Giveaway: Rosenfeld Media Book Collection

Rosenfeld Media, publisher of short, practical books on user experience design, is giving away its entire collection of books to a Six Revisions fan via this Twitter-based giveaway. Each book will be provided to the winner in both paperback and digital eBook versions.

For a chance to win, browse the entire collection of Rosenfeld Media and choose a book you’re most excited about. Find a book that you would read first if you won their entire collection. Send a tweet about the book you’re most excited about, and then follow @sixrevisions.

This giveaway lasts until March 17, 2010. We will select the winner at random and announce it here and on Twitter.

This was published on Mar 10, 2010


Gustavs Cirulis Mar 10 2010

Brilliant contents. I would really love to read the Prototyping book.

Gabriel Mar 10 2010

Thanks for that !

I just tweeted xD

Matthew Heidenreich Mar 10 2010

I tweeted as well, hoping i can get my hands on these!

King Chung Huang Mar 10 2010

Nice contest! I love Rosenfeld Media’s books. I tweeted!

Manik Rathee Mar 10 2010

What an incredible set of books – my fav would be: Storytelling for User Experience

Tweeted and crossing my fingers.

Duane Mar 10 2010

Great contest. Nothing like a competition to increase your Twitter followers. Thank you!

MethodicJon Mar 10 2010

Found this site a month ago. Every article is just great and relevant (to me at least ;)



Louis Mar 11 2010

I think this is an excellent example of a contest where everyone benefits. First, readers obviously get an opportunity to win a great prize package. Second, Six Revisions gets some exposure through the tweets sent. Finally, the publisher who provided the books gets thousands of people advertising their books on Twitter for free.

I think this is an excellent way to advertise a product and give people an opportunity to win a quality prize. Good job, Jacob, in putting this contest together.

Tracy Mar 11 2010

Playful Design interests me….

Great Contest! I tweeted.

paul rostorp Mar 11 2010

I would first read ” Storytelling for User Experience ”
tweeted :

Oykun Yilmaz Mar 11 2010

wow! so cool giveaway! Actually difficult to decide to choose one, all are so great, but I think I would love to start with Prototyping :)

Thanks a lot again!

here is my tweet:

Michele Mar 11 2010

Great idea…i’m interested at “Mental Models”


Fantastic contest. I tweeted and hopefully I’ll win

ruderic Mar 11 2010

Great contest. I’ve already tweeted it.

Carlos Mar 15 2010

Wow, another great giveaway! I’m actually in the search for new books to learn more on how to improve user experience using web design and this is a great set to add to my library. I’ll definitely be getting copies of their books even if I don’t win this giveaway!

Lou Rosenfeld Mar 17 2010

Wow, closing in on 650 entries; wow! Thank you all, especially Jacob!

If any of you would like to keep up with Rosenfeld Media’s future book releases, discounts, and other good stuff, all the standard ways to follow are listed here:

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