30 Beautiful Dark-themed Web Designs for Inspiration

30 Beautiful Dark-themed Web Designs for Inspiration

Using a dark color theme in a website can convey many types of feelings and emotions towards its visitors. Edginess, elegance, modernity — these are just a handful of things that can be associated with dark colors.

There are countless of gorgeous dark-themed web designs on the Web. In this web design showcase, you’ll find 30 hand-picked websites that use a primarily dark color palette.

1. Jet Cooper

Jet Cooper

2. La Bubbly

La Bubbly

3. Designers.MX


4. Thismanslife


5. Michael Korstick

Michael Korstick

6. Fueled by Design

Fueled by Design

7. Youzee


8. DonQ Rum

DonQ Rum

9. Cuban Council

Cuban Council


11. James Garner

James Garner

12. McCormack & Morrison

McCormack & Morrison

13. Société Perrier

Société Perrier

14. Rogge & Pott

Rogge & Pott

15. The Weather Digital & Print

The Weather Digital & Print

16. Skewed Icons

Skewed Icons

17. Alien Bikes

Alien Bikes

18. 42Angels


19. Justdot


20. Designer Gleb

Designer Gleb

21. simó


22. Kansas City CreepFest

ansas City CreepFest

23. The Kennedys

The Kennedys

24. Team Viget

Team Viget

25. Cafundó


26. Boudin & Beer

Boudin & Beer

27. Michelle Carrillo

Michelle Carrillo

28. Sullivan NYC

Sullivan NYC

29. Hollister Co.

Hollister Co.

30. Kettle


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This was published on Nov 17, 2011


Rachael Nov 17 2011

I think this post came just at the right time! I’m mid way through designing a dark site, and these have just given me plenty of ideas to finish it off!

I really like the contrasting use of patterns and textures on Hollister’s website. I’m also a fan of the youzee design, its so boldly simple which makes it work well.

I think my favourite is this mans life, there’s a nice use textures and shadows and I like the subtle division between the different sections.

Very amazing!!
thank you:-))

Simon France Nov 17 2011

Absolutely love the 42Angels, Boudin & Beer and Sullivan NYC web sites. SUPERB!!!

Deb Watson Nov 18 2011

All gorgeous looking sites !I love the contrasts in the darker sites but after reading the lighter text on the darker background I tend to see stripes when I look away to something – a bit the like the flash effect with a photo :)

Nora Reed Nov 18 2011

Outstanding and a brilliant designs. It inspire me a lot to do a design like this for myself. Awesome addition!!

Vicky Nov 18 2011

This is a fantastic collection; consider me inspired! Thank you for sharing.

Samuel Nov 18 2011

I’m just a beginner in web designing but the samples here are excellent.

Rasel Arnold Nov 18 2011

I have seen your 50 Beautifully Dark Web Design.I think Hollister Co. is the best. Thanks for sharing….;)

Tetris Nov 19 2011

Justdot is just awesome :) looks totally cool. and thx for the skewed icons tip – they might come handy

softmace Nov 21 2011

Michael Korstick is fantastic. I’m realy impressed. This gave me some ideas.

nighwishfan Nov 21 2011

check the site of my favorite band: cool rockin dark theme

Evan 'OldWorld' Skuthorpe Nov 25 2011

some very nice designs.

Henry Louis Nov 28 2011

The above shown Web designs are very interesting to watch. Good collection.

David Smit Dec 05 2011

At Tabtrick we decided to go with a dark theme too. It has worked out pretty well for us and we think it looks really good.

Chandra Dec 13 2011

What a great post.

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