Giveaway: SlideshowBox Photo Gallery Licenses

SlideshowBox is a collection of interactive Flash gallery templates that allow you to create custom photo slideshows without code. Smartketer, the software company that created SlideshowBox, has teamed up with us to hand out five SlideshowBox Premium Plus licenses.

For a chance to win, leave a comment answering the following question: How can SlideshowBox help you in your projects?

This giveaway ends on May 31, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on May 24, 2010


I’d like to get the license, but i’m not good at description in english

Craig May 24 2010

For over 2 years I have been working with one team and one set of project stakeholders and while everyone is committed to doing their best it’s a core part of my role to re-introduce people to practices, processes and values, to help them do the best work they can.

SlideshowBox can help me achieve that through elevating the emotional engagement people have with my content.

Daniel May 24 2010

SSB would be perfect for photo galleries on my projects. I want this.

Emeric May 24 2010

It can help me to show my works

It is perfect to display my portfolio in a brilliant way!

robert May 24 2010

The perfect tool to show products on future projects..

Silvio May 24 2010

Is perfect to show all my books!

David May 24 2010

It could certainly enhance the experience when looking through my photogallery.
I am a part time photographer.

Hamza Al Abri May 24 2010

How can SlideshowBox help you in your projects?
It help me to display important news, photos “as a gallery”, to contain small information to be as one page.

Joelji May 24 2010

This will be very useful for me now, as I’m doing websites for couple of Photographers. Their portfolio would be gorgeous with Slideshowbox.

All the best guys :-)

Sun Pietro May 24 2010

that would make my portfolio look amazing :)

Phillip Makabe May 24 2010

It will definitely help me put my client’s projects in a nice slide show.

Dennis May 24 2010

Finally … the solution to the number one challenge for any web site owner: decent slide shows!

Sheena May 24 2010

probably like most designers here It would be a fantastic tool to display my design projects and also my photos…I will be creating my portfolio site in the next few weeks and this would be perfect!

Great giveaway by the way :)

Voras May 24 2010

I have this secret hope of winning the license – I’ve been rather lucky these past few days. So if I accidentally win, I’d try and make sure the templates are used for making the world a better place. First, these cool templates that require no coding make this world a brighter place by default (less coding = happier people). Additionally, I am working on a few social (non-profit) web projects, and these would benefit from the templates, making the projects more attractive to the target audiences (the youngsters). Which also means a better world. So… even if the selection is random, I hope my winning probability is just a bit higher now ;).

Michael May 24 2010

Tt will help me to present pictures in projects in a nice way as well as perhaps some of my own pictures I have taken.

Jean-Baptiste Jung May 24 2010

It could be a great way to display my portfolio :)

Lee Hughes May 24 2010

It would help non-coders like myself a great chance to display my work in the way that it deserves, in a professional manner and one that I could change depending on what I want my photos to reflect.

Zurgo May 24 2010

It would shows the photo of our homebrewer association!

Jordan Walker May 24 2010

This is great for flash based galleries.

Carol May 24 2010

I suppose we all have our own selfish or selfless desire to own this piece of software, and mine is very little different to anyone else’s!
Trying to break into the world of blogging is, by any standards, pretty difficult, but that is exactly what I am trying to do at the moment and have been working on it since last September. With a self-hosted blog in the creation stages, I really believe my target could be more achievable with the use of Slideshowbox to showcase as many of my tutorials as possible at one time.
Whoever does win this fantastic prize (and many thanks to sixrevisions for the opportunity), I hope they have fun and profitable experiences with it!

james May 24 2010


Gustavo Melo May 24 2010

SlideshowBox can increase a lot of amazing reaction of my customers when use it on projects.

Nils Geylen May 24 2010

SlideShowBox does all the things my clients are after when they describe how they’d like their media to be shown.

Most of them are artists and creatives who know little about coding. It would help me help them get faster and neater results. Their work deserves it and I’be a happy monkey.

