30 Beautiful Custom PC Case Designs

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautifully designed computer? If you answered "yes", we invite you to view this collection of striking and unique custom desktop PC cases that may just inspire you into modifying or building your own rig.

1. Lian Li PC-A01

Lian Li PC-A01

2. Benny Venus

Benny Venus

3. SubsCover Custom

SubsCover Custom

4. WMD


5. Case Front

Case Front

6. Russian Wall-E Case Mod

Russian Wall-E Case Mod

7. Lian Li V1200

Lian Li V1200

8. Engine Case Mod with V8 power

Engine Case Mod with V8 power

9. Phenom


10. Wooden Touchscreen Terminal

Wooden Touchscreen Terminal

11. Skull

12. Lian Li PC343

Lian Li PC343

13. Custom Computer

14. Lian Li V350B

Lian Li V350B

15. Digitalcamo


16. Dark-Bade


17. The Demon

The Demon

18. MDPC: 028 (million dollar pc)

MDPC: 028 (million dollar pc)

19. Cooler master scout mod

Cooler master scout mod

20. Sangaku Japanese case mod

Sangaku Japanese case mod

21. Trash Can Case Mod

Trash Can Case Mod

22. Sinus


23. Redwood 8000 HTPC

Redwood 8000 HTPC

24. Wolfenstein PC

Wolfenstein PC

25. My New Case – Off

My New Case - Off

26. Wheel Case Mod

Wheel Case Mod

27. Danger Den Case

Danger Den Case

28. Media Mac

Media Mac

29. Atomwood


30. Galactica


Do you have pictures of your custom PC? Upload it in the Six Revisions User Group on Flickr or share it with us in the comments.

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This was published on Oct 1, 2009


Designect.Com Oct 02 2009

I love all case. Thx for collection!!!

I know you might class this as inspiration but I find it a bit strange having this on your site.

If I wanted to see this type of post I would go to the Forums on were many of the above have been projects…

Just my opinion !

Chris Oct 02 2009

superb, I have not built a PC for over a year now (got 5) but I am inspired again

Vikas Ghodke Oct 02 2009

woow great Pc case, i love this one Lian Li V1200

Kenny Oct 02 2009

Quite a few very nice designs there..

Nice article!

martinsc Oct 02 2009

Great collection of awesome cases!

Archane Oct 02 2009

The first case by Lian Li is amazing, not quite sure how good it would look after you stuck a drive in the top, but still an amazing idea!

Osman Said Oct 02 2009

wow..That’z so great..I amazed

John Watts Oct 02 2009

OMG no way dude, WMD is da shiz! I want one!

Rishi Luchun Oct 02 2009

Dunno if I would describe these as ‘beautiful’…just a bit different i guess

VitaminCM Oct 02 2009

Lian Li makes amazing and beautiful cases. I’m definitely going to use one for the next machine that I build.

Ahmed Tawfik Oct 02 2009

Fantastic ;)

Clady Oct 02 2009


Jonathan Oct 02 2009

Those are so cool! I think the Trash can is my favorite. “Yeah man, my computer is junk!”

wow, I envy those casing, i love it

Ugly – All of them.

gonna put rims on mine

chesiyna Oct 02 2009

wicked nice!

Frank Oct 02 2009

#25 looks a little out of place. It’s stained plywood, and you can see the saw marks.

Kevin Oct 02 2009

Some really beautiful cases, I love the airbrush artwork on the Skull Case

kevin Oct 02 2009

These are pretty terrible examples of great PC cases. There are much better ones out there.

David Radovanovic Oct 02 2009

Wow. The Lian cases are more my style. Though if you wanted to create a special gift for an enthusiast; i.e. stock care racing, star wars, etc.

Ɓukasz Oct 02 2009

wonder if dude with Wolfenstein PC case realized he has a nazi eagle on his case. oops.

Web 2.0 Oct 03 2009

Awesome collection, great work…

nice collection of awesome cases

Honey Singh Oct 04 2009

Quite soothing and kool designs showcase !

Tutorial Lounge Oct 05 2009

amazing how can i get one of these listed cases.

Karthik Ragubathy Oct 05 2009

Thanks for the collection.Just awesome one :)

Norik Oct 06 2009

Got some cool ideas for my next project, thanks

nice collection, thanks

Brad Davis Oct 13 2009

hmmmm I want to redo all the cases in the office with some of these crazy styles!

NeonBlueWS Oct 14 2009

Those are great. Some greater than others. I especially likes the one with the soji screen. All the round ones were cool, too. Loved the trash can. Thank you.

Jimmy Nov 08 2009

Awe-some to the max! =)

Brezon Dec 29 2009

Hey number 25 is my case! Just found that it was on here through my flickr stats. Nobody asked if they could put it on here. That’s alright, I appreciate someone thinking my case is beautiful. Also, in response to the criticisms of my workmanship- I recognize the flaws. Also, it’s not plywood. It’s shelving pine. I spent $60 on that wood.

where do i buy No 15?

A'lexa Gilmore Apr 21 2010

i love love love number 20 and number 28

Geoff Jackson Dec 24 2010

Some of these case designs are incredible, the hours that must have gone into making some of them must be insane. There are some really original concepts like the trash can and the wheel ones, could really come up with a design to fit the theme of a room.

Excellent work and thanks for putting all these in one place. May even have a go at coming up with my own case design at some point – heh :)

Bratu Sebastian May 03 2011

Man, I would love to make these designs myself, with the proper tools, they are incredible !

ddbad May 14 2011

Guys please help me, I wanna know more about designing desktop case. Please prefer me some good sites and videos…… These designs are awesome.

Wow. These cases are awesome.

Jeff DeWitt May 31 2013

Some of these cases are just amazing, nice work folks!

However while I really like 23 it’s not a custom case, that’s an off the shelf nMedia case you can get from places like Newegg for about $80. I should know, I’ve got one in my living room!

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