Giveaway: Apple Magic Trackpad from Sensational Jobs

Sensational Jobs is a brand new job board for web designers and developers that’s creating much buzz and excitement in the web industry. They’ve teamed up with us to give away three Magic Trackpads.

For a chance to win:

  1. Check out the Sensational Jobs website
  2. Leave a comment on this post about the things you like/love about their site or how the site will help you
  3. If you want, you can send a Tweet about this giveaway

This giveaway ends on September 1, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Aug 25, 2010


Matt H Aug 25 2010

Looks like a very nice, well thought-out website. Pleasing to the eye and incredibly easy-to-use. I’ll definately be bookmarking this for future reference!

TJ | Sixlive Aug 25 2010

Sweet I think this site is going to be a great tool!

Grant Aug 25 2010

Very nice site! I like the idea of affiliate links and a website just for us designers and developers!

Richie Aug 25 2010

Hi Jacob,

Is this offer available to anyone on the globe?

Btw, I have tweeted :) Hope I am lucky
Thanks guys!

Dimitris Aug 25 2010

The design is lovely. Easy to the eye and usable before all. The live search seems great to. If it becomes popular it’ll be a very good tool for every designer/developer.

Aaron Kato Aug 25 2010

I love the live search box! It’s so easy to find awesome jobs anywhere! I’ve searched London and I found several valuable offers! I love this site! I will visit this regularly! Thanks for the tip, thanks for the post and I hope I can win the Trackpad :)

Looks interesting. I will have to see if it helps picking up freelance work.

Mark Gardner Aug 25 2010

The site shows how effective simple (looking) design can be. The search engine is a thing of aesthetic and functional beauty.
Frankly, I wish all job sites were as good as this one.

valentin guenichon Aug 25 2010

Like the live search, quality and thickness of design, love the use of @font-face !!
Very useful website… the essential on 1 page !

It will help me finding new clients!

Robert Hoppe Aug 25 2010

I love the design of the site :)

Brandon Aug 25 2010

Hoping to wade the waters of the site often to look for work that I can pick up on the side. I love the colors of the website. Looks great!

Vinnie Aug 25 2010

I don’t know what to say. It’s pretty simple, which is really nice for a job board. The actual job listing pages are clean and have a lot of options, but they are all relevant.

Jack Franklin Aug 25 2010

I LOVE the footer hover state, where the BG colour slides in from the left to the right.

Rafael pampoch Aug 25 2010

I liked the live search bar…
And the way of general information is presented is very clear, the typograph is also very beautifull…
But I wanna the magic trackpad…

Simonas Aug 25 2010

This site has great UI and functionality which calls to explore this site a bit more. The post a job form is pretty comfortable, but badly, free…
Search is smart too, just write all you know/can do and it’s done(in my case I just wrote „php html css js“ and got 6 offers, 2 of them contained requirements I cannot handle, but on other sites with same search you’ll just get 10000 jobs and only 1 job of that list would be suitable to you.

spinx Aug 25 2010

Nice design and they already have quite a few jobs that interest me.

Peter Aug 25 2010

I think the site is simple, effective and clear. For me as a web designer it is a great opportunity to find new projects. There easy grouped together. Now i can maybe finally go to other places in the world and work there… Now i now where to start with my quest.

Kevin Aug 25 2010

I like how it shows the newest jobs first

I like the “Live Search,” though I am curious as to why they included the button. Had no idea it was a live search until I started typing.

Seems like a good resource, though there is nothing available in my area at the moment.

kuakeli Aug 25 2010

Looks really good even there was no jobs in Finland.. ;) Maybe it’s time to move.

Scott Corgan Aug 25 2010

New site looks Iike it could mask things a lot easier! Offering a treackpad is nice too. Would love to win it!

Veronica Aug 25 2010

Love the design of the site : )

MichalBe Aug 25 2010

Live search feature is cool, Ive never seen before search without pressing any button:).

