be noticed and remembered by, so to stand out from the competition. I also think a good and unique logo says a lot about a company and its success but so far I haven’t been able to find a creative enough solution,
so I can start the production of my marketing materials – brochures,notebooks, etc.

Julian S. Aug 15 2010

I’m currently creating “Vinto”, a website to manage your wine cellar & share it with friends. A great logo would be great boost for this project!


mark. Aug 15 2010

My wife and I have been working nearly 7 days a week (it would be a lie to say we haven’t run away once or twice for some personal time!) for the past year building our own small business helping other small businesses. We’ve been so overwhelmed with projects that in all that time we haven’t even been able to get our own web site off the drawing board!

We just recently decided that it was time to design a new logo, and to revamp a lot of our visual brand around something fresh and exciting. Doing your own logo though is like performing surgery on yourself – having a professionally designed logo from a third party that could step outside our box would be absolutely amazing!

Steven Priddy Aug 15 2010

With a logo complete I could get that off of my mind and actually concentrate on coding. The logo part is bothering me so bad since I am trying to base the rest of everything off of that.

Brendan Aug 15 2010

Having a professionally designed logo is one of the most important parts of any company.

David Taboada Aug 15 2010

civito means “city state” in Esperanto and we have secured to launch an NGO to foster citizen engagement in Economic Development projects.

A logo from Inkd would help more than a single business at a time, it would make a contribution on a wider scale.

We would be glad to acknowledge this contribution.

Uncleserb Aug 16 2010

This would be great as I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to create a logo for some mates…

Nice giveaway idea!

Alex Brommer Aug 16 2010

we could really use a new and professional logo for our website. We are builing an online based fundraising system and we actually lack of money. So having a professional logo for free would be just perfect for us and the good cause!



About to leave the company I work for and start freelancing, and I am sure I will succeed with a brand new kick-ass logo and branding.

Mehdi Rais Aug 16 2010

I would really use a custom logo for my own web agency. I’m a designer myself, and it’s really hard to stay objective when you’re working on your own company’s logo. An external work would be more than very welcome ^^

Douglas López Aug 16 2010

Awsome, i need a logo for my identity.

This would help me so much .

Thanks to Inkd and Six Revisions for the promo.

Karl Hudson Aug 16 2010

A logo would be a great starting point for me to finally put together my online portfolio/web site. I have had the idea in my head for a little while and have recently starting putting everything in place to get the ball rolling, so this would definitely be the ice cream on the cake for me!

A free logo package means I could take a day off!

Steve Costello Aug 16 2010

This is perfect timing for me, as I have a project that I decided has been sitting for too long on the backburner, and it’s time to get it cooking up front and make it a genuine business. While I do work in the creative field, it’d be great to have folks that make a living on logos do the work on this one. Good luck to me!

Efren Aug 17 2010

i have a brand new logo, but know my wife wants one too , the logo will make her very happy and hell on her soon to be new blogsite

Kamal Aug 17 2010

I will use this give for renewing my logo :)

mastersson Aug 17 2010

It would help put my identity well on the map.

Samuel Moreno Aug 17 2010

I have a small website that it would be nice to promote with an impacting logo.

tebee Aug 17 2010

My weakness is graphic design. I need help! My current logo is a piece of art that looks like it came from Microsofts clip art library. Who wants that!?!?

Neil Knauth Aug 17 2010

As a part-time freelance web designer, I’d benefit from a new personal logo. I’d love to be able to have something less generic than my name in Helvetica as a header for my website and my personal branding.

Jemppa Aug 17 2010

I would love for a cool branded image to go with a cool domain name that I have acquired thus giving the impetus foro my business idea to take an important step forward!

William Aug 17 2010

Im from Venezuela and I will move to Australia in a few months, and i would like to star my company of web development with a new face. (my first activitie in Australia would be a English Courses)

Their quality is superb, it will be a privilege to have them design my corporate identity.

Michelle Aug 17 2010

I am currently trying to create a logo for a friend who is starting up a small business. I am lacking inspiration and think this would be a great suprise for her. A professional logo would help her stand out and be more confident in her new business.

Jelani Harris Aug 17 2010

I have a logo that I made myself for my website, but some professional help would always be great to have.

Ivan Dikov Aug 17 2010

Hi there!

I’m start-up enterpreneur in the IT domain. I’ve just establish a company, very proud of the name chosen. But somehow I don’t want the logo of the company to be just the name in some fancy font. I want to be something wicked cool, that not only will grab the attention of everyone who will see it, but to brand the company’s products as quality ones.

