Beautiful Footers in Modern Web Design for Inspiration

Beautiful Footers in Modern Web Design for Inspiration

Over a year and a half ago, Six Revisions published a footer inspiration collection named 25 Stylish Website Footer Designs (which you should also check out). Today, we have the next generation of footer designs showcased in this collection.

1. Bits And Pixels

Bits And Pixels

2. Urban Pie

Urban Pie

3. Bristol Archive Records

Bristol Archive Records

4. Split Dadiz

Split Dadiz

5. BioWind


6. Sawyer Hollenshead

Sawyer Hollenshead

7. Vimeo


8. Blup


9. Future of Web Apps

Future of Web Apps

10. Miss Web Lash

Miss Web Lash

11. N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio

12. Viget Inspire

Viget Inspire

13. Studio Racket

Studio Racket

14. Laura Alter

Laura Alter

15. Soh Tanaka

Soh Tanaka

16. David Hellmann

David Hellmann

17. Kailoon


18. Sam Rayner

Sam Rayner

19. Caty Design Studio

Caty Design Studio

20. Productive Dreams

Productive Dreams

21. Blogsolid


22. Store NVY

Store NVY

23. Manndible Cafe

Manndible Cafe

24. ClanDrei


25. Cooper Live

Cooper Live

26. Kulturbanause


27. TNT Pixel

TNT Pixel

28. Straw Poll Now

Straw Poll Now

29. Freelenz


30. HomeProDecor


What Do You Think?

Have a look at some of the designs in our previous article compared to some of the footer designs of today’s modern websites. Do you prefer modern footer designs, or those of the previous 2 years?

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About the Author

Andy Johnson is a freelance web designer and developer living in the UK. Andy freelances through his own design studio Authentic, and also co-founded a lightning fast UK hosting company called Pixeno. You can follow him on Twitter: @Andy92.

This was published on May 22, 2010


Amazing collection

Hossein May 23 2010

ow this very good… and very Beautiful

JK@techtrickz May 23 2010

Thanks for this nice collection. Comparing to the previous this collection is quite attractive.

Stefan Rynkowski May 23 2010

look at my footer, do you like it ?

Zlatan Halilovic May 23 2010

These are awesome to the extent they I’ve just had at least 100 ideas for the design of the footer on the site that I’m currently working on.

Thanks Andy!

Kathy May 23 2010

The are lovely. Now how about a tutorial?

kaniadona May 23 2010

VAULT : Related Conent -> Miss ‘t’

zizou najjar May 23 2010

thanx very beautful

Nice! I think we don’t have to fear the footer. Some designer make it short, in order to refine and reduce the page load. No, big footers don’t mean heavy page! Your collection is a beautiful proof. Thank you!

irfan ahmed May 23 2010

Thanks for sharing awesome footer design. …. good job

Ed at Kliky May 23 2010

Thanks for highlighting the Straw Poll Now site, the effect is cool, but more importantly, this is a type of site (open polling) I’ve been thinking of for a while now… and bam, there it is. Oh internet, you so crazy!

Green May 23 2010

Amazing selection !

Jay Philips May 23 2010

Nice collection.

Angel Gabriel Ramirez Alva May 24 2010

that’s nice, thanks for sharing awesome footer design

Wes Peery May 24 2010

Some awesome designs. Thanks!!

Simone D'Amico May 24 2010

Thanks for sharing! :)

What do you think about my footer?

HowToPlaza May 24 2010

These are some really great-looking footers. Shows how important every part of your website is.

Jordan Walker May 24 2010

Every developer and design should take heed by those examples.

ddeja May 24 2010

Great collection. But I’m beginning to worried that every aspect of the web page (header, footer) begins to grow very quickly. Everything now day is getting bigger and bigger. Thank God for hyper-fast scrolling mices :))

Nice footers :)

Edvinsson May 24 2010

@Stefan Rynkowski: I like the footer on you site very much. Even better than some of those which are on the list over here I think!

Studio 76 May 24 2010

Nice footers

Look this :

napsell May 24 2010

Now and at this time I working and change the new look of our website’s footer! thanks for your glorious article…

ken shan May 24 2010

Nice footer Design is a nice finishing of the web page.

These are great examples. We have a great footer on our site as well, let me know what you think!

GalaxArk May 25 2010

Nice Footer!.

how about this footer? Evil Squirrel!

Liminal May 26 2010

Great selection of footer designs, liking the Blup one.

nikos lianeris May 27 2010

Great list!I like it very much!!Good job!! ;)

Nice selection!

I love usefuls footers, with real content, the make a website nicer.

Here’s one more example:

Steve May 27 2010

Great list!I like it very much!!Good job!! ;)

Dracony May 29 2010

So true

Christopher Healey Jun 06 2010

I’m working on a website currently, and got to the footer area at just about the same time that i ran across this article. What an excellent coincidence, awesome stuff here!

David Hellmann Jun 07 2010

Thx for sharing!

Rupnarayan Bhattacharya Aug 14 2010

Really great collection. Footers are often not taken seriously but often they carry a great deal of information and an important part of the whole site.

Saw a great footer on this site:

krish Oct 23 2010

awesome designs. I love it.

hesvinc Dec 07 2010


guzel sozler Jan 13 2011

a website doesn’t mean that you disregard the footer or anything else below the fold.

Wouter De Bruycker Feb 16 2011

Footers, in my opinion, make a website stand out from the crowd. I like the Studio Racket and Miss Web Lash footers in particular.

dogal tas Mar 15 2011

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kimya Mar 31 2011

selection of footer designs, liking the Blup one.

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