Adam Schneider Aug 25 2010

I can definitely see how Sensational jobs could be helpful to designers and programmers alike. Personally I think it would give me another way to get my work out.
From I client standpoint, I think it’s a great resource to help find a designer/developer to suit your needs.
Another interesting find from six revisions. Thanks!

Amazing giveaway!
I really love the simple and clean design of the site, you can find right away what you are looking for.

Altaf Sayani Aug 25 2010

Always looking for freelancers and I am sure this site will gonna help me reach the right person.

Pablo Lara H Aug 25 2010

It is real time!

Patrick Eustis Aug 25 2010

I appreciate the simplicity of the website, and the over all design. The color palette is easy on the eyes and doesn’t overwhelm the website. I like the large search bar, navigation, subtle rollovers and the logo. The magnifying glass / tie is clever. The typography (typekit) for the job descriptions is great, the font fits the site well. I also appreciate how one doesn’t have to leave the job description to go to the next job. You can stay within the page. The jquery (anmiscrollto) “top of page” is a nice touch as well. I see more and more websites use this. Tested on both iPhone 4 and iPad, loads quickly and looks great!

mtrang Aug 25 2010

I’m a big fan of the simplicity of this site. There’s no clunky navigation with ads everywhere. It’s straight and to the point.

Connor Aug 25 2010

This is PERFECT for me to find the odd contract job, no more need to search through hundreds of postings on other job listing sites to find media related stuff! good stuff guys!

Shawn Grimes Aug 25 2010

It’s really great to have a new site for job listings in my specific role in the industry. The site is very well designed, has a clean professional feel and will hopefully prove to be a great place to find myself some much needed work. Thanks for posting about this site as I had not heard of it yet.

I love the site, it’s very easy to use and just pretty. However the search button is not working at present. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

Oh, I’d love to win, too!

Johan de Jong Aug 25 2010

I’ve checked the site and it looks very clean and useable, although it still has some minor bugs.

At the moment I wouldn’t / couldn’t use it since there are no jobs available in my area (or better country) but I guess when it grows and more (non-US and) freelance jobs become available I might get some work from here.

Shankar Radhakrishnan Aug 25 2010

Good idea, love the site.

What I like from a user’s perspective:

-Alerts – I don’t have to visit the site every day to see any listings that might interest me. That means less chance of missing an opportunity.

-Favorites & Notes – Instead of bookmarking a job listing, i could easily add it to my favorites. The Notes feature is also nice as I don’t have to keep a separate Word Document of notes pertaining to that particular job. That will help me stay organized.

-Design – The site is clean and easy to use. With just a quick glance at the list of jobs you know Who, What, and Where of a job posting. This makes it easier to sift through all postings.

What I like from an employee perspective:
-We’re looking to hire web content manager and Sensational Jobs would be a good website to list our posting. The way it specifically targets the field we’re posting our job in we’ll hopefully yield positive results.

-The 100% money-back guarantee with a posting doesn’t hurt as well. There are a lot of options out there to list a job on and if it doesn’t pan out at Sensational Jobs, a refund is great and would push me to list again in the future.

Stella Aug 25 2010

I think is a great marketplace to seek new projects and I loved the alerts feature! :)

Love the design of the site. Looks very simple to use as well.

Stratos Aug 25 2010

I like their simple design and especially the live search!

Great site. Search is easy to use.

BroOf Aug 25 2010

I love the clean structure. You can find anything you’re looking for very fast.

Jessica Aug 25 2010

I like how easy it is to look at the details of a job post. As a recent grad I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy and I’m getting so sick of those websites that make you go through a million steps just to find out the location of a position or read the job description.

Nilesh Aug 25 2010

The website is superbly designed. It is really attractive and I enjoyed browsing through the various pages. It is another fact that freelancing jobs are not covered in most job websites. These guys have done smart work allowing these postings here. It is one of the USPs of this website. Another USP is the clean layout with easy to search function.

Brenda Aug 25 2010

– I like the look you’re going for with the font, but sometimes it doesn’t reader smoothly and it distracting to read.

– When searching for my state initials (only 2 characters), the “live search” did not work (results not shown) until I entered a third character

– Great favorites button!

