50 Beautifully Blue Logo Designs

50 Beautifully Blue Logo Designs

The color blue, in many cultures, symbolizes wisdom, trust, depth, intelligence, confidence, faith, and truth. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean, and so it’s also often associated with tranquility and calmness.  Below are 50 examples of blue logos. Notice the variety of blues, from lapis lazuli to sky blue, used in these logos.

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City College

City College

Malawi shop

City College

AquaBird Consulting


invectra DESIGN



Longwarry Milk


Blue Whale Agency


joy’s gallery

Modern Electrician logo



Ex Libris

Tejara Omlat

Sea Change


Blue Moon Grass



Water Trekking



FC Managed Services

Window Center

Acronis Webcast

Bath Simple

Dr. Zoom Clinc

Candado Náutico

Insight India Pvt. Ltd

organizations forum



Frozen Food Month


Blue Wave Real Estate


Logo to the 30 anniversary of fan-movement FC




injoy water

New Windows

Pixel8ed Creative Studio

World Gem Trade

J & S Agencies Logo

Peru Water Project

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This was published on Apr 9, 2011


PixelTunnelVision Apr 09 2011

Only one I don’t like is “Blue Moon Grass.” I don’t get what kinda company it is. And I know that font. All they did was stack the three words and put a line underneath. Looks like a 5-minute job.

Web Programming 101 Apr 09 2011

What makes a logo beautiful? Since all of these logos are amazing let’s look and compare the similarities to find what makes the perfect logo.

1.They all are simple and straight to the point, in other words small.

2.Most of them don’t have a changing background, instead their background is just one solid color.

3.The Words are what stands out the most in almost all of them.

4.Some just happen to be words in awesome fonts.

5.If there is a picture in the logo then the words are not normally in the picture.

Now you and me can both go build some sweet blue logo’s!

Ole - norway Apr 09 2011

Awesome… Thanks so much for posting.Great motivation!

Great Collection Stoian

Here is another blue (3D) Cube for you:

Samiullah Khan Apr 10 2011

Great Tutorial, you brought great ideas to our mind.

BlaineSch Apr 10 2011

Did anybody else notice they are all blue?

Nathan Apr 11 2011

Another blue/purple transitioning logo at

Omer Yaqub Apr 11 2011

Nice logos.

both links [in about the author] trough 503 errors upon clicking.

Jahangir Apr 11 2011

The “Fans 1980” logo has great 3D touch :)

Michael Gunner Apr 11 2011

Heh, I live right by City College Brighton & Hove :) Great to see their logo up top!

Konstantin Apr 11 2011

Acronis Webcast reminds me of Sliverlight ;)

wow! Love them!

Coffee Apr 11 2011

These are truly awful logo designs – with the exception of 1 or 2 of them.

Simrandeep Singh Apr 11 2011

I love blue color and all these logos look awesome. Really helpful for inspiration.

Bluetricks Apr 11 2011

Awesome collection, love each one of them.

pakaworld Apr 11 2011

I just love all of them. I think i need to book mark it for future works. thanks

hikarianna Apr 11 2011

Cooll.. i love it, Good job..

SonnyDesign Apr 12 2011

wow love this collection of blue color logos. I like most the invectra DESIGN logo.

Michael May 04 2011

Excellent post and excellent site!I really like the logo “awas”: the blu color gives it a very clean design! Also it’s simple and easy to remember! I hope my own blog in the future will become as good as your. Best regards

Karthikh Venkat Oct 09 2012

Wah! Excellent collection of Logo set :)
Thanks for the great post :)

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