Beautiful Photographs of Winter

Winter is upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere at least). Few things in this world can be so solemn and magnificent at the same time, the winter season being one of those things. In this collection, we share with you a stunning set of photos that capture the true beauty and essence of winter.

School's Out For EverSchool’s Out For Ever By TheReal7

Time is contagiousTime is contagious By Andri Elfarsson

Glowing treeGlowing tree By Matt Dijk

Frozen TreesFrozen Trees By Wide screen

BergsBergs By Richard Mohler

Cold SunCold Sun By Denis-Carl Robidoux

SleeplessSleepless By Solkku

Winter CabinWinter Cabin By Andri Elfarsson

Male cicheMale ciche By Kexi

Aurora Borealis, the colored lightsAurora Borealis, the colored lights seen in the skies… By Beverly Kahuna

Winter TreesWinter Trees By My Userid

Winter NapWinter Nap By Denis-Carl Robidoux

Winter at the riverWinter at the river By Raul Lieberwirth

Desolate bush wallpaperDesolate bush wallpaper By Bruce Guenter

Winter postcardWinter postcard By Boby Dimitrov

BrrrrrrBrrrrrr By bch12

Hallett Peak and Bear LakeHallett Peak and Bear Lake By bch12

I've reached the end of the worldI’ve reached the end of the world By Trey Ratcliff

Ice MountainIce Mountain By Scott Shatto

Polarized WinterPolarized Winter By Marcus Bradbury

Winter LandscapeWinter Landscape By Icasaracht

Winterly landscape #6Winterly landscape #6 By Pierre Metivier

Winter LandscapeWinter Landscape By My Userid

Snow Crystal LandscapeSnow Crystal Landscape By Maschinenraum

Ice MountainIce Mountain By Scott Shatto

Another Stray CatAnother Stray Cat By Denis-Carl Robidoux

Death in the afternoonDeath in the afternoon By Thomas Wollbeck

Birches in WinterBirches in Winter By Axel Kristinsson

Grass and FrostGrass and Frost By Colleen, Danny, and son Jared

Mother Squirrel With Winter CamouflageMother Squirrel With Winter Camouflage By Denis-Carl Robidoux

Ruins in TwilightRuins in Twilight By Axel Kristinsson

Frosted LeavesFrosted Leaves By Maschinenraum

Make no little plansMake no little plans By Justin Kern

Cold ReceptionCold Reception By Jackson Carson

The Old Hunting ShackThe Old Hunting Shack By TheReal7

Alpine SightAlpine Sight By Crixu

Iced hipsIced hips By BBY

Rising Sun WallpaperRising Sun Wallpaper By Sven Müller

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Tomas Laurinavičius is a blogger and designer from Lithuania who’s currently studying Multimedia Design & Communication in Denmark. Check his work at his personal portfolio site and follow him on Twitter.

This was published on Dec 28, 2009


All of these are beautiful. We do not get to enjoy snow here in SE Florida!

Marcellus Dec 28 2009

Magnificent photos!!!

Texturezine Dec 28 2009

beatiful examples. Thanks

SmashingWebs Dec 28 2009

Fabulous collection :)

PhotoshopCandy Dec 28 2009

Tomas, great selections. Bergs is just…woa

Emmet Dec 28 2009

Love them all! I actually got goosebumps looking at some of these! Not a cat fan but that one ‘Another Stray Cat’ is (especially) beautiful! Thanks for the post!

There is some really stunning images here, thank you :)

designfollow Dec 28 2009

great collection

thank you

Pooja_36 Dec 29 2009

Omg! Absolutely Beautiful :D I loveeee the first one and the cat. Bravo! Excelente me encantaaa

Great collection! Thanks for sharing.

Marek Dec 29 2009

Bergs and Winter landscape are no photos, but renders. Otherwise great selection!

Deivid Colkevicius Dec 29 2009

All of the collection of the photos are beautiful! We had some snow in London, but nothing as superior as these images.

Tun Salleh Dec 29 2009

Utterly brilliant…good sharing

Steve Martin Dec 29 2009

Awesome collection of winter photography… Nature always amaze people… These are really great & thanks for sharing :)

Violet Dec 29 2009

All these photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

web11 Dec 29 2009

now I understand the photo magic:)

sandu ionut Dec 29 2009


Rakel Dec 29 2009

Beautiful and stunning collection. Thumbs up :)

beautiful pics

Fabian Dec 29 2009

come on!, the 5 is fake guys, like a 3d

Judy Bradley Dec 30 2009

Such beautiful photography! I had to go put my heavy sweater on just from looking at them! I used to live where I saw such things, but really do not like living in the deep freeze, but the pictures are stunning!

Christian Dec 30 2009

5 is fake, done in “Vue 6 Infinite” as the author states. What about a philosophical discussion regarding “What is a photo?”, for me it is not. Thanks for the rest.

Simpson Jan 04 2010

“Bergs” is fake.

my favorite: Cold Reception and Make no little plans :)

rook68 Feb 04 2010

Absolutely brilliant photos. Wish to do the same!

napsell May 15 2010

Very nice. Awesome collection. Thanks for making my winters brilliant!

jackie Dec 27 2010

Awesome !!! The nature is so beautiful. This is the reason I love photos so much,anyone can see the beauty in nature through the pictures, even if one has not ever been to a such magical places.

Keshavamurthy Feb 14 2015

Excellent pics

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