– No results in my state :(

Chris Radford Aug 25 2010

I LOVE the live-search, it has a very intelligent design in that it only searches once the user hits the space bar, a great results layout as well.

I also like the clear marking of ‘FULL-TIME’, ‘PART-TIME’ and ‘FREELANCE’ on the jobs, it makes their target really clear without having to first skim-read the whole posting. The private note function is also an interesting touch.

I think the links at the top feel unfinished with their current hover state but I really like the choice of colours used throughout the site, it succeeds in highlighting whats important and making regular content readable but not distracting.

Really nice site, will see if I end up using it.

Priya Karthik Aug 25 2010

As a freelance WordPress designer/developer, I am always on the lookout for new places to get hired. Sensational jobs looks like a great avenue to connect potential businesses with talents like me. I really like the Job application workflow in this site! Good luck and look forward to seeing new jobs get listed here!

One suggestion, most of the FAQ seems to be targeted at job listers but a section for job applicants on how the site works would be great. Good luck!

losted Aug 25 2010

Their website is well designed, everything is clear unlike a lot of other job board. It’s fast and simple :)

Andreas Aug 25 2010

nice of them because of the winning.

I think that Sensational Jobs has a sensational website going- not many job boards actually have a good clean design, so I feel an immediate sense of trust when visiting the site based on that alone. The site also doesn’t overwhelm me with information right away. To Job list is very readable which takes into account the long hours spent looking for a job, sites like indeed or dice can give you a headache after spending hours looking at them. The spacious view and blue color scheme is very easy on the eyes for me. I also like that they include Freelance jobs giving someone an option to make some freelance money while looking for full time employment. All in all, I think its a great website from a job searching perspective. I have no experience posting jobs, so I can’t really make accurate assessments of that end of things, but with the post it notes up in the top right hand corner, it will be hard to miss for the not-so-savvy job poster.

Josh Maxwell Aug 25 2010

Finally a job board that looks good and is functional! It’s easy to search for exactly what I’m looking for as well as peruse the job postings. Definitely going to be checking back on this.

Also, the Trackpad would be cool to have :P

Glenn Van Bogaert Aug 25 2010

The simplicity is one of the strong points of the website. You are directly focused on the the content. It also is easy to search for jobs. Cool is that you can switch between all jobs, full-time or freelance. Oh, and its quite unique you don’t need to register to use the application.

Andreas Aug 25 2010

Just a really clean & great design.

Loving the robust search feature!

Katie Aug 25 2010

I like the idea but you should also have stuff for print designers.

Ron Tatum Aug 25 2010

I love how simple and easy to use the site is. To me, it’s very important that a site that lists professional web development jobs actually look like it’s run by professional developers.

I also love the accuracy and simplicity of the search. I simply listed the skills I had, and instantly had several relevant offers! So much simpler than digging through Craigslist and other online forums to find a new job or project! I’ve already sent several of my colleagues to check it out!

That’s an awesome site. I love the affiliate system. I really like that it uses jQuery.

Alicia Aug 25 2010

I like the site, but the problem I found is that if you search for a location (I tried with Canada), the jobs that pop up include any posting with the work Canada in it. Including jobs in the US from companies that mention Canada in their description (like having offices there). It would be great if you had an advanced search to just search the location of the job.

Randall Sutton Aug 25 2010

Very fast and the live search works really well. I wish you could type in state abbreviations though. Like CA, UT, FL, etc. It doesn’t search if you just type in CA.

Cayetano Gil Aug 25 2010

Looks like a great resource for working. It would be worth to give it a try, looks promising. The alerts and favorite marks are cool. Best part: you don’t have to get registered to take a look! ^^

David "Lefty" Schlesinger Aug 25 2010

Nicely put-together site. It would be excellent if there were a way to save search on particular keywords and generate an RSS feed on the results. I’ll be looking for opportunities for work here, certainly.

I really like the design of this job board. And that the jobs are already tailored to web professionals. I’m about to graduate (in three weeks!) and will definitely be checking in on this daily to help with the after-grad job.

