30 Inspiring Web Design Layouts from deviantART

deviantART, a widely popular online graphic design community, is an unlikely (but surprisingly terrific) place to find inspiration for web design. There are many designers and artists at deviantART who choose to display their beautiful creations to the rest of the community. In this collection, you’ll find some of the best web design layouts created by deviantARTists.

1. add dot cc *

urben Event

2. Portfolio project

Portfolio project

3. Panda Sofa

Panda Sofa

4. Dark glassy template for 4T

Dark glassy template for 4T

5. Dark portfolio

Dark portfolio

6. -YAPP Portfolio-

-YAPP Portfolio-

7. Art-themed template for 4T

Art-themed template for 4T

8. iThink


9. Eye For Art

Eye For Art

10. D’tal Spot

D'tal Spot

11. vanci


12. Barbroute Design v5

Barbroute Design v5

13. Source




15. Pastorant Restaurant

Pastorant Restaurant

16. pirat


17. Interface


18. UnboxedGames


19. Onyx


20. Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

21. Rokr


22. Imago


23. 101 Clan Gaming Interface

101 Clan Gaming Interface

24. G Travel Website 4

G Travel Website 4

25. Ford Explorer Website

Ford Explorer Website

26. TRA Website

TRA Website

27. – Matt Kenseth –

- Matt Kenseth -

28. Space Age Myspace

Space Age Myspace


30. Web Practice

Web Practice

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* Original featured design replaced by request.

About the Author

Tyler Denis is a part-time freelance designer from Ashland, New Hampshire. He is also the creator/writer of the design blog Denis Designs/blog, a website dedicated to bringing quality tutorials and inspiration. You can follow him on Twitter or at his personal site, Denis Designs.

This was published on May 8, 2009


Hi Tyler,
I am all for using inspiration as part of the webdesign process, but to simply rip the main artwork from somebody else’s site and a few lorem ipsum statements and call it your own is in my mind plagiarism.
No1. urben event – Please refer to dawghousedesignstudio dot com’s award winning website.
A nice list by the way, bookmarked for future ref.


Daniel15 May 08 2009

Some very nice web designs here :D
This is why I’ll never get into web design… I can’t compete with things like this.

monie May 08 2009

Great collection! Can’t take my eyes of it!

Great post; I really enjoyed most of the sites, though I can’t say I’m wild about the infringement on Panda Sofa.

Jarod Taylor May 09 2009

There are some pretty good/creative ones there. There are also some complete ripoff/copies of other well known blog/portfolio sites.

Kakasab May 09 2009

Denis…its really awsome ! could you suggest me some free template which can be used for my portfolio ?

Kai Köpke May 09 2009

Thank you for the inspiration. Some really nice designs…

Greetings from Germany

The first entry on this post is actually MY website which has also been featured on Six Revisions twice. The person who did that just copied my site and tweaked it! That guy is a thief!!!I would appreciate it if you would take it down immediately. Thanks.

theCount May 09 2009

(mostly) Excellent selection from deviantart, not easy considering the kazillions of resources there. Well done!

neeshu May 09 2009

it would have been great had you given the name of websites as well links which lead to these websites rather then just design pages

Television SPy May 09 2009

Wow there are some extremely talented people on deviantart.

Abdulhakim Haliru May 09 2009

Good job and pretty much inspirational. Thank u so much 4 dis!

Numan Nazir May 09 2009

Where can your imagination take you? to heights beyond the sky….

Matthew James Taylor May 09 2009

These designs look beautiful but beautiful artwork like this tends to overshadow the content on the page (which is the whole reason why people go to a website anyway). I personally prefer simple, clean website layouts for this very reason.

Bondea May 09 2009

Hm, while some are visually striking or may have nice treatment (the ones that aren’t ripoffs that is), I wouldn’t say any of these employ inspirational *layouts*

great designs … love them !!!!

Tutorial City May 09 2009

Really awesome artworks!

engkalak May 09 2009

I think the title should be 30 Beautiful & Resource Hungry Web Graphics. Simple is also beautiful!!! Ever thought about that???

