Giveaway: Wix Subscriptions

Wix, a website builder tool, is offering two 1-year subscriptions to their Premium Combo Plan.

For a chance to win, just leave a comment stating how a fully-loaded Wix website will benefit you.

This giveaway ends on August 11, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Aug 4, 2010


Radim Aug 04 2010

Flash and SEO-friedly? Strange :)

Siraj Aug 04 2010

I am mobile application developer. A fully flash site brings more attention and increase my sales and ean for my living…

Phillip Makabe Aug 04 2010

I want to win!!!!! this is super!!

Rachel Aug 04 2010

I’d love to win this so that I can use it to create sites for clients…it definitely looks useful in that sense, as I hate using flash to create websites myself. :)

I’m usually an anti-flash guy, but I must admit I’ve been reading quite a lot of good things about Wix. This could be worth it to me to use for clients when they insist on Flash.

Hasib Aug 04 2010

It will help me create flash based portfolio site.

This looks like a great platform to work with. Gotta check it out!

Michael Noll Aug 04 2010

Right now, my work sits in the equivalent of a darkroom. The images have been developed, I’ve worked around with them to see how well they would print, I’ve done some dodging and other work with them but they haven’t seen the light of day because there’s no space to share them with others. I would love to not only share them, but to help others get as excited as I about capturing the details of life; to help their own visual eye.

Jason Aug 04 2010

Wix benefitsme because … is better to learn WIX than learn Adobe Flash to develop my site.

Wix are fully ready to make a simple or a complex site with low learning percentage.

(i’ll win) :-D

Justin Chmura Aug 04 2010

Just starting out in the front-end industry, I need some help with a project I just started recently, my wedding website. I’m getting married next summer and having a Wix website would help tremendously.

Enjel Aug 04 2010

I’d like to start a blogsite soon. This great app will give me less time to build it.

Julien Aug 04 2010

With this tools, I will can create my portfolio quickly !

Bandave Aug 04 2010

Simple flash creation site like this would be a great tool when clients want a splash page or something “flashy” – this is a great tool.

Brendan Aug 04 2010

Winning a fully loaded Wix website will keep the site visitor’s and customer’s attention, allowing me to increase sales.

David Aug 04 2010

Hmmmm … maybe I’ll stop using jQuery *whistle*.

cannan138 Aug 04 2010

I am a video editor so I would use the flash site to redesign my portfolio based web site.

This should make developing Flash based sites for my clients a lot more easier. :)

A fully loaded Wix website built with Flash provides fantastic animations and effects that would further enhance the showcase of my photography works.

Khürt Williams Aug 04 2010

I am doing a 365 day project to high light the photographic qualities of the Apple iPhone 4. I think a Wix based web site would be the best way to showcase these photos.

Tiffany Aug 04 2010

I’m a mostly print illustrator and designer so my knowledge of coding is virtually non-existent. My current website is out of date and is in desperate need of a redesign. I also recently got married so my name and business name have both changed. A fully loaded Wix website would be an awesome way for me to get my new brand and my latest work out on the Web!

Tyler Aug 04 2010

Could really use the support to get my Japanese Sake consultation and education site off the ground while I am in Japan. Having a website as slick as this would certainly go a long way to establishing a name in the old-tech industry.

Brian Aug 04 2010

This would be fun to mess around with!!

Ronald Aug 04 2010

Wix would make my portafolio easier

I’ve recently started creating websites for non-profits as a volunteer and would love to use Wix for one of them!

Juan Mendoza Aug 04 2010

Looking well is the best way to take the customers attention and Wix have a grat templates to used, It’s a great advantage have a flash website.

Well winning would just be frikkin awesome. I would love to make my girlfriend a pretty flash website portfolio for her photography. It would just be too much work the old-fashioned way :-).

Edward Aug 04 2010

I have tried Wix and it seems pretty great. I am an artist and need to create a website for my portfolio. This winter I will be applying for grad schools and a sleek website will help me to stand out.

Woody Aug 04 2010

First I have heard of WIX. I prefer web standards whenever possible, but sometimes flash is necessary to accomplish the desired result. Not being an action script ninja, this tool would be extremely useful to me. Thanks for the post, sixrevisions has quickly become an everyday read for me. So few sites these days have quality content on a daily basis, I really appreciate it.

