Giveaway: “MooTools 1.2 Beginner’s Guide” Book

Here’s a chance to win a copy of my book, MooTools 1.2 Beginner’s Guide published by Packt Publishing. Five winners will be selected to win a copy.

The giveaway ends on March 3, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Feb 24, 2010


Melody Feb 24 2010

I would definitely <3 a paperback version of Mootools, so I can expand my knowledge on this awesome subject and take over the world! muahahaha :)

Nasim Feb 24 2010

I am an Object Oriented fan. Mootools is an object-oriented jQuery, which I like very much. I’d love to learn about Mootools more and develop on it.

les crowley Feb 24 2010

Starting to use javascript frameworks and would love a good reference for mootools.

Prefer eBook to hard copy.

Silviya Feb 24 2010

I’d like a copy of this book because I haven’t used MooTools so far but I’ve read a lot about it and would like to try myself how good this framework is.

I’m starting and trying to learn MooTools and a tad bit intimidated on where to begin, I think this book would give me a good starting point and walk me through it. (Paperback) Thanks!

I’m a student who would love to get started on his moo tools skills. plus march 7th is my birthday and guess whats on my list, the Moo Tools 1.2 Beginner’s Guide. Ive been a daily reader of six revisions for a while now and I’m looking forward to more of the same in book form. I cant think of a better place to start than this book and I’m ready to get started. I would prefer a paperback copy of the book, thanks.

Always trying to gain more knowledge to produce more appealing and interactive websites. The book sparked my interest when I saw it yesterday. Would love a paperback if won:)

Ankkit Feb 24 2010


1. Being the first person to comment.
2. My site is based on the mootools v1.1 framework.
3. Moooooooo!!
4. I want to master mootools.

I just took my first JavaScript class this week. I would LOVE to expand that teeny tiny bit of knowledge with this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

MichaelM Feb 24 2010

Would love a copy of the paperback book as I want to get to know more about this excellent framework!

I only know jQuery (barely) but I desperately want to learn mootools. Pick me!

ryanb Feb 24 2010

I’d like to explore mootools more. I currently utilize jQuery for the majority of my work so it would be nice to explore something new. I’d prefer the paperback if I win, but would certainly accept either.

here ;)
i prefer ebook to hard copy…

Christophe Feb 24 2010

Eventually to switch from jQuery to Mootools

Attis Feb 24 2010

Switching to Mootools from just using prototype and this book could certainly help. Paperback preferred.

I’d love a copy of this book. I’m beginning to get into web development and I’m just burning through every book I can get my hands on. I’d prefer a paperback copy.

I always love learning from a real, ink and paper, book, and I’ve been meaning to dip into moo tools…

This would be a huge help!

Stratos Feb 24 2010

First, i like the paperbacks but i can read an e-book without a problem. Finally, i will improve my skills and my knowledge with this book!

I’d love a copy. I’m just starting to do some coding for my company, and they’re using MooTools. Time for a crash course!

Jessica Feb 24 2010

I want to learn more about mootools.

Daniel Kamman Feb 24 2010

I would like a copy of the book because I am in the process of beta testing, with the expectation of purchasing the final version, the code for ecommerce software (LemonStand, that is based on MooTools, so I need to learn MooTools. I want to add a MooTools accordion menu to LemonStand and the MooTools accordion is covered in the book. I prefer hard copy but would be fine with an ebook. Thanks!

I’d love to learn more about Mootools. Either version of the book would be fine with me. Thanks!

I’d love a copy, my moo knowledge needs a bit of work!

Paper format for me please!

Albert Feb 24 2010

Why? Because I want/need to lear how to create dynamic, interactive, and responsive cross-browser web aplications , is that my book? I prefer paperback. Thanks

michael Feb 24 2010

i want the mootools book so much!! i love javascript libraries . still testing jquery vs mootools

would love a book to learn from, sometimes online tutorials are tough and it’s nice to have something physical on the desk in front of me

I don’t know much about mootools, but this will certainly be a good start.

Derrick Feb 24 2010

Thirty years old, wife, two kids, one on the way. Why do I need it? Because, I’m tired of leaning on jQuery, the Toyota of Javascript libraries….

Who wouldn’t want a free book on MooTools – especially with all the javascript frameworks out there.

Ankit Feb 24 2010

I’d love to have this, whether I win or not, to get started with javascript in general. Digital would be perfect !

txeke Feb 24 2010

I’d like a paperback of this book, because I’m a jQuery fan, but I’ve started with JS frameworks with Mootools, some years ago and want to catch up with the new Mootools.

