Giveaway: TemplateWire Logo Template

In this giveaway, five readers will win an XHTML/CSS, Flash, or logo template of their choice from TemplateWire.

Head over to TemplateWire and search for a template that you want to win. Take note of the template ID. Come back here and leave a comment that includes the template ID you want to win.

This giveaway ends on March 18, 2010¬†after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Mar 11, 2010


Alex Luna Mar 11 2010

HTML/CSS template ID HTML51 is pretty neat for a project I’m working on right now.

Want to win it. :D

Sorin Mihai Mar 11 2010

Thanks for the contest. My desired template has the ID FL8 . Cheers

neuron Mar 11 2010

Well, template #179 looks nice.

Davide Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML66
Type: XHTML / CSS Template
It’s a very good template for my project.

Phillip Makabe Mar 11 2010

template ID: HTML22, would be cool for one of my clients.

Hasib Mar 11 2010

Beautiful templates.
Like to win ID HTML63.

Andre Mar 11 2010

HTML/CSS Template ID: HTML62

I’d love to have that template :)

cosmin Mar 11 2010


Metin Mar 11 2010

Hello there,

I’ve browsed through their collection and decided that the HTML/CSS template with the following ID is the one I want the most.

Template ID: HTML46

Hope I’m the winner =)
btw, they got pretty good templates for affordable prices. Nice!

Lloyd Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML64 is nice. Hook a brotha up!

Xavier Mar 11 2010

If I could win template HTML29 it will be great ! :)

Alfredo Arriaza Mar 11 2010

excellent thanks for the opportunity guys

Template ID: HTML51
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

i love that template for my project

adone Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML51
Type: XHTML / CSS Template
It’s sexy.

Giacomo Mar 11 2010

For my new events’s site. LG44

Jonathan B Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML52 (XHTML/CSS)
The perfect template for my project :)


I have a project in mind I could use this for.

Matt M Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML60

This template would be perfect for a family member just getting into real estate. They are expecting the work to be free so it would be nice to start with these files.

Felipe Arima Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML65
Type: XHTML / CSS Template


This is a nice idea for a cool dating site :) with the ID: LG23

Thanks for.. :)

Kerry Mar 11 2010

Great idea.

Template ID: HTML14

I’d like to use this template :)

Template ID: HTML19
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Thanks in advance

The winner is template number 171.

Colleen C Mar 11 2010

I like Template ID: HTML19

If I won, I would love Template ID: HTML63
It’s just up my street! :D

Baris Mar 11 2010

great contest.

I`d like to win: Template ID: HTML66

Hi! This is my only chance to have my professional logo!

Template ID: LG26
Type: Logo Template

Rahul Joshi Mar 11 2010

I like the template: HTML63 because of the vibrant colors in it

Hey guys! Thanks for this opportunity to get my first professionally designed logo!

Template ID: LG26
Type: Logo Template

Brooks Mar 11 2010

HTML36 looks good to me

Levi Van Zele Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML11
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Not sure if the layout or the theme won me over…

Michlask Mar 11 2010

I like Template ID: HTML34
Type: XHTML / CSS Template


Berbatov Mar 11 2010


Sun Pietro Mar 11 2010

I’d like to have a Template: HTML63


Template ID: HTML14
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Alexandra Jau Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML63 would be awesome to win

Dewayne Dodd Mar 11 2010

Thanks for the contest! The one I like has the ID: HTML37

Ariel Mar 11 2010

this would be great. thanks. Template ID: HTML10

John Sanford Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML52
This one would be super awesome to win.

David Mar 11 2010


I never won anything; I give it a try :)!

Andrew Mar 11 2010

Free stuff is cool. HTML64.

Thomas Craig Consulting Mar 11 2010

Template ID: HTML60

I keep entering these contest, and never win, but then again I continue to pick up a lottery ticket every week too.. so might as well give it another shot.

Template ID: HTML24
Type: XHTML / CSS Template
Rocks- and seems to be the refined minimalist I was searching for. Color scheme and layout are traffic appealing and conducive. Intent to revert to a an anesthesia physician site.

Jason Mar 11 2010

I want this one, its nice!! Template ID: HTML39 I’ll WIN!!!!

Paul R. Mar 12 2010

Thanks for featuring this site, I’m probably going to sign up! However, for the contest I think I liked template 120 the best!

Ibrahim Mar 12 2010

count me in for the template

Template ID: HTML11

Emma Fraser Mar 12 2010

Template ID: HTML34
quirky and fun! i love it!

Template: LG57
Nice logo!

Jigar Chauhan Mar 12 2010

Thanks to S.R and T.W
XHTML/CSS Template ID – 89

I coulud realy use Template ID: HTML41. Thanks

Uyraell Mar 12 2010

Template ID:FL24.
Atmospheric and conveys the information extremely well.
I enjoy the dark Gothic looks, set alongside the neat layout.
Regards, ^Uyraell^.

shiyon Mar 12 2010

nice one..
my choice is-
Template ID: FL50

Adeel Mar 12 2010

Template ID: HTML21
I want to win this template ;)

Template ID: HTML34
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

All templates on are so tempting. It was really difficult to choose one of them. This is the one which might help me build my own website. Really looking forward to win this contest and get this template as a gift :)

Polly Mar 12 2010

Dear Santa,

I was very good this year. Please bring me xhtml/css template ID: HTML65. And a puppy.

very nice

like to win template ID: HTML22

Template ID: HTML172 – would be great to win

Ed Dempsey Mar 12 2010

I really like Template HTML11. I can imagine using it on my next project.