I also really like the ajax-driven “live” search. Super great for those of us who are a bit adhd.

However, I wish that there was a way to filter by location. It would be nice to subscribe to an RSS feed that is only in my area, not nation-wide. Or to subscribe to an only freelance feed as well.


Oh wait, I just found the way to filter job searches and get emails/rss feeds. Go to the Jobs page, and click on alerts. I only found out that I could do that after reading the faq. Maybe some more visibility about that function would be good.

Anyway, still a great design, I hope I get a job out of the site!

Richard from Purplest Aug 25 2010

I love how clean and intuitive the site is! The listing is easy to read and fast too! Definitely has the potential to become a great job site!

Karen Aug 25 2010

The live search is a nice touch!

Collino Aug 25 2010

Great design and so awsome with Freelance listings that have a separate price! I will be using this for sure.

Jimmy Aug 25 2010

I like the live job search! Makes it very quick and simple.

What I like from SensationalJobs: Big font sizes, easy to search and non-intrusive Ads :)

Keven Bouchard Aug 25 2010

To everyone who worked on the Sensational Jobs website, Bravo!

THe design is really clean and readable (which is SO important on a website like this one) and all the features are really useful and well integrated (the live search (wow!), the fav, the personal note :)). It’s an awesome start for a website like this one.

It’s sure that if I’m looking for a new job, I’ll go there first!

Good job again ;)

Joel Marchand Aug 25 2010

This is an incredible site! I definitely need to get hooked up. It would be really useful for sourcing jobs because the creative professionals market in this area is sometimes a bit lacking. Thanks so much for sharing!

Nice clean design, easy to use, but i especially love the private note feature.

MicheleB Aug 25 2010

One of my slash jobs is in career services, so this will come in handy to use myself and share with clients.

Jason Walz Aug 25 2010

Well done site. Great usability, nice/clean layout. I’ll have to move this to my list of go to job sites. Thanks Much.

Trevor Aug 25 2010

Looks promising, very nice design and good focus. If they can avoid ‘Featured’ jobs or any other higher priced bracket that commonly features worse work that would be excellent. Good work!

Hygor Budny Aug 25 2010

i like from SensationalJobs, the way to separate diferent types of jobs in tabs. This is the most meaningfull way to display it. Awesome!

Phil Stringfellow Aug 25 2010

I love the live search bar, and the everything is presented is wonderful. It’s made even better for me as I had a sneak preview of the site in it’s early stages :P

Plus, I’d love a TrackPad!

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Aug 25 2010

That is a very interesting site indeed. The design is striking, and very easy to navigate.

It seems to fit in very well with the current trend in web design that is focused on giving a simple, stripped down, but usable experience. I’m thinking along the lines of Stack Exchange.

I will have to put this in my bookmarks for a rainy day.

I must say that I was really impressed by a detail, if we want to call it this way: the search bar looks amazing!

I also like the hover effect on the images in the Featured Organizations section.

It’s definitely a website that I’ll start checking regularly. Thanks! :)

in this economy, we need more job search tools. Great job!

Matt Pritchett Aug 25 2010

Finally! A job site that is user friendly and not hideous!

Great design. Nice to have a new tool focused on my field!

cool, can see what all the fuss is about.

OOooo.. Just started looking around for a new job. This is going to be really helpful.

Michael Arnaldo Aug 25 2010

Awesome new site! As a freelancer these sites are a crucial way of picking up new work!

Cliff Aug 25 2010

I think they could improve on their typography. I don’t know why, but random letters or words are showing up darker than others, there’s a lot of gray on white which makes it difficult to read and hurts my eyes.

Also, if I click anywhere near the “upgrades” box without doing anything else, I get an annoying popup that says “Select full-time or freelance before upgrades.”

JohnnyB Aug 25 2010

As a graduate student, this site is helpful in each of its job postings. I have been looking through the posts from this last month trying to decide which assets I should try and develop to make myself the most marketable. So much to learn!

Wills Aug 25 2010

The site looks great, and the live search is really good. However i had an issue when trying to navigate to the next page of search results, when pressing a pagination button, I was scrolled to the top but not taken to the next page?

