35 Creative Twitter User Profile Designs

One of the most important aspects of attracting followers on Twitter, in addition to quality tweets, is your Twitter page profile design; it has to be creative and attractive to show that you take tweeting seriously. This collection of Twitter user profile designs follows up on an earlier showcase that we published called 50 Beautiful & Unique Twitter Profile Designs.

In this collection, you’ll find some of the great Twitter user profile designs out there.

1. @Doubleolee


2. @captivamktg


3. @mayhemstudios


4. @drewwilliams27


5. @bongobrian


6. @marekuk


7. @dani


8. @envato


9. @webprosys


10. @kgrz


11. @osvaldas


12. @t_kawai


13. @abduzeedo


14. @bartelme


15. @AndrewAckroyd


16. @rogieking


17. @naldzgraphics


18. @bittbox


19. @tamar




21. @studio3k


22. @dickieadams


23. @zenabobena


24. @collis


25. @AdrianApan


26. @UkSama


27. @CiaoBella50


28. @designcritique


29. @EcoCandles


30. @NickHanophy


31. @theroyaltyclub


32. @arsenalrayen


33. @diesellaws


34. @KrisColvin


35. @LisaWorsham


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About the Author

Tomas Laurinavičius is a blogger and designer from Lithuania who’s currently studying Multimedia Design & Communication in Denmark. Check his work at his personal portfolio site and follow him on Twitter.

This was published on Oct 21, 2009


Ralph Contreras Oct 21 2009

Great list of Twitters! I know I follow a few of them! Thanks for sharing. Shazam!

Dani McDaniel Oct 21 2009

Thanks so much for including my background :D Awesome company too some really creative backgrounds.. great list! Oct 21 2009

Pretty awesome collection here my friend. Thanks for the inspiration :)

MCEctoCooler Oct 21 2009

Fantastic list of creative twitter backgrounds!

After reading this article I was actually inspired to redesign mine too :)

Hardwyre Oct 21 2009

Lots of original work here. Thoughts on mine?

Jad Graphics Oct 21 2009

I’ve seen this type of posts multiple times but these are some great twitter profiles.

Diogo Oct 21 2009

Great profiles. I have been to one which I think deservers to be on that list. Check it out

Amber Case Oct 22 2009

sunil Oct 22 2009

What about my profile :)

Binoj Xavier Oct 22 2009

Nice Collection. Next time Include mine if Eligible. Thanks in advance

Redbilby Oct 22 2009

What about this one Twitter/Mitch_Nash

kenneth Oct 22 2009

there are some cool ones indeed, what do you think of my twitter profile?

Jonny Oct 22 2009

Cool article! Thx dude!

desgaus Oct 22 2009

Awesome twitter backgrounds! Love the number 9 @webprosys! Here is mine with a nice pink twitter background! XD

CiaoBella50 almost made me vomit.

Farrhad A Oct 22 2009

Some great designs covered here!

Kai Spriestersbach Oct 22 2009

Nice list!
Many interesting inspirations though :)

How do you like ?

Bogdan Pop Oct 22 2009

-.- where is my design? This post aint that good if mine is missing. Just kidding :) keep up the good work

nbirckel Oct 22 2009

All are great profiles to follow on twitter. But much of them must review there twitter background design… many of them have design cut by the twitter timeline background div,
some background fail over 1650px screen display.
Not to mention that displaying non-clickable web links such as website, email, etc.. in a background image isn’t user friendly :/

Adrian A. Oct 22 2009

Thanks for including my old Twitter layout :)

ShutteR77 Oct 22 2009

Now you find my twitter –

Sandra Oct 22 2009

Why is Mayhem Studios always in these beautiful Twitter background lists. He’s great to follow on Twitter, but graphically, his background is nothing to fawn over. Extremely basic if you ask me, nothing like the others listed here. Just my 2 cents.

Heather Oct 22 2009

Some great looking ones, others far too busy and off-putting, making it difficult to read content. A real shame because you could be missing great content. Not that I’m going to follow people because they have nice backgrounds. Rather shallow I feel. It’s akin to saying “They have a pulse I think I’ll bed them”!

Uk © Oct 22 2009

Thanks for including me..
I appreciatte it.


Naomi Oct 22 2009

So cool! Thanks for sharing! @mayhemstudios is my bud! Hi Calvin! :)

I liked this clean one too…

Corina Oct 22 2009

How about my company’s Twitter page: ? I rather like it :)

I think my Twitter background ( is just as awesome. @HughBriss did an incredible job.

