30 Beautiful Music Websites for Design Inspiration

Music lovers often are sensitive to design. This probably explains why so many music websites are so wonderfully designed and inspiring.

In this article, you’ll be able to discover 30 beautiful music websites that stand out from the crowd.


Mx3 screen shot. screen shot.

Apple – iTunes

Apple - iTunes screen shot. screen shot.


Deezer screen shot.


evelMerch screen shot.


Gigotron screen shot.


Virb screen shot.


Mugasha screen shot.

just hear !t

just hear it


Songbird screen shot.

14 tracks

14 tracks screen shot. screen shot.

Champion Sound

Champion Sound screen shot. screen shot.


Echodio screen shot.


iLike screen shot. screen shot.


LyricSift screen shot.


Jamseed screen shot.

Taste Kid

Taste Kid screen shot.


NYLVI screen shot.


Pitchfork screen shot.


Twisten.FM screen shot.


Sellaband screen shot.


Slicethepie screen shot.


Tunerec screen shotl


Songza screen shot,.

Better Than The Van

Better Than The Van screen shot.


audiolife screen shot.

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About the Author

Mirko Humbert is a freelance designer from Switzerland. He shares his thoughts about his passion on his graphic design blog, Designer Daily, and also runs a CSS gallery called CSS Orgy. To connect with Mirko, you can follow him on Twitter.

This was published on Apr 12, 2009


A u d e e Apr 12 2009

This post is one of my favorite! Very inspiring as they are selected in a best way. Thank you for sharing these cool music websites.
To Mirko: It’s a great work! Keep it up ;)

Karitk Apr 12 2009

You Missed one

Nice Post

Choobie Apr 12 2009

Why does everyone always add Apple creations to their lest of “best looking” stuff? I have never found Apple’s website to be very attractive, nor the designs of any of their products like the Macbooks, iPods, and so forth. Everything designed by Apple is just too plain and bland. Spice things up, add some color and accents! Plain white with shades of gray is dull.

Jacob Gube Apr 12 2009

@Choobie: To me, I like the simplicity of the design: it’s functional, not too ‘wild and crazy’, and truly reflects Apple’s design philosophies towards their products. should be on this list

how about this site:

i like their design,it’s clear

james mcdisi Apr 12 2009

great list! although virb feels a little tired now.

Also, you should include Loudcrowd, it could be a little more unified but just look at the wallpaper it’s a cornucopia of awesome.

Vordreller Apr 12 2009

Also a very good site.

Consider Apr 12 2009

david hyman Apr 12 2009

we have them all beat!! come to the relaunch of MOG on wednesday and if you do not agree our new design is NUMBER ONE, i WILL EAT MY SHORTS

This really isn’t the best list of Music Websites for design inspiration in my opinion. Most of these sites don’t really have anything special about them. They are well organized and the colors are good, but they don’t show much innovation. For the most part anyways some of them are good.

Micheal Apr 12 2009

How is UpVenue not in the list? Their blog pages look great.

Mine is a smaller personal indie music website, not sure if it fits the scope here, but do check it out too :)

really, nothing inspirational here. music sites have yet to pull their asses out of their hats and amaze me. When I think music, I think dynamic and religion changing. Pretty isn’t enough, I want it to make me want music.

Jacob Gube Apr 12 2009

Thank you everyone for adding other beautiful music-related sites.

@Mirko Humbert: Well done on this post!

@John: It sort of has a similar look-and-feel to, I can see where they drew inspiration from.

@david hyman: Hey, don’t eat your shorts, I don’t want you to choke on them – I’ll take your word for it! :)

gorgonzatron Apr 12 2009

YAWN. This article just tells me how many stupid domain names are out there and how saturated the web is with garbage.

Creamy CSS Apr 13 2009

Great list of inspiration! Thanks a lot for that! ;)

Some of the works are amazing! :)

MorayWeb Apr 13 2009

Nice list, great source of inspiration – thanks!

Harbinder Narula Apr 13 2009

Hi Guys.

This is an impressive list. Some of the websites that look clean in their implementation are and . Do take a look, I am sure you would like their simple and clean implementation.

Andrew Apr 13 2009

The design on surely rates a mention too?

Also check for World Music

Callum Chapman Apr 13 2009

another great collection, love the mx3 website, and i’ve always been a fan of the apple site!

Conrad Apr 13 2009

How about

Just because its Microsoft it doesn’t get a mention? I dislike the zune player as much as the next guy but you have to admit it has a very well designed website and graphics.

taylan Apr 13 2009

Great list. I think, should be on this list.

z.Yleo77 Apr 13 2009

how beatuiful… most of this sites.

Loris Apr 13 2009 should be on the list too, very elegant design

Alias Apr 13 2009

et ce site là : j’espère que tu iras regarder avant de le balancer comme une merde à la poubelle, pov’ con !

marjan Apr 13 2009

nice post!

definitely love the simplicity of audiolife’s site, as well as pitchfork’s new layout.

Chris Apr 13 2009

Really clean design, great LA artists.

Fred G Apr 13 2009

An other French music website really beautiful :

Jacob Gube Apr 13 2009

@Alias: Vous devriez détendre.

Thanks for featuring Gigotron!

tonefreak Apr 13 2009

Uncluttered, easy to navigate, no ads. Great site for hobby musicians and recordists.

Richard Apr 14 2009

What about . This website has a super clean grid design.

Daniel Apr 14 2009 should be in here

Hey everyone, we ( are actually in our alpha (open-alpha) and before we roll out to the nation with our beta, we’re curious if you all like our mood-wheel. The mood wheel allows you to search for live-music happening around you based on what mood you’re in.


title and score is as minimal as can be. i really enjoy it.

really Apr 15 2009

This list cannot be taken seriously while not including

Jacob Gube Apr 15 2009

@really: Y SO SRS? :D

Jason Apr 16 2009

Some good examples here but also some that are, in my opinion, poor to average. MX3 is an especially bizarre looking site!

I was suprised to not see Pure Volume here too.

inoreloaded Apr 25 2009

great inspiration here

Great Website!!!

all politics aside May 27 2009

Too bad beauty and intuitive site interaction is hard to combine.

nh design May 28 2009

My preference is Just Hear It, though the group in total provides some great ideas.

baddjuju Jul 10 2009

Nice designs! I think Audiolife should be moved up the list!

Ashley Adams : Postcard Printing Sep 21 2009

Hey Mirko…….this article proves that simplicity of the design is the most essential factor. You really don’t have to use vibrant colors or fonts to make your site attractive. I think color and glossy fonts can easily make anything attractive. Keeping it simple yet beautiful is the challenge. Great job.

Max Miller Jan 14 2010

One more that I think needs to be added to this list is PlayMe:

krishna Mar 08 2010

good collection. the sites listed truly inspires to develop websites which has music as its theme.

Some fairly ok design work but haven’t seen anything to blow me out of the water

Wish some of the web developers on these sites will give my website a hand. Great work

Steve Jackson Aug 19 2010

My record label’s website is here: – it’s been through many iterations but I’m pretty happy with how it’s currently looking.

Danny Mar 30 2011

I think this music website is visually good looking:

Saikrishna Nov 18 2011

Cool.. :)

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