I offer generous discounts to artists and not-for-profits; this could help me to get some ROI on that investment.

let me see how its done :) and show my work as well

Rhett May 24 2010

I know so many clients right now (in-league and potential) that would need to display major photography as part of their branding, and not just a couple of stocks here and there.

Matt M. May 24 2010

I have been looking for a good way to complete the portfolio section of my site (should look familiar as it is a slightly modified tutorial from SR). This would give my portfolio area the look I am going for in a very powerful way.

Here’s to finishing my portfolio section!

Tim Mahoney May 24 2010

I’d integrate it with CMS Made simple to make a re-usable and super-slick Photo Gallery module. It uses XML so I can use my current back end that writes XML out to a dynamic file that SlideshowBox can read from.

Andy Emerick May 24 2010

Adding flash based galleries to the list of services we offer would be appeal to a broader base of clients for us.

Nick Plekhanov May 24 2010

This Flash gallery will enable me to present my portfolio in a brilliant way! Getting to my hands such excellent presentation of my works I can achieve a higher number of users on my web-site and drew attention to my personal items.


David Stoltz May 24 2010

In two words – first impression! All designers worth their salt know that they only have one chance to make a first impression. Using SlideshowBox is the perfect ingredient for your web site design recipes! This tool enables you to make that awesome first impression using a professional, stylish tool that will certainly impress even the most critical of site surfers.

Ionut May 24 2010

very nice. would look great in my project

Metin May 24 2010

I have a photographer friend who is a prospective client of mine. These slideshow templates would be really helpful when it comes to displaying his work properly.

That’s why I wish I’m the one!

knico May 24 2010

This is great! I saw the examples and was blown away! I would really like to use it in some projects of mine for image galleries, portfolio showcase etc.

Is this license good for use on clients sites or do I need to buy additional licenses for that?


Zack Esgar May 24 2010

This would help me and my several photographer and artistic clients’ portfolios. Really great program here I think my customers will like it a lot!

Jason Ament May 24 2010

I’d love to incorporate this into WordPress and Drupal Themes

Nathan Bordelon May 24 2010

More and more our culture becomes visual and loves have slideshows and galleries to display on their website. One of my clients and a couple other potential clients are photographers and they want a creative way to display their portfolio while preventing people from taking their photos. SlideshowBox would be a perfect solution for the photographers I work with and the other people that want eye-catching slideshows.

Stelian May 24 2010

SSB would help me to achive that things, which i can’t achive without coding(the hardest part for me).

Heather Villa May 24 2010

This tool has unlimited potential for anyone who wins it! (or buys it) It can be used to show photos of mock-ups in a more interesting way than usually done, sorry PowerPoint. It can be used to highlight ones expertise in their photography profession. I would love to use it to showcase some of my clients sites etc. It would be a very useful tool and anyone who wins it is a very lucky person!

Eduardo May 24 2010

It would like to get the SlideShowBox. I will use it to improve my design job. It would be great!

Jamie G May 24 2010

The SlideShowBox will finally grant anybody the ability see my design work without the need for special glasses and a H.E.V suit, making a huge impact on myself and my clients in ways unheard of before =]

Jose Adan Ortiz May 24 2010

SlideshowBox would be the perfect solution for creating nice portafolios flash based.

Alfredo May 24 2010

SlideshowBox would help me showcase my entire kitchen cabinet portfolio in a more elegant way.

paul rostorp May 24 2010

Might help to make my home page more ” catchy ” for visitors .


napsell May 24 2010

I have not spend enough time to check SkideShowBox. But now, this last week I try to find origami effect for my slideshow box,but I cant. I think this decade is trnds of origami.

Ahmad Alfy May 24 2010

My website currently doesn’t contain a portfolio …
I was planning to build one but this component could help me a lot to amaze my clients :)

I am currently in the process of a career change. After a year of being unemployed I have decided to create and sell my art online. The best way to do this is with a program like SlideShowBox. It is really a complicated process to set up a website that looks professional and is easy to manage thru coding alone – especially when I’m not trained in coding.
SlideShowBox seems to be the ticket.

