35 Beautiful Water-themed Web Designs for Inspiration

The most crucial source of the human life is water. It is water for which wars are fought and blood is spilt. This life source keeps inspiring artists and designers from around the world.

In this collection, we present to you over 30 web designs that use water and seas as the central theme.

1. Bustin Down The Door

Bustin Down The Door

2. Aquatory


3. Mamzyczenie


4. Dizzain


5. Baikal Web

Baikal Web

6. Hellenic holidays

Hellenic holidays

7. 4internet


8. Under Water Portfolio

Under Water Portfolio

9. Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito

10. Design Disease

Design Disease

11. Frisk Design

Frisk Design

12. 2Advanced


13. Seamonster


14. Alexandra Tong

Alexandra Tong

15. Native Springs

Native Springs

16. Ruonis


17. The Corona Beach

The Corona Beach

18. Buceo de Los Andes

Buceo de Los Andes

19. Black Sea Fishery

Black Sea Fishery

20. Surf in Paradise

Surf in Paradise

21. Gomaroochydore Accommodation

Gomaroochydore Accommodation

22. Fish Trading Company

Fish Trading Company

23. Quinns Reefbb

Quinns Reefbb

24. Ekoch Gren

Ekoch Gren

25. Varia  Proboards

Varia Proboards

26. Trident Boat Hire

Trident Boat Hire

27. Gird


28. Maldives Resort Lagoon

Maldives Resort Lagoon

29. Nautilus Diving Bali

Nautilus Diving Bali

30. Celebrations in Cyprus

Celebrations in Cyprus

31. Pojeta


32. Water World

Water World

33. Sea


34. Studios Template

Studios Template

35. Uni Travel

Uni Travel

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This was published on Sep 18, 2009


Vikas Ghodke Sep 19 2009

woow great list..

Johnny Sep 19 2009

Lovely roundup, there really is a lot of things you can do with water in web design

Wayne Farley Sep 19 2009

Very inspiring. This list is food for new ideas.

Diane Sep 19 2009

Great roundup! There is also another site:

Viktor Hanáček Sep 20 2009

Perfect designs!

Dzinepress Sep 20 2009

really amazing stuff.

Arthur Charles Van Wyk Sep 20 2009

This is a truly amazing collection of front-ends. And they all look they pretty much got usability locked down as well. I will definitely share this page with my fellow creatives.

webdesigner Sep 21 2009

refreshing! very nice.

David B. Sep 21 2009

Either the picture or the link for “Celebrations in Cyprus” is wrong. Nice collection.

Jesse Sep 22 2009

I like Varia Proboards water image the best. Could be nice to see it on something other than a forum site.

Great post.

I just know some web site like above. it’s also cool!

have look at

Hakan Nural Sep 23 2009

Thanks for all commets
@reo hmm i like it.

Shurandy Thode Oct 01 2009

Very inspiring thanks for sharing.

Kris de Jong Oct 05 2009

Very inspiring, this will help design a great website for my client.

Yurii Dec 20 2009

Very beautifully!!! Perfectly!!! It is delightful!!! I too want such site.

webdiz Mar 09 2010

I love flash site!

Riccardo Callegaro May 11 2010

Wonderful collection!!
I’ve made a website that can stay in this category:

ratheesh May 15 2010

wonderful…cool templates..

Martin May 19 2010

wenn man sich das Surf in Paradise so ansieht, bekommt man direkt Lust auf Urlaub – sieht super aus ;-)

as blue as it can get….

Cabo Guy Apr 21 2011

Great collection. Love Aquatory and The Corona Beach look and feel.

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