Love the tool-tip on the live search button too, and how it automatically re-sizes when near the edge of the page, ingenious!

Matthew Craig Aug 25 2010

Excellent site. First off the design is quite endearing and attractive. Very well put together and laid out. I love the live search as it saves time. As a freelancer I am always looking for new work so it is important to have a hub like this.

What I like is the very simple and uncluttered user interface.

Wow this is gonna help my life so much, I can see it already!!

I’m just starting out freelancing, and this looks like a great resource. I really like the clean design and how easy it is to use, especially the live search.

Great way to find developers and designers for my projects. Excellent design, fresh and encouraging!

As a student entering his last year of school, I’ll be all over this like a hawk! I hope the Denver market catches on!

Jonathan M Aug 25 2010

OK, I thought I was going to be able to whinge that this was yet again another US-centric operation. But popped off to sensational jobs and surprised to find a bunch of UK based positions.

‘Way to go’ as you say over there. But yes, if you’re doing Europe then its a good place to go. Nice, fast site too.

Neena Aug 25 2010

I like it!!! Visual is very clean and professional. It gives a trustworthy feeling to the site visitors. The site navigation is very straight-forward, and easy to go around.If to pick a bone, I am not a fan of the font color vs background contrast combination.

Norma Riehle Aug 25 2010

It’s a very impressive site and easy to use. I’ve already bookmarked it to refer to in the future. I wish them great success!

Bret Glassett Aug 25 2010

Sweet! Great to see more job sites focused on the web industry.


Gregory Aug 25 2010

I’m very enthusiastic about the opportunity to use Sensational Jobs. I’ll definitely be using them to help my company GROW! The 100% money back guarantee is by far my favorite. Neither the client or developer will feel afraid of getting “stuck” with a project that ends up in their virtual trash bins. :)

A well manage and simple site, with all the features in place. The private notes and the fact you don’t need to register is a must.

Ariel Aug 25 2010

In my opinion the “live job search” is excelent!! Congratulations for the initiative!

loved the design, simple, easy to use. love the logo, the tie as well as a magnifying glass? was that intentional? probably…

Juan Mendoza Aug 25 2010

It’s very simple, very clean and very wll designed, I think this site is very useful for people looking jobs!!
Nice work

I like the Affiliate Program –> 50% instant cash is always a good thing!

Kyle Ouellette Aug 25 2010

Love the color scheme and the design!

Rob Tarr Aug 25 2010

Looks like a great site. Looks like it will be easy to integrate those job listings into other sites.

Treester Aug 25 2010

I love the sublime interface. It’s a bonus since I’m looking for work.

Frank Morales Aug 25 2010

I love the look and feel. Very clean and easy to navigate.
Small ads are a big plus! I am going now to search for possibilities!

dan leatherman Aug 25 2010

I like the chair in the footer. It’s also perfect timing, I need a job :)

Simple, well designed. Loved the search feature!

Andrew Aug 25 2010

Nice design! I feel the “related jobs” functionality is a bit strange. I expected a list of matching jobs, not a single opening.

Young Aug 25 2010

I feel like I saw a very similar site recently… – it looks almost identical to me, with the live searches…

Christian Markley Aug 25 2010

The automatic invoicing and RSS feeds are a huge benefit to me!

Braden Aug 25 2010

Job boards are inherently muddled, cluttered, and produce sub par results for both sides of the table (poster/hunter). The calming blue of SJ along with its simple layout and easy nav is a welcomed change.

The cherry on top of everything is that little chair in the footer. Standing desks FTW!

Jonathan Búcaro Aug 25 2010

Great site!! its clean, simple and very intuitive.
Congrats to the designer.
Already added to favorites :D

Sebastian Aug 25 2010

live job search is excelent!! Congratulations :D

Kawsar Ali Aug 25 2010

I love their website. Useful for web designer to find jobs.Easy to navigate and search.

Manik Aug 25 2010

I have been looking for a newer job board – seems like my search has ended.