HTML9 would be very nice!

Template ID: HTML62
This template is nice!

Sanyi Mar 12 2010

Template ID: FL32
Type: Flash Template

Thx sixrevisions! :)

Juarez P. A. Filho Mar 12 2010

Template ID: HTML78
Type: XHTML / CSS Template
Nice contest.

Template ID: HTML34
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

I like this and I would like to win.
It’s simple, nice colors, it’s cool stuff.

pimeo Mar 12 2010

Template ID: HTML38

Actually I work at a design project but I have no idea to built a website on marriage events. So I think it would very fun to offer me!
Thx sixrevision!

Frank Rui Jiang Mar 12 2010


It looks very cool, don’t know if it is tranferable to Joomla?

Personally, I’m a fan of

Template ID: HTML62

I would really use it for probably my next project.

Thanks sixrevision for this opportunity.

The Template with the ID: HTML55
is verny nice.

I am looking forward to win this template.

Please let me win! ;o)

Ariel Mar 12 2010

Template ID: HTML63
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Thanks continue growing! Great prices!

Krishnakumar Arimbra Mar 12 2010

Template Id : HTML63
Type: XHTML / CSS Template


Stelian Mar 12 2010

Tempalte: FL35
Type:Flash Template
It Rocks

Lee Dial Mar 12 2010


Maurice Calhoun Mar 12 2010

My fingers are crossed :)

Template Id : HTML60
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Luciano Mar 12 2010

Template ID: LG25
Type: Logo Template

Sixrevisions rocks!

sarvo Mar 12 2010

Template: HTML58
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Link :

nice day

Kathygeek Mar 12 2010

Template ID: FL47 ~ Thanks for the offer!

Thanks for such a nice way to help beginners out.
Just started partnership with my fellow friend on network solution business.
Need to refine our website. I would like to receive this template if chosen.
Template ID: HTML41
Type : XHTML / CSS
Its awesome and exactly what we wanted.



mischa Mar 12 2010

ID: FL11

Thanks a lot sixrevisions! :)

Alexis Mar 12 2010


WipeR Mar 12 2010

I’ll win ;) Template ID: HTML62

HTML40 looks pretty good to me

Roderick Mar 12 2010

HTML36 is the one for me…
Thanks guys for the opportunity

Tyrone Mar 12 2010

I like ID40,

very cool template.


Andrzej Mar 12 2010

Oh my God, how many comments :D

HTML Template ID: HTML34

Silvina Puebla Mar 13 2010

Template ID: HTML63
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Thanks! From Argentina!

Template ID: HTML52

Could use to create my portfolio :D thx!

Giulia Mar 13 2010

Template ID: HTML63
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

Thank you :D

Sebastian Mar 13 2010

Template Id : HTML60
Type: XHTML / CSS Template


Kushal Chap Mar 14 2010

Template ID: LG27
Gl to everyone!

jacki Mar 14 2010

Would love to have this template: Template ID: HTML1

My chosen template ID is: HTML67

Casey O Mar 14 2010

I would love to win:

Template ID: HTML14

Magrave Mar 14 2010

I think the template HTML62 would be really useful to me :D

Melita Mar 15 2010

Template “HTML43” is cool. Layout is informative enough and the soft color is pleasant.

Voras Mar 15 2010

It’d be great to win. My favorite: HTML14

Jacob C. Alonzo Mar 15 2010

Template ID: HTML19
I really like the clean design.

I would Love to win:

emplate ID: HTML23
Type: XHTML / CSS Template

* Sources available:
* .PSD (Photoshop CS+)
* .HTML (Macromedia Dreamweaver / Microsoft Frontpage)
* .CSS
* Fonts

Rob Langdon Mar 15 2010

I’d like to try Logo template LG67, I need a push where logos are concerned…

valeraz Mar 17 2010

i loved the template: HTML66.
it will be great to win.


Ryan Kennedy Mar 17 2010

Hi, I’d love to win HTML48.

Looks Mar 17 2010

Template ID: FL50

I think this is an excellent give away. Im choosing it because you showed us it first. Some of the effects done by the artists are good, ie. the smoke. The layout is clear. It can be sold as cool which is what should be done.

Brooklynne Kennedy Mar 17 2010

I really like HTML48 could be really useful!

Darin Mar 17 2010

Thanks for the outstanding offer! I would like to go home with HTML 48 – it would be perfect for my needs!

Robert Hoppe Mar 18 2010

I really like HTML48 could be really useful!

Kenny Fair Mar 18 2010

HTML49 would be good for me. Thanks.

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