45+ Beautiful Web Designs from Germany

There are many German designers and developers (such as myself) using their skills and experience to design and create user-friendly and world-class quality websites. In this web design collection, you will find a fantastic and handpicked selection of creative and successful web designs from "good old Germany".

This design collection was inspired by the Smashing Magazine’s "Global Web Design" series (they already have a showcase for Russia and Ireland; you should check theirs out after).

1. My Lane

My Lane

2. A better tomorrow

A better tomorrow



4. kontoblick


5. aka-aki


6. Amazee


7. Zootool


8. hobnox


9. Mail Mops

Mail Mops

10. Werkstatt42


11. Tanner + Tailor

Tanner + Tailor



13. Photocase


14. Webdemar


15. Clever Elements

Clever Elements

16. Pixelgraphix



18. Bauersart


19. 12designer






22. MeetingPuzzle


23. Mein Gutscheincode

Mein Gutscheincode

24. Qiro


25. creativestgyle


26. CodePitch


27. Webdesign Daniel Ditgens

Webdesign Daniel Ditgens

28. eBiene

Webdesign Daniel Ditgens

29. Figurenschneider


30. chocri Schokolade

chocri Schokolade

31. Albumdruck


32. Gertis PC Tipps

Gertis PC Tipps

33. DaWanda


34. XING


35. MindMeister



37. fruux


38. Donuts World

Donuts World

39. brands4friends




41. allmyTea


42. Blockhaus Westerhoff

Blockhaus Westerhoff

43. Smoothieland




46. Quassum


47. etracker


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About the Author

Sergej Müller is a professional web developer from Germany with over 8 years of experience. He also develops the new and effective Antispam Bee WordPress plugin. You can stay in touch with Sergej by following him on Twitter.

This was published on Nov 29, 2009


Eric B. Nov 29 2009

There are some awesome designs here! These are all very inspiring.

faktory Nov 29 2009 is clean and beautiful page

Roberto Nov 29 2009

Atlantis and Photocase are nice looking. Nov 29 2009

hehe, nice to see some germany design. but its kinda funny that you mention your own website :) although your page is really very beatiful.

here’s another beautiful webdesign from germany: (my own blog, to to do some selfadvertising too :)

Anna McMahon Nov 29 2009

Great web designs. I like how they’re detailed.

Amazing collection! Thanks:)

zeemiDesign Nov 30 2009

This is awesome. I’m German (even though I don’t currently live there) and had always somewhat little respect for the design of German web sites, but there is some really great stuff here.

hotmac Nov 30 2009

A few good designs, but mostly not the best. The designs have not been carefully selected. Btw: It is very unprofessional to mention one’s own website as an example of beautful web design (which isn’t imho). Please try to research more carefully next time.

Alex Stoll Nov 30 2009

Here is my actually project: (german website!)

A lot of good designs!!!

thanks for sharing.. really nice

Twice Nov 30 2009

Some are nice (figurenschneider), but most of them hit the average mark.

Karol Zielinski Nov 30 2009

Something more about German web design…

Showcase of popular German blogs:

Tobias Nov 30 2009 is a swiss Website, but who cares :)

Fabian Nov 30 2009 is pretty cool aswell and coming out with a new design tonight!

nitnat Nov 30 2009 is another great german website

website designers stoke Nov 30 2009

An excellent collection of websites. There is some real talent in Germany. Definiately going to be keeping my eye on these guys ;) @Tobias – Was thinking the same thing lol

Thomas Nov 30 2009

I have to mention the portfolio website from Michael Krautwasser, who is running . He’s german, but living in Switzerland.

Agree with Twice. Most of these really are average. I’ve never felt that Germany was on the leading edge of design. Or super original for that matter. Smashing magazine is a sort of an exception based in Lübeck, but their design is outsourced. Also, I’d love to see something original come out of Germany. Too many things are copies. Look at werkstatt42, looks like a copy of basecamp with an iCal calendar attached to it. – I like this NPO website is really Cool! Totally different from the others NPO pages, here in Germany.

Tobbi Nov 30 2009

Nice collection, thanks for sharing Sergej.

Werkstatt looks like Basecamp ? *huh – I agree a lot of agencys and freelancer copy Layout- & Designstyles, but thats an worldwide problem. I know more english examples, where Designer uses a lot of copy & past, than i know german examples … so what. Its not a country based problem, thats a worldwide problem.

Jannis Gerlinger Nov 30 2009

Nice Works at all! But i don`tlike the Xing design!