Komang Feb 24 2010

Just give me the paperback :) love to dive further into mooooooo worlds

Emagist Feb 24 2010

I better use Linux over Windows, Firefox over IE, Aptana vs Dreamweaver, Gimp over Photoshop. But still code in jQuery as most of the web-developers. Your book can change this last issue. This is why I want your book.

Thanks! Even if I won’t get it. Thanks for what you do for the coMOOnity.

I would love to get my hands on this book, i don´t know very much about mootools but i wanna learn! If its a learning-by-doing-kinda-book for beginners i´m your geek … and you guys would be my Motools gurus for eternity.

A paperback makes better coffee stains, then my display does :)

Federico Feb 24 2010

It will be very nice to win a copy of this book

Thank you very much

Being a web design student, it’s difficult to purchase books…especially new ones, so having this to expand would be great.

I’m just beginning to touch the mootools framework and this would be an asset to my learning! Paperback would be great, but ebook works too. Keep up the great work at Six Revisions!

Melanie Nelson Feb 24 2010

I’d love to win this just to learn something new! I haven’t worked with Moo Tools but would love to start. I would prefer a hard-copy of the book.

Jônatan Fróes Feb 24 2010

I need to foreget jQuery for a while…

Ed Brenner Feb 24 2010

I’ve just started into using Javascript and playing with the various libraries that are out there. Currently I stick with jQuery. But as I understand it from friends of mine that use MooTools its the bomb over jQuery in a few areas.

I’m eager to learn, use and teach others what can be accomplished with javascript. But know that I have to have the knowledge to teach them. This would help immensely.

Currently I do screencasts over at which focuses on web development using RealMacSoftware’s RapidWeaver. Yep I’m a Mac Boi. And all the javascript casts so far have been about jQuery.

It’s time I expanded my limitations.

Simon Willans Feb 24 2010

This seems like a pretty nice offer. I’d like it because I’d actually like a set text to read through and learn thoughroughly without internet access.

I am a complete newbie for mootools, and I had always wanted to learn more :) and here is my opportunity, moreover I trust six revisions content, and I am 110% sure that the book’s content will amaze me, and make me master mootools easily.
Would prefer an e-book

Cody Krieger Feb 24 2010

I’d love to win a copy simply because I want to learn MooTools. I have quite a bit of jQuery experience, and from the little MooTools that I have written, I like its style quite a bit more. Plus, I’m a full time web application developer! I need it :)

David Feb 24 2010

I’d like a paperback copy of the book because, Gube Rocks!
Love the site, love the book, love the resource and info. Keep up the good work.

Michael Arnaldo Feb 24 2010

I would love to learn mooTools. I’ve had jQuery thrown in my face this whole time. Its about time i got some new languages to compete with.

Paper back version would rule!!

Mario Awad Feb 24 2010

Because I’m a mootools beginner and would love to delve deeper into this object oriented framework. Paperback version please. Good luck to all :)

I’d love to be able to read this on the train to work like I did with the smashing book :) I’m trying to absorb as much of every article from a whole lot of design blogs, my rss feed reader has 1180 to go through, woo!

Abdelhadi Touil Feb 24 2010

I like learn javascript frameworks, and MooTools is sure one from the best, and I prefer paperbacks.
Thanks very much.

Nicolas B. Feb 24 2010

I’d like a copy of the ebook version so I can quickly start reading.
I’m personally interested in comparing Mootools with JQuery and Prototype/

Eddie Feb 24 2010

I am a new 35-year-old student to HTML and someone who has been looking to find the passion of his life. I believe the last month in my first real HTML/CSS class has finally led me to my passion. This book would give me a great boost in studies. Thanks!!!

Abx78 Feb 24 2010

I need this book… so I can consume it!

Larry Feb 24 2010

As a non-programmer who dabbles in Javascript for web dev purposes, I find MooTools very intuitive and efficient. I’d love to get the book to have a more comprehensive view of the framework.

david Feb 24 2010

just stared 2 months ago, i would like to have a copy as an ebook, good resource of knowledge, gathering the best information as fast as i can!! :)

ruderic Feb 24 2010

I would like to win this book in order to learn Mootols. I am already a jQuery developer and this book is great to expand my abilities.
I would prefer the paperback version, but, since I am from Argentina, the ebook version would fit better.

