30 Inspiring Dark and Sleek Web Designs

The skilled use of color gradients, lighting and glow effects, and details such as inset pixel dividers can lead to a gorgeous and sleek web design. When choosing a color palette, designers can often decide among a dark theme, a neutral/light theme, or a bright/colorful theme; this showcase presents dark-themed web layouts.

In this collection, you’ll find some terrific and inspirational examples of dark and sleek web designs.

1. Tapbots


2. Lisa Moseley

Lisa Moseley

3. Futurefabric


4. coda.coza


5. designthis


6. Dino Latoga

Dino Latoga

7. Anderbose


8. Revision3




10. nclud


11. Icon Designer 3.0 Beta

Icon Designer 3.0 Beta

12. Tea Round App

Tea Round App

13. Paul J. Noble

Paul J. Noble

14. Beyondis


15. COLOURlovers


16. Reinvigorate


17. SofaSurfer


18. Revyver Labs

Revyver Labs

19. Domestika


20. Merix Studio

Merix Studio

21. Trevor Saint

Trevor Saint



24. Forest River Timber Homes

Forest River Timber Homes

25. Ordered List

Ordered List

26. Product Planner

Product Planner

27. Spundo


28. Traffik CMS

Traffik CMS

29. Dragon Interactive

Dragon Interactive

30. atebits


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This was published on May 31, 2009


smallway May 31 2009


Kawsar Ali May 31 2009

I am really big fan of Dark websites my fav hex color #303030. Thanks for sharing

JOhn Davis May 31 2009

Wow, way cool designs. Very nice indeed!

Jason May 31 2009

Very nice, thank you !

Matthew Heidenreich May 31 2009

great list! Will definitely check some of these out

Arjen Tienkamp May 31 2009

Very cool designs, thanks for sharing these :-)

Jason May 31 2009

You know I really enjoy smashing, but there is way too much emphasis on design sites. As a designer I enjoy looking at other design sites, but I spend most of my time creating sites for non-design organizations and would benefit more from seeing great examples of those types of sites.

Jason May 31 2009

oops, I meant sixrevision :)

Vu Tran May 31 2009

These are great designs. Thanks for the share.

Very nice, I’ve been on a light design kick for a while and this is great inspiration.

Maverick May 31 2009

i liked maquina and colourlovers the most.
nice collection though.

thanks for the list

JRivera May 31 2009

@Kawsar Ali

Indeed, I have been using hex #303030, #1E1E1E, RGB: 30,30,30 for quite sometime now. I found it still remains the perfect black shade, but removes the nasty glare solid black gives.

Great post.

Television Spy May 31 2009

nice idea for

Very inspirational, defiantly going to motifate me to make some designs today.

Djolhan May 31 2009

Nice webdesign !I like particularly the perspective of the 29. Dragon Interactive !

Kamil May 31 2009

Lovely list! Thanks Jacob for including our home page ( cheers ;]

really great sites…thanks!!

nice selection!

jrenvoye May 31 2009

great collection :)

Jennifer May 31 2009

Very nice list! I love the contrast between the dark backgrounds and random pops of color.

T-Law May 31 2009

Nice picks. Thanks for great collection.

grazz Jun 01 2009

Nice collection. The Domestika one is great. Jun 01 2009

Thank you for featuring our site….

Sinisa Komlenic

Brandon Jun 01 2009


Not really a news webpage in this collection. Dark design?

Not really efficient if you want to transfer heaps of information.

Just saying… ;-)

Solomo Gutschein

kixvix Jun 01 2009

Really cool set. Thanks for sharing! :)

Claire Web Jun 01 2009

Some excellent web designs here, very smart and dark as you pretty much say. I think i prefer the more interesting ones, rather than the plain ones though.

Arowolo Jun 01 2009

Simply simple. good job

Lisa M Jun 01 2009

Thanks for the feature! There are truly some inspiring designs on the list, and it’s an honor to be placed among them.

Business Jun 01 2009

Very nice & inspiring collection. Thank you. I wonder why there are so many crappy sites out there, when there are so many talented designers.

julien Jun 03 2009

Love the Reinvigorate design. Great list.

they are Ok, thank you.

Stanislav Majerski Jun 04 2009

Thanks for putting our site on the list. (

Rene Zammit Jun 04 2009

I love DARK COLORS. Check my web :p

J.Martin Jun 09 2009

nice list…

You should mention :)

Devendra Jun 20 2009

Great collection. Thanks for sharing. A lot of fashion and photography sites use dark colors. Would have liked to see some of those samples included too.

On Fire for Christ Jul 12 2009

I love the and

avn.rocky Jan 25 2010

Quite Impressive – Thanks for that

Jenn Steinhauer May 13 2010

Excellent collection. Very inspiring. Thank you!

Andrew North Jul 09 2010

Great collection defiantly found some inspiration from looking at this list,

Thanks for sharing!

Tuvie Aug 10 2010

Those are nice list, we do have dark and sleek theme, can we enter the list too? :D

Lyss @ generalforum Oct 30 2010

I really wish I had the same creative streak these website designers have. I would love to be able to do this myself but I don’t have a creative bone in my body! Thanks for the interesting read.

Khaled Sep 03 2011

Thanks very much, i will take inspiration for my customers web site, but a french web site would be very good.

Ryan Jones Nov 07 2011

Thanks for sharing i am always looking for inspiration for my own website and found this very useful.

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