Giveaway: MediaLoot Subscriptions

MediaLoot, a subscription-based service that offers designers premium digital downloads, is giving away five 1-year subscriptions.

For a chance to win, just browse their resources listing and choose the resource that you would download first if you were to win a subscription to MediaLoot. Link to it or mention the name in the comments section below, and if you want, you can also include a reason why you chose that download.

This giveaway ends on March 31, 2010 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Mar 25, 2010


Wow! wonderful giveaway! I would love to pick up their Social media icons set –
They are sleak, simple and neatly designed and would fit any professionally designed website.
Love to win!

gabshot Mar 25 2010 it will be great for webdesign.

Chantal Mar 25 2010

I would choose the “Massive Web Button and UI Set”. Very professional looking set!

Michael Mar 25 2010

I would download this one first:

incredible cool On/Off-Buttons!

AstroMan Mar 25 2010

Nice site, thanks for the tip.
Lot of resources, i would really appreciate to win this 1-year subscription !
If i could, i would download this social icons pack :
I love this iphonish style !

Ritam Das Mar 25 2010

I will download if I win 1yr subscription. I will use it as a background of my web page.

Sergio Mar 25 2010
I would like to win this pack, just because I love black

Chris Horton Mar 25 2010

If I was to win the year membership the first item I would buy would be the 8 Photoshop Bokeh Brushes

Yeah ! I want “Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set” if I win !

Amanda Potter Mar 25 2010

I’d love to make use of these book cover textures for my clients’ comic sites.

PeteH Mar 25 2010

Perfectly Seamless Concrete Textures –

You can never have enough textures. And they’re seemless to boot!

I think this would fit to my website design:

Jon Acedo Mar 25 2010

I’d download first those awesome leather testures..

Vidit Kothari Mar 25 2010

Which creative designer wouldn’t like to loot “Media Loot”.

I want each atom of it. Its precious to me.

krike Mar 25 2010

I choose

Designing web UI elements can take so much time, so I try to speed things as much as I can. :)

adone Mar 25 2010

I’m download first: Cartoony Vectors Characters.
Thanks for this giveaway.

Jordan Poles Mar 25 2010

Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set

Tristan Mar 25 2010


I would definitly choose that :

for multiple reasons :
– the stars / hear / and green check are originals and very beautifull
– I love the rounded corner of the boxes and they’re not flashy so it’s a good point

;) Good review btw

I could use these icons on ecomerce sites :)
thx SR!

Profit Duck Mar 25 2010

Great competition!

Really love these ones

Soft and very easy to look at, but still make an impression.

Danie Mar 25 2010

I would like to download

I’ll use this as a background to my application.

Jigar Chauhan Mar 25 2010


i would like to download this first.

Thanks SR and MediaLoot

Polly Mar 25 2010

Wow, great giveaway! The first thing that I would download from MediaLoot would be the beautiful Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set, which is (along with the Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons) one of my favorite resources there. Hope I win!

Paul R. Mar 25 2010

The first resource I would download from MediaLoot is the 8 pack grunge brush set!

Altaf Sayani Mar 25 2010

Interesting, I would love to get “Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set”, as it may help me in my various design projects..

Metin Mar 25 2010

Hello there,

I never heard of this service before. Surely they got really quality items in their marketplace. Bookmarked for prospective projects.

“Monochrome Symbols Icon Set – Part 4” is the one I like the most so far. If I win, I’d definitely download this set first. Why I like? Well, simplicity. It’s just there.


Marin Mar 25 2010

Funny thing, I was just looking at the medialoot catalogue yesterday :)) I want the Cartoony Vector Characters – Guy, need something like this for a new product site I’m building, but don’t like the subscriptions idea at all :)
However, cheers to the medialoot guys – quality material and a great idea


jared thompson Mar 25 2010

The 8 pack grunge brush set is something that immediately has caught my eye after looking through their great resources.

Steffen Mar 25 2010

I would download the “Monochrome Symbols Icon Set” (, because you can simply remix them

Mike Wong Mar 25 2010

I’d download this first:

Because I’m crazy about icons. :)

Paul Dixon Mar 25 2010

I would download –

Thanks SR and MediaLoot

Rodrigo Mar 25 2010

Amazing, I’ll love download “Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set” … it’s my favourite reasource.