Erik Scottberg Aug 26 2010

Love the live search. I’m also a fan of the big, chunky rows and large fonts for the job listings. Makes them very legible and easy to access.

Santhosh Aug 26 2010

These days, sites like this are really necessary. Not all the time a ‘Hire me’ on your profile gets you a job. :-)

adrian boioglu Aug 26 2010

i love the subtle touches like the “x” in the search bar and the chair in the footer. by the way, what kind of chair is that? looks comfortable :)

Nathan Burnett Aug 26 2010

loved the design of the site, very simplistic and down to business yet beautiful, Just went out into the freelancing world so this will definitely help me out!

Sam De Decker Aug 26 2010

What I like on this website is first of all the design,
how easely it is to search thing up..

The structure between Freelance and Full time jobs is very good, it’s really a userfriendly website.

But maybe, what they can change is: if it is possible, add some jobs for students, like small projects so students can be grown into the big work, they learn alot of these projects ..

Tomas Aug 26 2010

Clean and professional design, I like live search and websites colors.

Here’s my tweet:

Ryan Rampersad Aug 26 2010

The ‘no-reload front page’ is great and the examples of posting ‘upgrade jobs’ where the logo appears in the sidebar and at the top of the list was also great too. The logo is pretty clever too with the magnifying glass and tie.

I love it!

Having been required a year ago by a former employer to spend a lot of time on those sorts of sites, I can honestly say this is one of the nicest easy to use job boards I’ve seen.

As I want to get into freelancing, this will be a great resource.


Giannis Aug 26 2010

Great website, clean and easy, congrats :)

Shaun Aug 26 2010

I quite like how simple and clean the site is.

Razvan Juravle Aug 26 2010

simple and quick finding jobs website

Devin Northrup Aug 26 2010

I think this will be great! I’m about ready to start looking for a job. My one comment is that it would be nice if the search would work for 2 letter queries. I tried searching by state code (i.e. CA, OR, HI, etc) but the search doesn’t seem to start until you have at least 3 characters. 2 character search would let me find jobs in a specific state. Thanks for a great site!

Uncleserb Aug 26 2010

Nice giveaway once again! The site looks nice: simple yet very functional. Good luck everyone ;)

david Aug 26 2010

Simple, clean and elegant. Content is king, so the idea of having a single place full of quality jobs for web professionals is fantastic.

James Rasmussen Aug 26 2010

The UI is amazing on this website. People are looking for jobs, and right on the very front page is the job board, clean and neat. Other similar sites make you jump through all sorts of strange hoops before you get to a list of jobs. And their top bar is clean and uncluttered. A great site with a great service, and a great interface.

Richard Moss Aug 26 2010

Clean design, can’t say if it will be helpful or not yet :)

Giuseppe Aug 26 2010

Simple site but more usable. It’s a good start point for freelance like me!

dewara Aug 26 2010

Good and clean desain. But the search results could be better. I tried to search for PHP and still some results came from .NET etc.

I have a starting webdesign company, sites like Sensational Jobs are the perfect way to find some first customers. In that way the site is very usefull for us, but it also works in the opposite way. When we get a project and need to find someone with special skills, this site will lead us to someone who’s skilled and in need of a job. I guess this concept is just great for startups.

Henrique Aug 26 2010

Well, I like the logo, love the user experience and the content is great!

I was looking for “Sensational Jobs”.
Keep up the Good Work!

(P.S.: Please just get those Fonts better.)

Jack the Flipper Aug 26 2010

I have been on Sensational Jobs a number of times and I have to say it is a very smart, clean and easy to use website! Only thing I would question is the fact that ‘sensational jobs’ doesn’t link it to design jobs?!

Wicked design of the site, strikes the right impression. Gives a lot of opportunity to a wider audience (freelance/fulltime, designer/developer) without bogging you down with information.