Tom Dempsey Feb 24 2010

I am always up to learning something new and MooTools have been on my to-do list. I would prefer to eBook.

I’ve been wanting to get some MooTools in print. Hope I can win this copy!

Timothy Feb 24 2010

I have just started learning about MooTools, and a paperback version of this wonderful text would benefit me greatly.

Matt M Feb 24 2010

I want to improve my site. One of the best ways to get good at something is to study it. Paperback please.

Andrew Roberts Feb 24 2010

I am a college student and would love to learn MooTools! :D I recently got Learning jQuery 1.3 from Packt, so It’d be awesome to pair it with this book! Physical copy would be awesome, but I’d take either one of course! Thanks Jacob and Packt!

Cory Smith Feb 24 2010

I am just now getting into Moo Tools and this book would really help cut the learning curve of trying to cross-reference online learning tools. Many thanks for considering me, and I would prefer the paperback if possible.

anthony Feb 24 2010

I would like the book so I could leant MooTools. I’ve heard a lot about it, but haven’t taken the time to do much research into it.

Sam S Feb 24 2010

I’ll chime in for a chance to win! I’ll use either format for learning how to development better websites, as I would love to build and expand my toolbox. :D Thanks for this contest giveaway!

Veronica Feb 24 2010

It’s not easy to find a easy to digest javascript book and I hope this book will make it easier for me to finally get to learning mootools! thank you!

Wallace Feb 24 2010

i wrote a post for your book, check out my blog.

Trevor Feb 24 2010

I’ve got my CSS and HTML down, but really need to get things to the next level. This would be the perfect book to add to my skill set and bring my sites to the next level (would love it in paper!)

Warren Feb 24 2010

I would love this book. I’m tired of using other people’s widgets and such, I’d like to create things myself with mootools. This book would be great so I can learn the skills!

..because everybody loves a good book (paperback!) that teaches you something.

a great way to finally start learning javascript and build the great idea…

Craig Feb 25 2010

Hello Jacob,
I saw your first post about this book and was excited to hear about this contest.

Of the 10 or so Joomla based websites, MooTools powers a great deal of them. Unfortunately, I don’t understand it enough to troubleshoot when problems occur and my lack of knowledge prevents me from taking advantage of what appears to be a powerful application framework for the web.

Thanks for running this contest!

Jonathan Búcaro Feb 25 2010

Me encantaria tener una copia del eBook ya que deseo iniciarme en el desarrollo Web. Me encanta aprender y no puedo dejar pasar esta gran oportunidad :)

I’d like a copy of the eBook cuz i want to start developing Web solutions. I love to learn and can’t let this chance pass away :)

Pavel Gerega Feb 25 2010

I would like a paperback MooTools 1.2 Beginner’s Guide because I am a Web Design college student and I have no idea what MooTools is so it’s about time I learned what it is.

Isaak Feb 25 2010

I’m new to Mootools and was looking to integrate Mootools onto my website/blog as well as any future web development projects I’ll be doing. So, the book will be a great help in learning about MooTools. If I’m selected, I would like a paperback copy. Thanks!

Casey O Feb 25 2010

I would love to have a copy to start my way in to web developing. I have worked on the designer side, but I want to be able to do both. I would prefer the e-book, but either is fine by me!

Alex Flueras Feb 25 2010

I really need this book as I frequently use jQuery and MooTools for my projects. Thanks for the opportunity!

Jigar Chauhan Feb 25 2010

I want to know MooTools..more…

that’s why i want this..

Thanks – SR…

I am very eager work with mootools. i worked in jquery but i am very eager to see how beautiful is mootools.. i need to learn it.

Kevin S Feb 25 2010

i know this is really helpful book and i would like to expend my knowledge in mootools.

Sun Pietro Feb 25 2010

I’d use it to develop Joomla features on my site.

Been interested lately about mootools and been finding a book to learn and now sixrevisions are giving away so i would like to own this book and give mootools a try.

beside that i prefer paperback

Maciej Feb 25 2010

Having a Moo Tools eBook would be great – I could have it faster to start reading sooner.

Vanessa Feb 25 2010

I’ve seen and heard all about Mootools! Am just trying out the new CSS3 and HTML5. With Mootools, it will make building a basic and fabulous site a whole lot more easier! Gimme a paperback version of Mootools 1.2 Beginner’s Guide! Thankyouu!