Tasha Aug 04 2010

I’d love to design a site using these effects and tools, as well as try this service.
thank you-

Rahul Joshi Aug 04 2010

I am a Flash developer and for a long time thinking of building my own flash site. But due to unavailability of time, couldn’t do so. Using Wix, things would get real simple and effective for me.

knico Aug 04 2010

I am not a flash guy, but I do get clients (especially artists) that want flash solutions. I’ll give Wix a try; if I get to have the premium plan, with support and everything, that would be even better! SEO-friendly Flash is definitely something that I would like to try out!

Ted Thompson Aug 04 2010

New to WIX. Will have to check it out, thanks for the info!

James Aug 04 2010

I’ve always wanted to do a Flash site, but I’ve never had the time to sit down and learn it. This would be extremely helpful!

A Wix website would help me launch my new clothing company and designer network. It would allow online sales to raise money towards disaster victims here in the US.

Tina Cook Aug 04 2010

It will inspire me to put my photographs online. And seeing shots of the ocean will inspire others. I can’t wait to create an amazing space where peeps will come to relax and re-energize by being absorbed in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

wazime Aug 04 2010

Just venturing out on a new photography venture and will be needing a good quality website to acquire the clients that I am looking for.

Elizabeth Aug 04 2010

I would love to win because a) I am a noob webdesigner that has never done flash. b) I am a blogging addict. c) This would be great to showcase my photography.

The list goes on and on. I hope I win ;)

Jason Aug 04 2010

wix has some amazing stuff. i’d love to do redesign my site to make it more interactive, like wix’s sites.

My parents need a website for their wedding minister business and this seems perfect for them.

Sebastian Aug 04 2010

Winning this will spare alot of time for me and my partner as we progress to designing our own fashion brand. With this we can focus on building our company and designing our clothes instead of spending alot of time building a website for the company. With a good looking website we can get our word out there with the style and professionalism that we need right now.

MattB Aug 04 2010

As a student who is entering the job market, an attractive website built with flash and SEO friendly is a must to hold my resume etc.

I’m been learning lots about web design at sixrevisions and other sites. I’m in the middle of designing my second site, with some jquery effects. With each new site I want to utilise a new tool, site number three with Wix and flash would be perfect.

Sebastian Aug 04 2010

It looks really good. With this tools, I will can create my portfolio

I would love to design my personal portfolio with Wix

Robert Jaudon Aug 05 2010

WOW!!! no coding to do??? I am totally stoked! I am no coder and this would allow me to get a fresh new look without digging in behind the scenes to make it look pretty.

Marcela Aug 05 2010

I want the website for my company

Jigar Aug 05 2010

I want to win..I need it. I want to win..I need it.

pandora Aug 05 2010

would love to create my first flash website with this!

Pavel Gerega Aug 05 2010

I’m a photographer so I would create my portfolio site with this. It would be awesome!!

Wix is always great!!! I love to win this… Great contest by Sixrevisions….

harsya Aug 05 2010

any comments above are true,
most of them say world wide web makes easier lot of things, but i want WIX! because i couldn’t fine better yet! give me :)

designbyarm Aug 05 2010

I had my wix website.It’s cool awesome easy to develop or decorate. ^^

Hope me lucky on this contest.

Unbelievble!And one more time – its a great designs!

Awsome prize!

I’m trying to start my own business focused on services for small business and this would really help! I’ve currently got no website and have been looking around for a solution. The vouchers, analytics, removal of ads, good storage and bandwidth and especially premium support look ideal.

Please mighty Oden, bless me this once.

Comisarcatani Aug 05 2010

I love flash sites for their unique beauty and charm.

Drin Kryeziu Aug 05 2010

I want to win

Robert Aug 05 2010

i want to win tooo ^^

Adeel Aug 05 2010

Wow! thats great I really like the tool (Wix) and want to use in my future projects.

Reymar Chua Aug 05 2010

I want to win because it would benefit an artist like me who doesn’t have enough budget to afford a fully loaded and hosted site. I need a website to showcase my talent and promote myself online as an artist and as a professional design service provider to clients. A free flash website is definitely a great blessing if I would win. I’d definitely promote and endorse Wix to all of my friends on every networking sites I have :)

Bernard Brillo Aug 05 2010

i have this wix.
this is new to me and i always want to learn things that can improve my knowledge and skills:)

Ed Dempsey Aug 05 2010

Wow, what a great deal. Could help me out in some of the projects I am working on!