Thanks Mr!

bokeh is great effect and it’s ver popular these days.

Steve P Mar 25 2010

I’m really digging the Hi-Res Grunge Brush Set. Sweet!

Amr Faisal Mar 25 2010

i want to get

i want to use it in my web applications

I would like to download this first: Massive Web Button and UI Set

for my web app.

Carlos Ordonez Mar 25 2010

Seems like the ‘Massive Web Button and UI Set’ would be a good set to have.

Web4Starters Mar 25 2010


i would like to download this first.

Thanks All!

Phillip Gibb Mar 25 2010

Elegant Debossed Photoshop Text Styles

Gustavo Villavizar Mar 25 2010

I would download this first:

Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons – Part 2

And right after, the Part 1. :)

Kelly Mar 25 2010

The first set I would download would be
It would help a lot!

MethodicJon Mar 25 2010

I’d pick:

Great for a website / blog.

Amanda Mar 25 2010

I would have to choose the soft-satin web button and icon set. They’re pretty nice!

Jordan Walker Mar 25 2010

Not sure about this, I really no not have the money to pay for things that can be found free online.

Susan Mar 25 2010

Very interesting stuff – had never heard of this site before. Having a hard time deciding what I would download first, but I think it would be the Social Media Icons.

tebee Mar 25 2010

I would get the “Massive Web Button and UI set” here as it looks to be a complete collection of icons, info boxes, and buttons.

Donnie Mar 25 2010

I could use one of these on an upcoming poster I have to make for a school play.


I love the clean feel of these icons.

I would download the Soft Satin Web Button Icon Set:

The appearance and colors go well with a website I’m currently mocking up.

Alfredo Arriaza Mar 25 2010

I would like to see some designs for email marketing. thanks for the opportunity.

Geek in Heels Mar 25 2010

I would download this first: (Ultimate Bokeh Backgrounds Set)

I would download ”
Ultra-Smooth Black Leather Textures” because i love to use textures when i design things…

Jacob Graf Mar 25 2010 You can always use high-quality Photoshop brushes!

Nathan Mar 25 2010

I would download the ‘All-purpose Male Vector Silhouettes’ to make up for my poor pen skills in illustrator.

Jerrald Hayes Mar 25 2010

It a tough pick I see a lot of real great looking stuff there but I would download the Perfectly Seamless Concrete Textures first.

windhamr Mar 25 2010

I would download the Elegant Debossed Photoshop Text Styles. Can never have to many of these Photoshop goodies.

Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons – Part 1

Awesome set

grace Mar 25 2010

30+ New Social Media Icons
Excellent set of icons for my blog! Hope to win.

John G Mar 25 2010

Without question I would grab this metals pack first:

Awesome stuff!

Lukasz Mar 25 2010

I’m starting my own buisnes, so i would download

I have to many stuff right now to do, and this litlle item would help me a lot!

Best regards

I’d go for Flashy Corporate Identity Pack.

Really useful to be more productive designing web site in Photoshop:

Since we are going though a complete rebuild of our site, would be the first I downloaded.

SpookyET Mar 25 2010

This looks awesome. I would get it in a heart-beat:

Zach S. Mar 25 2010

Monochrome Symbols Icon Set

Ariel Mariani Mar 25 2010

Incredible buttons!
I really want and need them, thanks!

Robin Mar 25 2010

I would like to download this massive web button an UI set :

Sherice Jacob Mar 25 2010

Oh wow, it’s hard to pick just one! But I’d have to pick because I’m a hardcore icon addict and those are just so shiny and delicious :)

Zoe Feast Mar 25 2010

For me it would be 8 Photoshop Bokeh Brushes
They look like rain drops on glass and maybe I am being inspired by the rain lashing down here in St Louis today!

Twice Mar 25 2010

I would love to get to use in my new website project for a furniture factory.

Sergio Mar 25 2010

I would go for these metal textures first.

There´s a nice collection there :)

Gehasia Mar 25 2010

I would probably choose :

because it’ll fit perfectly with few modifications in lots of website design works.

Vaughn Mar 25 2010

Hmmm never heard about this site. On first glance, I would love to try these out:

The Gaffer Mar 25 2010

I love leather! This is what I would download!

