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You can’t do everything by yourself. Whether you’re in the midst of starting up a company, or already have one that’s experiencing a sudden influx of work – getting virtual assistance can help you focus on growing your business instead of dealing with mundane day-to-day tasks., a virtual assistance company, gives you access to a diverse group of people with various skills, experience, and talents to help support your business.

Six Revisions and have teamed up to offer two winners a chance to win a month’s worth of virtual assistance service.

To participate, write an essay in the comments section below (at least a paragraph) answering the question: How would you use’s virtual assistance service to grow your business and get more free time?

Six Revisions and will select the top two best responses. The winning entries will be from people who will benefit the most from their virtual assistance service. The contest deadline is on September 15, 2009 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Sep 1, 2009


Nils Rasmusson Sep 01 2009

I need a virtual assistant. Or ten. I work full time as a graphic and web designer, I teach two classes twice a week at the local college, I’m currently working on three contract websites, I’m the technical lead for a startup that a friend and I have just launched after months of preparation and I have a fairly demanding position at church.

I don’t have enough hours in the day. I need someone to pay a few bills, someone to code a few small sections of a website that need to be altered and add some CMS code to it. I need someone to update a database for me with some simple data. I need an excel spreadsheet put together with data that is easily accessible but time consuming to compile. I need a powerpoint presentation for our start-up business so we can have a great looking demo of what we do and how we do it. I need some pages built for our start up website that I just haven’t had time to look into. I need someone to help me grade assignments at school. I need someone to read through the books of material I have and give me some outsider’s perspective on what’s important and what’s not. Did I mention I have three kids and one on the way? More time with them and my wife would be the best gift I can receive.

My list goes on and on – I could use a virtual assistant in so many ways. I’m also curious as to how much work I would end up sending your way. This would be a good exercise in delegation. As the donkey on Shrek says, “Oooh, oooh, pick me! Pick me!”

Patty Reiser Sep 01 2009

I am a work at home mother with two children in school. One elementary and one in high school. Between motherhood and small business owner, I only have so many hours in the day.

If I were lucky enough to win this generous offer by Six Revisions and Longer Days, I would utilize my Virtual Assistant to help me optimize my business blog and really establish my presence online. I have found that my lack of a good working knowledge of HTML/CSS has resulted in many hours that I could have devoted to writing content, building up readersip, and developing realtionships with my readers.
Once my chosen Virtual Assistant had helped me with this task and I still had available hours, I would ask my VA to help me with research for article development. I already have a list of titles and subjects I wish to write on, I just have not found the time to devote to this task in the past two months with my children being home during their summer break from school. And now that they are back to school, some of my time will naturally be going to their activities, etc.

David Sep 01 2009

Recently, I moved away from home. I work two full time jobs, and a part time job. I am supporting my wife as she attends her second year of nursing (out of four years), paying for a house, and an apartment near a job I took.

I visit my wife every second weekend (3 hour drive). On top of all of this, I am looking at building out a few web properties this year. I’ve been a full time blogger for a long time now, but had to take on extra work due to the economy, hence my crazy hours and long days.

One of the main tasks I could use help with is finding, screening and organizing writers for this new site, Currently, I am trying to do this myself, but it is quickly cutting into all the other work I am doing, and I’d hate to not be able to pursue my dream of working for myself because of my current responsibilities.

If I can get this site off the ground and running effectively, I know I can, over the next year or two get myself set up so that I can work from home, thus also allowing my wife and I to finally have children (she’ll take a part time nursing job after school is done, since that’s how many nurses start out in our area), and I’ll work for myself, stepping in to help raise the kids as often as I can.

I won’t be able to enjoy family life if I am balancing two and a half jobs, plus my own projects, and so I just need some help getting things going. Please consider me for the VA prizes.

Stefan / intuitiv Sep 02 2009

As a owner of a small company there are a lot of tiny jobs being done during the day I have really not that focus on.
Sorting snail-mail, cleaning up my email inbox, writing invoices, cross-reading technical documents.
All these tiny “steps” have to be done. But in the end my day is chopped into very small pieces. And the main stuff I have to do – like running the company and doing work that gets money in – is postponed another day.
Having somebody doing these tiny jobs will give me the possibility doing my main stuff in a defined and not sliced timeframe.
Finally, this will give me more time with my family at the end of a satisfying work day.