Jorge Lima May 24 2010

This is a really nice gallery.

Darya May 24 2010

I am a fine artist and photographer. I am in the process of learning how to create a portfolio website and the most difficult and crucial part of it is creating a professional and beautiful gallery. SlideShowBox would help achieve it and take away a great deal of anxiety.

jdewitt May 24 2010

I work on a daily basis with clients all over the country, and they all want to have awesome photo galleries. Having a license like this could really help to wow both my boss and my clients without having to convince my boss before-hand that it’s a worthwhile investment. We all know how hard that can be!

Rudi Minelle May 24 2010

Over the years I have made countless flash photo galleries, and believe me these have taken up a fair share of my time. They also have never been so fantastic and on occasion can be a little buggy. This piece of software would save me time but give maximum presence and interaction to the user.
Thanks Six Revisions for giving away another awesome prize!!

Alex Flueras May 24 2010

Slide shows and content sliders are important graphic elements in modern web design. In my case one in 5 projects has to have one. SlideShowBox looks just fine.

Tell me about a client who can’t use a decent slideshow!? My current clients can all use it. The guy who is building my kitchen can use it. The general contractor doing the rest of our reno can use it. Hell – I can use it! :>

It is very nice app :-)

Robert Bahler May 24 2010

I work for my local chapter of the American Red Cross. Every year we put on a slide show courtesy of a certain Office program at our annual meeting. The slide show consists of photos throughout the past year that highlight our lines of service. This would step up the level of professionalism at our event. We could definitely use this program!!!


Great way to showcase my photos! Very cool. Thanks

I want to use the gallery for my portfolio site and my clients’ sites to differ from other sites. These slideshows are very attractive!

Tomas May 25 2010

It would be perfect to showcase my work.

David May 25 2010

As a web designer, I find that any visually impacting and technically efficent tool that saves me from re-inventing the wheel from scratch, is a good tool.

Rahul Joshi May 25 2010

I just came across the components at SlideShowBox and they are just awesome.
I am a Flash developer and in most of my project works I need a Flash gallery to showcase work, photographs etc. The components provided by SlideshowBox are varied in nature, provide real cool effects and above all is just what the client is looking for :)
Winning a license will definitely add productivity to my work and speed up the tasks.
Thanks for the giveaway and hope I win :)

Brian May 25 2010

I have never found a good way to showcase my portfolio in a way that looks professional, up until I came across SkideShowBox that is :)

Prashant May 25 2010

I have worked with SlideShow Box and have quite a number of times suggested it to our clients… inspite of other free alternatives. This is because the customizations, the number of alternatives and the performance is far better than others.
I have tried using Javascripts and other libraries too but they end up crashing the browser and are perhaps not too friendly with the client browser.. Now I would like myself to get a licensed version of SSB and use it to display portfolios, galleries and website headers in more exciting and interactive way.

I’d like to get this for several projects.

It would be great for my portfolio site.

Caroline May 25 2010

Me, me, me! I want to show off to customers, family and friends with the super amazing SlideshowBox Premium Plus! Never ever could I code something that cool all by my self. With all those stylish templates there are endless possibilities to design übergreat flash photo galleries. I bet it is so easy to do!
Please, let me start now!
<3 Caroline

Annukka May 25 2010

I’ve been thinking of renewing my webportfolio and a slider like this would be perfect.

Rodion Sidney May 25 2010

It will not just integrate in our site.. It will become a huge part of the photo site.

Ryan Conley May 25 2010

Right off I see using it to feature the security/surveillance systems and client properties that I’ve worked on as my day job. Then there’s the birthday party photo albums, vacation pictures (when I get a vacation, someday), and a message display for a local roller rink.

Endless possibilities? Uh, understatement.