Jason Aug 26 2010

Love the look of the site. This should be very useful, especially for web professionals. I am looking forward to using this site alot. Great Job.

stuart robson Aug 26 2010

Ah, a new job board, something to get my teeth into now I have all this time off with my broken metatarsal :)

link to my tweet –

Satya Prakash Aug 26 2010

I am into programming part of web development and not into designing of it. So, I am interested into web devel jobs based on LAMP. I checked few jobs and I feels quite interesting to see the requirements there. Felt they are innovative and looking for bright developers.

I love this site!! As a web designer, I have been waiting for a site like this! Good work!

ltiamfook Aug 26 2010

Site is very user friendly and frankly, we needed a site like this for Devs.

Caciano Aug 26 2010

Very nice site, but I agree with Henrique.

Better Fonts!!!

Massimiliano Marcon Aug 26 2010

Sensational Jobs has all it needs to have: nice design, it’s very easy to use and it’s fast. I like it. If I were a green card holder I would be spending the day looking for a new job with Sensational Jobs!

AndyW Aug 26 2010

I absolutely love the live search – needs some tweaks though, mainly the fact that it doesn’t do searches on two character phrases, which made searching for UK (my location) and UX (my job area) really difficult.

Other than that, I love the design and love the live search!

Great site!! I like it .

mebreaks Aug 26 2010

Love the site! This site may be very useful for web designer.

Hunter Aug 26 2010

Glad they have Canadian job offers as well,
Always a plus.

Alisa Aug 26 2010

I really like how quickly the website loads and navigates – I also love the live search box!

JeninVenice Aug 26 2010

I like the color blue and I want to win an iPad

paul rostorp Aug 26 2010

I really love the light and simple design


The site has a nice clean look and feel and the live search is great. And I’m currently looking to switch jobs so this will be a good resource since it is targeted for web development jobs.

Jonelle Aug 26 2010

Nthing a smarter filter by location… but it’s slick and speedy.

Stelian Aug 26 2010

I would find some freelancers do design some sites for me :D

Steve Webster Aug 26 2010

Very nice site and the design is very clean and easy to use.

Private notes from the sensationaljobs site is useful and usable – an excellent simple tool you can use on the site while reviewing jobs.

Kien Tran Aug 26 2010

Another great site for developers and designers to match up with quality employers. Anything is better than the drudgery of Monster and Career Builder.

Drew Watkins Aug 26 2010

love the overall feel and the color scheme. I can def. see myself using it over the other job sites I know of.

Lucas Vazquez Aug 26 2010

I love the design of the site :)

anthony Aug 26 2010

I like the concept of the site, but the colors need some contrast. The blue on blue is killing my eyes!

Ryan Eade Aug 27 2010

I have to say, the clutter free layout, and super usable search functionality makes this website a new favorite in the job finding game.

I love the live search box, and I like that the search uses the terms with best results on top, but it doesn’t seem to limit to only those terms.

I love the live search as you enter keywords. Very intuitive design. Also, the minimalist theme works very well. Only the most important content is shown, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

zymedia Aug 27 2010

what a lovely design, and oh the application to..and the idea…just lovely :)

Clean design, professional and ergonomic. Easy to find what we need.
I am still student when I will finish my studies I will have to find a job so this website will help me soon.

Cody Smith Aug 27 2010

Very easy to navigate. Which means it’s already a great site. Hopefully, it can help a lot of web designers out there who are feverishly looking for jobs. Especially those in smaller places.

cielo Aug 27 2010

I really like the clean appearance and the ease of navigation. I started looking at the site for the chance to win the trackpad, but soon got lost(in the good way!) in browsing through jobs. Seems like a great resource! I would use it if I was looking for a position, but also to find a freelancer to sub out some work to. My impression? Great start!

Andrew Roberts Aug 27 2010

I love the search design and functionality. Very trendy! And the overall site design is pretty sleek. Props!

Mustapha Aug 28 2010

Beautiful & Useful
really i ♥ what this website present,
good functionality
and loveley Search Design, colors, coding…
everything is nice!!

Adit Shukla Aug 28 2010

I really like the focus on search in the site and clean design. It should attract a good cadre of web designers and developers just because of that!

Michael L. Aug 28 2010

I’m sure that the website will help me find jobs that will advance my freelancing career.

