25 Elegant Workstations for Your Inspiration

Whether you work on a Mac, a PC, or both – the way your workstation is set up reveals a lot about your sense of style and work attitude. Have a comfortable place where you can do your work can lead to increased creativity and productivity.

This collection presents some excellent examples of elegant, beautiful, cozy, and well-designed workspaces so that you might get some ideas and inspiration from them.

1. Workspace by Hey Brad

Workspace by Hey Brad

2. Foto de Familia: iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro & Macbook Air

Foto de Familia

3. CodyRS Mac Setup


4. 2 Apple Cinema Displays and Macbook Pro

2 Apple Cinema Displays and Macbook Pro

5. Apple Fanboy? by sandercw

Apple Fanboy? by sandercw

6. SonyLand by Uberrob

SonyLand by Uberrob

7. Triple monitor setup by tigersharkbas

Triple monitor setup by tigersharkbas

8. Battlefan’s Workspace

Battlefan's Workspace

9. Justin Griswold’s Desk

Justin Griswolds Desk

10. Simbe90 Desk Setup

Simbe90 Desk Setup

11. Workspace 2.1 by Yves Huy Truong

Workspace 2.1 by Yves Huy Truong

12. Current workspace setup by Rodrigo Haenggi

Current workspace setup by Rodrigo Haenggi

13. iMac and MacBook

iMac and MacBook

14. Mr billiam’s Desk

Mr billiam's Desk

15. 2 Apple Cinema Displays and Macbook Pro by Psleda

2 Apple Cinema Displays and Macbook Pro by Psleda

16. Work space, games space

Work space, games space

17. The Newness

The Newness

18. Stage C at Novastar Post in Hollywood, CA

Stage C at Novastar Post in Hollywood, CA

19. May ’09 Desktop by Psleda

Desktop by Psleda

20. 9920 x 1600 pixels

9920 x 1600 pixels

21. David Bosman’s Workspace

David Bosman's Workspace

22. Workspace by No Robotocha!

Workspace by No Robotocha!

23. Home Office by SeanOsteen

Home Office by SeanOsteen

24. Setup by Austin Grade

Setup by Austin Grade

25. My Rig: 2009 Edition by FlySi

My Rig: 2009 Edition by FlySi

Show us your own workstations

Do you have a photo of your workspace? Why don’t you show it off to us by linking to it in the comments!

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Tomas Laurinavičius is a blogger and designer from Lithuania who’s currently studying Multimedia Design & Communication in Denmark. Check his work at his personal portfolio site and follow him on Twitter.

This was published on Jul 21, 2009


Wonderful list of workspaces. Mine is nothing compared to these.

Chris McCorkle Jul 21 2009

Nice work. I like the one with the two stools and laptops.

RootKid Jul 21 2009

Awesome collection and great to see my wallpaper on photo 11 :)

I do like some of those workstations. Here is where I work. Don’t know if it is inspirational (probably is not) but it is my command center.


David Radovanovic Jul 21 2009

Nice spaces. Unfortunately my work station looks more like a work bench, scribbles, stickies, and a wall off push pinned notes. Uberrob, Justin Griswold and tigersharkbas are my favorites.

Deborah Anderson Jul 21 2009

I’m pretty much jealous of all 25. I can’t wait to have a great work station. I already miss my second screen.

BryanRegencia Jul 21 2009

Very nice inspirations! I love white accent, it looks clean. :) Thanks for sharing.

Brian Yerkes Jul 21 2009

Wow, some of those work stations are ridiculously cool.

Enjoyed this post a lot. I posted some info on my work station with pics in Sept 08, haven’t changed it much since then!

Check it out –

Hakim Callier Jul 21 2009

I’m definitely partial to #18.


Bariski Jul 21 2009

Really inpiring, I personally like Apple Fanboy? by sandercw.

Fazreen Jul 21 2009

WoW!. That’s really cool. I love the battel’sfan one..with the lighting it looks so cool and romantic. I hope I can setup a workplace a.s.a.p

Mohammad Jul 22 2009

Programming and design, without a monitor and a large number of laptops is also possible.

Vikas KM Jul 22 2009

Nice Collection…

I like 20th….. love to have many monitors…

Jacob Rask Jul 22 2009

I optimize all my website designs for 9920 x 1600 pixels. It’s the future.

richard Jul 22 2009

#14 is pretty much the same as mine :)

great post

blueocto Jul 22 2009

It would be interesting to see what they would do for work, if the electricity died for several days! lol

this will work for people who have money..:P

also it will inspire people who have no money but wants to have that kind of work station…

okay, so here’s my current workspace. MacBook Pro 17″ and a PowerMac G5 under the table.