ChrisW Mar 25 2010

Always on the lookout for nice icon sets. I wouldn’t mind adding these to the collection.

I’d grab the “Satin Icon Set – Part 2”. They’d work perfectly on a site I’m developing.

Anson Kuo Mar 25 2010

Satin Icon Set – Part 2

Simon Leedham Mar 25 2010

Definately the CI pack, something I need to do for myself but never get the time!

JJ NOld Mar 25 2010

This would be a great solution for quick and easy Web buttons.

I Would download the Incredibly detailed 3D icons Part 2
Just what I need for a project I will soon be working on.

Paul K. Mar 25 2010

Six Revisions,

If I had to choose just one item, it would be the Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set for Member’s only –

The set has a solid array of images and formats, is ultra customizable, and is very contemporary right now!

Todd Austin Mar 25 2010

I’d grab some textures, specifically

Because you can’t have too many textures.

Arlen Mar 25 2010

It’s the PS water colour brushes for me…

I’d sign today Jon, but I have to say that a free membership is quite enticing… just have to wait a while longer

Mike Brady Mar 25 2010

I would download these cool metal textures. Love using textures in my work!

James Mar 25 2010

Hand-Made Watercolor PS Brushes
I was planning on a site redesign using a watercolor based theme and this looks useful!

Minty Ferret Mar 25 2010

How neat! I’d probably grab this one:

Migui Aguilar Mar 25 2010

I would Download

I’m going to use it for web design!

The Medialoot licenses (free and membership) are too prohibitive.

Rahul Joshi Mar 25 2010

I find the bokeh brushes the best thing to download first:

Jacques Mar 25 2010

this would be great for work. I am the new junior web designer at cariad marketing!!

Tom L. Mar 25 2010

I’d use the soft satin for a site I’m currently designing.

Renzo Mar 25 2010

I would really use this one:

I really want my website using this font.

i like this very much. is it nice right?

Billy Mar 25 2010

Those Bokeh brushes would be great for some wed designs. I just got hired on so I need all the materials I can get.

Joel Kidd Mar 25 2010

I would check out the Ultimate Bokeh Backgrounds Set first.

Andrew Roberts Mar 25 2010

I’ve been looking for a great resources to create some nice web backgrounds

Andrew B Mar 25 2010

I would download the “Bold Web Elements UI Set” first!

Looks like a great set of resources to use on any project!

Claudio Mar 25 2010

Great! Tnks. Very useful for our design process.

Leandro Revestido Mar 25 2010

I would download the “Monochrome Symbols Icon Set” (, because you can simply remix them

Fabian Fischer Mar 25 2010

I would choose “Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons – Part 2” cause I like this clean look

Aline Mar 25 2010

Rare to find nice high quality brush metal bgs like these

These are also very nice and would be a definite pick as well: (would be more useful in black or gray)

This set looks pretty neat.
Bold Web Elements UI Set

Jorge Mar 25 2010

I I had to pick just one (there’s some really good stuff there!) I would choose this one:

Why? Well, because I’m really bad at drawing cartoon-style and I would like to use them in projects more often, since they can add a lot of character to any website.

Looking forward for the contest’s winners!

Jason Mar 25 2010

The Seamless Concrete Textures would compliment any website, would definitely be my first download.

Miguel Mar 25 2010

I’d choose because they’re familiar to the user, but are somewhat different from what’s being used by most web apps right now, giving them the slickness needed to stand out from the crowd.

Steve Webster Mar 25 2010

I’d go for the Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set

I fell in love with the grungy rust textures! They’ll do great for some of my “industrial” photography sessions.

Steve Robillard Mar 25 2010

I would download this one first it is perfect for a theme called heavy metal I am working on:

Shari Mar 25 2010

So many to choose from…I’d probably take “Elegant Debossed Photoshop Text Styles.”

Loved the bokeh backgrounds.

Kleber Carbo Mar 25 2010

“Soft Satin Web Button & Icon Set” Wll be my first Download!
i’ll WIN!!

Tom Dempsey Mar 25 2010

I love grunge design and these are incredible!

These brushes are awesome! Great for any kind of abstract work.

dointhings Mar 25 2010

woohoo I would snag so many uses spring to mind – thanks for the opportunity – Sue

Kimcool Mar 25 2010

I’ll use it in Web Background design.