Carol Sep 02 2009

Unlike the majority of contestants entering this competition, I am a complete novice at all things web-related, and I would like to change that.

I am British, living in Spain, where it is impossible to obtain work as a Spaniard, let alone English!

I am trying to become an effective blogger. Although I have topic ideas, I do not have the resources or knowledge to thoroughly research those ideas.

I would also like some unbiased opinions on my choice of topic and some professional help setting up my new blog. I lack the confidence and knowledge in the very important preliminaries of creating a blog that people want to visit and read.

My primary idea is to create a blog detailing my journey from a complete novice to a competent amateur graphic designer. This is my passion, and although I work hard and dedicate many hours to learning graphic design, I realise I am flailing aimlessly without professional suggestions and guidance.

I would like a Virtual Assistant to hold my hand and help me through this minefield that is, a present, impossible for me to negotiate.

Whoever wins this competition, I think Six Revisions and Longer Days are offering a superb opportunity to 2 very lucky people, and should be recognised for that.

Andrew Klein Sep 04 2009

I have recently launched my business into the retail space. Previously, I had a regular day job and managed my business and my clientele in the evenings. With the migration into a retail location, I have found my day is being taken up more and more by business administration aspects and less of what I love doing (and moreso what brings in the revenue.)

The idea has been tossed around of hiring an employee is floating in my head. However, hiring a full-time employee so far is outside the scope and budget of what I’m doing. Hiring part-time is an interesting concept, but finding a quality employee whom is looking for only part-time hours is difficult in this area.

The idea of a virtual assistant would fit my needs comfortably. The list found on is I’m sure just a tip of the iceburg, and does inspire of what I can offload from myself to maximize in what I want to do.

One of the services I like about virtual assistant system is the capability of having an extra hand in the customer service department. The idea that I could still have someone answer the phone for me when I am indisposed (customer, epiphany or out on a service call) that I can still have someone professional and courteous answer the phone, email or otherwise.

As being a ahop of one, it is hard to do proofreading on my own. Although I tend to be cautious with all of my works, you never know when things are going to slip through the cracks. With only one pair of eyes typos do happen. A second pair of eyes would help greatly.

I could go on and on about how much of’s services I could use. The flow of thought on how to free myself up further is expanding;, you are geniuses!

Cesar Sep 12 2009

Ok, I am a young entrepreneur (webmaster with a very small design and advertising agency) with many ideas, projects and plans. Unfortunately one realizes that when you put your hands on a project, involves at the same time not to touch another one, especially when there are few people involved. I have many ideas where I could use “Longer Days,” relating to my business that would be a real ROI for us:

Searching online demographic information existing on the web to start a new project I have in mind of catering only to a certain population.

Also, I need some help on creating new accounts on social networks and make new specialized contacts on Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Hi5, Facebook for Metrolofog and some of my clients and my own business, so we can benefit from using social networking.

I also need to find the right keywords on Google Adwords for some of my client’s campagins and design those text ads.

I also very often need help in my live chat software on my site (fluent written Spanish needed), because I just don’t have time to attend new visitors!

I need to write some articles (of our own creation but certanly based on others) about our services to be published on our website to improve our appearance in search engines.

I need to gather some whois data of certains domains and put it on our online CRM so we can be aware of those things and benefit of that.

I also need someone to pick some website templates according to a list of certain kind of business so we can use them on later projects.

And for personal purposes I need help in setting up a sort of photo blog of our city, so we I just upload new pics when we have them. And I also have a blog about a beautiful mexican traditional clothing called “rebozo”, wich I need to populate with related articles, youtube videos and pictures (I would shot those), one per day, so in the near future I can get some money from ads.

Well I just want to end congratulating Brian Gladu (Longer Days) for his brilliant idea, he really knew detect a necessity and knew how to propose a system to solve it. And thank Jacob Gube (Six Revisions) for his disponnibility to spread the word. Lucky you, winners, whoever you are!

Excuse my english by the way, I’m not a english native spekaer.

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