22 Creative Uses of Robots in Web Design

Simply put… robots are awesome. Using robots in a web layout adds a touch of unique and futuristic feel to it. In this imaginative showcase, you’ll find creative applications of robotic elements in web design.

1. Suponix



3. web.burza


4. Idea Foundry

Idea Foundry

5. Mercedes-Benz Pro-Safe

Mercedes-Benz Pro-Safe

6. FunnelDesignGroup




8. Recycled Lifeforms

Recycled Lifeforms

9. WowWee




11. Blue Flavor

Blue Flavor

12. Sitening


13. Sushi & Robots

Sushi & Robots

14. Made In Space

Made In Space

15. Iconfinder


16. PixelLab Interactive

PixelLab Interactive

17. XHTMLized


18. ROBOT 44


19. WiredThing


20. BioShock


21. Object Adjective

Object Adjective

22. Instinct


Moar Robots?

Do you know of other websites that use robots in their design? If so, share it in the comments because I love robots.

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This was published on May 25, 2009


Om Ipit May 25 2009

great showcase…
i think, if we place characters on website, it can be the symbol who was designing that site

AL7AIR May 25 2009

Considering that WowWee makes the Robosapiens toy series, and Bioshock’s Big Daddies are part of the story you play in that game, I’d say their use of robots isn’t creative but mandatory ;).

Roberto May 25 2009

wow, now this are amazing. The iconfinder one is nice.

Joost Kiens May 25 2009

Here’s another one,

Nice list!

web2000 May 25 2009

Nice.. lots of different styles are presented here

Pranav Shirodkar May 25 2009

Wow, This is so cool! I never realized those robots are all around so much! :P Nice roundup

Very interesting desgins, there is a lot of talent in this list. I only wish my site was half as attractive! ;)

Callum Chapman May 25 2009

Lovely collection, I love robots, especially in web design!

sportlogoday May 25 2009

I think that nature is better:]

Engelium May 25 2009

Mozilla Shirekoto (Firefox 3.5) Start page ;)

Planet Android May 25 2009

Maybe kinda obvious for a website about Google Android, but at least we’ve chosen our own mascotte robot instead of the Google ones you see everywhere: Planet Android.

Henry May 25 2009

This is cool, but there is an error. My favorite video game ever is BioShock. The “robot” it not a robot at all. It is a Big Daddy, a human inside a diver’s suit. Here is a link to a wiki on the Big Daddy:

Cat Johnson May 25 2009

What’s not to like about robots? I love the creative direction that sites are going, with graphics driving the site rather than decorating it. I’m particularly fond of the minimal approach of a few of the highlighted sites. I’m digging the retro movie-poster themes too. Thanks for the great showcase.

Actually neither the Big Daddy (BioShock) nor the Tripod (Made in Space -actually from War of the Worlds) are robots; the former is a genetically-altered man in a suit, the latter is an alien vehicle.

yaugle May 25 2009

These robots are pretty, they are stored in the

Marcus May 25 2009

Fun and Cool list! This one wasn’t included but I love it:

Esteban May 25 2009

I agree with Al7air about the wowwee site using its own toy robots is not creative, and even more, the big daddies in bioshock are not robots, but altered humans using diving suits because tha game happens at the bottom of the sea. I would have instead included, since they do have a robot pet.

krdzn May 25 2009

featuring the jealous robots is awesome too!

So Bioshock doesn’t really count cause big daddies aren’t really robots.

Wm.B.Hand May 26 2009

#7 ECTOMACHINE — THAT ROBOT is a COPYRIGHTED CHRISTOPHER CONTE ROBOT SCULPTURE, and is being used WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION. I think that should disqualify them from any further positive mention here. They’re actually using this image as their website’s main header graphic, illegally.

WarBird May 26 2009

I think #14 is from the War of the Wolds CD ( ). Cool robot, but not very creative.

Zev Eisenberg May 26 2009

This is a product more than a Web design, but how about the Automator logo at

Blue Blots May 26 2009

Lol nice :)i love WowWee the most:)

pimento May 26 2009


That Bioshock guy isn’t really a robot.. at least, I’m pretty damn sure they aren’t.

ace of spades May 26 2009

bioshock big daddies aren’t robots, they’re guys in armor.

the rest of the list is pretty awesome though

Issa Qandil May 26 2009

And this is a very cool list

I like their colors.

Comment May 26 2009

Great list, but I was hoping to see the robot from Destructoid’s site included! It’s one of the only successful red color themed sites I’ve seen on the Web.

xtfer May 26 2009

Technically, Made in Space is probably a vehicle rather than a robot (its from Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds), but otherwise a great collection!

Narshada May 26 2009

Nice list but the Big Daddies in Bioshock weren’t robots – they are diving suits with people in and the Made in Space graphic was from War of the Worlds, so they weren’t robots either, they were alien vehicles (effectively tanks.).

dania May 26 2009

So Bioshock doesn’t really count cause big daddies aren’t really robots..

Iconfinder Robot May 26 2009

Yeah. I’m on the list!

datacode May 26 2009

Here’s another site with a cool robot to add to the list…

Jon Pape May 26 2009

You should check out the robot 3D animation my buddy did for his homepage:


rasterboy May 26 2009

adding to the list!

Thanks for posting so many different robots. It gives many options to choose from.

Mxfer May 26 2009

Well I know this robot doesn’t speak english but I think it has been a nice feat from a web design agency: (english)

Billy Tamplin May 26 2009

How about Robots are taking over the World (wide web)!

Samyak Bhuta May 26 2009

Here is the one which is depicting robot.

Blogger User May 26 2009

Good collection. But i dont really like robots in web design. Aren’t they are invading our several aspects of life ? and this web design too ???
Anyway among above ECTOMACHINE is more creative concept with regard to the Robots.

Nicole Foster May 26 2009

I didn’t know robots in design was this popular. That is quite unique!

The YPI May 27 2009

Nice stuff

Cubanoid Designs May 27 2009

Really interesting list there..
will serve as a good reference….

Jeremy Anderson May 27 2009

Thanks Jacob! Appreciate the mention for Object Adjective ;) Great collection of sites.

Erok Johnson May 27 2009


Jacob, you’ll love this site, if I haven’t already showed you:


John (Ionut Iclanzan) May 27 2009

Great robots.
Here is another one. Check this

Designer-Kamrul May 27 2009

Hmmm…….Serious matter.

Markus May 27 2009

There’re some Ruby (on Rails) guys who use robots in their website:, they use one different robot for each kind of project

Jacob Gube May 27 2009

Thank you everyone for sharing your links – you’re feeding my weird obsession with Robots.

@Erok Johnson: OMG HI!!!!! :) How’s it going – long time no talk! Cool link by the way, thanks for sharing.

Selvam May 28 2009

nice collection :) May 28 2009

ECTOMACHINE remember a film by spielberg..with tom cruise..anyway..good post and more idea for a graphic! thanks! ;)

aldrin May 29 2009

how come nod32 is not include on the list? I like their robot hahah

honour chick May 29 2009

great illustrations. catches the visitor’s attention ;)

Samantha Levin May 30 2009

Ectomachine misappropriated the main graphic for that image. NOT COOL!!

Maverick May 31 2009

these websites look really impressive.

Sanchit Thakur Jun 01 2009

Good to see Bots coming of age. They are not house maids in Japan anymore :)

Steve Jun 05 2009

Robots in designs, cool. I am converted…

Still searching? I found this one:

derric Jan 13 2011 has a cool robot also.

Brenda Jan 26 2011

WOW dis real does help THANX….

how do you design a robot?

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