MediaLoot Giveaway Results

Last week, we ran a giveaway of five 1-year subscriptions to MediaLoot, a site offering resources like icons, Photoshop brushes, textures, vectors, print templates and more.

The winners are:

This was published on Apr 1, 2010


Jacob Gube Apr 02 2010

By the way, this is dated April 1 – but this is not an April Fool’s prank (in case you were wondering).

Mladen Berakovic Apr 02 2010

Congrats! :)

Geek in Heels Apr 02 2010

Thank you! I never win ANYTHING, so this came as a very pleasant surprise!

Jordan Walker Apr 02 2010

Congratulations to the winners, Jacob: Thanks for clearing that one up!

Carlos Apr 02 2010

Congrats to all the winners! Someone’s real envy with you guys right now :P

Thanks for the subscription guys :)

Azizuan Apr 04 2010


Joelji Apr 05 2010

Hey Jacob, In ‘Related content’ section of this post “Win a 1-Year Subscription to MediaLoot” is linked to “” which is not intended i believe.

I missed this give away :-( Will wait for next such give away.

Jacob Gube Apr 05 2010

@Joelji: Sorry you didn’t win this time, but there are going to be plenty more of giveaways in the future. Also, I’ll see if Jon and the MediaLoot theme will be willing to do another giveaway of subscriptions in the near future. Thanks!

Jaspalsinh Apr 05 2010

Congrats to all winners. Good work Jacob Gube.

Simon Leedham Apr 06 2010

Thanks to Six Revisions and MediaLoot for the prize, can’t believe I actually won something! Thanks all, I shall definitely get some use out of this prize!

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