Christian Markley Mar 25 2010

My first choice would be the Web Button and UI set Very sharp and a must-have. Thank you for the chance to win!!

David Annett Mar 25 2010

Sweet textures! very cool idea for a site.

Hector Lee Mar 25 2010

The smoke textures. Great smoke textures are hard to come by.

Kawsar Ali Mar 25 2010

Sweet. I would love win the Boken Brushes. They look very neat. Would Be useful for designing backgrounds.

Sebastian Mar 25 2010

Nice site, i would download:


Silvina Puebla Mar 25 2010

Paige Mar 25 2010

Well, I didn’t get to the second page before I found five items I can’t live without!! But if I had to narrow it down, I would say the Web Elements would be the first thing I would download. I have been scouring the net lately looking for web elements to use for my wireframing and prototyping and found very little that had any visual interest at all…until I found these!!

Monie Mar 25 2010

I liked

Beautiful collection and eye catching icons. I love to get my hands on those things.

Jose Adan Ortiz Mar 25 2010

I would like to download first time your, because i need it for a new customer.
Cheers for all…

Jaron Mar 26 2010

This is a very versatile resource that could be used with a variety of design styles while maintaining a sleek, professional look.

Sandra N Mar 26 2010
I love brushes, they give me the a little more freedom to be creative with color without knowing how to draw.

David Mar 26 2010

I’d go with these
you can slap some sweet styles on these and create a whole new world.

Wohooo… what a compete set of graphics for my NEW CONTACT FORM DESIGN! It’s elegant & doesn’t have to fit anybody. It will just fit you…

This ICON totally awesome to be integrated! Argh! Damn nice..

I would download any of the identity packs, but especially the one at It’s hard to find good-looking identity packs on other sites, and clients want their offline brand to reflect their online brand.

Subhan Mar 26 2010

a wonderful and most useful artifact for quick and refined prototype

Thanks SR

Rhett Mar 26 2010

Modern and Minimalist Stationery Set under Print Templates.

Always good to have a full toolbox of icons and buttons.

Megan Y Mar 26 2010
What a great competition.
Would find these wood textures so useful in my web designs

Free Vector Graphics Mar 26 2010

wo, this is really cool giveaway. I am big fan of sixrevisions and i loved your every giveaway. If i win i would first download Bold Web Elements UI Set @ which is very cool and i always thought of using it on my client projects.

All collections are really cool and if i win i will download many more.


Amandeep Singh Mar 26 2010

Hi to all
I was just looking at all the items present in the resource section. In those items i found some unique items that we don’t usually get from other resources. Being a blogger and designer i usually try to find the resources so that i can publish on my blog. So some items which I found unique i would love to download those ones.
My first preference would be all sets of Monochrome Symbol Icon set.
Set 1:
Set 2:
Set 3:
Set 4:

And my second preference would be All Purpose Female Vector Silhouettes

Amandeep Singh

Eugene Mar 26 2010

I’d grab the Ultra Smooth Black Leather textures:

Martin Wilson Mar 26 2010

Just love these abstract brushes, theses would be my first download.

Tony Delalande Mar 26 2010

I’d probably first download this one ( if I win a 1-Year Subscription to MediaLoot.

I’d get the Incredibly Detailed 3D icon set part 2!

SE7EN Mar 26 2010

Cartoony Vector Characters – Girl

webbografico Mar 26 2010

I really like their monochrome icons set… really useful in website development

Levi VZ Mar 26 2010
Exactly what I need for an e-commerce project I’m working on.

Tibal Mar 26 2010
very nice UI Set for website, complete and beautiful

Tyler Mar 26 2010 – Great set, I would use this right now.

Lindsay Mar 26 2010

Love these, I’d snag them first :)
Always looking for interesting textures for book covers and interior graphics. these are beautiful.

Mark W. Breneman Mar 26 2010
Wow, so much to pick from. This is an amazing advertising method. Medialoot has gained a new customer, regardless of if I win or not.

Darrell Mar 26 2010

Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons Part 2

Husien Adel Mar 26 2010

wow nice offer :D
i like 8 Photoshop Bokeh Brushes and need it from medialoot
thanks a lot jacob ;)

jessica rodgers Mar 26 2010

This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

I would get the because it’s a nice theme and will go well with a project I’m working on.