Joel Vardy Jul 22 2009

Thanks for the list!
All I can hope is one day I have a workstation as good as these =)

Tyler Jul 22 2009

Stage C, theres not much you could change with this, its in the only real position it could be in.

And 9920 pixels, I don’t think even I need that much…

brian fidler Jul 22 2009

It doesn’t look like there is any work getting done at those workstations! where are the stacks of papers, unread magazines, and post-it notes adhered to the monitors?

Rahul Jadhav Jul 22 2009

Wow…awesome workstations!!!!
I want one :)

Great, one more example of why my office sucks. These are simply amazing. I love the big clock screensaver. I just tracked it down to install on my desktop.

cssah Jul 22 2009

Awesome workstation try to make my workplace like this

Jamie Jul 22 2009

would be nice if a normal person could afford such nice things for their house/office lol!

Jacob Gube Jul 22 2009

@RootKid: What a funny coincidence! You’re wallpaper is beautiful, where can we get it?

@David Radovanovic: I think that as long as you’re comfortable, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My workspace is very plain, all black, not a lot of decoration, but I love–as many of you already know– minimalism, and to me, it’s beautiful.

@Brian Yerkes: Thanks for sharing your workspace. I like your speakers, what are they?

@richard: Yeah, you accidentally sent in a picture of your workstation along with one of your Six Revisions design/development tutorials, so I decided to post it on here. (just kidding!)

@Jamie: I think many of the workstations are reasonably attainable, especially if it’s for work.

That is a lot of nice work spaces there. I do like 24 a lot.

Not really inspirational, but here is a link to my command center, for what it is worth.

Josh Bernoff Jul 22 2009

In real life there are papers on most of the desks, no?

Tamia Jul 22 2009

Er…anybody need an assistant?

Brian Yerkes Jul 22 2009

Jacob, I have no idea! I bought them at Best Buy so long ago, I can’t remember. Weird thing is that they have absolutely no branding on them. Even the sub woofer is completely bare. Very odd.

Coheed Jul 22 2009

Anyone know the wallpaper for #25? I like it.

Stan Schultz Jul 22 2009

Lots of very cool workstations but I’m astounded you aren’t showing more that have views of a real window with a scenic view! I need to look out at nature fairly frequently for balance and refreshment.

Phillipe Calmet Jul 22 2009

I REALLY need to make some changes in my desk after seeing these workstations :P

oh man is my work station better than all of those. those are pathetic compared to mine. Mine is a desk. a monitor. a keyboard that randomly stops working. and a lot of junk making it hard to set a drink on my desk.

now that’s a work space! haha

In all seriousness I am moving into a new place and these pictures gave me lots of ideas for the new place!!! thanks for the post!!!!

michael Jul 22 2009

Some of these look like workstations for elegant posture syndrome disasters.

andre Jul 22 2009

Nice… but if see more Apple computers I`m gonna shoot myself! I hate Apple!

Standing desk at work. Helped to relieve some back pain though.

Matthijs Jul 22 2009

Love them all, especially #8, but that’s mine =)

@Jamie: I am normal, or so they say, and I could afford it ;-)

bem69 Jul 23 2009

Very cool setups, I’d like to show mine but its too messy and cramped. Wish I had a bigger desk (and room) :D

Jordan Jul 23 2009

I dont understand so many of these with little to no lighting. I have to work in bright white light or my eyes will go crazy.

Well, I am planning my office now, so maybe I can steal some ideas!

SpionKopRed Jul 23 2009

I’ve never been able to get my 19″ dual monitors working properly since switching from PC to Macbook Pro last year :-(

Jacob Gube Jul 23 2009

@RootKid: Thanks, I’m using it on my laptop now!

@Brian Yerkes: It looks slick, the reason I ask is I like the aesthetics of it and it would fit well in my work area. I’ll have to do a bit of research.

@Greg: Yes, that is a true work space – meaning that it’s actually being used! :)

@Phillipe Calmet: Glad this post has inspired you (as it inspired me).

@Sam: Thanks for sharing. I’ve been thinking of creating a standing workstation, you’ve given me a few ideas (specifically, where to put the workstation).

@Jordan: For me, it depends on what I’m doing. I either need a lot of lot, or no light. I can’t seem to be in a dimly-lit room for long periods of time.

