20 Incredible Sunrise Wallpapers Caught in Space

We just witnessed the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing recently. To stay in the spirit of space exploration, we’ve rounded up some stunning digital art illustrations of sunrises taken from space. Feast your eyes on these beauties from above.

1. A New Dawn

A New DawnArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

2. Eastern Sunrise Updated

Eastern Sunrise UpdatedArtist: Joy-Vincent

3. Origin

OriginArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

4. Omicron Beta

Omicron BetaArtist: taenaron

5. Aeon

AeonArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

6. Cosmic Daylight Close Up

Cosmic Daylight Close UpArtist: Diny

7. Terra Nova

Terra NovaArtist: Fernando Rodrigues

8. The Last Sunrise

The Last SunriseArtist: Diny

9. Detritus

DetritusArtist: Diny

10. Cosmic Sunrise

Cosmic SunriseArtist: Diny

11. Sunrise in Space

Sunrise in SpaceArtist: gucken

12. Smooth Vision

Smooth VisionArtist: Josef Bartoň

13. Remnants

RemnantsArtist: Sami Mattila

14. Planet One

Planet OneArtist: Thrasos Varnava

15. Allurement

AllurementArtist: Rob Graham

16. Tau 31

Tau 31Artist: sanmonku

17. Last Dawn

Last DawnArtist: Michel Merza

18. Misconstrue Image

Misconstrue ImageArtist: Gavin

19. Morning

MorningArtist: Kalle Törmä

20. Homeworld

HomeworldArtist: phil2001

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This was published on Jul 30, 2009


Zoran Jul 30 2009

amazing photos remembering me to my young days playing oGame lol.

Thomas Hardy Jul 30 2009

Nice collection, but error in intro text it was only the 40th anniversary of the moon landing!

Kim Smith Jul 30 2009

Beautiful images and great talent!

Reencoded Jul 30 2009

Great wallpapers. I love space photography its very inspiring.

I can do math me Jul 30 2009

Erm, 2009 – 1969 = 40

Hey, great selection!

I did want to point out though that it was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, not the 50th.


Shravan Mishra Jul 31 2009

Beautiful collection. I love the first one “A new dawn”

Marcus Keely Jul 31 2009

Great collection. Correction on the anniversary number. It should be the 40th anniversary (landing was in 1969) not the 50th. Good stuff though!

Bariski Jul 31 2009

These are really awesome. Bookmarked.

Jacob Gube Jul 31 2009

Sorry for the error on the Moon landing anniversary, it has been corrected now.

WebExpressMalta Jul 31 2009

Are they real?? :0

John G Jul 31 2009

Wow, these are awesome! I’ll definitely refer to these when creating space artwork.

Zaigham Jul 31 2009

Very beautiful artwork.

Thanks for putting up them in one place.

Pranav Shirodkar Aug 01 2009

Absolutely stunning images.. Great roundup!! Keep up the great work!!

Rahul Aug 04 2009

Amazing collection of awesome sunrise images. Just great.

Awesome and really incerdible selection.Each pics tell us something.

Rohit Aug 26 2009

beautiful & stunning images also the appearance is real attractive…

lewis Aug 29 2009

they’re really pretty, but one thing kept going through my head as i was looking at them: “how do i know these aren’t sunsets?”

Jacob Gube Aug 30 2009

@lewis: That made me laugh! Thanks for the Sunday morning lulz! :) You’re completely right.

Ukrainian Sep 29 2009

Space views always holds something mystic. Even more mystic than Harry Potter serie :) Thanks for collection.

Ashely Adams Nov 26 2009

If space is so beautiful I would prefer staying on a satellite…I was always fascinated by celestial bodies and this list is one of the best I have come across so far…Though it is very difficult to choose the best from these, I would rate Omicron Beta, Last Dawn, Allurement, Cosmic Sunrise and Remnants as my top five…..Special mention for Allurement and Last Dawn, both are exceptional and hats of to the talent behind them….

vistoalreves Mar 17 2010

I just feel like I am Miles Vorkosigan (from Lois McMaster Bujold space operas).


nh512 Mar 30 2010

Mankind is on the very verge of discovering something massive about our incredible universe…


very cute photos….made me feeel just as wandering in space

nazanin Jan 20 2011

Lilian Ostropel,thank you very much.
I am a researcher of the galaxy and I want to help me.
This is my
please send the perfect pictures and movies about that.
I’m waiting.

michael denuf Mar 23 2011

these cant be real photos… are they

Stunning pics! Loved them all :-)

jeremy Apr 26 2011

pictures #6 and 11 are beautiful but inaccurate. they show an Occultation of Saturn as it passes in front of the sun. But this would be impossible because in order for this to happen, saturn would have to be in between the sun and us, which its not. this would not be impossible unless seen from Uranus Or other heavenly body that is farther from the sun than Saturn. But juging from the distance in the drawings, you wouldn’t see this from Uranus with your naked eye as saturn would seem much smaller. but it looks great anyway!


nishant Oct 21 2011

these are awesome

Elizabeth Oct 22 2011

Really Cool(: Have one of them as a wallpaper!!

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