Emma Fraser Feb 25 2010

ah i definitely need a paperback copy of this book! i am just learning how all this stuff works and i am CLUELESS!! i think this book will def help me!
the paperback would be cool- then i could write over the pages and make my own notes etc. i do love the smell of books too!

sandra Feb 25 2010

I’ld like to receive a paper copy of this book to learn using MooTools. For this moment I use Jquery but I think MooTools is a good alternative ;)

cssah Feb 25 2010

Awesome chance to Start with MooTools

Hi, I don´t know if i deserve the eBook. But, I need it ;-)
I started know on a company designing and developing Sites.

It would be a good opportunity to start learning MooTools!!!


I Would prefer a e-book :-D

wanna learn learn learn

MooTools FTW!

Danie Feb 25 2010

Need to win a copy of this book

I wanna win the book because I wanna learn!

Cool~ I wish to read it so that I can integrate MooTools’s features to my website development!

Ed Dempsey Feb 25 2010

I would love to have this paperback book so that I can add more applications to my website.

fatihturan Feb 25 2010


I’m using jQuery as primary JS framework. Also i want to know some knowledge about Mootools.

Paperback version should be good. :)


It would be nice to have this book, I want to learn more about MooTools, so this is a great chance to do it :D

Jack F Feb 25 2010

I’m hugely into jQuery and have recently been learning Mootools and really like it, I like the structure more than jQuery and would love to extend my knowledge using this book.

I’d like the paper-back version please.



SamBlease Feb 25 2010

I am just beginning to teach myself javascript and would really like a paperback mootools book to help me get going.

Jacques Feb 25 2010

I need, want, must have this book……..

“All men by nature desire knowledge.”


Anssi Uimonen Feb 25 2010

I’d love to have a copy of this book because MooTools is something I haven’t learned yet and I think it would be a great improvement for the service palette I can offer my clients. eBook or paperback, either one is good :)

I know simple Javascript, and a few things about jQuery, and I see an increment of use about MooTools, so I’m interested to know more about it.

I want it !!! :)

David Fitzgibbon Feb 25 2010

I love jQuery but there’s always room for another.
Moo tools is supposed to be great and this would help me get into it!

Soner Gönül Feb 25 2010

I coding a shophing web site and i need a js library i can easyly learn. i prefer eBook type on this book.

Thanks you !

Javier Lopez Feb 25 2010

Love reading a book as the best way to learn how to implement new web design tools, MooTools. Ebook will be fine with me.

Jordan Poles Feb 25 2010

This book would be very helpful to me for advancing my javascript skills. I currently only use Jquery, but mootools would be good to know as well!

Joelji Feb 25 2010

Came in the right time. I’ve just started learning Mootools and I believe this would be a great resource to kick start easily and effectively.
A Paperback would be preferred. However, an eBook is not bad.

Bleyder Feb 25 2010

I want to have a deep understanding about mootools. So… I would like (a paperback format of) this book.

Jose Adan Ortiz Feb 25 2010

This MooTools Book would be a nice beginning to develop new sites. I want this book

Robin Feb 25 2010

Im a student again after a few years of working and the book fits my courses and future perfect. I would want Mootools as paperback.

Gilberto Ramos Feb 25 2010

I work with JS a lot! I simply love JS.. I usually prefer to write raw code but of course we all need frameworks.. JQuery is the only framework I’ve used so far and I’m sure MooTools another wonderfull framework that I need to learn.
I just want an eBook. =) Thank you very much Mr.

Steven Oldner Feb 25 2010

Learning Javascript right now and want to add MooTools as my primary framework. Prefer paper so I can carry it around with me, but ebook will do nicely too.


traversable Feb 25 2010

I’m not going to ask nicely! OK, Today is an exception… PLEEEASE…mail me a paperback format of the book.

Simply, because I like to win!

Giulia Feb 25 2010

The knowledge of mootools would be a great skill for my job.
paperback version (to read on the bus) is preferred

I want a copy because I know nothing about writing script myself and I’m tired of fighting with buggy plug-ins. It would be great to be able to dissect this stuff with a modicum and not spend hours banging my head against a wall trying to make my effects work.

And I have empty bookshelves in my new apartment!

Jordan Walker Feb 25 2010

I would like to copy to learn the in’s and out’s of MooTools.

Leandro Revestido Feb 25 2010

i think this book would be very usefull to me.
I work in Argentina as a digital designer and during my long way to my work office, I spend the 2 hours of trip readdin books, so i prefer to read a book in paper, because i dont have a digital support to read them in digital during my trips to the office.

Thanks for doing this things!

