25 Beautiful Examples of “Coming Soon” Pages

"Coming soon" pages are a great way to tide over your visitors until you finish your new website. They can be used as a teaser for your future website, or places to simply put your information where people can get to it while you are under digital construction. We are going to look at a collection of how websites are successfully using "coming soon" pages.

1. SquidChef


SquidChef has a cute under-the-sea theme and an illustrated squid character to go with their name "SquidChef". Having a character illustration like this almost ensures that the site is going to have a friendly feel. (Check out some more illustrated character designs). I also like the idea of putting all the information into the talk bubble.

2. Accentuate


I like the color scheme of this "coming soon site". It’s a simple theme that uses pink to highlight the important areas. The colors go well with the simple layout of the website and the image of the chairs makes the website more interesting than just having text.

3. Flowdock


Having an illustrated look to a website usually gives it more of a fun and laidback feel. It has a bright and welcoming color palette, and I like how the headings in the three sections in the footer are different colors. It makes the color flow throughout.

4. Rumble Labs

Rumble Labs

Usually when you say "hello" right off the bat, it gives off a friendly vibe, and despite the dark background, this page gives that endearing feeling. The bright highlight colors help emphasize that point, as well as the arrow and dotted lines.

5. Irava Stefan

Irava Stefan

I like the hovering logo – it creates a sort of 3D look, which gives the page a little more dimension. Also, what makes this site interesting is that when you hover over the logo and Twitter icon with your mouse, it displays more information. (Learn how to create 3D text via this tutorial).

6. chocolatepool


The brightly colored quirky illustration gives a good sense of what the style of work could be, or at the very least, gives fun laidback feel. The sign that says, "summer" integrated into the illustration gives a hint as to when the website will launch.

7. Berengere Monin

Berengere Monin

This website has a very nice clean and simple look. I like the Asian-inspired style, with the tree/plant on the right and the black, white and red color scheme. It gives the "coming soon" page a nice sense of simplicity.

8. Birdboxx


This is a successful illustrated "coming soon" web page. This site pours out a peaceful and calming character with the green colors and the white dove.

9. Creative Joomla! Design Book

Creative Joomla! Design Book

I like the sketchy-style of this soon-to-launch page. Not only is it a fun layout, but it is also useful, with the "be updated" web form mixed in to the design. This "coming soon" page gives you ways of keeping in touch, by including Twitter and email options into the composition.

10. Lilly’s Table

Lilly's Table

The color palette is what really draws me to this website. The colors have a slight retro feel (learn how to create a retro color scheme), but it still gives off a bright, clean, vibrant feel. In addition, I like how the last post from their blog is displayed on the left.

11. ChkChkBoom


I like the paint splatter effect, which they use to draw attention to the important parts of the layout. They also use some bright colors to emphasize certain areas like the headline, and the green play button which is used for the RSS email feed.

12. Mogulista


This website gives off a glamorous countenance, and that is probably because the business is geared towards women, who typically find these sorts of theme appealing. What really struck me about this "coming soon" site was the navigation. They use a nice animation that keeps you on the same page but rolls in and out new text below the logo.

13. Dialed Tone

Dialed Tone

I like the usage of the 3D dial, as well as the shadows on the "coming soon" box and the sign up button, which give the site a lot more dimension.

14. Evert Slagter

Evert Slagter

The icons are a nice touch considering they work with mobile user experience. I also like the simplicity and the subtle light glow in the background that gives it a little more depth that just having a black background.

15. Chuck Barrett

Chuck Barrett

I think when I look at this, I immediately get an idea for what kind of style of fashion will be on the future website with the black and white photo. I also like the idea of having the icons in grayscale, which goes with the photo, and how, when you hover over them, they change to colored.

16. Jon Ward

Jon Ward

At first glance, this is your run-of-the-mill name, logo, and title "coming soon" page, but if you stay on it for a second or two, you’ll notice that where the job title is, is actually an animation that rotates the title, email and phone number. It’s a great way to present that little bit more information, and at the same time keep the page as simple, but engaging, as possible.



The logo has a techno look to it, which was why it drew me to the site in the first place. It turns out that it’s for a poetry publication. Regardless, the logo, which gives this "coming soon" page a nice dose of color, is spectacular.

18. Johnny Walker Plumbing

Johnny Walker Plumbing

I love how simple the look is, but you can still get the impression that he is a plumber at someone’s house fixing their flooded toilet or sink. It is simple but effective.

