25 Stylish Examples of Headers in Web Design

A website’s header is one of the first things a user sees when opening your website so it’s important to get it right; if a user doesn’t like your header design, they may just leave your website before even looking at what content you have to offer.

There are many different types of headers, and in this collection, we’ll show you 25 beautiful header designs from various types of websites in the hopes of inspiring your creativity.

1. 61 Pixels


2. Abduzeebo


3. Ali Felski


4. Basmitree


5. British Space Organisation


6. Dev Thought


7. Ellis Lab


8. Jason Reed


9. Jayme


10. John Joubert


11. Marc Handdetrucs


12. By Marina


13. Mosaiko


14. Naldz Graphics


15. No Milk Today


16. One Button Mouse


17. Stephen Fry


18. That Indie Dude


19. The Great Bearded Reef


20. The Piss Biscuit


21. Tutorial9


22. Vectips


23. Web Burza


24. Web Designer Wall




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This was published on Jun 26, 2009


John G Jun 26 2009

This is pretty inspiring stuff. I might just go back and revamp my header…

Matt S Jun 26 2009

I love seeing how creative headers can be and this article is great, thanks a bunch. I enjoy ’61Pixels’, ‘By Marina’, ‘Web Designer Wall’ and ‘XHTML IT’ the most. Inspires me to try something more decorative in my next header, :).

curtismchale Jun 26 2009

While i agree that these headers are great. we see the same headers used in all of the ‘amazing header’ posts. I doubt that this small but great sample is all that is truly out there.

Another rubbish list. Just listing your friend’s blogs and put some extra web site on it. This quality of the Sixrevisions is getting worse.

BryanRegencia Jun 27 2009

These are good inspirations Thomas, thanks for sharing. I’m also thinking of creating a new look and feel for my website, this post is a big help.


W3planting Jun 27 2009

i am using a ready made template (done a few tweaks in header) but need to do a revamp to appear in list :)

T-Law Jun 27 2009

Tutorial9 my favorite, thanks for inspiration!

richard Jun 27 2009

nice article, plenty of inspiration. my favourite would have to be “mosaiko” (No.13)

Carina Jun 27 2009

Thank you so much for the inspiration! I have to work on my header as soon as I get some time …

Alex BuckyBit Covic Jun 27 2009

meh – hit and miss. Always depends on who you wanna catch, of course. “Beautyful” is not a word in my book.

Alex BuckyBit Covic Jun 27 2009

…nor beautiful ;-)

E.Flo Jun 27 2009

Numbers 11 & 16 are my faves! nice list

elizabeth Jun 27 2009

Great post — great examples. Particularly like simple, clean headers that engage readers directly.

Rob Hawkes Jun 27 2009

Thanks for including the British Space Organisation in your list.

designiac Jun 27 2009

My favorite one is “web designer wall” (No. 24). There are many similar headers everywhere, but this one is really nice.

Eoin Redmond Jun 27 2009

Thanks for sharing the wealth – always useful to see what’s out there – it does help get the brain moving for new client projects – thanks Eoin

61 pixels is awesome!

Moises de Moura Jun 28 2009

Thanks for listing my header in your blog. It’s pleasant to have my work appreciated. Moises Moura, owner of (Sorry for my poor english :-))

Angela Jun 28 2009

This is great for inspiration. I’m always having trouble coming up with ideas for headers and navigation, this post will come in handy.

Mahallo Jun 28 2009

My favorite is Stephen Fry header. Thanks for collection!

Madeline Ong Jun 28 2009

I adore the art on Marc Handdetrucs’s blog. And the lovely Web Designer Wall background, of course. It’s a classic. :)

insic Jun 28 2009

Dev Thought header effects and animation rocks!

Afford Jun 29 2009

Thanks for the great info. I am a web designer myself and the header is one of the most important things on a website. It needs to be attractive and needs to grab the users attention.

Ashley Adams Jun 29 2009

They say, well begun is half done. It’s the same with web design. You design a good header and half your web design worries are over. This post is a great way to get inspiration to get adventurous with your web design ideas.

That is one hell of a list, I think it might be a good think to start gathering inspiration… ;)

Abhilash Jun 30 2009

How is my web site header

Caitlin Jun 30 2009

I really like Web Burza’s header, but I’ve always had a soft spot for robots. Great post–thanks!

Denny Jun 30 2009

The Piss Biscuit is awesome, as well as Tutorial9.

شات Jul 01 2009

My favorite is Stephen Fry header. Thanks for collection!

Alisa Rogers Jul 02 2009

I am very thankful to you for provide me this valuable info.

sltwin Jul 03 2009

And I absolutely love how you guys thought that marchand de trucs could be someone’s name where in fact it says “Stuff vendor” in french. very funny

this is stunning, thanks for sharing.

This is an amateur’s list… mostly made of 1year+ websites seen everywhere…

+ 2 typos in site names
Basmati Tree and Marchand de Trucs… not a guy called Marc I’m afraid, see credits page…

Lauren Wolff Aug 06 2009

Really lovely ideas. Such a change from years and years of boring, plain, unimaginative layouts. These ideas have yet to reach South Africa. I am hoping to stay ahead of the curve though.

Santosh Shelke Dec 24 2009

I really like Mosaiko’s header, Thanks for collection!

syria Jun 27 2010

My favorite is Stephen Fry header. Thanks for collection!

Being a SEO I keep headers to be minimal. The lest the better. I’m a big fan of inserting 728×90 in header which doesn’t give much scope for header design.

Web Designer Wall’s header is simply awesome.

Imran Aug 05 2011

Thanks for a great list.

IgniteWebsites Aug 08 2011

Thanks for the inspiration. I think websites headers are the most difficult element to perfect in web design. They are also the most important element on the page as that is what the eye is drawn to first. I like the Jayme Header.

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