25 Beautiful Teal Colored Web Designs for Your Inspiration

Choosing the right colors for your design is a task not to be taken lightly as it will have a direct effect on the mood of your page viewers. Bold and bright colors may stand out and say "Hey! Look over here," which is great when you have a very limited area to work with, but what happens when you’re not trying to tell a story at the top of your lungs?

One color that has been trending lately is teal. Teal has a very disarming quality that seems to welcome you in and invites you for tea. In this collection, we share 25 websites displaying great use of the color teal.

1. Owltastic


2. Brooklyn Fare

Brooklyn Fare

3. The Alamo Basement

The Alamo Basement

4. E-Systems Organizers

E-Systems Organizers

5. That Game Company

That Game Company

6. Bidsketch


7. Feed Stitch

Feed Stitch

8. Orman Clark

Orman Clark

9. Blueray


10. Adlucent


11. Plinky


12. Straw Poll

Straw Poll

13. Skype


14. From The Couch

From The Couch

15. Jan-Eike Koormann

Jan-Eike Koormann

16. Epic Event

Epic Event

17. Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

18. Squared Eye

Squared Eye

19. Gist


20. Francesco Mugnai

Francesco Mugnai

21. Kyan


22. Vimeo


23. Babel Junior

Babel Junior

24. Volll


25. Blue Bonnet Cafe

Blue Bonnet Cafe

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This was published on Nov 28, 2009


uh….wow, are you color blind? Almost all of those are blue or baby blue, not teal.

ObviousAHole Nov 28 2009

I was about to say the same thing as fail- teal is a greenish blue color.

Crayonbox Nov 28 2009

Someone needs to check the crayon box. Fail is right. These are all blue, not teal. While they are nice, blue is such an overused color that it would have been nice to see some awesome sites of different color.

Even they’re not teal. Those sites are real deal.
Make me forget my meal. I’ve to see doctor for Eye-Heal.

Ooops! Whewwww!!

Don’t be serios, dude. The world is hot enough.

Grandmapeg Nov 29 2009

Thanks for the “teal” backgrounds – I love the blue shades as you can see on my Twitter photo. I appreciate seeing what has been done with that color background. If blue is overused, perhaps it has to do with a color that look good on us. It is calming, it is the color of the sky on a clear day, the color of the ocean we remember from our dream trip to someplace like Hawaii. Hurray for teals, turquoise, blue-greens, and blues. Grandmapeg

Philip P. Nov 29 2009

Agreed with the other comments. There are some that are teal (most notably Bidsketch, which is an excellent use of the colour) but the vast majority are pale / washed out blue. Washed out blue does not equal teal!

Alex Flueras Nov 29 2009

I think this is an interesting list overall and great for inspiration, so thanks for putting this together and sharing with us.

Senthil Ramesh Nov 29 2009

Cool one!!

Wow, glad it’s not just me and my analretentive color correcting eye. A third of these are blue, there is a difference.

Bodgan Pop Nov 29 2009

Na, not all of them are blue or so. Bidsketch (#6) has some teal over there.

Chris Spada Nov 29 2009

Thanks for all the feedback, Initially I wanted to compile a list of sites that featured baby blue color schemes and then came across some great looking sites that had a bit more green blue color look and ended up with this list. Perhaps I should have used “washed out blue” instead of teal.

Hope you enjoyed the list anyways :)

Autonomy Nov 29 2009

Teal or not, many of these seem like blatant copies of the Twitter site design (some even include a bird). While they are for the most part great sites, when they are all laid out together some look like they came from the exact same designer(s) and there’s not a lot of originality. Still, thanks for the article and the eye-opener to Twittermania in the design world.

Anna McMahon Nov 29 2009

These are some nice Web designs. I like any color of blue and there are many variations of the color teal. I like the darker teal used with the lighter teal.

Dainis Graveris Nov 29 2009

Francesco Mugnai – I really think this is the most interesting illustration and typography from all of your picks! Great inspiration!

Mike Chanter Nov 29 2009

Do you reckon the Red Bilby site is teal enough to be included in this list?

Destiny Islands Nov 30 2009

Pretty neat article, it’s fun seeing all of these cool collections of web designs. Keep up the sweet work!

Ashely Adams Nov 30 2009

I love the Teal color, but some these are not actually teal, though each one is unique and creative in its own way…I liked Babel Junior, Plinky, Kyan and Voll the best…Thanks for sharing this list…

Lauren Jordan Nov 30 2009

Blueray has a very nice design.

Russell Poulter Dec 02 2009

Nice Post. Some good designs. Bookmarked to my Delicious!

Reid Klos Dec 02 2009

My favorites are Bidsketch and Blueray because those two were a bit more creative in using the color. A majority of the others just used the teal, or “washed-out blue” (lol) as sky which doesn’t push the envelope very much. That fact coupled with the fact that most of them reminded me of my homegirl’s site ( turned me off a bit. Kudos to anyone that can pull off the blues with a more creative punch than sky.

Russell Dec 03 2009

Web2.0, thanks for sharing with us !

Carmen Dec 04 2009

15 kinda looks like a Twitter page… i like it.

seaofclouds Dec 07 2009

i designed with a dark teal.

Savannah W Dec 11 2009

That Feed Stitch design looks great…

Editha Jul 26 2010

Cool websites! I also thought that you may want to see this website that I designed few weeks ago.

Hope you like it.

Sheila Jul 26 2010

A lot of these are sky blue/baby blue, etc. A few are teal.

In almost every case: I blame Twitter.

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