19. DesignSvn


I always love good Photoshop lighting work, and this website has it working really well with the web 2.0ish Twitter and subscribe icons.

20. Upstate Design Collective

Upstate Design Collective

Other than the 3D effects, I really like how the bright fresh colors make the website stand out.

21. Handsome and Gorgeous Clothing

Handsome and Gorgeous Clothing

I think that it is important to showcase your merchandise, even if your website isn’t finished yet. I also like the use of the jagged edge, giving it a layered fabric feel, which is appropriate for what they are selling.

22. The Republic

The Republic

I like the white design with the subtle cityscape at the bottom; it gives it an interesting look. I also like how they use gray colors instead of the typical black on white, which gives it a less harsh look and  helps to make the logo mark stand out more.

23. Gimmr


Not only does this "coming soon" page have a color scheme that I really like, it also has a unique feature. You can upload a photo of yourself and add glasses to your portrait so you can look like the character/mascot to the left (which you can then use as your avatar).

24. myNiteLife


This is another website that uses some nice lighting effects, and the purple colors give it a night feel that goes perfectly with their name (myNightlife).

25. FavMovie!

It seems like they are using their "coming soon" page as more of a teaser, not really saying what they’re all about. All I can gather is that it has something to do with about movies (probably). If you want to find out, you can sign up for email updates.

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Tyler Denis is a part-time freelance designer from Ashland, New Hampshire. He is also the creator/writer of the design blog Denis Designs/blog, a website dedicated to bringing quality tutorials and inspiration. You can follow him on Twitter or at his personal site, Denis Designs.

This was published on Feb 19, 2010


satrya Feb 19 2010

Wow! awesome collection.

Richard Feb 19 2010

BirdBox is an illustration available from iStock… nice use of it though.

Michael Feb 19 2010

How do you find such good examples of coming soon pages?

Michael Mallon Feb 19 2010

Some really cool stuff there!! I have been working on a holding page for an up and coming side project of mine:

pretty happy with it, may be a bit 2 much on it at the minute lol

Nice post, these are very interesting examples. Gimmr is my favorite

Russell Poulter Feb 19 2010

Good post! Some nice designs here. I think this is defiantly an area where less is more.

Patrik Feb 19 2010

great collection! Accentuate is a masterpiece! Too bad we didn’t make it on the list with :( … maybe you wanna check it out anyway ;)

These may be beautiful, but not all of them are very functional. If a page doesn’t say something about “coming soon”, etc there is a good chance that the user may think its just a terrible site lacking content and never return. How about a post of “Beautiful and Usable Coming Soon Pages”?

Jacob Gube Feb 19 2010

@Michael Mallon: Beautiful design Michael — Nice illustrative layout, and I like your color choices.

@Russell Poulter: I agree. When it comes to “Coming Soon” pages, you want to tell the user what the site is about and show them ways to get notified when the site launches, such as an “email subscribe” feature. A well-designed “Coming Soon” page, to me, quickly converts the viewer to an email subscriber, or Twitter follower, or Facebook fan, or any of the means you provide them that will let them stay tuned for the official site launch announcement.

@Patrik: Your “Coming Soon” page embodies exactly what @Russell Poulter stated.

@Matt: Solid point, and something to keep in mind when designing usable “Coming Soon” pages.

Jordan Walker Feb 19 2010

A great collection. It would be an interesting study to see how long in duration those types of coming soon messages are posted. has also got a beautiful coming soon page, which i like very much.

cheerio eva

Matthew Heidenreich Feb 19 2010

great examples. Makes you want to dip into photoshop and start making your own.

Steve Feb 19 2010

I like this collection as it´s multifaceted. Thank´s for that!

Here´s another one in comic-style. Sure, there´s no email subscribe feature, but it´s different and in a funny way.

Chris Thurman Feb 19 2010

I sometimes think it’s pointless to spend too much time designing these but if done right, it can really be an effective way to build hype for an upcoming site. Great roundup!

agencehorizon Feb 19 2010

Nice roundup. I’m usually not a “coming soon” stuff big fan, but this may change my mind ;)

Omega Feb 19 2010

Nice collection :)
I like this coming soon page too: (hoping they will not remove it “too” soon : D )

Newyorkiz Feb 19 2010

Another page coming soon =>

Peter Godek Feb 19 2010

thx for featuring SquidChef :)

Kyle Bragger Feb 19 2010

May I humbly recommend as well?

Codesquid Feb 19 2010

Lovely designs! Designs like this really get your interest and make you remember them for later, when they have launched!

aaaah you always forget me :) ?