I would like a copy of this book. This is due to the fact that my company uses Joomla for website development and mootools is extensively used in the Joomla CMS framework. It would definitely help us understand and better utilize the javascript functionality behind Joomla.

I…. need a copy so i finally have a great excuse to learn MooTools!
Paperback its always a favorite.

Anthony Feb 25 2010

I’d love a copy (paperback would be awesome). I’m about to try my hand at MooTools and this book would definitely be helpful.

Jeff Kes Feb 25 2010

I think this book would help me start using MooTools. I have been wanting to get started learning this but have not got any books on this subject yet.


Felipe Feb 25 2010

¿Porqué?… siempre buscamos aprender, siempre queremos hacer lo mejor con ese saber y estaremos dispuestos a compartirlo en algún momento. No solo se trata de ganar un libro, se trata de adquirir conocimiento, de tener lo mejor para el futuro. MooTools, es un buen ejemplo de ello.

Fancisco Feb 25 2010

Because Mootools is just… (wait-for-it) mootastic. There isn’t a single day that goes by when I don’t look at some moo code and say, moo… this is awesome.

I’d rather have it as an eBook… but all moo’s welcome.

I’m starting to work with javascript frameworks so there’s a lot to learn about. A paperback version could be great!

Juarez P. A. Filho Feb 25 2010

I’m very fan of jQuery and want to try Mootools. This book will be AWESOME to learn quickly.


I’d like to learn more about MooTools.

Abraão Coelho Feb 25 2010

Why? This was the first JS Library that showed me wonderful effects instead of using heavy-flash animations. I was like a kid that couldn’t stop playing with the little 3Kb-ball from moofx =D. I would love the paperback version so I can carry it around.

Sebastian Feb 25 2010

The (by the way fantastic) CMS TYPOlight makes use of Mootools 1.2 to provide AJAX and interesting effects. I have always wanted to be able to create useful Javascript-enhanced extensions for the system.

And as you’re asking: I like to have something in my hands… :)

fnatichohn Feb 25 2010

Would like to have a paperback of this great book. Heard so much about MooTools and I wanna learn more about it!

Gabe Casalett Feb 25 2010

I’ve been kind of using jQuery for about a year but have not totally committed. If I had a mootools book, it would become my preferred js library!
I’d love a paperback copy.

sheli Feb 25 2010

Paperback of coarse. It’s hard to take an ebook to bed with me at night.

Scott Feb 25 2010

I would love a copy. Paperback if available!

dmitriy Feb 25 2010

I am new to MooTools and I would love to receive a copy of the book to help me get started.


I use jQuery mostly, but I’m really interesting mootools too, so this would be a good chance to learn it:)

Voras Feb 25 2010

I want the book because the book is for beginners and seems to be very much user friendly for reader like me who need to have their hands held in the beginning. And I’d surely love a paperback copy.

Joaquin Mike Feb 25 2010

Currently working with Zend Framework, recently I’m starting, and I think it would be good to immerse myself and all that pertains to this topic good if I get the opportunity would be good to the email that the shipment would be easier.

Gustavs Cirulis Feb 25 2010

I am a loyal jQuery user, but I would like to learn MooTools too. Who knows, maybe even switch.

Vaughn Feb 25 2010

I use the MooTools framework on tons of sites. I would love a paperback copy to learn more on the actual usage to maybe do some more customized things with it.

Scott B Feb 25 2010

Learning more about mootools would be awesome.

Patrick Sachse Feb 25 2010

I am very interested for jQuery, and everything else that has to do with the Web. Therefore I would like a copy in order to gain more experience and to learn.

Tutorial City Feb 25 2010

I would like to learn Mootools because it seems to be more logical than jQuery

Michael Serna Feb 25 2010

I’d use the book as a giveaway myself to reach out to someone who is a web designer but is not all that familiar with jQuery or MooTools. This can be used an inspirational book. Please send a paperback copy!

Keep up the great work and thanks for the giveaway!

I’m a big jQuery fan but I love to expand my knowledge so any good information is heavily appreciated.

*paperback lover*

Jim Nielsen Feb 25 2010

I really need this! I need to know more on mootools so I can make funky awesome web pages!

Bryce Feb 25 2010

I would love to dive into mootools more. The paperback version would help me out with this!

stells Feb 25 2010

I’d really prefer paperback so I can read it after studying.

I am interested at javascript and MoTools but I can’t get it. And I’m sure with your skill I would understand it :)

Thank you.