Tim Parry Jul 23 2009

Oh c’mon! No one would work in spaces like these. They’d be too afraid they might break something. There’s not one coffee ring or crumpled up post-it in any of them. I bet they all smell of Febreze and disinfectant.

Daniel Groves Jul 23 2009

I will post mine once I have tidied it tomorrow. It’s a bit of a mess right now.

Christian Jul 23 2009

Cool compilation, i want create my place like those

takizo Jul 23 2009

coders dream for 9920 x 1600 pixels :)

Diego Jul 24 2009

Thanks for the inspiration. I moved all my workstuff downstairs today in the morining after looking at this post last night. I had been delaying that for about a year.

In all honesty, I think the use of different screens helps you being organized. And I have been barely using paper for a while now.

Looking forward to many more upgrades. Once again, thanks to all for the inspiration!

Wow.. Looks really great! But I wonder, how the owners of these workspace maintain the standard of tidyness?.. Hats-off to them!.


I think this was a great idea for a post, however, I can’t help but think that most of these pics were simply designed to show off expensive hardware, rather than give actual design inspiration…

Chris Jul 27 2009

I’m so unutterably bored of monitorporn.

What I’d love to see is work-process and organizational hacks/tips.

I think this was a great idea. Thanks for posting these, hope more people will send in more photos. I loved Jake’s (posted on the 22nd), what a fun space to be working in.

Eric Shafer Jul 27 2009

I just picked up my 2nd monitor the other day, so maybe i’ll make it on here someday :P

Featured here:

Steve Jul 28 2009

Wow these are amazing. I’m looking to redo my work space. Are there any guidelines or tutorials for setting up a good work space? I know you need to do certain things like lighting is important.

Some of these are insane but all so very different. Very intriguing pictures.

Osvaldas Jul 29 2009

Gražius vaizdus parinkai, Tomai ;-)

George Serradinho Jul 29 2009

Wow, some of them just made my jaw drop down. I liked ‘2 Apple Cinema Displays and Macbook Pro’.

Maybe one day I will be able to have such a setup, one day :)

Some great setups. Some look a little uncomfortable to work at all day. Some have some great lighting.

Here’s mine:

Jacob Gube Jul 30 2009

@Brad: I thought your file cabinet was your PC case, and for a minute there, I was reveling at how big that was! :)

Richard Phung Jul 30 2009

Here’s my work-work space….. I will post my desk @ home later tonight :)

Bryan Crabtree Jul 30 2009

I need to find a nice laptop stand like in #11 or 12 for my home office setup…

Here’s a shot of my work office setup (not the best photo, but only one I have off hand):

Tobbi Jul 31 2009

Very interesting workstations, especially 9 & 20

Sarah Jul 31 2009

Loved the panoramic photo wallpaper on the multiple monitors like in #7. I didn’t realize that so many people work in darkness and/or dim lighting.

Very sad….but sexy! I love seeing how different workstations are set up, gives you an insight into peoples minds…Lots of macs on show too, whoop!

Vikram V-H Aug 10 2009

here’s mine:

nothing impressive IMO, but I don’t need it to be :)

Callum Chapman Aug 11 2009

The Newness is my favourite, love the tidy desk ;)

Marius Aug 11 2009

I have finally bitten the pullet and got myself a Mac. As of week two, the Mac now has the prominent spot in what little space I have available. I love my Mac.

Here is a pic of my workspace:

Mario Sep 05 2009


I love to see workspaces of other people, so I wanted to show you mine aswell.

Raymond Sep 26 2009

you should see my set up 3 19inch 2009 Dell monitors set up with a 2009 model 24inch dell monitor hooked into XPS dell Computer

Very Cool Workstations .Her is Mine.
I Don’t have that much money so it is mostly but together from parts. Only one full retail system.

Daniel Groves Nov 27 2009

I said I would do this back in July, but forgot. Here’s my set-up:

Johan Dec 28 2009

tks for the collection, because this pictures improve me for decorate my job.

I love all those single monitor . ^^

Nice pics. But where are the workstations? Oo

Vince Mar 10 2010

Thanks for this roundup of awesome offices, they really make you feel relaxed.

We recently build our office with a minimal and clean mind set. Take a look if you’d like at

Daniel Svensson Jun 17 2010

Hey, it´s time for an update in here. You all got great desks so I thought i should post mine too.

Hope you will like it.

Auds Velasco Jun 29 2010

They got a really awesome workspace.. been planning to renovate mine too!

pradeep Aug 13 2010

good article,
impressive but not so useful

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