Graham Green Feb 19 2010

Here is the BEST! All flash, totally cute!

Very inspiring designs! Thanks for sharing!

XueDaLong Feb 19 2010

I like

Very clean and smart layout with the very striking call to action box.

Stefan Feb 20 2010

this is funny, i just saw another post featuring my page :). thanks for the mention Denis. good work for the post.

Dalesh Kowlesar Feb 20 2010

LOL! I love Gimmr!!!!

Kaushik Feb 21 2010

These are not only good coming soon pages, but they are good site design as well. I bet many of these sites, when launched, will sport the same look. And a good logo is essential to any good design.

Jaspal Feb 21 2010

brilliant designs .. i like it :)

rod rodriguez Feb 21 2010

wow,very interesting collection, some really amazing ideas here…

Davide Scalzo Feb 21 2010

Very inspiring ideas! thanks for sharing!

also just wanted to throw my “coming soon” page into the mix. think it does a pretty good job too!


Vicki Feb 21 2010

These are great – you did a good job of sourcing these pages for the article.

I haven’t seen a coming soon page for a long time in my travels so it’s refreshing to see how much they’ve changed and improved over the last few years, they used to be ever so dull!

christopher bridges Feb 21 2010


A lot of these have been “coming soon” for years.

While they are good coming soon pages they have not actually come soon.

thansk for sharing, very nice!

Wow these are great. Thanks so much for sharing!

Great collection of coming-soon sites and thanks for sharing. is another neat coming soon page! All of the 25 coming soon pages listed here are neat also

awesome work !
i love the design

Zigor Feb 23 2010

wow, there are some inspirational ones above… I would like to shar with all you the one we have just released…

Any feedbacks?

Freds Feb 23 2010

Just visited one…
I thought it was good as well..

Sublimeo Feb 23 2010

Happy and honored to see Berengere Monin [N°7] here !

Marcio Trindade Feb 24 2010

Hi guys there’s a new website with a simple coming soon page that is great.


Darois Mar 02 2010

I like the minimalist approach of this one:

jarusarun Mar 04 2010

Great and Beautiful coming soon page
I ‘ve never know whether the temporary or coming soon will be neat design like this examples

Freshter Mar 18 2010

Great list of coming soon pages. Thanks!

What do you think of our coming soon page?

hellonemo Apr 05 2010

Check this one out, simple fancy minimalist :D

Rodion Sidney Apr 26 2010

Mine is not listed, but hopefully you will enjoy it: :-)

All of them looking stunning, I see how coming soon pages are important. How’s this?

A few more good ones to add to the mix and

Victor Alexander May 19 2010

Amazing pages! I currently have one for my iPhone company, check it out, and let me know what you think

Grant May 20 2010

And another one – – Introducing The Pink Penguin.

gianluca Jun 15 2010

Cool list. Thanks!

Looking for feedback on my coming soon page :)

Denver Jun 30 2010

This is really a very impressive collection, like the one I always search for…At first I never knew why “coming soon” pages needed to be designed, but after seeing these templates, I think I should give it a try…

Aphrodite Jul 10 2010

Am finding some good useful posts and articles on your website, we are looking to link some blogs from our website for customer interaction, so a ‘coming soon’ teaser page will be useful while we develop things. Thanks.

Grant Jul 21 2010 – Coming soon!

Dmarouane Jul 22 2010

Great article and creative coming soon pages !
Here is mine : [Coming Soon]

Varghese Mathew Jul 24 2010

See my website coming soon page

payal Aug 21 2010

Nice and creative coming soon page

aphrodite Sep 10 2010

cool post, amazing images!

Great article, im hoping to start a blog soon so a teaser page would come in handy, thanks for these examples.

M.R.Radmehr Sep 12 2010

Great showcase, Thanks a lot!

Impero Sep 14 2010

Nice selection there! I know this is shameless self plug… but we’re quietly quite chuffed at our own coming soon site: [COMING SOON] – Any thoughts most welcome.

Chris Oct 02 2010

It does show professionalism when you have a well designed page rather than a single line of text. Good selection

Eduardo Oct 28 2010

Thank you for the post Tyler.

what about this one:

Scott Nov 05 2010

Thought this looked great.