@adam: Urban Event copied my website. Thank you for noticing that too. Very well said.

Kev Jaques May 09 2009

Some cool designs there, nice use of textures and lot’s of scenic background images. It’s the attention to detail that does it for me and overall composition/contrasts. Both artistic and clean, simple sites rock but agree with Matthew – simple, clean rocks.

Mogwhy May 09 2009

Anything that the public has access to will eventually inspire a “me to” version. Car models, cell phones, clothing, operating system interfaces, the Honeymooners (original), the Flintstones, etc. If something is worth imitating it will be. Good Intuitive User Interface design is a must when trying to compete for and hold someones attention.

MarcoBarbosa May 09 2009

Wow! Great inspiration!

Though Matthew James Taylor has a point there: exaggerated design overshadows the content

Design freak May 09 2009

wow…… amazing designs!!!!!!!!!

Wayne May 09 2009

Beautiful sites. Thanks for pulling these together. I agree that having a link to the website is helpful-so we can delve further if desired.

sdfasjdkl May 09 2009

That second one is clearly illegally using the firefox logo.
Shame on them.

michael soriano May 09 2009

No 1 – is a straight duplicate of DawgHouse. No 2 – How the hell are you going to implement the text in the pages – unless you use images for the entire thing (or flash).

Otherwise – pretty good collection you got.

Heather May 09 2009

I think it would be a nice gesture to remove the first one since it is a major rip off of There are some other really beautiful ones in this post though :)

Jacob Gube May 10 2009

Hello everyone. I apologize for the oversight. Jan (from DawgHouse Studios) and I are currently in communication via email with regards to what course of action we’d like to take. We’ll either leave it there and put a note and a link to the original design with a statement that the design was taken for their design, or replace it entirely. Stay tuned, should be resolved today.

Nice list thanks for finding them

Cubanoid Designs May 10 2009

Great stuff.
Thanks for posting..

Jacob Gube May 10 2009

Just an update: we chose to replace the first design featured, with a * that refers to a footnote that links to @Jan’s comment here. I apologize for the inconvenience and I’d like to thank everyone who pointed out the error. I wanted to go to a more extreme solution and leave the offending piece up there with a note that says the design was taken from DawgHouse Design Studio. Jan preferred a more subtle solution, which was to just replace the image (Thanks again Jan, and sorry for that).

Cubanoid Designs May 10 2009

Was jst wondering if it would be illegal to come up with a tutorial for how one of these was built.
A PS tutorial ??

Nikitafullmoon May 10 2009

Pretty, yup. But how many run without Flash? Are cross-browser compliant? How many meet WCAG standards? Which have logical, transparent navigation? How about content that is written in such a way that it can be scanned? There is a time and a place for beautiful graphics, but to me, many of these layouts contradict the principles of good design, as gorgeous as they are. Good design is about solving problems, and the web presents its own set of those problems, and if a site layout doesn’t address those, it fails. Kung-fu Panda or no.

José Mota May 10 2009


I’m speechless. 14 , 25 & 26 blew me, they look perfect! You can craft remarkable websites just by using stunning photography. Kudos to the artists!

Callum Chapman May 10 2009

3, 7, 12 and 15 are my favourites, excellent designs and great source of inspiration, thanks!

Tommie May 10 2009

Nikitafullmoon, I totally agree with you on that one.

Marty May 10 2009

@Nikitafullmoon: Seriously, did you just get done taking Web Design 101 at a community college? Talk about preachy. Let art be fluid and let web design be more than just strict rules that kill the fun.

p.s. Love the designs. All of them!

@Jacob Gube: Thanks a lot for making that update. My site has been copied a couple times before and it upsets me every time. Below was another incident wherein my site was copied:

DeviantArt has not yet taken it down but I’m glad a couple of people noticed it and commented. I’m expecting them to take it down soon. To all those who would like to notice the BLATANT RIP, here it is:

Thanks again, Jacob, for making the necessary changes. And to all those who pointed it out, thanks a lot too!

sohel May 11 2009

great job did yaar this is good platform for new designer..

honour chick May 11 2009

excellent inspirations. riped-off or not… doesn’t change the fact that they are all great. :) thanks for the post!