James Leahy Feb 25 2010

I teach web development at a local adult ed in San Jose, CA, and would like to include more on MooTools for students. This would provide a nice opportunity to do so.
Best of success on your book.

Melih Onvural Feb 25 2010

I remember sitting down and learning HTML with the 24 Hours of HTML book by SAMS Publishing when I was in grade school. There’s just something really great about opening up a book, and building cool things while working through the examples. Always looking for an excuse to relive that experience

I would love to have this book in paperback format please.

SpookyET Feb 25 2010

I was just reading about MooTools 2 days ago. I was comparing it to jQuery. I’ve decided to try to use it for my next site. It looks more interesting than jQuery. Though, thus far I have only used jQuery.

I will test some of the MooTools special effects plugins.

priyadarshi kunal Feb 26 2010

Coz Mootools is great
Coz I love tech books
Coz you are giving it for free

Clint Feb 26 2010

Learning more would be awesome.

I use a lot of jQuery in my last project. I also ran some tests with MooTools and a book would be great for me. The paperback version is the best.

I would like a copy of any kind, because I have heard MooTools should be the framework to go with if you want a nice looking site.

Cinzia Feb 26 2010

Very interesting. I’m new to Mootools so this book can help me. :-D

Anca G Feb 26 2010

I would like to learn more about mootools. Currently I use jQuery for my project, but mootools sounds very promising.
Thank you.

My baa needs a little moo. (Preferably in paper)

this would become handy for school !

Igor Ivanković Feb 26 2010

I’m trying to learn MooTools and this is a nice tool to show me on how to begin, I think this book would give me a good foundations. (Paperback) Thanks!

Andrey Miroshnichenko Feb 26 2010

I’d love to learn more about Mootools. Digital version will be great. Thanks!

SajeerStarline Feb 26 2010

Hi dude…..
I would love to get my hands on this book, i don´t know very much about mootools but i wanna learn!
thank you.

Elliott Feb 26 2010

Always willing to learn more and jQuery is on the list.. Please can I have the paperback version.

Many thanks


Michal Kozak Feb 26 2010

Paper back would be great, but e-book will do too. After all, it’s about what’s inside :).

I’d would love to put my hands on that book because I’m a huge JavaScript freak. I was always and am still into raw JavaScript, but the best things about being freelancer is there’s never a good excuse to stop learning – so I dig into jQuery, but that’s not enough for me. Want to learn different libraries and MooTools is absolutely on my list :).

Kartik Mistry Feb 26 2010

Paperback while reading it on the beanbag! Never worked with mootools though :)

UniqueDesign Feb 26 2010

What to say… I really don’t know what the hell is MooTools. I have not worked with it before and I even don’t know if I need it! So having a paperback copy of that book should be a great start for learning what it is, what can I do with it and starting using it!

Diego Enrique Finol Feb 26 2010

I’d love a paperback copy of the book. I’m the technical web coordinator at a public Venezuelan university which is going through a harsh budget crisis due to cutbacks made by the government. A copy of the book would help us continue to develop the University’s portal with little financial resources as we’ve been doing so far.

Mhaddy Feb 26 2010

Would love a paperback copy of MooTools so I can finally understand what’s going on in these scripts!

Vishnu H Feb 26 2010

Books are made to be read. And, each word read are to be kept in mind, and TO BE implemented whenever required.

So, in this book, I will get lots of things, that I cam implement somewhere in my life.

pimeo Feb 26 2010

Pourquoi ce livre ? parce que c’estr un super bouquin! pour developper masse de modules dynamiques, rien de mieux

Ronald E Feb 26 2010

I’m very interesting in learning MooTools, I’ve only used JQuery and Mochikit so far and I hear good things from MooTools. The paperback version would be nice because sometimes I find myself without gadgets to read an ebook.

Desimira Feb 26 2010

I will be happy to win a paperback copy of Mootools Beginner’s guide because I would like to know about everything that will make me a better and more professional web developer ( What I said sounds like I took it from a school book but I’m dead serious).
I hope to be one of the lucky ones!

Tuan Pham Feb 26 2010

MOOOOO!!!! I would love to have this as a reference. I’m in the process of re-doing my website with this Javascript framework.
(paperback please!)

Adam B Feb 26 2010

I’ve used jquery in the past, but sometimes found it to be a bit of a pain on certain things.

Did some looking into MooTools and found out that it is, in fact, an easy to use framework.

I would like a copy of the book so I can further educate myself in different javascript frameworks (as each one is better for some jobs than others).