AdeelQ May 25 2010

Picture speaks a thousand words, I believe in using photo galleries to enhance the website look and feel, and I think this photo gallery can really help me to design good website

karan May 25 2010

Slideshowbox would be an ideal for our designer, as without knowing the complex coding of flash they will be able to implement photo slideshows & gallery into our web projects with an minimal learning curve to create awesome flash galleries.

venkat May 25 2010

Easiest Software for non-coders and will be much valuable for all our design portfolio works..

David May 25 2010

This will be very cool for my recent project!

Jonas May 25 2010

SlideBox will help me to make profesional solutions to my web projects

Philippe May 25 2010

I’ve been looking for an outstanding yet easy to use slideshow tool for my website and it looks like SlideshowBox is just it! Thanks : )

Pixel Assasin May 25 2010

This look awesome for my portfolio showcase.

Antonio Rodrigues May 25 2010

I would use it almost as the core of my new tourism & sea activities website. Granted the sucess on the website, would help cross-selling SlideshowBox, that’s for sure!

This would be a perfect solution for my wife, who is planning on becoming a professional photographer. Ive built her website and have been looking for an affordable and stylish way to present photos to her customers so that they can review (and approve) the shots.

Jacques Ward May 25 2010

I work for a marketing company creating website (cariad marketing) this would be great as many of are client wish to have flash slideshows and this would save us a great deal of time!!!



Mustafa May 25 2010

yesterday I received mail about this product from jumpeye and was thinking of purchasing this.. thanks sixrevision for posting this contest.. hope i’ll get one :-)

Robert Hoppe May 25 2010

I could help me to show my Portfolio better. Customer get a better view of my work.
But i’ll could be also a good solution for the product overviews of my customer projects.


Mike Hatfield May 25 2010

I am planning to start marketing my photographs and can’t think of a better way of showing them off than a highly professional photo gallery with added “Wow factor!”

As the clever folk at SlideShowBox know, time wasted building a website is money wasted selling the product itself.

Peter Manning May 25 2010

As a long time user of Jumpeyecomponents, I know the standard of the SlideShowBox will also be of a high quality.

I am in the process of creating a few websites for various bands and artists, along with taking the live photos. This will help me to show these photos in a professional manner without the need to worry about the details of how to make it work.

Melita May 25 2010

I was looking for a slideshow viewer to use in My Uncle’s photography website.
Frame slide is too good.

Chad Martin May 25 2010

Would love this to work into some websites I have coming up.

Dries Van haver May 25 2010

Will play and integrate it in a nice photography project.

Robert Jaudon May 25 2010

This is awesome!!! I have wanted a slide show as a landing page and I am not a coder. This now will allow me to create custom slide shows without all the pains of coding.

This will be an easy out of the box slide show creator with no code at all. I bet even my niece can use it :)

steven monteiro May 25 2010

How can SlideshowBox help you in my project?
I have a site that has a lot of things happening each week. this produck will allow me to showcase them beautifully!

I need this for my page =)

Bartek May 26 2010

I’m using javascript galleries, SlideshowBox offer more animations that user will like it. User always at 1’st place :)

Ahmed Hassan May 26 2010

Really it is very nice, I wish I can win this license :-)

Mart van de Ven May 26 2010

SlideshowBox will turn the browser into a canvas, instead of the viewport it is today!

Justi May 26 2010

I’d be able finally to create my portfolio in a nice way

Web Hosting May 26 2010

Slideshows are a great way to display data or information. I’d love to use them in my projects!

It will help me to have a cool slideshow with my pets pictures :D

Giuseppe May 26 2010

Simply it’s a beatiful way to art!

karen May 26 2010

Oh! The gorgeous & exciting ways to present my portfolio! That pixel effect will be so great!

LaTina May 26 2010

It will be great for helping me to easily create gorgeous slideshows and photo galleries for my clients, and cutting the development time.