I do love their usage of custom fonts, and the blue colors make me feel very relaxed.

Harry Aug 29 2010

Interesting new website and a great looking affiliate program. This is definitely something to check out.

Craig Aug 29 2010

Very nice site, clean design and easy to navigate

Karthikeyan Aug 29 2010


Sixrevisions is one of the useful and good site.. I have learnt many useful things in designing such as Designing Traits and Trends, etc.


JUSTIN Aug 29 2010

The site if very user-friendly and easy to browse!

I was actually looking for a site w/only jobs for web professionals!! Great!


Dan@ASC Aug 29 2010

Hi all.

This looks to be a very promoising application. I shall certainly be making use of it. It is very simple to use, is easy on the eye, and takes a lot of the mess out of the equation. Thanks very much!


Shahzaib Khan Aug 29 2010

What makes a difference between a normal job and this site is the way data is presented. This would have been another same trendy job website if it had not come up with the cool UI…

Abdullah Al Mamun Aug 29 2010

I’m a freelance web developer.
I hope this site will help me a lot to get new clients and projects.

Ashleigh Aug 29 2010

This site is very slick looking and easy to use. Definitely trendy!

Denford Berriman Aug 29 2010

Awesome Job Board.
I can already see this becoming the default place I look for and advertise work relating to web development.

Such a clean and simple layout ftw++.

Jeremy H Aug 29 2010

Love the website – really simple and clever search functionality.
I can see myself using this as another avenue to post jobs, as it is often difficult to find good people to fill our Web positions.
Thanks for alerting me to this site – bookmarked :)

Simon Aug 30 2010

Really like the clean layout and simple navigation. Good job! (pardon the pun)

Renzo Aug 30 2010

I like the design and flow of the site, I would just add a more localized search is possible (kind of like indeed’s search). BTW, why is it that UK job postings have salary information, but US job postings don’t, it’s very strange.

Mat Landers Aug 30 2010

I like the Sensational Jobs website because it should help me find something specific to the career that I hope to work full time for. I can definitely see the help it would provide me in narrowing down to only jobs I want to look at in a format not usually provided by other job sites (freelance).

Ryan Stang Aug 30 2010

The design is great, but its the alerts that had me signing up. The ability to have an RSS feed of job postings based on one or more tags is genius. No more sifting through tons of irrelevant job postings!

Alex Abbey Aug 31 2010

I just love the search box. It really makes you want to search, kind of like the Google search box.

Shawn Aug 31 2010

I love their design, the colors are calming, something that might be helpful during a stressful time like trying to find a job. I also love the search box, it certainly highlights the importance of being able to search for the job you want.

Sebastian Sep 01 2010

I once worked on a platform like that for a client, and it was hell. So I’m impressed, how smooth the website looks and works, probably in the background also.

The search is, as many other’s, my favourite gadget – It just works!

gorka Sep 01 2010

Really like the clean layout and navigation.

Mauro Fernández Sep 01 2010

It has a great design, with a clean an very readable layout. I really love the blueish tone the site has, it’s very comfortable to read.

Simple, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye

Xeniel Sep 01 2010

Loving the colour scheme and all the AJAX you got going on!

José P. Airosa Sep 01 2010

The website is looking very good. Simple, yet complete.
It goes directly to what is needed without distractions.

Very good job.

This is actually a well designed site that does alot. The best part about it is the lack of distractions and the ease of finding what you want. Knowing this site is available, I can see myself using it to possibly find freelance work and find people to freelance for different projects needs of mine. Thanks for sharing.

Natalia Sep 01 2010

I love the simple design of the site! Just one note: I would like to see some kind of sorting in the result, e.g. by location

Brian Sep 01 2010

I like the simple but elegant design, these kind of sites are usually way to cluttered. Easy to navigate.

Joelji Sep 01 2010

A very nice site both by look and features. I like the section for freelancers. This gives easier access to search for freelance jobs.
Good work

melita Sep 01 2010

A Good website to find freelance works. I like the cool blue design with better usability (larger tabs, visible search box…).

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