Beautiful Gradient Typography in Web Design

Using color gradients as a type treatment is a very popular technique for creating captivating text in a web design. They’re used in many situations: for site logos, introductory text, visual elements, and more. But be cautious: the only thing that separates stylish and tacky is a few mistakes in your Photoshop settings.

If you’re looking for inspiration and great examples of gradient text treatments in web designs, here are a few to check out.

1. Bainbridge Studios

Bainbridge Studios

2. aiAlex


3. Radium


4. Deagostini Bombers of World War II

Deagostini Bombers of World War II

5. Coda


6. Bird Malaysia

Bird Malaysia

7. atebits


8. Macalicious


9. Idea Foundry

Idea Foundry

10. iceberg


11. Newism


12. Studio 7 Designs Inc

Studio 7 Designs Inc

13. Overture Technologies

Overture Technologies

14. Your Web Job

Your Web Job

15. WPCoder


16. Strutta


17. Hashrocket


18. Mac.AppStorm


19. Hugs


20. Keypoint


21. OnWired


22. Anderbose


23. Uncover


24. Mein Brandenburg

Mein Brandenburg

25. Shopify


26. goinnovate


27. Brian Michael Hansen

Brian Michael Hansen

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This was published on Oct 19, 2009


Bryan Hughes Oct 20 2009

Good selections, and they all look good, but I’d love to see some more creative uses of gradients. Most of these selections, though very well executed, look like pretty standard use.

Mike Smith Oct 20 2009

I think that gradients should be used as much as possible, unless you’re going for the minimal, flat style layout. With the types of websites in the list, gradients are a must.

Good list!

Kendall Oct 20 2009

Gradients are definitely one of those cases in which less is more. Great roundup–I thought it would be too simplistic, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Callum Oct 20 2009

What I’ve noticed is that the smaller the change of colour the better the gradient looks.

Dzinepress Oct 20 2009

i really like web 2.0 gradients which you listing design inspirations, amazing designs.

Angela Oct 20 2009

Great showcase Jacob!

Hamdent Oct 20 2009

Falun Gong is very good.

Nice showcase here… It makes me notice that when the gradient is nice, the website itself is nice as well (most of the time)

Shane Oct 21 2009

Really nice collection, some really subtle but effective gradients.
Thanks for sharing.

Evan Jones Oct 22 2009

Subtle gradients go a long way in making a great website design. Always makes me smile.

Singpore Oct 23 2009

Cool showcase. Through little tricks like making subtle gradients you can actually make quite an impact

Mauriti Oct 23 2009

Gradients have been a trend for some time but now we see them mixed with other things like textures, pixels and other creative elements breathing new life and freshness in them.

Very inspirational designs you have on here, looking at these I think I should try integrate these techniques more, well that’s if my clients want it of course :). Have been told not to overuse gradients by several people, but I still use them in some of my designs from time to time.

atebits – interface is just to die for! Damn that’s good.

Zsolt Sep 30 2010

Number 8 looks so smooth, i like it…
Nice collection, but some of them are nothing “new”.

Danny Jul 28 2011

Love number 5! just something about it what just makes it look awesome! Thanks for posting, :)

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