20 Excellent Examples of Using Animals in Web Design

Well-drawn animal illustrations can make for a fantastic design element for websites and web applications. Here, we present a variety of beautiful web designs that feature use animals – we hope you enjoy them!

1. Old Loft

Old Loft

2. Zootool


3. Ched Online

Ched Online

4. Mamieboo Gallery

Mamieboo Gallery

5. Blogbuster


6. Big Omaha

Big Omaha

7. Owltastic


8. MixTurtle


9. Ethan Gardener

Ethan Gardener

10. Adore Le Pug

Adore Le Pug

11. Cow & Monkey

Cow & Monkey

12. Dharma Frog

Dharma Frog

13. Elune Art

Elune Art

14. Litago Ku-Kunst

Litago Ku-Kunst

15. Be A Magpie

Be A Magpie

16. Read Whale

Read Whale

17. Small White Bear

Small White Bear

18. PSD Gator

PSD Gator

19. Boagworld


20. Silverback


Got Moo-re?

If you know of other websites and web apps that feature animals as a design element, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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This was published on Aug 2, 2009


Mike N. Aug 02 2009

Beautiful list. One site that should be added is – it has some beautiful illustrations of birds on the site.

Kendall Aug 02 2009

Another awesome one

My own site features an animal – my logo is a pig in a chef’s hat! I also create themes around whatever food I want him to be holding in the banner. Whatever colors the food has are the colors I use for my theme.

Antonio Carlos Silveira Aug 02 2009

Hi there, did you tale a look at The New YahooProduct? Called yahoo Meme. They use dogs really well:

Cool collection of animals in website to show animal love. This is also environmental friendly nature of the websites as well as a means to show their support for the same.

I thank all the websites that are listed above for having shown their love to nature and animals as well to all those websites that not listed here but comes in the same category.

Keep up the good work!

Bastian Aug 02 2009

Hey Thomas! Thanks for featuring our rhino!! Here’s a little making-of video:

Fred Hatman Aug 02 2009

For a great site using animal illustrations, check out

Boussacsou Aug 02 2009

good stuff!

michael Aug 02 2009

What a zoo! Thanks for the sweet examples… I love web design mixed with animals…

Motti Aug 02 2009

very nice design, i specially like the one with the turtle – MixTurtle.

I love – His turtle is the best!

BryanRegencia Aug 02 2009

Cool stuffs! Thanks for sharing.

Ömer UZUN Aug 03 2009


Roberto Aug 03 2009

Nice list. I like the turtle.

Blackpio Aug 03 2009

Ehi! You forgot ;)

BenDesign Aug 03 2009

Great. Thank you for collect some nice web designs and share them.

Christie Aug 03 2009

This is so cute!! The white bear and le pug were the CUTEST! OMG!! Nice collection! ^_^

Annie Aug 03 2009

You guys missed CurdBee ( Bee looks soo cute and cheesy.

Also, they are a smart service, which saves my ass when it comes to billing my clients online

aviko-oloo Aug 04 2009

Oh i love this xD Animals in design are so my thing!!

Sarah Aug 05 2009

So great! One of my favorites, an agency in Oxford (be sure to change the themes):

wohh Cool! Thanks for sharing.
haha Small White Bear is funny heh
i love animal too xp

Sergio Alegria Aug 09 2009

Here’s another site with an animal

jzajpt Aug 10 2009

lots of animals there :)

Chris Aug 10 2009 did a great job with this concept.

Maxim Aug 16 2009

And where is Twitter? :)

ooKooDoo Aug 17 2009

Love it :)
Web is magic you can use cartoon for big company logo !!

Jordan Aug 17 2009

great list…bears, owls, rhinos, cows….didnt see a cat there?

You forgot about, love the logo.

Ashely Adams Nov 26 2009

Ched is cute but I like Silverback more! Sorry Ched!…LOL….Jokes apart this is an impressive list…..From cows to turtles to alligator to rhinos anything left? Thanks for sharing this lovely post…….Great work designers….. and a special mention for all the non-humans…LOL!!!!!

Excellent designs with animals in it.. i like the cool color combination’s..

Web 2.0 Design May 25 2010

Superb designs with great concept. I especially liked “Adore Le Pug”. Many thanks for sharing this beautiful resource.

Eigil Mar 03 2011

I am working on a site called it is filled with great animal drawings.

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