BlueCotton Giveaway Results

Last week,, printers of custom t-shirts, sponsored a giveaway for $200 worth of credit on their online store. Over 150 participants chose to join in on the fun, suggesting ways they’d use their coupon if they won.

The winner of the giveaway is Matthias.

This was published on Oct 9, 2010


Rich S Oct 09 2010

Just a thought, but since the comment section says “email (will not be published)” contest winners may not want comment_author_email exposed. For what it’s worth.

Frankie Oct 09 2010

Blue Cotton seams like a great place to start building up some custom made t-shirts! I’ve been planing to make some for my jogging team! :) Congrats on your award Matthias!

Jacob Gube Oct 10 2010

@Rich S: It’s not published! Check the screenshot, the email of the winner was removed before the post was published. The only thing exposed in the results are public things that you as a commenter chose to put in the comment field (comment_author and comment_author_url). You startled me a little because I thought the email was mentioned in this post; Six Revisions takes great care of your email and privacy. Even commenters who place their email address as part of the comment body are protected: we edit the comment to remove the user’s email (even it if was placed there by choice).

Curtis Scott Oct 11 2010

Sorry I missed the deadline on this one :(

Congrats Matthias!

Myrtis Azzopardi Jul 25 2011

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