Anton Fagerberg Aug 05 2010

Hey, I’m running my own business in the design area. These last few months I have been working 14-16 hours per day, I’ve overcome obstacles I found insurmountable, I’ve grown as a person throughout this time. It would mean the world for me to be able to have a neatly designed webpage like you can provide, since I do not have the knowledge or budget as of yet, I would have to learn to do it. This would save me months of time and give a huge boost to my business, allowing me to focus on my dream: Building my own business.

Thank you for this opportunity, I see there are alot of competitors, and may the best one win.

Anton Fagerberg

Onur AYDIN Aug 05 2010

i want to win, ’cause i love free stuff :p

David Aug 05 2010

This looks awesome, I’d not mind it one bit!

suwat82 Aug 05 2010

How much for Premium Combo Plan ?

I have a start-up in webdesign and it would be great to get the chance to experiment with this service, could lead to offering it to our clients.

Brent M. Aug 05 2010

I am a huge fan of Currently use it to feature my photography. Winning a fully functional site would allow me to build a amazing flash site to display the past and future classic automobile restorations from my dad. The man has a true passion for bringing cars back to life and I feel this would allow me to share this with the world.

Mario Awad Aug 05 2010

Nice. Will use it for an upcoming project. Good luck to all.


I’m a web designer which I know little to none about coding. I’m planning to build my husbands site for his business and Wix would definatley help me achieve a greater look. I usually design pages and sub-contract the coding, therefore this gives me a chance to try Wix and see for myself with no risk and see if the great things this product can do.

Mohnish Thallavajhula Aug 05 2010

With Wix, any person who is not well versed with web development, can build his/her own website. The ease of building a custom site from the templates is what makes Wix so special and my favorite. :-)
There are many such out there, but Wix stands out from the rest due to this fact. Ease of Use. Making lives or non-coders and non-tech people easier.

john ray Aug 05 2010

I build sites that are user driven to help small community’s rebuild their market base. Flash sites are the edge i would like to start using and I believe wix is just the company to help.

Gregory Aug 05 2010

Starting out a family and my web design company have been exciting so far. I’d love to win to further my growth as a company to get more potential clients. It’ll take care of my family and my company!

scott Aug 05 2010

would love to use this to get the images out of my head and on to the web.

Vetri Aug 06 2010

Wix will make my site win

Simon Aug 06 2010

Do you want to make it any more obvious that these comments are fabricated…?!!

Ankit Bathija Aug 06 2010

I would love to win this, so that I can make my portfolio! :D

Eddie Aug 06 2010

I’d like to win, because i am the worlds un-lucky-ist man and have never won anything ever!! :-) oh ok i proberly am not that unlucky, but i never win these things, so what the heck!

Tomas Aug 06 2010

Wix would be good portfolio alternative.

Bernd Aug 06 2010

You all have no idea, what “Wix” means in german.

MethodicJon Aug 06 2010

I’d use it as a site to promote my business idea for an products testing service.

March Aug 06 2010

A fully loaded Wix website will help me to promote my mother’s business. I think a professional website is a great way to have a good first impression of a business.

KEIOH Aug 06 2010

Im pretty interested in this, and i´d love to get a chance to learn more about flash websites

I’m nearly finished writing an Android app and need a website to help promote it. I was going to try doing it myself, but this will help out a lot in getting it done in a timely manner.

Carlfinity Aug 07 2010

This is perfect for my website facelift!

James Rasmussen Aug 07 2010

I am just about to graduate from University and could use a portfolio website until I’m able to build my own. This would be a great way to get one going!

Kamal Chaneman Aug 07 2010

Flash and SEO friendly….AWSOME..!!!

Gouri Aug 07 2010

I like them.

Matias Lev Aug 07 2010

I really need it.

Rob Jenkins Aug 08 2010

Sounds cool, you’re using swfobject which is great, but then not incorporating css to display supporting html content if javascript or flash isn’t enabled (hellooo iPhone!). Ideally you should have a flash version with an HTML CSS backup. What’s crazy is they’re nearly there. Example content is published in HTML, just no styling (see and disable javascript or flash). This comment is somewhat negative and detrimental to the competition so not offended if this isn’t published, Wix is just one step away from a great total package.