Paperback please.

danielcktan Feb 26 2010

I would like a copy to build my knowledge in this excellent framework. With this high quality book, I will be able to enhance my knowledge!

Paperback will be ideal!

Smashing Share Feb 26 2010

I think its time to avail this opportunity and start learning javascript. Would love to have paperback version.

Gaurav Feb 26 2010

I would like this book because i’ve promised my parents to help them lauch their company website, although I have little experience in this field, I am eager to learn and I believe this book will help me help my parents.

Chris Feb 26 2010

I’d love to read the paperback if I win!

Eugen R. Feb 26 2010

I’d like to win it because I want to be able to code with more than just one framework (jQuery) and want something to guide me through. Or something like that.

Joel Kidd Feb 26 2010

I would like a paperback copy of this book. I’ve been wanting to learn MooTools. This would be a great place to start.

Hector Lee Feb 26 2010

I’ve heard great stuff about Moo Tools but know too little to be confident in using it. Well, its a beginner’s book isn’t it?

Paperback for me.

Andrew Edwards Feb 26 2010

I am interested in this book because I have been wanting to dive into MooTools. I have been wanting to become more knowledgeable with Javascript and I believe this will help get me there.

Since I graduated from college with a Web Design Degree I see that I need to brush up on my front-end development.

I would love to win the book. I have been trying to figure out mootools for months and I’m not getting anywhere. Please let me win so I can understand it!

Gary McDaniel Feb 26 2010

I’ve been coding with javascript for about 10 years now. I’ve written my own DHTML libraries and I use jQuery extensively. I’d like to give something else a try and this book would provide the motivation and knowledgebase. Paperback please.

Michel Jansen Feb 26 2010

Seems like the perfect opportunity to try it out :)

You had me at “learning by doing”.

Abe P. Feb 26 2010

I would like a copy of your book.
I use YUI heavily, but want to be exposed to other great libraries like Mootools.

Thank you!

Andrew Edwards Feb 26 2010

O wait I have a better comment:

I want this book cause “Knowledge is Power”

A Star with the message “The More You Know” fly’s by.

Carlos Feb 26 2010

I would like to learn more about Mootools with this book.

Lauren Feb 26 2010

Of course, a MooTools 1.2 Beginner’s Guide would help me out immensely, as I find it difficult to wrap my head around this subject matter. A book would be really great at this point.

Thanks for the offer to us readers! And I would a paperback version if I win please. Thank you!

Tim Ginter Feb 26 2010

I would love a paperback copy of MooTools 1.2 Beginner’s Guide. I’m new to web design and would love to learn more about MooTools. Hope to hear back.

muckoda Feb 27 2010

I don’t want to miss this opportunity

Karthick Feb 27 2010

I’m learning Moo tools. I like moo tools,i’m very curious to learn it.I’m thirsting to learn.

Simone Feb 27 2010

Because could be the right time to learn to program a little bit!

I would prefer the paperback version.

Ciao e grazie mille!

Because it maybe possible, that this book pursuades me, to use mootools. Till now, jQuery is my one and only favorite. Yes. ;-)

Kind regards

I’m a designer with very strong technical skills. I’m self taught on all the tools I use for development. I’ve worked with many different frameworks but need to decide on which JavaScript framework to use. Based on your tutorials, Mootools looks extremely easy to learn and I’d love a copy (doesn’t matter hard or soft copy) so I can expand my skills with js.

Deamonic Angel Feb 27 2010

I would love to have a paperback copy of this book! I’m currently a student in Graphic Design working on building some great websites in my spare time and this could really help my progress into different web development areas. Having a paperback copy too will alow me to take it everywhere with me to read whenever I get the chance and share what is in the book with other students on my course. They may even opt to buy one for themselves!

~ Deamonic Angel

I want to get to know more about my favorite framework! :)

Aaron Camello Feb 27 2010

I’d like a copy of this book (paperback) because I could use the help. My web skills are not as savvy as they should be.

Carlos R. Feb 28 2010

Being a web designer, I’m frustrated sometimes when my vision is not executed accurately since I don’t usually write my design’s code (I usually pass on my designs to the coding experts). That’s the reason why I’m now starting to learn how to convert my designs into coded pages so that I can do it myself and hence I’ll be able to accurately port my design vision into it’s coded form. And this awesome giveaway just came at the right time! It’s perfect for learners and beginners like and would definitely give me a jumpstart with my goal to learn another discipline. If I win, a paperback would be great as I’m quite not good with reading on a screen for long sessions. Hoping to win!

angemy Feb 28 2010

being mostly a website designer, I have been asked by my workplace to start to learn some php and javascript and frameworks, so I can understand how my design will work in with all of the coding. This book would be extremely useful.