I have a good friend, and he is a well known photographer (he’s taking photos of nature, humanity, etc.). I want to make a website for him, showcasing his works. Although I’m quite good in HTML & PHP, my Flash skill is crap. I think this Flash components will make a great showcase, probably example #11.

Slideshows can help in storyboarding our web video productions.

Hey! that’s a great set of awesome Flash galleries. I just visited the site and the collection is cool. I am more of an HTML/CSS/JS developer and less of Flash/AS3 but many of my clients do ask me to place some cool Flash galleries on the website. So I generally end up creating something from scratch, which is definitely not as good as what SlideshowBox is providing. This would be a great addition to my skills as well as my projects.

It’s amazing slideshow for graphic designers doesn’t need to know everything about coding to present their portfolio.
Grid scale is perfect for my new site

Great job Mr Jacob Gube

Best regards!

I think I should get the license because I’m great. In fact I should get all 5 licenses should one of the others fail. (disapproving grumbles from the other posters)

Heidi Olsen May 26 2010

I believe that it will help hype up my mad skillz to potential clients and provide me with more loot since I will be spending less time programming. Weeeee!

Billy May 26 2010

Craploads of my projects involve slide shows, they’re just hot these days. I have Flash but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to use this. Using this and digging through the design and code would be a good learning experience.

Bruce S May 27 2010

I currently work for a non-profit that produces an art fair and one of my toughest tasks has been trying to display the work of our artists on our website. While I have tried many options along with trying to learn Flash, nothing seems to be simple when working with 200 images. SlideshowBox, with all of its amazing features and 24 beautiful templates (in particular the thumbnail wall) would make life much easier as well as make my organization look like it was not a non-profit. I also on the side run a web site for my brother who is an amateur skateboarder and SlideshowBox would make his site look 100x better. This program would be amazing to own!

Michlask May 27 2010

SlideshowBox can help me create a perfect gallery for me and for my customers.

Tiffany Knoell May 27 2010

For those clients who have large (or small) numbers of pictures to manage, Slidebox would give me the flexibility to manage those pictures with style.

Diana May 27 2010

I’m in the process of creating a photography website for my husband and this would make it much easier.

It’s a beautiful way to demonstrate my webdesign ideas to clients. It proofs why flash should be supported on the iPad. It’s imply gorgeous!

Diego May 27 2010

With slideshowbox I can show to my client and prospect all my works, video, images.
Is a very important tool for this time and for the optimization and organization of the website.

Patrice Ricard May 27 2010

As a web developer connected with several visual artists, it will help me design websites that will be focused on their art without too much coding hassle and then it will reduce development price and time.


Rahul May 27 2010

I am in need of a dynamic flash slideshow that can be shown as an example and suggested to our clients for presenting their information on their website gracefully. Please let me have these.

Peter May 27 2010

How can SlideshowBox help you in your projects?
Flash is one of those web technologies that we have slowly weened out of our portfolio because of the time consuming nature and the lack of available ‘tools’ like jQuery that make effects easy and cost effective to implement. With tools like Slideshowbox available, hopefully that changes things for us here and increase our usage of Flash again. Primary clients would be our freelance artist clients.

Chad W. May 27 2010

It has definite potential to help me on a client’s website. It will be display a variety of products.


Lesley May 27 2010

As an artist and photographer, this would be a huge help in showcasing my work on the site that I’m developing – this would make the entire process go much more quickly as well as looking great.

Polly May 27 2010

I started Typeface Creative in Sept 2009 after the birth of my daughter as I decided not to go back into my previous role ‘client side’. Owning my own buisness affords me the flexability I need but not without is challenges! The past few months have been a massive learning curve, getting to grips with Dreamweaver & scratching the surface of Photoshop!! Until now I have been scared to move into the realms of flash.. this product would definitely ease the transition for me. It would also help me move towards the end of my first year trading with a bang!!