Sebastian Nov 30 2009

what about :D

Kiliankoe Nov 30 2009

A country doesn’t have a leading edge of design, it’s the people. The nationality doesn’t matter a single bit.
Of course I’m happy to see some great stuff from my country here, but to be honest it really doesn’t limit itself to Germany. Modern webdesigners or designers in general follow some standards that are international, even if there are specialized styles (like asian/indian for example, if you get my drift). If the language on some of these sites weren’t German you could just as well stick them into the US and no one would care to notice.

Nice selection, I love – great pix

Alex Flueras Dec 01 2009

Very nice collection, I didn’t know XING was German… Thanks for sharing.

Dzinepress Dec 01 2009

excellent designs and i heard Germany is famous in flash development, here i seen other designs which is also awesome.

Joachim Perschbacher Dec 01 2009

Thank you for putting our product Quassum on rank 46 ;) !!
Take a look at our company website aswell! English Version is coming soon!

Best Regards


triskel Dec 01 2009

You might also have a look at

Quassum is nothing special in my opinion. A nice stock photo for the background and an average site above it. Just my 2 cents…

Katie Dec 01 2009

I really like the designs they are fresh, I went to navigate them though and I think I need to brush up on my languages.

Carmen from chocri Dec 01 2009

Hey, thanks for the great feedback on For all of those who prefer your websites in English – we are launching in the US in January, in English, with the same design. Leave us your email on our blog ( and we’ll send you the invitation to our soft launch on January 5.

Then you can also design some chocolate bars :)

Daniel Ditgens Dec 03 2009

Thank you for adding my page, guys.



really nice collection of websites! but does it matter where webdesign is coming from?

Martin Dec 03 2009

Wow, big honor for us to be in such a nice collection with our pixelcity My Lane :) Thank you guys!!

Michael Dec 04 2009

What about, the home of the popular Webmail system software Roundcube. Great site!!

Quassum Dec 10 2009

LOL at Quassum, they just ripped:

Also from Berlin/Germany

Nice 3D webportfolio of Matthias Dittrich

Michael Oeser Jan 26 2010

Sergej you forgot my sites and ;-)

Daniel Apr 18 2010

Schöne Übersicht Sergej! ;)

Please have a look on, mix your own Coffee!

Marion Jun 28 2010

What about the design? I really like its simple and clean layout.

Stefnaie Limburg Aug 17 2010

Nice designs! I loke mail mops and but… you forget Gutscheindealer :)

JoergF Sep 02 2010

Very nice selection, especially no. 23


Christoph Kilz Sep 07 2010

Nice Works at all! But i don`tlike the Xing design!

Schnäppchen Sep 13 2010

Well, in my opinion – nothing special. ATLANTIS still looks good from some measured, on the otherwise all seen a hundred times. If I see this in any way identical.

Gutschein Sep 23 2010

I’m really impressed by the beautiful webedesigns from Germany. Thanks for sharing.

Preisloch Oct 04 2010

Thanks for sharing these awesome webdesigns from Germany. I love no 21, it’s so different from all the other ones.

Schulranzen Jan 05 2011

Nice Designs. We are looking for a professional Layout for our Schoolbag Homepage. Who can help us? Thank you!

translations Jan 13 2011

i really like the layouts!

Django Jan 21 2011

I really like the meingutscheincode Design, but Henning also made a new one, that is much better than the old one.

Joshua Jan 29 2011

The new Desing from is launched now. it looks much better than the old. maybe this should be updated here. My Favorite is the zootool page. ;)

Gutschein Feb 02 2011

thanks for the wonderful collection! It’s a great inspiration pool :)

Dennis von shopclever Feb 23 2011

Hey some realy great Designs… but not realy all. :)

Klaus Mar 13 2011

I love “Quassum” thats a wonderful design.

That are really beautiful themes…

great Themes and the Design is famous for me

12designer and tolingo very nicely done! What do you think of this one ?

Frederik May 28 2011

How do you guys like the layout of ? i would appreciate if someone can comment on that!

sanil Jun 17 2011

It is really fantastic..

Sparen Jul 16 2011

Nice Designs :-)

Thanks for sharing…. What about – the best Couponsite im Germany :-)

Marco Aug 22 2011

Some of the designs are really nice, but I don’t like all of them.

borislemke Sep 12 2011

Check out my single page portfolio too! Im new in web design! httü://

borislemke Sep 12 2011

Sorry for the typo, its http/://

Kinder Spiele Oct 01 2011

Thx for sharing, really cool list. This is going to help me with my next projects.

Gutscheine Oct 02 2011

Thanks for sharing this awesome webdesign collection. There are some great inspirations for future projects.

Grillpfanne Oct 05 2011

Best Webdesign!

Stahlpappe Nov 22 2011

Wow, all these sites looks really cool!

Peter Jun 20 2013

Thanks for sharing. Very awesome designs. Many greatings from Germany. Peter

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