Isaac Mar 26 2010

I would get the Massive Web Button and UI Set

Tomas Mar 26 2010

I’d choose this: I think it’s really cool and useful style.

Carlos Mar 26 2010

I’ve been checking their content and the one I like the best is their JPG backgrounds Highres smoke textures always useful

I think I’d grab – I like the textures of it for a design background.

Aaron Mar 26 2010

Thanks for the opportunity.

First, I would download “Grungy Rust Textures”

I’ve always been fascinated by rust, especially the rust on old pilings at the beach.

I want this:
ah.. you know ladies first!! would get downloaded straight away! such clean, useful icons! love em!

karan Mar 27 2010

I would use & download first :-

Its very cool to be used in my web design projects as well as personal projects.

Eniak Mar 27 2010

You can never have enough icon sets in the toolbox.

I’d chose “Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons – Part 1” You always need nice looking icons these days for designing nice looking websites. And this set looks pretty nice.

Skyler Mar 27 2010

i think i would download this
i need a lot of icons in web projects, and these look great

Maldaraus Mar 27 2010

I will download as first to use in my works

Currently working on an E-Commerce website
Platform : .Net 3.5, Silverlight 3.0, JQuery 1.3.2
We are in designing phase and are finding & finalizing our UI Store front.
These Web Set will go gr8 with our template designed.
I would have my fingers crossed for the same to be selected and granted the subscription.


i just found out that medialoot is online, i stumbled upon their coming soon page, which was awesome! i’d love to get in the posesion of

Adrian Trimble Mar 27 2010
Good background textures are tough to find. I want these!

wow I’d like to get my hands on the All-Purpose Male Vector Silouhettes

Adem Can Mar 28 2010
i loved it
Metin yeter hep sen mi kazancam :D:D:D

Matt L Mar 28 2010

I would download the bokeh brushes

Vladimir Mar 28 2010

BOLD Text, Wood Texture, lots of it. I’m just maing a website for club-lounge where I would really like to have , it would make it stand by…I’m amazed by such quality material, just right for great designers. I would love to be a part of it, definitely.

Ankit S Mar 28 2010

These icons look nice:

But the real advantage would be the upcoming updates, I’m sure lots of more resources will be added soon.

RiverPhoenix Mar 28 2010

I would get the Hi-Res Grunge Brush Set

myglob Mar 28 2010

I would download first this Hi-Res Wood Textrues,because looks amazing

Steve Mar 28 2010
i think they would come in great use for website backgrounds

Bharath Mar 29 2010

i would like to download . Thanks :)

I like the concept. I’d download they look fun!

i would download this:

very cool textures

I choose because it’s very beautiful and I want it!

I would download Elegant Debossed Photoshop Type

Jonathan Mar 30 2010

I’d use it in web design since I love playing with textures such as wood and grunge.

I would download first. Would make a nice bg for the site I’m working on.

Suleiman Mar 30 2010

I’d have to say:

I’d use them as cool backgrounds for some themes. Maybe one theme with the alternative backgrounds.

Windy Phillips Mar 30 2010

Hm…tough to decide which toy I’d want first. But since you’re making me choose…

I’d probably download the Bold Web Elements UI Set ( first because I see some pieces I could use immediately.

Thanks for the giveaway and MediaLoot for sponsoring it!

Carlos Mar 30 2010

Definitely the All-Purpose Vector Silouhettes series (Male, Female, Casual)! I have been looking for so long for a good set since I needed one for a precious project and discovering that MediaLoot had a series in their collection definitely thrilled me!

Sergei Tatarinov Mar 30 2010

Just what I am longing for ! Please, let me win :)

Amy Cheng Mar 30 2010

I would purchase the Soft Satin Web Button & Icon set ( – I’ve been making so many custom buttons for so long – it would be a time lifesaver!

Thank you MediaLoot for this opportunity!

Haris Mar 31 2010

I like these monochrome icons, they’d look even better if they were smaller:

Charles Mitchell Mar 31 2010

Nice for throwing together a nice clean site with lttle extra. Multiple styles and colors for client choice makes me happy. :D

Mladen Berakovic Mar 31 2010

I really love this kind of brushes. :)

Josh Seltzer Mar 31 2010

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