Excellent creations, i liked all that ……

Jacob Gube May 11 2009

Just another update guys and gals: A fortunate and serendipitous result of this whole debacle is that Jan and I are in talks about collaborating with each other! She’s a such a talented web designer, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with her.

@Jan: As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. I do sincerely apologize for the oversight; my understanding was that the deviantARTist took inspiration from your design and credited you as such, but looking into it, there is no mention of your portfolio site at all.

Tom Ross May 11 2009

Incredible designs here. Really inspirational post Tyler!

Roberto May 11 2009

Very nice list. Thanks.

Nick Pettit May 11 2009

Absolutely incredible. I wish I was this good! :D

Claire Web May 12 2009

Some fantastic web design talent here. I always look at others web designs for inspiration, and these will really up the game for me. So different yet equally as good as eachother. Absolutely loving 1, 3, 7, 9, 12. Pretty much all of them to be honest!

kamrul May 12 2009

Awesome design! Inspiring really.



*Edited for language*

Tyler May 13 2009

Thanks everyone, I’m glad you like them!

This post is meant to get your creative juices flowing. As for the coding part of these websites I think that there are a few that are completely impractical but on the other hand if you can take something away from them then they did their job.

Also, since these were from deviantART, many of them are done only in Photoshop or a similar program, so unfortunately there aren’t any live versions of them.

e11world May 13 2009

I think I will print most of these designs, hang them onto a board and make it my inspiration for all web design.
Thank you!

Damon Oehlman May 13 2009

Awesome. Great inspiration… now I think I am going to find some ability :/

timekeeping software May 14 2009

I REALLY don,t like the 2 number becaosue it,s not look like web sight AT ALL my favourite lay out has all ways been the new ground web sight D

Thanks for featuring my work (#28)! I appreciate it. I think all of the others are 4x better, but I’m glad people like my design, even though it is only a myspace profile.

Awesome work May 17 2009

That is awesome work. I’m starting to get sick of the standard Web 2.0 sites you see alot of at the moment.

Back in the early 2000s all web sites looked different, but most where pretty ugly. Now they are all looking standard (and more professional).

So good to see some true web art.

Simba May 19 2009

Lovely work mate. Art in its purest form, except for those stolen ideas.

keep it up and keep them coming.

Dear friends
who knows where i can find some free samples?

Cazilu Jul 22 2009

Being fortunate enough to be a deviant, I’ve seen quite a few of these. Stunning.

Dreamweaver Sep 26 2009

We all need a little inspiration from time to time and these top drawer web designs always inspire me to create better web templates for Dreamweaver. I truly hope that I one day will be able to master the art of web design! Thanks to your compilation of web designs… love ’em !

Cara Dixon Oct 20 2009

There is so much creativity here! Love the design of the ‘iThink’ website – it’s really striking! Great post!

Charity Hodges Jan 22 2010

Those are some beautiful and inspiring web designs. The Dark Portfolio is very simple but elegant.

designer Jan 31 2010

Normally I don’t post in blogs, but yours forced me to do.
this is the best collection for inspiration I have ever seen
thanks for share.

Bent Design Feb 11 2010

I like a bunch of these but I’m getting a little tired of the over use of gradients and the whole sci-fi look. They start to feel like templates.

Sameir Apr 01 2010

Amazing designs. Thanks for sharing this.

Paul Marden Jul 08 2010

Love the strong photographic style on some of these.

girlfight Aug 16 2010

Very nice designs, but i agree with bent that it starts to look like templates, some of these look a lot like standard templates.

Good girl Oct 02 2010

I love art and i am also a small artist…… but i want to devolop my skills so i want to learn complete web designing course….. what are the sujjestions you friends like to give you are welcome i will take.

exiciting,…excellent… easy and so catch of true art

sharik Aug 17 2011

great desigs can u just help me in my designs if yes mail me at [email removed for privacy] plz sir i really need it thank u

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