20 Stunning Illustrations of Surreal Female Characters

Artists and illustrators often display their artwork hoping of not only showing their abilities and skills, but also to inspire creativity amongst its viewers.

In this showcase, you will witness a wide range of creative styles, featuring female characters as the subject, by some of the world’s most talented illustrators, artists, and designers.

1. Sadness by Tang Yuehui

Sadness by Tang Yuehui

2. Pink Sugar by Olivier Ponsonnet

Pink Sugar by Olivier Ponsonnet

3. Boudicca 3060 A.D. by John Kearney

Boudicca 3060 A.D. by John Kearney

4. sweet as candy by Neville Dsouza

sweet as candy by Neville Dsouza

5. Floating by Sue Marino

Floating by Sue Marino

6. Anna Marie by Michel Victor Oliveira

Anna Marie by Michel Victor Oliveira

7. The magic light by Natsuki-3

The magic light by Natsuki-3

8. Cookies (part of the Painting I collection) by Antoine Helbert

Cookies (part of the Painting I collection) by Antoine Helbert

9. Character by Richard Wright

Character by Richard Wright

10. Beautiful lilac by Tang Yuehui

Beautiful lilac by Tang Yuehui

11. Strange Autumn by Maria Alaeva

Strange Autumn by Maria Alaeva

12. Queen Triffidia by John Kearney

Queen Triffidia by John Kearney

13. Fiery birds by Maria Alaeva

Fiery birds by Maria Alaeva

14. Karina’s Familiar by Sue Marino

Karinas Familiar by Sue Marino

15. Open Green by Andrius Balciunas

Open Green by Andrius Balciunas

16. Morgan le Fay by Diane Ozdamar

Morgan le Fay by Diane Ozdamar

17. Tomb Raider by Mike Thompson

Tomb Raider by Mike Thompson

18. Pandora by Marta Dahlig

Pandora by Marta Dahlig

19. Biker Eyes by Andrea Bertaccini

Biker Eyes by Andrea Bertaccini

20. Submergence by Daniel Conway

Submergence by Daniel Conway

Which one is your favorite illustration?

Which one among this collection inspires you the most and why? Do you have other favorites not mentioned here? Share them in the comments!

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This was published on Jul 18, 2009


Ryan Rampersad Jul 18 2009

#7, the magic light is my favorite. I like the lighting.

Janiczek Jul 18 2009

Oh my!
9, 14, 15 and 18 are my favorites … especially 15 is way too real not to be a photo :D

Seth Etter Jul 18 2009

I really really like the very last one, Submergence. Awesome concept and great looking art.

Astrid Garcia Jul 18 2009

For me it has to be Character by Richard Wright. So photo-realistic and I love the texture of her skin and the artist’s ability with light.

Santhos Webdesign Jul 18 2009

These are just to awesome! 15 and 19 look so real!!

Matt S Jul 18 2009

I love Submergence the most out of all of the above images, it’s really great. The others are really well done as well, but for me, Submergence takes the cake; really good list, thanks for sharing!

mrids Jul 18 2009

so nice and graceful illustrations…some of them looks so real..!!

donohue Jul 19 2009

WOW!how wonderful

samuel pushpak Jul 19 2009

some real talent.. Jul 19 2009

It’s very difficult to chose the best one.
this image are all bountiful!

I like the green tonality so Sadness by Tang Yuehui, the first one, is probably my favourite.

I have also appreciate The magic light by Natsuki-3, for the light (in fact),it transmit me a feeling of inner calm

SteVon Jul 20 2009

1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 14, 15 are HOT! I especially love their lips–you have great technique for their lips! Highly kissable and yummy! The cleft below their nose on the top lip is really sexy—denotes women who really love to make love! They are usually experts at pleasure, too. Skilled lovers!! should know. Congratulations on such fine works, Lilian!!

~SteVon (Inventor of the Slightest Touch.)

Phaoloo Jul 20 2009

Ya, there are stunning :D

Moneca S. Real Jul 20 2009

Beautiful Lilac by Tang Yuehui


Mihai Jul 20 2009

You forgot to add the femals from Need for Speed :P (last 2)

ntiremedia Jul 20 2009

the womens of NFS are stunning no one cab for get them Mihai

Jessica Jul 20 2009

‘Submergence’ is definitely my favorite. Surreal to the fullest.

Binoj Xavier Jul 21 2009


Jacob Gube Jul 21 2009

Thanks for you comments everyone, my favorite one is Sadness by Tang Yuehui. The one issue I had with it was that the frog on the right was too prominent, unnecessarily detracting away from the subject.