Albert Aug 09 2010

I really like the KDOT Designs site, I’m an up coming web developer and just never really had the time nor skill to design my own portfolio site. Perhaps a fully loaded wix site will get me started :)

Ranabir Dasgupta Aug 09 2010

Wix can help me and my work to get noticed and make me smart on the virtual world :)

Michael D Aug 09 2010

I find Wix to be incredibly simple and effective, the perfect antidote to getting my New Media blog up and running as a showcase.

Timothy F Aug 09 2010

To have a Wix site fully loaded, may get my software and my web apps the attention they deserve.

Original P Aug 09 2010

With Wix I could create simple, visually impresive, web-sites for my web projects.

I will use this flash site for a nonprofit organization! Thanks!

Manik Aug 09 2010

I’ve always wanted a nice flash website. Learning it has proven to take much longer than I ever thought.

This could let me focus my time on finding more clients and expanding my freelancing business.

Baykham Keodouangdy Aug 09 2010

I guess you can say if any needs a website i honestly do right about now.I am far from tech savy and how i landed ont his page was because i was looking for tutorials to learn how to build a website.Currently i am unemployed and just going to school at the moment, i personally have a idea for how i want my website but then again, the ends are far from near to pay someone so im giving it a shot.I dont believe in luck, and I’ve never won, but hey if i do this website idea of mines is in the run for the long time.its always good to stay thanks and by the way very good tutorial, easy and simplistic though the language is very complex…just not my field of study..but maybe ill take a course…hahah

Kleber Aug 09 2010

I need to show my portfolio. i’ll use these price to do it.

santhosh Aug 09 2010

Nice to have.. superb …

webmasterdubai Aug 10 2010

A developer is developing sites for other but never find time for his own, now it good chance to have site from Wix which will promote my freelance business

EugeneDest Aug 10 2010

I have never won in any competition, but this one will be mine. Wix can help me to get more clients. Good clients without iPad.

AsamPlusONE Aug 10 2010

There isn’t a single website out there like Wix, which allows non-techies to create flash based websites. The fact its so simple to use as well makes it worth while.
Keep up the good work guys

Rohan Y Aug 10 2010

How does a website help? Its a rhetorical question. More branding, more views, more exposure, more everything. And Wix tops it by making the more into a most. With the ease, benefits and features of a fully loaded Wix, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve already designed WIX websites for friends of mine, and I loved how easy it is to turn ideas into reality! I think now it is time to work on my own photography and design portfolio, so a free 1-year subscription to WIX’s Premium Combo Plan would be a wonderful help to get started ;)
Thanks for this, really apreciate the chance to take part!

Sebastian Aug 10 2010

Wow this sounds really really amazing, if i win the package i will set up my own Photography Portfolio site. Cause in the Moment i mostly take photographs and there’s no time to code a professionel site, the Wix Package will really help me to get a professionel Portfolio and time to take Photos.

Shoogle Designs Aug 10 2010

let see if this selection is pure random, as i dont want to win. lol

Ashfame Aug 10 2010

Having such a site will give me more exposure and help in building a brand which means more client, more work and more profits :)

Naveed Ahmed Aug 10 2010

May you all win….

maria Aug 10 2010

I’m hoping that via a wix site, I can build a better online presence for my parents’ business.

Heather Aug 10 2010

Would love to win to be able to easily launch and test new entrepreneurial fashion ideas without the higher costs that are usually associated with flash websites

Nalie Aug 10 2010

Would love to build my portfolio but without the hassle of doing all the coding. This site makes it look flawless and gives me control.

Antonio CIccarone Aug 10 2010

It’ll help me bring all the boys to the yard.

My milkshake just ain’t cutting it.

Nurettin Aug 10 2010

I want to win. Yehu!

Kelsey Aug 10 2010

I would build an amazing portfolio site =)

Richard Lewis Aug 11 2010

Winning this website would allow me to expand my business and my ministry. My time and money are limited so, a fully loaded site would help me to reach more people quicker and allow me to focus on designing, marketing, & ministry.

i have a domain name but no site to go with it.
i could actually launch my site, which would be the best thing in the world! i could showcase my portfolio, and start my small company.

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