Jesse Feb 28 2010

Would love a copy (paperback. I’m old skool. OK. I’m just old ;)) Would love a chance to gain new skills :)

Cows are my favourite animal, so mooTools sounds the perfect framework to learn; an ebook sure would help with this :)

Jonathan Brier Mar 01 2010

I would like a copy of MooTools 1.2 preferably in the paperback format so I can improve my web skills and help enhance GridRepublic’s website ( a nonprofit I am working with. I would also like the book to help me in creation of a few other website idea I have. I still have much to learn and I am eager to do so.

stella Mar 01 2010

I’m starting to learn MooTools and I think this book would help me to know from where to start with that framework! I prefer paperback format.thanks!

Jay Carlson Mar 01 2010

I’ve been looking for a way to learn more of this and this book would be very helpful! paperback for me as well. I’m a “hands-on” person.

Vitor Mar 01 2010


Maura Mar 01 2010

I’ve been reading so much about MooTools lately, and I’m really anxious to give it a try. The book would be invaluable. (in e-book format) Thanks!

I could really use this book to become a better Web Designer. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

Melita Mar 02 2010

Learning MooTools.
Would be helpful to kick-start it in full throttle.

Ahmed Nadir Mar 02 2010

I am learning. Want to learn MooTools. Thanks!

Love the Packt publishing books already, loved their books on Zend and Codeigniter. This would be a great addition to my library

Rishi Luchun Mar 02 2010

Because I want it?

Jason Steele Mar 02 2010

I have been using MooTools a lot at work. This book would be very useful. I prefer paperback.

George L Smyth Mar 02 2010

As an out of work Webmaster, I am finding ways to make my portfolio more attractive to possible employers. On the front end side of things, it would be great to be able to show that I can add impressive elements to my employer’s website, allowing me to stand out. I’m well versed with JavaScript, but adding a framework like MooTools would be a real step in the right direction. Of course, the paperback would be preferable, but I am certainly fine with a digital version.

Tom Cowen Mar 03 2010

Mooooo, I would soooo looooove a copy of moooootoooools because my JavaScript sucks and I need all the help I can get!!! :-)

tebee Mar 03 2010

Been using Joomla for a while and Mootools is interspersed in the modules. I would like the book so I could learn more about Mootools and how to modify the modules for my needs. Either format (ebook or physical) is fine by me. Thanks!

Young Mar 03 2010

Phew, it ends today? I guess I missed this post somehow…
I work for a budding social networking site and primarily work with PHP/MySQL/Javascript/AJAX. I taught myself all these from books and internet tutorials, and would love to get a chance at learning another skill set. But regardless of the giveaway results, I really appreciate your website bringing me highly useful info.

Jennifer Mar 03 2010

Needed good, conventional (paperback) bedtime reading material. Also wanted to learn MooTools, of course!

tomitzel Mar 03 2010

I should get this book because I deserve it :)
I prefer ebook format.

Stephen Bates Mar 03 2010

I really need to expand beyond XHTML/CSS, and I’ve been really impressed by the kind of functionality that can be accomplished with mootools.

Quite interested and the book looks like a great help.

guille Mar 03 2010

Like all the people, I want the book, I study all about websites, from paper prototyping to programming in PHP, and where I live (Tenerife, Canary Islands) is hard to find good books. It’s a surprise for me to find your message in twitter, I did’nt know about it, and I’m happy to write something here and try with all the people.

Bobby Jack Mar 03 2010

I’d love to win this book in an attempt to break my jQuery addiction. There’s a nagging feeling in the back of my head that jQuery is the most popular javascript framework for a reason, but I need to challenge that assumption.

Joe666 Mar 03 2010

Would love a copy of the paperback book to extend the bare knowledge I have of this JS framework!

Zurgo Mar 03 2010

Surprise… win a paperback version! :-)

Dhani Mar 03 2010

Because it’s free and Jacob + Garrick are awesome.
Save the trees, eBook please.

Craig Mar 04 2010

I really need to get a good introduction to MooTools. I would prefer paper, but either is appreciated.

kodegeek Mar 04 2010

Would be great if i get a copy. I love mootools. I love sixrevisions :)

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