30 Beautiful Clean and Simple Web Designs for Inspiration

30 Beautiful Clean and Simple Web Designs for Inspiration

Beautiful typography, strategic use of colors and graphics, and obstruction-free aesthetics devoid of visual clutter are a few of the characteristics shared among web designs that are clean and simple.

In this collection, you’ll discover a few excellent web designs that are clean, simple and elegant.

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About the Author

Jacob Gube is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions. He’s also a web developer/designer who specializes in front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and also a book author. If you’d like to connect with him, head on over to the contact page and follow him on Twitter: @sixrevisions.

This was published on Aug 13, 2011


Chris Aug 13 2011

Dear Jacob, thanks for your great job, just found your web. I love design, just wonder to look for some design expert for doing product packing, if you got some in your brain, just share to me :P thanks alot…

alex mitchell Aug 13 2011

Always like a clean looking website. Good to see in your examples that they don’t just have to be white either! Thanks for sharing this nice collection.

Akhtar Aug 13 2011

Superrr! I will save them :)

Jacob Gube Aug 13 2011

@Chris: For product packaging, there’s a lot of good gallery sites on the web (just do a quick Google search). I would recommend Creattica, and staying tuned on our other site, Design Instruct (we hope to cover packaging and print design more often there).

@alex mitchell: Blue, red, black — though admittedly the collection is very white and light-gray dominant.

Sergiu Aug 13 2011

the most beautiful thing about this kind of design is that, everything jumps into your eyes. Love it! grate work and interesting collection to look at.

Ahmad Ali Aug 13 2011

Great and beautiful websites, check my site
i wish it was with this list :)

Mario Hernandez Aug 13 2011

So hard to pick one. They’re all absolutely stunning. Awesome collection!

All amazing designs, already getting a lot of inspiration for some designs! :)

Some great examples Jacob, thanks for sharing these. Black on white done well is always relevant imo

Sankar Aug 14 2011

Fantastic collection… especially liked design a lot.

-Sankar Datti

Lock Flops Aug 14 2011

The KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) has never been more important. You may want to think about your homepage containing only 140 characters, soon people won’t be able to comprehend 141+!

Andreas Aug 14 2011

girlfriend looks just perfect. Thanks for this input!

Any idea how they do the effects on Nizo’s homepage? Is it HTML5?

stum450n Aug 14 2011

Excellent post! Exactly the thing I’ve tried to do with my site at – doesn’t get much simpler than just text I reckon! :D

Marc Buurke Aug 15 2011

Love the foodsense webdesign!

Slasky Aug 15 2011

I really like the Web sites clean and essential! Please see my website may perhaps be an inspiration …

3DegreesAgency Aug 15 2011

Cheers guys. We’re actually working on some content updates at the moment (and rolling out a new typekit font to replace droid) so keep your eyes peeled :)

Paul Hammond Aug 15 2011

There are some awesome websites here. Thanks for posting this article fantastic. :)

Steve Aug 15 2011

I have to get my site in one of these lists. Simple, clean and functional.

jwbrett Aug 15 2011

Wonderful collection!
Might I add:

David Aug 15 2011

37 signals, an old classic but still stands out, great typography…

Eric Malamisura Aug 16 2011

So basically, if you want clean, don’t use gradients! :)

Schild Aug 17 2011

Great designs. My favorites are hocus focus and food sense but the others are great, too!

Henry Louis Aug 17 2011

Deciding simple is very easy but deciding CLEAN is not easy. It is very difficult to build a clean website. I define clean website as a compatible one for all the browsers without any issues which is a HELL kind of a job for a designer. Lately, I have seen any Clean HTMLs.

Chris Aug 17 2011

These designs are great. I see a lot of galleries featuring clean and simple designs but my only beef is that they’re often agency or freelancer sites.

What about commercial sites? It’s one thing when you’re working with five links, a logo and a tagline. It’s quite another when you need to work with ads (above the fold), extensive navigation and multiple calls-to-action like newsletter sign-ups. I’d like to see a gallery where designers had to overcome real world challenges and still produced something clean and simple. To me, that’s what separates design from art.

Jason Groenewald Aug 18 2011

I really enjoy minimal/clean design. Thanks for sharing this great showcase…

I see a lot of whites, greys, some blues, oranges, and grey-browns. I’m also with Chris on this.

Swamykant Aug 22 2011

Awesome collection.

Robin Jennings Aug 23 2011

Creating beautiful, well balanced yet simple websites is a lot harder than it looks.

Great collection.

Sujoy Sengupta Aug 25 2011

Really nice collections.

Milen Iliev Aug 25 2011

Great compilation. I really like simple and clear design but sometimes its so hard to keep it that way. Especially if client would like to have everything in his home page.

Abhimanyu Rana Aug 30 2011

I always like simple and clean designs.

Peter / Stockfresh Oct 30 2011

Being a minimalist myself I really enjoy these types of round-ups.
Less is more indeed! :)

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