M1A Rifles Oct 22 2009

you forgot our bg ;)

U know its a sweet looking rifle :)

Jamie O'Brien Oct 22 2009

I cannot believe I was not even considered for this list…

Jonathan Patterson Oct 22 2009

Very cool. I should do something like these on my Twitter page.

Vitor Hugo Cruz Oct 22 2009

bryanregencia Oct 22 2009


Very nice collections.. mine turned out pretty good after looking at these..

Lauren Jordan Oct 23 2009

Those are really nice. I think I may follow one or two of them. I only recently started a Twitter account, and to be honest I don’t really like it. But I’m sure in time I will grow to accept it more. By the way, here is mine if you would like to check it out.

kakasab Oct 23 2009

i think you must need to check my profile….

Lil' Peekr Oct 23 2009

Wow, great list of cool people to follow — I love all the interesting custom Twitter backgrounds and funky profile designs! Great post Tomas…

By the way, you can easily view full custom Twitter backgrounds with a click using the Peekr Twidget ;-)

Jeremy Oct 24 2009

Are you kidding me? Most of these are TERRIBLE. Superfail.

come on guys, most of them terrible.. Whats this? is it a post? or just something for saving the day?

blogging quality is going minus everyday..

mktanny Oct 26 2009

awesome, m going to use one of them.

Innova Web Design Oct 26 2009

anyone knows where we can get some templates for twitter?

Here’s a good one too:

Love the cat =)

Dzinepress Nov 01 2009

now me getting inspirations for myself, thanks for give ideas for make more professional presentations.

Mamagraphica Nov 06 2009

Awesome work everyone love this article very inspirational and cool!!! Check out my twitter still lerning but i am glad i feel in this site to boost my creativity ! keep up the good work everyone wow!!! hopefiully i’ll be one up there hehehe! :P

leGizz Nov 12 2009

This one is nice too :

Ashely Adams Nov 26 2009

Nice compilation…I liked the theme of @theroyaltyclub…Bartelme’s bold use of colors is in line with Fabio’s abduzeedo…Am always impressed by Fabio’s work and his twitter profile is no exception…I liked the color contrast done by @arsenalrayen…..I also liked the profiles of Lisa Worsham, Kris Colvin Doubleolee…the only one am not quite happy with is @CiaoBella50…Though Bella’s design is good and interesting the color contrast is not much appealing to me…..

Chykalophia Dec 08 2009

Great twitter backgrounds ^.^
Check out mine as well ;)

Hey do you think my profile makes the cut hahaha


szuperapu Jan 18 2010

Very beautiful backgrounds, but it I did my side well!

JimmyBob Jan 29 2010

Nice list, some of them really stand out, although, not all are great on a 1024 resoulution. I do like number 19 though.

Check this out (sadly only two followers at present!)

Zackery Reichenbach-Carr Jan 29 2010

inspired to do some work on my twitter layout..let me know what you welcome!

Hellodavis Feb 04 2010

Very creative indeed! Hope ours can be listed next time

Oleksii Feb 05 2010

I think mine is much better @Oleksii2005

Jim "Genuine" Turner Feb 05 2010

I think @hughbriss is a genius and he did my background at

Gregory Alan Elliott Feb 05 2010

Check out my Twitter background… @greg_a_elliott …I killed the fail whale.

Peter Nudo Feb 05 2010

Mine’s got a cool galaxy/glass look!

Robert_M Feb 05 2010

I really like the LisaWorsham BG. While she is indeed attractive, the whole design of it just works and stands out. I also like mayhemstudios and zenabobena BGs. Great list overall.

sainjiv Feb 06 2010

I tried to play with water in the background

Brian Feb 06 2010

Thanks for the inspirational post. There are some really great examples here of what can be done with a Twitter background; however, there are a few tossed in there that don’t really seem to fit. For example, @mayhemstudios, @envato, and @abduzeedo — yes, these are some very talented people / groups, but seriously? Should they be included in this list? They’re Twitter backgrounds really aren’t that amazing when compared to most of the others.

Antoine Guédès Feb 06 2010

It’s an awesome list. :D

Shubham Mar 07 2010

awesome designs..great profile designs…thinking of get myself a new one.

simotuma Mar 25 2010

I think it’s also excellent!

Bollicao Apr 13 2010

Check my layout please.


Only check…

Anders Jul 20 2010

Great showcase,
here’s another twitter design I found that really stands out!
It’s a pet adoption site but worth including in another post on twitter design

Oliver Müller-Marc Aug 04 2010

Very creative indeed!
Hope our Twitter Profile Design can be listed next time

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