Ikhsan Funstoo Nov 07 2010

Excellent Post! There is no doubt those are very inspiring examples! love it. just bookmarked this page. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Adrian Nov 11 2010

I think you need to strike the right balance between informing the visitor but also leaving them wanting more. A well executed coming soon page will always pique my interest because it shows that creators care about you!

here’s one i’ve stumbled upon that struck a chord:

esperant Nov 30 2010

Lovely posts I also found this one:

Chen Zihui Dec 03 2010

Lovely showcase of coming soon pages.

Tried designing my own coming soon page and this is what i came up with,

Lots of room for improvement surely, just not sure where to start.

Galen Dec 16 2010

For those interested in creating a simple holding page, we are currently working on a project called PregoApp ( which enables you to create a coming soon page in just a couple minutes.

At present, they’re very simple but we are working on releasing a number of themes and giving the ability for people to customise them themselves.

Hope this is helpful and of interest to your readers.

how about this holding page, just come across it..

Check they have a really compelling user experience going on.

Loved the collection. Inspired my to do something on my next project. Here it is.

Ralph Feb 22 2011

Definitely need to add to the list.

Kevin Mar 22 2011

Very elegant collect, has given me some great ideas for our maintenance pages. Thanks for sharing. this will have to make your next list

Overtly Creative Mar 31 2011

Great showcase – some really nice examples.

Simon Apr 05 2011

Great examples and ideas. Thanks for compiling!

Diesel Laws Apr 08 2011

Enjoy ours!

A mix between a static page and information page.

Thanks for the fabulous examples. Gave me some direction for creating my own – much required for a tech simpleton – very helpful in understanding purpose and appeal. Check out mine at:

blinky May 22 2011

Check mine at some feedback will be wellcome.

Nathan - Capturely May 26 2011

Rumble Labs clearly knows what’s going on. Their completed page looks just as great as their coming soon page, too.

Anyone who needs a simple coming soon page might want to look into Capturely. You won’t have to set up any servers, ftp accounts or WordPress. It’s quite simple.

(Disclosure: I build Capturely)

A nice one at

check out mine

hamaster30 Jul 01 2011

inspiring projects thanks for that this will helpme to do the same

Yes! These are awesome.

Adrien Jul 04 2011

We just released our own coming soon page according to your inspiring list :)

Magix Jul 09 2011 has a niiice coming soon page too…
the background is beatiful. sure inspired me

Rajesh Sellaiyan Jul 27 2011
this is our own creative coming soon page

Sarah Aug 10 2011

Love the background graphic over here:

Allan Aug 23 2011

Just launched is a new under construction template with animation and full screen background. Take a look in the forest for a preview…


Josh Ledgard Aug 31 2011

I love these examples.

If someone wants a quick solution they could also try out We make it really easy for someone to have a viral launch landing page up in 60 seconds.

We also allow for custom colors and 100% customizable CSS if someone does want a more unique design than our OOTB themes offer.

Check it out!


Josh Ledgard
Founder KickoffLabs

hey! check this one too

its very cool … uses HTML 5 and font replacement

amazing examples :)

you should check this one too:

Ekipazo Sep 19 2011

I love the 25th one, “soon in your browser” !!! Love that !

Perri Sep 22 2011

Really digging this arcade inspired design

Some really nice examples here. My favourite is Accentuate.

James Oct 07 2011

Some nice work, my companies just set up one,

check it out

Amazing coming soon pages indeed!

Just found another one worth to be on that top 25. It has a great idea and has very solid colors. Check it out!

Osvaldas Valutis Oct 19 2011

Very neat vintage-style “coming soon” page —

Very Nice collection of coming soon pages here. My favorite is #20 but all of them are really great!!

Jimmy Oct 27 2011


February 19th, 2010

How do you find such good examples of coming soon pages?”

By partly ripping off Smashing Magazine:

Thanks for the post! Will you be updating this topic with some newer “Coming Soon” pages? Here is another great “Vintage” one I found:

Laura Peragallo Nov 04 2011

A great collection of effective and well-designed “coming soon” pages. Great to see examples that move way beyond the typical “under construction” pages that litter the Internet. These examples show that you can already establish your brand even before you’re ready to launch your website.

Check this one:

Rob Jordan Nov 11 2011

A good example of ‘under construction’

Hunny Bunny Nov 19 2011

Found this one….nice and simple

Tore Rasmussen Nov 29 2011

May I humbly recommend as well?

Great collection! … And I love how you share why you chose each.

Here’s a coming soon page I designed for one of my clients:

Nice list, I stumbled across this one: and thought it was great

Damien Jun 06 2013

Thank you for sharing this list !
May I suggest this cool Coming Soon page : ?

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