Justin May 27 2010

Wow, I would love to win this SlideshowBox competition, this would give me a good excuse to start a project that I have been putting on hold for too long. I never win anything though lol

Valentin May 27 2010

I would like to make a website with my photo’s. A flash slideshow like these would be very useful for my project.

I would like this Slideshow Flash Box because it will help me to organize better my pictures.

Rhett May 27 2010

How can it help? I’ve a photo site to put together next week; this would be FANTASTIC!

Monie May 27 2010

I am currently creating an online image gallery for a client. Each day they will have something to be put in the gallery.

So the question “How can SlideshowBox help you in your projects?”

I really need a super fast and at the same time a trendy and elegant image gallery to make sure I deliver a quality work to the client. I have used a tons of jQuery image gallery out there and yet to find the most effective and efficient one so far.

“The advantage of this plugin is saving the space of the page when displaying a collection of images and offer a nice and elegant way to show the bigger size of images without leaving the page flow. It is easy to setup and flexible in both behavior and styling.”

Hector Lee May 27 2010

I’ve always gotten comments that isn’t that feature on the website freeware? People often undermine freeware slideshows and demerit designers with it. Slideshowbox could really help by providing me with a definitive slideshow and focus on working with it rather than finding a new one all the time.

Desmond May 27 2010

SlideshowBox would be a perfectly elegant way to display my art portfolio professionally with visual appeal and simplicity.

Jins Lee May 27 2010

I think I can show the products to customer more dramatically with this cool stuff. It will work as e-catalog. Our products are chocolates and so many tasteful chocolates are waiting for the show. Thanks.

Martin Jahn May 28 2010

SlideshowBox will help me to visually enhance the accessible and modern websites I’m creating.

Marius May 28 2010

Great for portfolio and gallery slideshows. Want one!

Romain May 28 2010

SlideshowBox is simply the best box on the market! I would love to get one for my upcoming portfolio website.

Two things:
1) I would use it for my storyboard presentations. Having a setup that allows me to change images using xml instead of the laborious copy and paste would save me tons of down-time due to constant client-driven revisions.

2) I would use it to put together eye catching architectural visualization presentations for some of my client architects.

capeachino May 28 2010

I would definitely use it on the big screen TVs on our next trade show event.

Antonella May 28 2010

Polaroid Default would be perfect for the project I’m working on at the moment!

pimeo May 28 2010

How those slideshow can be help me ?! In this domain I prefer to use jquery or mootools frameworks into my projects. However I recently learn about AS3 language and I could be interessant to understand how does it work.
(sorry if they are some errors but english is not my favorite foreign language! ;) )

Ilie Ciorba May 29 2010

Hi, count me in :)

I would use it to display my portfolio.

Vladislavs Judins May 30 2010

I just need it for my portfolio, that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen :-)

Maria Laura May 30 2010

This program would make me sooooo happy!!!!!!!
I have clients that require showcase of their products, and even a photographer asked me to display her works, so it would be PERFECT for me to have such a versatile tool to develop for all of them!!!!
Please count me in for the contest!

Andy Kaiser May 30 2010

Perfect for portfolios, but I will recommend it to my clients to display images like photo galleries, board of directors photos, etc And the best there is a non flash version for iphone and ipad!

it would be great for my portfolio!!!

Anabel May 30 2010

SlideshowBox will be great for two projects. One about vintage motorcycles and one about pictures of my garden… ;-)

Tom Dempsey May 30 2010

It is an elegant solution for displaying a gallery of pictures. I would use this on sites like my portfolio or a picture section on a website.

webmasterdubai May 31 2010

now a days every body love jquery galleries but this flash gallery look impressive.

Al Hunt May 31 2010

‘How can SlideshowBox help you in your projects?’

I’m just learning how to put web packages together for local clients. SlideshowBox will make a ‘Flashy’ home page spectacular and dead simple. It won’t matter if the website is for real estate, a hair salon, financial services, or anything else that can be shown!

If that wasn’t enough, the template will be easy to modify–just add the client’s own pictures! How simple is that?

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