Also just some news to get you all excited: seeing as many people enjoyed this article, Lilian is going to be writing more articles here on Six Revisions, bringing in his taste and talent for digital art into the mix.

Rajesh Jul 21 2009

awesome collection.

my fav one is Morgan le Fay

Joni Heikkinen Jul 21 2009

Great collection! These are really beautiful and inspirational pieces of work. Please do post more articles like this!

I’d like to share one of my paintints with you guys, hope you like it

Adrian Jul 21 2009

My favorites:
#1 because i like the leaves and the picture has a (kind of) sad mood but the person doesn’t look that sad. It is kind of like the person had been sitting there and eventually got tired of it.
#7 because it was probably really hard to make the light from the butterfly affect the person’s hair like that, especially the bottom. Also the person’s head has an (i think) irregular shape.
#20 because it is wierd like that it would never happen in real life. The person kind of looks like a fish.

Nice collection but hmm SixRevisions go for illustraction art? I though this blog is for Web developer and designer? The reason I RSS this blog is I can found the best developer/design tools and tips, if I want to find some illustraction or art related, sure there are other better blogs and web site for me. It’s like you subscribe an SEO blog but he write an Logo design article, I don’t think reader would want to continue subscribe it. I think SixRevisions should focus on what you doing which you are doing great right now, not putting everything into one place and become a yahoo.

kittu Jul 24 2009

1 – d sadness in her eyes is potrayed beautifully
7 – for her innocense
17- tomb raider is anything but tomb raider!!!!

olunatic Jul 27 2009

what program do they use to make these kinds of things?

Jacob Gube Jul 28 2009

@olunatic: Probably Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or a modeling/animation/rendering software such as 3D Studio Max.

5 and 18!

IF only I could do those…it would be wonderful..

Pedro de Castro Aug 02 2009

20 is captive. everything is in the right place. and the colours… great!

fazulas Aug 03 2009

really or fiction??

Ashely Adams Nov 26 2009

One word to describe the collection is beautiful….Even Queen Triffidia and Karina look stunning…I loved the intricate designing done on beautiful lilac….There are better graphics for Tomb Raider…The innocence and purity of magic light has touched my heart….And last but not the least, I was bowled over by the idea and graphical output of Submergence; surely the best was reserved for the end…..Thanks for this lovely post….

XY.XX Feb 02 2010

Compared to the “20 Stunning & Surreal Illustrations of Male Characters” post that Lilian has posted later, every picture here look alike. Or rather, every face.

No, this is NOT criticism of the artists. I do think they drew them very well, and it shows that they were obviously aiming for one thing: To depict the most beautiful woman in the world… with the very best of their abilities.

Though they did it with immense talent, the fact that twenty of the best female character art in the Internet portray young, attractive women is a bit of a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think this is more of a reflection on society’s view on the gender, or what it wants out of the gender.

Ok, I’m betting you don’t know what I’m talking about. Look for the “20 Stunning & Surreal Illustrations of Male Characters” post within this blog, and browse through the works. Observe the variety of subjects in the paintings, which vary from age, looks, status, genre, etc. etc. And the works seem to be full of sophistication; some displaying a deep study of the subject … or as Lilian pointed out in the title “Surreal”.

Now compare to the works in this post.

The jury will now decide… happy brain-storming.

Mykel Wolfgang Mar 22 2010

The 7,The Magic Light,is my favorite one.The child(im my opinion is a child) transmits some kind of innocence( I guess it’s obvious cuz it’s a child ^^’),and has a calm face,that makes the person who is looking at the picture,feel great and confortable.I mean,I could stay for hours looking at that picture,without even getting tired.It’s a great picture,and a great picture like this is made to be admired!!!

aaron Mar 31 2010

20 the imagination and delivery of that idea is just amazing,
they are all brilliant though

wow i like the no.1… coz 4 us muslims, green signifies peace… though the woman looks as f she is about to cry, shes still pretty… i love green.

Syafiera Lewis Jul 23 2010

Hye I love those picture. I work on these too. =)

Dante Jul 27 2010

Almost every picture is amazing.

My personal favorite is #1 Sadness by Tang Yuehui.

There is no words to describe it, simply amazing.

beautiful lilac!

Tejas Sep 05 2010

really awesome

Alucard Jan 17 2011

The Last one is awesome. The Idea….. speechless. The Watereffect and the Goldfish within it, the hair…. brilliant

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