Wish you luck with your initiatives!

Erin M Aug 17 2010

I’m launching a blog on non-profits and not terribly happy about the design job that was done. Because its legally oriented (and looks kinda old for now) the best bet I feel I have to attracting younger individuals in the non-profit sector is having a logo that appeals to them…at least until I can afford to redesign again.

Senne Aug 17 2010

I currently work in my spare time for an animation, 3D and concept art bloggy website but lack the skills to get the logo of the website itself to the next level.
I’m going to think about this inkd even if this comment isn’t the best of the 136 others.

Dnyanesh Mankar Aug 17 2010

I am trying to design a logo for one of my sites and I have not been successful in making it a pro design. I would love some professional designer to do it. It will help me in getting better too.


Eduardo Aug 17 2010

Woot! Just what I needed, when I needed…

Ryan McCallum Aug 17 2010

I would absolutely love a new logo to create a presence for myself in the world of educational technology and support. I’m a teacher and integration specialist looking to broaden my identity and web presence and a logo would be amazing.

fronau Aug 17 2010

this could be awsome for my personal page.

Trisha Cornelius Aug 17 2010

If a picture is worth a thousand words – a logo is worth far more than that.

A logo represents our aspirations – what we strive to be and deliver as a company.

These images are associated with the stories of our organizations – and if created well – tell the story of our business’s soul. What makes it great? Why we are worth doing business with. How we are colliding with the universe.

Skillfully crafted logos get people to talk – and talk to people. They activate the primal portion of our brains – the parts that excite us and make us feel alive.

How would I benefit from a custom logo from Inkd?

I am launching a website design business and while I can explain it’s goals and what it will do and how it will be different and similar to others…I lack the skills to tell the story in pictures. The talented logo designers at Inkd can incorporate the stories behind the ideas and decisions that give birth to a business and can make people feel the reality.

So while I have the rough sketch of my idea and I know the feelings – I would benefit from having someone polish the rough edges and create a shiny gem.

I would benefit from having a logo that helps tell the story of the company. A logo won’t salvage a crappy story – but it can amplify a true story’s impact exponentially.

Bottom line: I would benefit by having a visual representation of my business’s story.

Grady Kelly Aug 17 2010

I have a really cool idea for a web app. (like everyone else I’m sure) but I have a sweet idea for the logo, that I know I cannot pull off! I’d love to challenge the Inkd crew to see if their skills can pull it off!

Karthikeyan Aug 18 2010

Thanks for inspiring and creative logos. Looking for a creative and eye-catching logo for my personal blog which showcasing my CARTOONING SKILLS in the near future.

Thanks & Regards,

I’ve been toying with the idea of opening up a shop but I cannot take the next step before I can decide on my logo. It’s been two years now. Winning a logo package will take me to the next step from which I can evolve and show your design to the world!

Cayetano Gil Aug 18 2010

I’m just getting started in the design world, and it would be great a personal logo to identify my work. That would be a great first step, just to let all the work begin! :P

chamss19 Aug 18 2010

why not

Chris Aug 18 2010

I’m stuck on a logo for a clothing line. Would love for someone to take it off my plate! :-)

Prosper Aug 18 2010

I would greatly benefit from a new logo for my blog coming up.

electric_g Aug 18 2010

For my personal website

Voras Aug 18 2010

Whew, comments are still open… OK, so why I want to win? Well, I’ve got a project that I’m working on with my friend. So far it’s been much PHP and conceptual thinking, but the time for starting thinking about marketing/branding/visuals is getting closer. And I believe that Inkd is a wonderful choice – I have already tried a similar service and love the idea (and have a feeling Inkd is actually better than the thing I used for my last project). So count me in!

Chris Aug 18 2010

I could use a nice, detailed logo for my website. I am currently using a completely type logo with no pizazz to it. Inkd does great work and would love for them to work on my logo! Count me in!

Sergii Aug 18 2010

I would be happy to have a nice logo for my website – it will eventually be a mix of few sattelite projects (few services for web-developers and others, art & music community with online radio – There will also be a blog (internet, web development, few some opensource projects (like jQuery plugin, some PHP framework extension), etc. I’ll also add my portfolio with a list of projects I did (websites and other).

So, it’s a mix of web-related stuff (and art&music, of course) – webkadabra!

Hope I get it!

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