concrete5 Giveaway Results

Last week, we featured a sponsored giveaway for a hosted website powered by concrete5.

The winner of this giveaway is Herna Silva.

This was published on Jun 22, 2010


Alex W Jun 22 2010

Congratulations Herna! Enjoy! :)

Aisha Jun 22 2010

Absolutely amazing….great post

Hernan Silva Jun 22 2010

Yay!! I won!! Thanks to Six Revision and concrete5, really nice giveaway.

Juan Mendoza Jun 22 2010

Congrats!!, great prize!

Joelji Jun 23 2010

Congrats Herna :-)

johny Jun 23 2010

Congr. Hernan Silva

Jordan Walker Jun 23 2010


Juan Mendoza Jun 24 2010

I have a question for all people that use concrete5. How sell and website using concrete5? it’s very simple to use. It’s no a CRM so until a child can update the website.


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