30 Beautiful and Creative Ad/Marketing Agency Websites

30 Beautiful and Creative Ad/Marketing Agency Websites

Advertising and marketing agencies often position themselves as being specialists in creativity. So it’s just natural that their websites are often creative and beautiful. As clients expect these businesses to be creative (and a website is often one of the first things potential clients look at), ad agencies need to have effective and impressive websites.

Below is a collection of 30 agency websites from all across the globe. Take a look at these websites for creative web design inspiration.

Sponge Agency

Sponge Agency

The Holla Agency

The Holla Agency

Smart Inc.

Smart Inc.




BMF Agency


Leo Burnett

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


Fallon Agency


SBW Advertising

Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Newhaven Agency


M/C/C Agency

Mundra Agency

Sasi Advertising

Madison India


1 Point Size Agency

Ignitee Agency

JEKI Agency

Hakuhodo Agency

Dentsu Agency

ADK Agency

Yomiko Agency

CEMIC Agency

Beacon Agency


From the showcase above, ad agency sites tend to use an array of color, type and imagery to present a creative design to their audience. Simplicity, photo collages, bold colors and clever copy are universal themes.

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This was published on Feb 13, 2011


SmashDeveloper Feb 13 2011

Wow ! This is what I needed long time ago. I might even chnage my current advertising network whit some of these :D

B-unit Feb 13 2011

Ace article. My favourites are: BMF, Zubiad, Beacon. Thanks Emma.

Next time you could include: and

Bernie Clark Feb 13 2011

What I found interesting is that most of those site REQUIRED flash/javascript.
When I viewed them with JS turned off most failed miserably.

Roy Barber Feb 13 2011

some intresting layouts, brilliant inspiration thankyou.

Paul Jon Feb 13 2011

Wow… thats a pretty abysmal list to be honest.

Should you re-title it ’30 agency websites I know of’?

Patrick Feb 13 2011

A few nice ones.

Usman Feb 13 2011

Thanks for sharing this list

Armando E. Lopez Jr. Feb 14 2011

Awesomely awesome. Jawbreaking collection

love the bg music of this website –>

john walter Feb 14 2011

nice Sites

here’s another one

Waheed Akhtar Feb 14 2011

Beautiful websites. Always great to see studios and agencies website list. They are always creative.

Jennier R Feb 14 2011

They’ve a same thing that is a nice and impressive website design :D

Vivek Parmar Feb 14 2011

great and informative list. thanks for sharing

babalu Feb 14 2011

this is awesome… nice one

All beautiful websites. Most rely on or utilize Flash somehow. Would be curious to see how creative agencies can promote themselves without using Flash.

Diana Feb 14 2011

Are there any other great ones in NYC?

RussellUresti Feb 14 2011

Okay, I didn’t go through all of these (you’ll see why in a minute), but the ones I did go through (the ones at the start of the list) were absolutely horrible on mobile.

Sponge Agency:
This site actually says “Alternate HTML content should be placed here.” — Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

The Holla Agency:
Ugly as sin, but at least you can click the navigation (which doesn’t show up correctly as most of it is under text). On the interior pages, the content is mostly readable; however, the sharing buttons hover over parts of the content and you can’t read it anymore.

Smart Inc:
The layout sort of shows up, but clicking the links gets you no content.

It was at this point that I was actually impressed by the fact that Freckle mostly worked. And that’s sad.

Asks you to download Flash player, but at least offers you contact information.

I stopped here, because I realized that the chances of any of these actually working on mobile were about as good as my chances of winning the lottery, getting struck by lightening, and finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, all in the same 5 minutes.

I’m not asking for the same experience, I just want AN experience on mobile. Is that really so difficult?

Scottie Best Feb 14 2011

I really like M/C/C’s website. Just kidding that’s my own. Thanks for the link and mention. We will be sure to return the respect.

Christian Bennike - Webzoo Feb 15 2011

Great article, but I agree with some of the users that everything has to be flash based.
@Katy – We have actually tried to make a great looking site, focusing on creativity user experience AND design – Feel free to comment on the design- (don’t want to spam the fora).

This are almost all flashed based, I’d like to see more sites using jquery/javascript instead of relying on flash.

usman Feb 17 2011

I have no words rather than wonderful…

Peter Feb 22 2011

nice Choices

here’s another one by Design Portuguese Agency –

Very Cool!!! Great inspirational list I do agree or wonder about the use of Flash but it’s always the idea that matters then a solution will be found. Thanks for the list.

..Love it all ..n thanks for the inspiration & ideas

Shaik Ameer Ahmed Apr 27 2011

awesome… nd thanks for the ideas

ramin Apr 29 2011

Beautiful collections

Manuel Jun 01 2011

Wow! Amazing websites, too bad they are made all in Flash, I loved the Leo Burnett one. :)

checkout this website:

Its a design agency in Mumbai, India

Marcos Jul 27 2011

this one is from Brazil

Matthew Oct 12 2011

Great article!!!

I would offer you to add one more site
We just discussed that it looks perfect! Simple but looks really good.

Laura Oct 15 2011

Beautiful colors, sophisticated design, very modern and inspiring, Grand Imprint is a must see website and to be added to this wonderful!

Dilawer Khan Oct 21 2011

They’ve a same thing that is a nice and impressive…

mlody Dec 13 2011

Check this one out
I think it fits nicely with the others. It’s html5 for the browsers that support it, flash for others. Alternate mobile version. Looks great:)

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